3 Nisan 2021

Sheela’s New Lover, Her Son

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Sheela and her son, Nikhil, were at Delhi airport.

Her husband, Prakash, a business tycoon, was leaving for London to sign a contract. Lately his business had expanded internationally and ever since, he had been traveling out of country, sometimes for weeks, and sometimes even for months.

Sheela married him when she was only 19. She was a very attractive woman then and at forty five she was still very attractive. Their only child, Nikhil, was born a year after their marriage. Nikhil was twenty five now and in charge of his father’s domestic trade. He was a married man. Couple of years back he married his childhood girlfriend, Minal. Sheela never approved of their marriage, but out of love for her son she also never objected. She showed her disapproval, when she asked her son to leave his parent’s house and stay with his wife at their another apartment which was far from his parent’s apartment.

After his father’s flight was announced, Nikhil expected a warm farewell between his parents. Instead it turned out a rather cold farewell with mere handshakes between the couple, no hugs and kisses.

There were rumours going around that his father was having an affair, but Sheela never broached the gossip with him. Nikhil had heard of these rumours as well but he too had never approached his father on that topic.

After his flight’s departure Nikhil drove his mother to her apartment. In the car, Nikhil noticed his mother was quiet and not at her usual demeanour.

“Anything wrong, mom,” he enquired.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I noticed you are rather quiet tonight,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, looking at him. “I am not myself today.”

“Yeah, I can see that. What’s really the matter?” her son asked.

“What are you doing after this? Can you keep me company for a while?” she asked.

“Of course, anything for you, mom” he replied. “Minal (Nikhil’s wife) is at her mother’s house and anyways, I’m eating out alone.”

“You poor dear, your wife should be looking after you. Why is she at her mother’s house?” Sheela questioned in a traditional mother-in-law manner.

“She had to go due to some reason. I am fine with it. Plus look on the bright side. With Minal staying at her parent’s house, I can spend time with you.” Nikhil said smiling at his mother.

Sheela smiled affectionately at him. “Yeah, that is true.” She said. Even she needed someone close to her that night, especially after the terrible argument she had with her husband that very morning.

It was almost dark when they arrived at the apartment. Nikhil parked the car in the garage behind his father car.

“Make yourself comfortable while I change,” she said to her son as she started walking towards her room.

“Yeah.” he said. He sat down on the sofa and looked around the living room. He had not been around his parent’s apartment for quite some time. He usually met his father in their office and his mother for lunch at the restaurants. He rarely visited them at home.

He turned on the TV set and started to scroll through the channels. But tonight his mind was elsewhere. He had never seen his mother so quite before. He thought about his father. He had a good relationship with him, but now sitting there, he wondered if there were any problems between his mother and father. After years of marriage, nothing should be a problem, he thought, but the rumours of his father having an affair had left him curious.

It was his mother he was worried about. He had always leaned on her, even when he was a kid. He loved her as a son, but he was also secretly attracted to her. That was a fantasy he kept locked deep in the recess of his mind.

“Oh, there you are,” Sheela said as she walked into the living room.

She looked nice and fetching in her home casuals, a white silk nightie with an eye brazzers porno pleasing floral print. It was a sexy nightie, around knee long with thin shoulder straps and a deep scoop neckline that did give a nice glimpse of her ample cleavages. It looked really enticing on her especially with her waist long hairs set loose.

“Gee, mom, you look great, I could fall in love with you,” he teased her.

“I remember you saying that whenever I wear this kind of dress.” she smiled, “But I am not falling for it.” she laughed.

She sat down on the couch before him and crossed her legs. She was still unusually quiet that evening. Nikhil instinctively knew that his mother wanted to share something with him, but she seemed hesitant to give it a start.

“What’s going on between you and dad?” Nikhil finally asked not able to hide his curiosity.

“Nothing,” she sighed in dismay, “Nothing at all. No hugs, no kisses. We hardly talk anymore. Do you think there is something wrong with me?” She asked her son.

“Why do you say that?,” Nikhil asked as he felt certain sadness in his mother’s voice. He stood up from his chair, walked over and sat beside her on the couch.

“I know your father is seeing someone else, I have read love sms he has sent to her from his cellphone. I don’t know who she is, it was just a number, no name.” she suspired,

“Nikhil, people are talking and I feel such a fool,” she added.

“I know, even I have heard.” he said, “Mom, why are you being so modest about it. Why dont you clear things with him?” Nikhil replied.

“Yes, I did that today. I stood up to him and asked. And you know what, he admitted it just like that. Its no use. He has gone beyond me. I guess its over between us.” She tried to smile but Nikhil noticed the glistening of tears on her lower eyelids. He embraced his mother, holding her tightly.

“Mom, I’m here for you, always,” he said, kissing her cheek and smelt the freshness of her odor. “I love you.” he whispered.

Sheela was taken aback by her son’s protectiveness. She turned to face him and looked into his eyes. She had notice them staring at her unusually since evening. She felt her lips very close to his. It had been long since she had felt man’s lips against hers.

