3 Nisan 2021

She Started It


It was late at night, she was horny and there was very little she could do about it. She used her fingers, but there was a limit to the satisfaction they could provide. And like some foods, an hour later, she was hungry for more. It wasn’t like during the occasional days when she was home alone and she could sneak into her parents’ room and have a great orgasm using her mother’s vibrator. Now, that was a tool! Time permitting, she could get herself off two or three times with it. If only she could get her own. It wasn’t like she could just go to some website and order one, nor did she know where any stores were that sold them. She’d love to see a real penis as big as that vibrator; hell, at this point, she’d like to see a real penis of any size!

With a heavy sigh, Angie headed to the bathroom to clean up after her second masturbation session. In the hallway, she halted upon noticing the illumination at the other end. There were three upstairs bedrooms: hers, her brother’s and a guest bedroom. Her parents’ bedroom was on the ground floor.

What was surprising about the light was that it was not coming from underneath her brother’s door, but rather, his door was opened about an inch. This was most curious because he guarded his privacy intensely. She often wondered what he must be hiding in there.

Her curiosity raised, Angie stepped as quietly on the carpet as she could. Heart pounding with excitement, she carefully moved her face as close to the opening as she dared. She stifled a gasp at the vision her eye beheld, and didn’t know whether she was more thrilled to see the huge cock sticking up between her brother’s legs, or the fact that he was pumping it furiously. It quickly occurred to her that if she masturbated it was only logical that her older brother did also. That also explained why his door was always shut tight.

Those thoughts aside, Angie stared in awe as Tad’s hand flew up and down his shaft in a blur. She found herself breathing heavily and had to remind herself to be quiet. Her fingers involuntarily went to her pussy beneath her pajama pants, and the wetness they encountered brought her back somewhat to reality. She knew she should retreat to her own bedroom without risking being caught. However, she was too mesmerized to do anything other than watch.

The thrill of her life came a moment later as streams of pearly white liquid spurted from his dick into the air and landed on his fist, wrist and abdomen. Without skipping a beat, he used the drops that fell onto his hand as a lubricant and coated his shaft with it which only made him blast more from that tiny hole. It was all Angie could do to keep silent, and though she wanted to maintain her vigil until Tad was completely finished, she knew that to do so only invited adverse conditions.

With vibrant memories of what she had just witnessed stamped indelibly into her brain, Angie backed away, one hand still tucked firmly between her legs, and moved as rapidly and as quietly as she could back to her own room. She made absolutely certain her door was firmly closed, turned off the bright overhead light and made do with the dim beside lamp. She was barely back in bed before she had three fingers jammed into her well-saturated hole. She came in a body-shaking orgasm the likes of which she had only experienced a very few times with her mother’s vibrator.

Still, when finished, she could not purge the image from her mind—not that she really wanted to. She had seen guys masturbating in videos on the Internet, but there was just something exhilarating about seeing it live and the fact that the big dick belonged to her brother.

The vivid images were enough to get herself off again almost as good as the first time, but as it was all she dreamed about, Angie awoke the next morning with her hand on her pussy and didn’t hesitate to reward herself with another orgasm.

* * *

It was summertime, Angie had recently turned 18, graduated from high school and was looking forward to starting college in the fall. By the time she dragged herself out of bed, Tad had already left for his summer college classes and her dad was off to work, leaving only her and her mother—who had not left for work yet—at home. She decided to shower quickly to wash away any possible evidence of her sexual escapades, such as they were, before going downstairs to encounter her mother.

What she didn’t realize when she did finally descended the steps was that she was deeply preoccupied with the exciting scene she had witnessed, and so, her mother, Maureen, found her to be somewhat distant. Her mom made small talk as Angie fixed a bowl of cereal, and after several questions went unanswered, Maureen asked, “Angie, are you alright?”

“What?” the girl asked, as her mother’s voice finally penetrated.

“What’s up with you? You appear lost in thought.”

“Oh, uh, uh,” Angie’s mind scrambled to come up with an answer other than about the big dick her mind’s eye was visualizing. “Just, uh, thinking bagros porno about, uh, you know, going to college.”

“I see.” But Maureen didn’t believe her daughter for one minute. The girl was too eager to go to college and had done too much in-depth research to be worried about it. “What were you thinking about it?”

