17 Haziran 2021

she watches me with other men


she watches me with other menMy girlfriend knows that I am bisexual but we had never done anything. That all changed one weekend in Vegas. We had been drinking and having fun all day. She started asking about what I had done with men. After about an hour of talking, she said she wanted to see me with a guy. I suggested we stop at one of the gay bars in town to see what happens. I had been to one bar that has a lot of bisexual guys so we headed there.We sat at the bar and started chatting with the other guys at the bar. She was the only woman in the place and was getting a lot of attention. It was getting late and most of the crowd had left. It was only the 2 of us and 4 other guys. We were all talking and flirting and having fun. Each of the guys said they had wanted to have sex but since they could not find a woman decided to settle for a blow job from a guy. The bartender said he was about to close so my girlfriend suggested we all go back to our room. Everyone quickly agreed.As soon as we got to the room, she announced that she wanted to see me suck each of their dicks. They each quickly agreed to this, so we all started pulling off our clothes. I got on my knees in the middle of the room and the guys came around me. I began sucking a cock and stroking the one on either side. I would suck for few minutes and then move onto the next one. I kept working around the circle, keeping all of them hard. The guys were all enjoying this until one of them suggested I focus on one cock to completion. Everyone agreed that was a great idea.I had one of the guys sit on the bed and I went to work on his cock. The other guys sat in the chairs in the room. My girlfriend was in one of the chairs. She was still dressed, but had a hand down her shorts and was playing with her pussy. I began worshipping the cock in my face. I licked up and down his shaft, licking his balls and then licking back up. I took him in my mouth and began sucking up and down his big cock. One of the other guys came up behind me and began canlı bahis rubbing my ass. He reached around and stroked my cock. I let out a moan. He pushed up close to me and I could feel his cock in my ass crack. I wiggled my but up and down enjoying the feeling of his big hard cock. I kept sucking on the cock in my mouth but having one tease me from behind made it hard. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart as he rubbed his cock up and down my crack. I let out another moan. I could feel his precum on my ass as he rubbed his cock up and down my crack. I kept pushing back into him, but he kept teasing me.When I could not take the teasing any more, I took the cock out of my mouth and begged, “please stop teasing and fuck me, let me feel your big hard cock in my ass!” He laughed and asked if I really wanted it. I begged him again to shove his cock in my ass. I told him how much I needed it. As he rubbed his cock across my hole again, pushed back into him. This got just the tip of it to open me up a bit. He laughed and said, “you are a dirty little cock whore, aren’t you.” Yes, yes, yes, I am a cock whore now fuck me god damn it!With that, he thrust his cock in my ass. I moaned as I wiggled my ass as he went deeper into me. After a few more thrusts, he was buried deep in my ass with his legs against mine. I moaned as I went back to sucking the cock in my face. The guy behind me began taking long slow strokes as he fucked me. I tried to stay focused on being a good cock sucker but the feeling of the cock in my ass felt amazing. I must have been doing ok because after a few minutes, the guy I was sucking began to grunt. He grabbed my face and began fucking my face as he erupted in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking until he pushed me away.The guy fucking me suggested we get on the bed. He pulled out of my ass and I climbed on the bed. I remained on my hands and knees as he got behind me. I looked back and saw that my girlfriend had pulled her clothes off and one of the guys bahis siteleri was eating her pussy. The other guy was standing next to her stroking his hard cock. The guy behind me shoved his cock in my ass, grabbed my hips and began fucking me hard. He must have liked this position because after just a few minutes he began to grunt that he was ready to cum. He said he was going to shoot his cum on my back.“Shoot your cum deep in my ass,” I begged, “please let me feel you shoot your hot cum deep in my ass, I need to feel you shoot it in me.” He let out a grunt as I felt his cock swell in my ass. He began to explode in me. He kept thrusting with each push another squirt of cum filled my ass. He filled me completely full. Once he was done cumming, he held his cock deep in my ass until is started to go soft. After it was soft, it popped out. I pinched my hole closed to keep the cum in me but some leaked out.Once I have been fucked, I become incredibly horny. I need more. I looked to the guy standing beside the bed and asked him to fuck me. He hesitated so I asked him again. Then I started to beg. “Please come fuck me, I am in heat and my ass needs a big dick in it, I need to get fucked, please fuck me.” He crawled up on the bed and got behind me. He began to slowly work his cock in my ass. I was already stretched out and really wanted to be fucked but tried to be patient. As he worked into my ass, I pushed back into him. I finally got him deep in my ass. I looked over and saw that the guy was still eating my girlfriend while she was watching me get fucked. I suggested she join us on the bed.She pushed the guy eating her away and came over to the bed. She came over and held my ass cheeks apart while the guy fucked me. “This is so hot, watching you fuck my boyfriends ass. Fuck him hard, I want to see you pound his ass, fuck him like the little cock whore that he is.” I had never heard her speak like this but it got me even more excited. He must have liked it also because he began to pound my bahis şirketleri ass. He was slamming into me and I could feel his balls slapping against mine. I put my head down and enjoyed getting fucked like a slut. He grunted and said he was ready to cum. My girlfriend encouraged him to shoot in me. “Blow your load of hot cum deep in my boyfriend’s ass, fill him up, make him your cum slut,” she said. Just then I felt him explode in my ass. He kept shooting with each thrust. Some of the cum leaked out as he kept shooting in me.Once he was done, he pulled out and wiped his dick on my ass. My girlfriend told him to let me lick him clean so he came around to my head and I sucked him into my mouth. I licked his cock and then licked his balls to get every drop of cum. While I was doing this, she told the other guy to come fuck me. He quickly got into place and rammed his big hard cock into me. He went balls deep on the first thrust. It pushed a lot of cum out of my ass. Cum began running down my legs as he began pounding into me. “Show me what kind of stud you are by how hard you can fuck my boyfriend’s ass” she said. He fucked me hard, pounding into me. He pushed me so hard I fell flat on my face and he kept fucking. He laid on top of me pounding into me. He was grunting into me as his whole body laid on mine. After what felt like 20 minutes of him pounding me, he grunted and blew his load deep in my ass. When he had completely emptied his balls in my ass, he came over and let me lick him clean.My girlfriend came over and gave me a big wet kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth. After she was done kissing me, she told me how hot it was to taste cum in my mouth and to see how I could please all of these men. They all put their clothes on and left. I was exhausted so just laid in the bed. Cum had leaked out of my ass and was all over my legs, balls, ass and a big we spot on the bed. After the guys left, she curled up with me. I asked if she wanted to move out of the wet spot and she said that sleeping in a puddle of cum that had leaked out of my ass was a big turn on for her. We cuddled as the cum leaking out of me got on her. We drifted off to sleep. We woke up the next morning crusty from all of the cum, but very satisfied.

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