29 Mayıs 2021

Sharing Our Private Time


As we met for lunch something seemed different. When I pulled into the parking lot, you came around the truck and gave me a hug, which you normally don’t do. We went in, ordered and sat down at a booth. You were dressed in normal jeans and a shirt that was a bit tighter and showed off your body (or at least your boobs).

After we got our order you seemed a bit quieter than normal, and even a little distant. After a few minutes and some inappropriate comments from me, you started to smile and acted a bit more like yourself. After we finished eating we headed outside and we hugged as usual. I noticed that you pressed your hips into me which you normally don’t do. I was sure you felt my semi-hardness when you did that but thought nothing of it (or did I). When I went to kiss you on the cheek as I usually do, you kissed me back on the cheek. We pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes. And then you smiled.

You said that you had been thinking and you wanted to take me up on my offer, and could I come by after work that day. I wasn’t sure what offer you were talking about but said I would do what I could to work it out.

After work, I came to your house and when you answered the door I could smell the odor of marijuana. You mentioned you had opened the jar just so you wouldn’t chicken out.

I asked which of my many offers you had decided to take me up on. You said you really wanted to share some alone time with me. My heart started to beat very fast and, needless to say, certain parts jumped at the thought.

I asked how you wanted to proceed and you kind of shrugged your shoulders and said you hadn’t thought that far. I suggested we sit and talk about this to make sure we understand the lines.

We agreed that there would be no touching of sexual parts but non-sexual parts were okay. Some kissing would be okay if we needed to get things started. We also agreed that tasting each other canlı bahis through hands or such was okay and that you were okay if I came on you.

We moved to the bedroom and sat on your bed. I suggested we maybe play something to get started, like a strip game of some sort. You thought that was a good idea and got a deck of cards. We decided we would play strip poker until one of us was fully naked, and then take it from there. Socks would count as one item of clothing and we figured we were dressed equally since I had in sock and you had a on a bra.

I lost the first hand and removed my socks. I lost the next hand and took off my shirt.

The next hand you lost and you removed your pants. At this point it was pretty obvious I was excited and we agreed that poker was taking too long. We decided to just pick one card from the deck each and high card wins.

You picked first and drew a 4, I drew an 8. You removed your shirt. I was mesmerized! I was going to finally see your boobs and ass. I could have cum right then and there but concentrated on not losing my cool.

I lost the next two hands and was fully naked. You just kept staring at my cock. You said you couldn’t believe you were finally getting to see it and you wanted to touch it. I said you can’t and we need to figure out how to finish the game. You suggested if I lose you get to tell me what to do for 30 seconds. I said it might be all over by then so we agreed 10 seconds.

You lost the next round. As you removed your bra, I gasped and said I wanted to touch them. You hesitated for a moment and then said no.

Then I lost the next hand. You said you wanted me to stroke myself for 10 seconds. I did so very slowly as you watched. You then started to rub your tits, slowly pulling on the nipples and pinching them. After 10 seconds I stopped and so did you.

You lost the next hand and now we were both naked. We both seemed to be bahis siteleri in a trance state, just sitting there naked with each other after all these years. It was excruciatingly pleasurable.

You decided to lay down on the bed, while I just leaned back against your headboard. Your head was at the foot of the bed so I had a clear view of your pussy. It was beautiful and I could see it was already wet.

As you laid back, you started to rub your tits again, this time teasing your nipples until they were hard. I asked if it was okay to kiss you on the mouth and you said yes. I moved up and we started to kiss. As we did, both our mouths opened and our tongues started to intertwine. I put my hands on either side of your face to keep them from moving to your tits. You started to grab my cock and I reluctantly moved your hands and placed them on my face. We both kept moving our hips towards each other and then seemed to settle on me pulling my leg between yours so we could grind against each other with no chance of entry.

We kept that up for a few minutes. Kissing, grinding and gasping.

Finally, I pulled away and we stared into each other’s eyes. You then broke the gaze and sat up and just stared at my hard cock. I took one of your hands and placed it between your legs. You started to rub up and down over your slit and all I could do was stare.

My cock was jumping and I knew I had to take it slow as I was already close to bursting. You were trying to keep your eyes on me, but as you rubbed, your eyes would close.

You whispered, “Please rub yourself”. I started to slowly stroke my self, being careful not to go too fast so I could last a while longer.

We were both staring and rubbing and breathing. I moved around and put my head next to yours and nuzzled against your neck. I whispered, Is this okay?”, and you just nodded your head and gasped. I used my tongue and teeth on your earlobe, bahis şirketleri just gently sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue.

You spread your legs and your thigh rubbed against the head of my cock and got some pre cum on it. You left it there touching me. I continued to nuzzle your neck and ear while you now moved one hand to your tit, and started to insert one finger from the other into your wet pussy. It slipped in easily.

You then put in a second finger. Moving them in and out. You took your other hand from your breast and took hold of mine and moved it to my cock and guided me in stroking it up and down. I started to moan and let you control my stroking. I continued to kiss from your earlobe to your neck and back up, and then down again.

I whispered, “I want to taste your fingers”, as I took hold of your wrist and pulled your fingers from your pussy and sucked them into my mouth.

Enjoying the taste of you, I sucked and licked your fingers as you continued to stroke me with my hand. You ran your thumb over my cock head and wiped the pre cum up and licked it off your finger.

At this point I whispered, “I am so close”, and you just nodded as you moved your hand back to work your pussy. You asked me to grab your wand which I gladly did and handed it to you.

I lay down next to you and started to lick and kiss your neck as you worked your toy on your pussy. You began to moan and buckyour hips. You gasped that you were going to cum. I stood up so I can watch you. As your body starts to convulse and you are moaning loudly, I ask, “Where do you want me to cum?” All you can gasp is, “On me.” I watch your face and realize that it is even more beautiful than I imagined, watching you cum.

As your orgasm starts to subside, you open your eyes and look at my cock as I stand on the side of the bed with it pointing towards your chest. You squeak out, “Now! Please!”, as I start to convulse and spurt out a whole load of white cream, which lands on your tits, stomach and bed spread. You scoop some up with your fingers and move it to your mouth where you lick it off. And just say, “Yum.”

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