“Oh, you know, just, uh, wondering what it’s going to be like.”

“Uh-huh. And why is that making you look flushed?”

“What? What do you mean?” Angie knew the moment she’d said it that she’d been defensive.

“Sweetie, what’s really on your mind,” Maureen asked in a softer tone, hoping her motherly timber would encourage her daughter to talk. The woman’s mind began to fear the possibilities of what it might really be.

“Nothing, mom. Really. Just, you know, envisioning what it will be like.”

Now, Maureen could see her daughter’s breathing quicken a bit. Very casually, she sat at the table next to the girl and lightly placed her hand on Angie’s arm, but in such a position as to gently feel her pulse. “I’m still not convinced.” And then to call her bluff, she added, “I’ve never seen you like this. Did something happen?”

It occurred to Angie that her mom was fairly open-minded, and that if her mother used a vibrator, then maybe they could . . . talk about this. The woman was nothing if not persistent. And as long as she thought there was a problem, which she obviously did, she would not back down. Unfortunately, Angie was not clever or quick thinking enough to invent another plausible story.

Angie giggled, for effect, as though it was something comical, hoping the gesture would act as a buffer to diffuse any concerns her mother might have. “Well, it’s kind of silly, really. I don’t know why I was . . . well, anyway, I got up late last night to go to the bathroom and I noticed Tad’s door was slightly ajar—” here, she ad-libbed “—so I thought I should check it out to make sure everything was okay. I mean, you know how he is about keeping his door closed.”

“So, what did you see?” Maureen couldn’t help asking, having an idea where this might be going.

“Well, I . . . he . . . he was . . . he was—”


Angie’s eyes widened. “How did you know?”

“It was the only way this story could go.”

“I know it was wrong, but—”

“Why was it wrong? His door was opened, you passed by, you looked in.”

Angie’s relief was obvious. She took a deep breath and hung her head. “But I continued to watch.”

Maureen smirked and gave an exaggerated single nod of understanding. “And what did you see?”

Angie took another deep breath, but couldn’t contain her excitement any longer. “He has the biggest penis I’ve ever seen!”

Calmly, keeping her emotions in check, Maureen asked, “How many have you seen?”

“Uh, uh, well, I’ve only . . . only in pictures. You know, on the internet.”

“Ah, you watch porn.”

“Oh, no, no . . . well, maybe a couple of times.” She was speaking rapidly.

“It’s okay, sweetie. You’re 18 now. I understand. Your body is changing. You’re having urges and the sight of . . . those things . . . is stimulating.” Maureen had noticed occasional bulges in her son’s pants here and there that hinted at something impressive. “So, you continued to watch; what else did you see?”

“This is becoming an embarrassing conversation.”

Maureen chuckled. “You’re embarrassed to talk to your mother about sex?”

“It’s not the kind of thing we normally talk about,” Angie responded nervously.

“Well, you’re older now,” her mother reasoned. “We should talk more so I can make sure you’re learning about sex properly. So, tell me what you saw.”

Angie took a deep breath. “He, uh, you know—”


“Yeah. A lot.” Her breathing quickened at the thought.

“And that excited you.”

“Uh, yea-ah.” Then she quickly looked up. “Was that wrong?”

“It wasn’t wrong that you were aroused by what you saw,” her mother confirmed. “Perhaps the fact that it was your brother might be considered, well, unethical. And of course, you shouldn’t spy on him. He’s entitled to some privacy. But since it was your first time, I think we can overlook it.”

Angie felt a small amount of relief. “Okay, well, that’s good.”

“And were you aroused enough to go back to your room and masturbate yourself?”

With a frown, Angie said, “Mom, really? You’re going to ask me that?”

“Are you afraid to admit that you masturbate also?”

“Why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t. I’m just trying to gauge how aroused you were.”

In a huff, Angie responded, “I was aroused, okay?”

“Calm down. I know you masturbate and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t need to be defensive.”

“You know that I masturbate? What? Have you spied on me?”

“I didn’t have to,” Maureen calmly explained. “I know that you use my vibrator when I’m not home.”

“What?” bangbus porno Angie was completely shocked.

