3 Kasım 2021

She Finally Did It


She Finally Did ItMy wife of now 4 years and I have a nice sex life. Jeanne was widowed and limited in her sexual experiences. After her husband passed, she devoted her time to her youngest daughter who has now almost graduated college. I was divorced, single for almost 18 years. We met on one of the very benign dating websites. Eight weeks into our dating, I took her on our first cruise, the western Caribbean thing that I have done a few times before. Jeanne had never been on a cruise. A week of non-stop love making and sex and we were married 9 months later. Life has been good.I have always shared my fantasies with Jeanne but she claims not to have any of her own. The one fantasy I have had was to know that she had taken a lover, somebody who she was comfortable with for recreational sex. “Not me”, she would say. “That’s not me. I only need you.”A week ago, I came home from work and immediately I knew something was different. Jeanne was very quiet, not asking the same questions she would ask every escort bayan day about mine. I asked about her day. “It was fine,” then nothing. “Did you speak with your girls?”. “Yes”, but nothing further. A heavy silence hung over our kitchen.”Jeanne, what’s going on? You are very different today.””I have something to tell you but I am afraid,” she said softly.”Jeanne, there is nothing you can tell me that we can’t work through.””I’m scared about this one,” she replied again softly.”Do you have faith in me, in us?””Yes, but…..ask me questions. mostly yes and no,” she softly asked.”Okay….did you do something sexual?””Yes.””Were you with another man?””Yes”.I went for what was most important to me. “Did you cum with him?””Yes.””More than once””Yes.””Did he cum in you?””Yes.””Have you been with him more than once?””Yes.””When were you last together when you both came.””We always both cum…….and…..he left about 30 minutes ago.””Do want to be with him again.””That depends on your tuzla genç escort response…I don’t know….I can’t believe we are even having this conversation.””Jeanne, I am glad you trust me enough to tell me. I love you very much and this will not endanger our marriage unless you let it. How are you feeling now?””I am still scared and a bit excited to know that you know.””Do I know who he is?””Not now. I won’t answer that just yet. Yes…I can’t tell who it is right now.””How long have you been having sex with him?””About 3 months.”I was very aroused, my mind swarming with visions of being that fly on the wall, watching, hearing.”Jeanne, I imagine that you still haven’t showered yet since he came in you, right?'”No.””You must be extremely wet right now.””Very,” she said with nervous chuckle.”Show me.”She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, not particularly tight. She stood up to unbuttom them and took them down, stepping out of the legs and stood there in a pair of plain off pink tuzla kendi evi olan escort panties. The wet spot was enormous.I reached over and rubbed my finger in the wet that was both Jeanne and her lover’s and slowly dug in between her lips to her clit. She moaned instantly, biting her lower lip.Immediately, I sat her on the kitchen table to take her panties off. The fragrance of her and his cum was everywhere, intoxicating and inviting. With her panties off, I spread her legs to see an off white glob still in her vagina at the very edge.I was not going to be denied. My penis was out and swirling in his cum at the edge of her vagina. Jeanne as this point as wimpering, grinding her hips, her pussy obviously throbbing. In a quick motion, I was inside her, both of us now sopping wet. I came in her very quickly , adding my cum to Jeanne’s lover’s semen, already inside her.Yes, I know Rich. He always regretted that he and Jeanne never went out before she and I did. And they had never had sex at least until after she and I married. Now when I travel for my work, I know that Jeanne is getting “her fill.”Suffice it say, I watch them often share each other with each other. And often, I just join in so he can enjoy my semen ahs their lubricantMORE LATER……….

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