9 Ekim 2021



SEX WITH UNKNOWN LADY IN CINEMAIt started like this; me and my friend went for movie. It was a late night show of 11.15 pm we got there at 11.00 and after our arrival a group of 3 girls arrive they were fully mature and in that group she was there. I was staring at her and only thought in mind was how to fuck her. She was wearing a t-shirt like top which was ending at her navel and a short frock which was just above her knee. Everyone was looking at her. She was hot and with that outfit she was kill mine and my friends’ heart. I can guess everyone there are just thinking like me how to fuck her just once. Seeing her, my little friend had also awakened was forming a tent like structure in my pant. And lastly the moment came and she sees me that how hornily I was staring at her.We went inside the theatre she was sitting in a middle row. As I saw the seat no. my heartbeat was increasing and finally I reached my seat which was next to back of her. And seeing that my heart fails and mind was thinking of ways and plans how to approach her and fuck her. Then a group of couple came and stands beside their row and were saying something and they all stand up and see the tickets and called the staff member they all were having conversation and I was still staring at her and thinking it’s a nice chance to approach her and then going to stand and they all had done the conversation and couple group there and they were coming back as the person was indicating to my row. They settled themselves and finally she sits beside me. I was still staring at as she sits. I thanked god for that, infact I don’t believe in god and instead that I thanked her.My friends were staring at me and saying that I should get up from there and interchange the seats with them but I ignored all of them so badly it seems that I don’t know any of them. I was feeling lucky. Then I think this is nice chance and asked her what happen is everything fine. She said ya, there seat no. was allotted to us also by mistake. We were having a conversation and the light got off and the projector started now I have intention in watching the movie. I was thinking and planning how to fuck her. Then suddenly her hand touches my elbow I saw and got the plan as she was keeping her on the char for support and having same supports I also kept my hands on it our hands were now touching; she was watching movie and I was watching tuzla escort her and then I start to rub my hand on her slowly. As soon as she recognize she lifted her hands from there and mine still was there, as I was behaving it happened by mistake she once see me and then again turn her face to screen while I was behaving that I was continuously watching movie.Then a kissing scene comes and again she kept her hand on supporter and now again I start rubbing her hand slowly this time she doesn’t move her hand. I got more courage I lifted my hand putted it on her hand she doesn’t respond to that and continuing the movie. Then I started rubbing her hand and slowly-slowly start feeling her smooth hand giving her the feelings and finally she responded me after 15-20 min of my hard work. She also starts rubbing my hand. That gives me a green signal and I started to touch her feet with my feet. As now I am rubbing her feet and her hand and she was responding me nicely.I took my hand and put it on her naked navel. At that time she turns towards me and give me a look. Now I saw in her that I have given a golden chance. And start moving my hand slowly around her navel and she lifted her hand put it on my thighs and she also start moving it slowly she was rubbing her hand on my thigh.Then I moved my hand in her top and reached her boobs her bra was causing me trouble and still I start pressing her boobs above her bra. Then she suddenly moves and lifted her second hand hold my hand. She removed my hand from her top and put it on her thigh. Now I was on 7th cloud. Mow I slowly move my hand lifted her skirt and touched her naked thigh. It was so smooth and soft. I pushed my hand inside her skirt now and after that see adjusted her skirt so that no one can notice. Now I slowly and softly rubbing her thigh near to her pussy and sometime I also used to press her pussy above her panty.After few min I felt her panty was wet. Now see was pressing my lund above the pant. She moved her other hand hold my hand and pushed her more inside of her. I understood that she wanting me to my hand under her panty and put my figure in her pussy. Then I lifted her panty side way and felt her wet little hair on her pussy I started to pay with them and teasing her then she again pushed my hand downward her pussy hole. Then I inserted my one finger in her pussy and felt so warm inside pendik escort her as I put one of my finger in her she moaned slowly.After few min of fingering her see released some liquid from her pussy and then suddenly she stand up and leave the theatre her friend was asking her what happen she said I am going to washroom and leaving from there and after reaching near door she looked at me I can’t see her face in dark but I understood she was calling me. Then I stood up and leave the screen and went outside. When I reached outside she was standing there waiting for me. As soon as she saw me she jump on me and we had a lip lock around 10min and suddenly someone came out as the movie interval started.Then we went to hall where everyone is buying popcorn our friends also came there we had some chitchat and we moved to our respective seats. After some time her friends also came and seated but she didn’t came I understood the situation I ran out of there as soon as possible. But this time she was not outside I searched her everywhere and finally saw her in hall where no one is there she saw me and gave a smile and went to washroom. First I was hesitated to go inside but imagining and due to my inner desire or fucking gave me much courage and I went in there.As I step inside the door she grabbed my hand pull me towards her and again we had a passionate kiss while kissing her I put one of my hand in panty and fingering her and with other hand I was pressing her boobs. Then I removed her top and unhooked her bra and she removed my pant and inserted her hand in my underwear. Now I was seeing her beautiful soft and heavy boobs I sucked her boobs and pressed them hard after 10-15 min she bend and removed my underwear and started sucking my cock. Her mouth was feeling heaven and within 5 min I cummed in her mouth that feeling was awesome. She drank my cummed and got stand up and we again had a long wild kiss while I was fingering she cummed one more time and then my cock became again hard as she was shaking it while we were kissing.Then she asked me weather I have a condom? As I denied she said what the fuck…she was disappointed due to that I kissed her again and turned her back and removed her panty and uplifted her skirt and putted my dick on her asshole she said what r u mad and until that I had made my move and inserted head of my dick in her ass she aydınlı escort screamed and said take it out and without listening her again I gave a full force push and my ¾ dick got in her ass and tears start rolling on her cheek. She was in pain I can see that but b**st inside of me wasn’t listening to her and again I gave her a full force jerk and finally my full dick get inside of her she was screaming.I took a break of 1min so that she can relax a bit and her pain decreases and then I started moving my hips and after a few minutes later she was enjoying that and then I increased my speed. After 15-20min I cummed in her while she cummed two times till that. I removed my dick from her ass and then she took it in her mouth and start cleaning. After cleaning our self and got dressed up I saw the time there were 30min more to end the movie.I saw her see was looking in mirror still now I have more desire to fuck her I don’t know why still I am hungry of her then I remembered that I had a condom in my back pocket of pant which was given by my friend to take care and afterward gave him back. I checked my pocket and I got it. It was seems to me a real treasure at that time. I moved to her and hold her from back and gave her a strong wild kiss and I opened my pants and pushed my underwear downwards and lifted her skirt again and pull her panty downward she was surprised that I am still going for it she then grabbed my dick and start shaking it got hard. She was putting it on her asshole pulled it back and wore condom and then put it on her pussy.She saw me in questioning way, as she was asking and now where that condom came from I kissed her and she took my dick in hand again and put it right place and I applied force and it went in with two full power jerk whole dick went inside her. She was moaning and whole washroom was echoing with her ahhh ahh sound then I start moving my dick in her pussy her moaning also gotten faster as I was increasing speed she was increasing her sound of aahh haa aaha we both r on other world it was feeling like heaven and after 10 min. She cummed and we changed the position and after 15min she again cummed with me.And finally we both were tired and fully satisfied. We enjoyed that a lot, that day was my best day and best sex with awesome looking hot and sexy girls I ever had seen. Then we dressed up and went down to the parking area where after 10 min all our friends came and we moved to our ways. I don’t know her and she don’t know me even we never asked our names while that long time of fun. After that we never meet again but that memory of sex is still in my mind

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