“You don’t always replace it correctly. I discovered that a while ago. Figured it had to be you.” Maureen smirked and added, “And you’re not denying it.”

Now mortified, Angie got up and ran up the stairs to her bedroom. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on her door. “What?”

“Can I come in?” her mother politely asked.

“If you have to.”

Opening the door, Maureen said, “I have something for you.”

“What?” Angie asked in a calmer tone.

Her mother handed her a familiar box. Inside, of course, was the shiny bullet-shaped vibrator. A mixture of emotions ran through Angie, but mostly, she was stunned. “You’re giving this to me?”


Angie’s whole mood changed at this display of kindness. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Most people start out with a thank you.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“But why?”

“I think you need it more than I do. I don’t really use it that much anymore.” Maureen again smirked. “Besides, I have other toys.” She turned to go. “I’m going to leave you alone because I’m sure you’re anxious to use it.”

But Angie couldn’t; not knowing her mother was somewhere else in the house and thinking that her daughter was getting off. But once her mom had departed for work, she didn’t hesitate to jam the vibrator into her pussy and bring herself to an amazing orgasm aided by the clear vision in her mind of her brother stroking his big cock. She used it once more before family members came home from work, and again after she was certain they had all gone to bed.

Life was good again.

* * *

She tip-toed down the carpeted hall. Tad’s door was firmly and disappointingly closed tonight, but there was faint light seeping from underneath, suggesting he was still up. She leaned as close as she dared to listen and thought she heard faint groaning; most likely the sound of masturbation. She grinned victoriously to herself. Resisting the urge to barge in, she carefully grasped the door knob and twisted rather than turned, and then pushed it open very gently. A one inch gap confirmed what she hoped to find, and the sizable tool that his hand gripped caused her to involuntarily gasp.

Tad looked up sharply, instantly noticing his door ajar. He quickly covered himself and said, “Hello? Who’s there?”

Thinking quickly, she peeked her head in and said, “Oh, you’re awake. I saw your light on and thought you might have fallen asleep without turning it off.”

“Mom, what are you doing up here?” Tad asked with a frown.

“Couldn’t sleep,” she lied. “Just came up to check on things. Sorry if I interrupted something.” She looked directly at his covered crotch and nodded at it. She could see that embarrassed him because he pulled the covers up even more. She moved to the edge of his double bed. “Mind if I sit?”

“Sure,” Tad responded, but his tone didn’t support his agreement.

Maureen noticed that one of his hands was under the covers most likely still holding onto his dick that had probably deflated, although she did detect slight movement; as though he was still trying to stroke it imperceptibly. “Whatcha doing?” Again she nodded at his midsection.

“Uh, just, you know,” he shrugged.

“Jerking off?”

“What? Uh, no, no, I—”

“It’s okay, Tad. No need to deny it. I know you masturbate.”

He rolled his head around in annoyance. “Mom. Really?”

“Yes, I really know.”

“I meant, you’re really going to say something like that.”

“I did say it.”

“I meant—”

Maureen chuckled. “Lighten up, Tad. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. And there’s nothing we shouldn’t be able to talk about. You are an adult now.”

He huffed.

“Are you still as big as you always were?”


“As a child, you always had a big penis. I was just wondering if it was still big.”


“Let’s have a look.” Maureen reached for the covers, but Tad beat her to it, preventing her from pulling them down. “Oh, come on.”

He didn’t stop her from moving his hand and dragging the blanket and sheet down to expose his flaccid penis. Instead, he threw his head back and covered it with the crook of his elbow. He knew there was no stopping her when she was determined. He sucked in his breath when he felt her hand touch him.

“Still big,” Maureen remarked, “but I bet it’s really something hard.” With that, she wrapped her fingers around it and began stroking. It responded quickly.

Though Tad growled in aggravation, he had to admit to himself that having someone else’s hand on his penis—even his mother’s—felt pretty good.

“Wow! That is impressive,” Maureen gleefully commented.

“Thanks,” Tad mumbled. “I guess.” But as she continued to stroke it, he said, “Okay, mom, you can stop now.”

“Why? Don’t you beurette tour porno like it?”

“Seriously, mom, you’re going to jerk me off?”

“Don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this.”

“Okay, I won’t tell you.” But secretly, he really was.

“So, what do you normally do to get yourself off,” she wanted to know.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you watch porn, have pictures of naked women on your phone, what?”

“Does it really matter?”

But Maureen glimpsed his phone on the bed beside him. Seeing that he still had his eyes covered by his arm, she reached for it. The screen was still active. Whatever she expected to see did not prepare her for the shocking image that filled her vision: a photo of her in the shower. When she stopped stroking him to scroll through his pictures, he removed his arm to look up.

“Oh, no. Oh, shit!”

Maureen quickly recovered and instantly realized that she was not angry, and actually, not as surprised as she should be. “Well, this was unexpected, but I think I’m flattered.”

“Mom, it’s not what it looks like,” Tad defended.

“No, Tad, it’s exactly what it looks like,” she countered, but not angrily. “This is premeditated. These pictures didn’t get on your phone by themselves. You took them to purposely use to get yourself off, didn’t you?”

With a deep breath of defeat, he answered, “I took them because . . . because . . . I think you’re beautiful. Using them to . . . that was an afterthought.”

That took some of the wind out of her sails; so much so, that she had an instant impulse. “Well, then, this going to really blow your mind.” She slowly arose, removed her nightgown and stood before him totally nude.

Tad sucked in his breath and his cock pulsed.

In another move that took her son by surprise, Maureen eased into bed beside him, on her side facing him, and reacquired his cock in her hand, resuming pumping it.

Tad couldn’t help staring at her magnificently rounded breasts. He was overcoming the shock of his mother’s intrusion and his other “head” was beginning to do his thinking for him. He’d secretly fantasized about a moment such as this, but sexy and gorgeous though she was in his eyes, she had never shown any predilection toward this type of behavior, so he never expected his dream to come true.

“So, why me?” Maureen asked curiously. “Why not some other buxom woman off the internet, or your sister, even?”

He shrugged. “Women on the internet are not real. I mean, they’re real, but just pictures. Angie is nice. She’s really developing. But, you . . . you’re . . . you’re . . . way more beautiful.”

“Aw, honey, that’s sweet.” Maureen really was touched. “Then why were you so resistant?”

“Well, mom, it’s not like a mother and her son together is really acceptable.”

“True enough, I suppose. But I’ll bet it happens more than either of us thinks.”

“Well, the porn sites think so. There are a lot of mother/son videos.”

“And you would know.”

“Sorry,” Tad said with some remorse. “I’m depraved, but it has been a fantasy.”

“Really? But you’ve made no advances.”

“You and dad have always taught me to treat women politely and respectfully.”

“And I’m glad to know you’ve paid attention. But you know what? It’s a fantasy no more. You’re bigger than your dad, you know.”

“No, I didn’t. Does that matter?”

“Not if you want your fantasy to remain a fantasy.”

“I don’t.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.” And with that, Maureen leaned in and pressed her lips firmly to her son’s in what evolved into a very passionate kiss.

Tad had done his fair share of dating, he’d done some heavy kissing and feeling, though it had never resulted in sex, but no girl he’d ever locked lips with had ever felt like this. Sure, it was his mother whom he fantasized about, but it was still like nothing he had ever experienced. It was incredible and had him oozing pre-cum. He knew his mother felt the dribble because she immediately rubbed it into the skin of his shaft. She then reached for his hand and placed it on her breast, moving it around. He received the message that she wanted him to play with her tits. He eagerly obliged. Of course, that produced more pre-cum.

Rolling her onto her back, Tad gently held her nipple between thumb and forefinger and softly twisted it. He cupped her neck and chin to further experience the passion of their kissing, and then reached around her side to pull her closer. The feel of her body pressed to his was euphoric. He was so hard his penis felt twice its normal size. His mother must have felt it also because she grasped it more firmly.

Breaking the kiss and glancing down at her son’s massive cock, Maureen brought her hand to her mouth and spread a generous layer of saliva in her palm. She then used it to lubricate her son’s rod, allowing her hand to slide up and down more easily. She marveled over how wonderful he felt. Their lips came together again as she jerked him more firmly. She loved the feel of a penis in her hand when she was engaged in a hot kiss with her husband; a bigger dick only heightened the feeling.

And as good as all of that was, it was time for more. “Has anyone ever sucked you?”

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