She was looking down at them, when suddenly, his lips were softly upon hers. Taken by surprise, Sheela sat immobile in his arms.

Nikhil released her immediately and stammered, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, please forgive me.”

She felt him trembling in despair and horror. Sheela didn’t move. she stayed close to him. Somehow in his arms she felt the same affection she had always desired from her husband. Her hand reached up at him and touched his face.

“It’s all right,” Sheela said in her soft sensuous tone.

She looked into his eyes and saw the same affection she had always desired in her man. She was consumed by the way his eyes were lovingly staring at her. Suddenly she moved up to his lips and she kissed him back. It was a not just a kiss, but a passionate one. Their lips mingled, suckling upon one another. Her mouth opened on instinct and his tongue entered deep into her mouth, meeting hers. Their tongue played on one another and fraction later their lips melted away into one.

Sheela felt her son’s hands reach down on one of her breasts. He cupped her from over the fabric, feeling its tender flesh with a gentle squeeze. His hands then moved up to her thin shoulder straps, gently pulling them outwards to undo them from over her shoulders.

She helped him undo her straps from over her shoulder. Her nightie fell from her breasts, and gathered at her stomach. She wasn’t wearing any bra and that made her naked all of a sudden. Her bare fleshy tits with taut nipples were all visible to her son.

She watched her son’s eyes grow castingcouch-x porno wide at her breasts. They were something he had always wished his wife had, Large and full, not sagging a bit, with buttony dark nipples and equally large and dark aureoles. Nikhil’s fingers were shaking as his hands moved to her front and touched her breasts.

He once again drew close to her and locked his lips on to hers. Their kiss turned instantly passionate as Nikhil kneaded his mother’s large tender breasts.

It was the first time that Nikhil or any man, other than her husband, had seen or felt her breasts. For Nikhil, it was only in his fantasy that he was touching his mother’s breasts.

Sheela laid her body on the sofa, her head thrown back. “Oh baby!” She shuddered and moaned, as Nikhil gently stripped her nightie, down her waist and out of her legs.

Nikhil was frenzied looking at his naked mother. Except for her panties, that were still holding her chastity in tact, she was all but naked.

Unable to think rationally, he moved on top of her. He kissed her lips once again and quickly moved down to her breasts. He took one of her nipples between his lips and tenderly sucked. Her nipples quickly hardened as he suckled over them.

“Ooh God!!” she moaned.

Her body convulsed involuntarily as she felt his hand probing other areas. His hand made frequent visits to the area below her navel, almost touching her crotch and returning back, as he hesitated to go any further. At this point Sheela didn’t mind her son touching her between her legs. In fact she longed for him to touch her there. She eventually led his hand at her crotch, pushing his hand between her legs and making it cup over her pussy.

Nikhil couldn’t believe his fate as he felt his hand rub her soft swollen cunt lips from over her panty. His hand stroked upon the soft, damp panty crotch, rubbing her slit from over it. He couldn’t hold on to his patience for much longer and quickly pushed his hand inside her panty.

Sheela squirmed as she felt her son stick his fingers into her moist cunt. She was already wet and oozing out fresh sex juices. Nikhil had been married long enough to figure out how horny his mother was just by gauging the wetness inside her pussy. He perfectly knew how to work on her cunt. His fingers moved tactfully over her clit, stroking it gently, making her wriggle with his every stroke of finger across her sleek slit. He shoved his fingers further down the length of her slit until he felt her entrance, all drenched and dripping. He continued to stroke his fingers across her slit, gauging its wetness as it grew ten folds.

“Ohhh Yes!” Sheela cooed as she felt Nikhil’s fingers work magic on her cunt and pleasuring her, the way, no man, had ever pleasured her before, not even her husband. He stroked her for a while, before he pushed his fingers into her.

“Ooooohhh baby…,” she groaned as he stuck his fingers into her fuck hole. That was a moment when Sheela longed to take hold of his cock. Her hand went down to his crotch. She felt his immense erection, bulged underneath his pant’s zipper, straining to break free. Her hand anxiously went to his pant’s zipper and pulled the zip down. Nikhil quickly unbuckled his pants and pushed it down his thighs. No sooner he did that, his cock sprung out, long and hard, ready for action.

“Oh Mom!” Nikhil moaned, when his mother, took hold of his cock and stroked it, gauging its immense size.

“Wow, you have such a big one..” She moaned at which they both kissed each other. Gently stroking his massive length, she pushed it between her legs, eagerly guiding it at her soaked cunt. Nikhil froze, when the tip of his cock made contact with her soaked pussy entrance. He had never anticipated they would come this far. He was about to fuck his own clips4sale porno mother and that too with her express permission.

He retrieved his fingers from inside her pussy and fraction later he felt his cock sink right into his mother’s cunt. “Ooh man..,” he groaned as he felt their sex uniting. It was a rare union for a mother and son to ever experience.

Sheela gasped at the size of her son’s manhood as it gradually submerged into her. It was a huge cock and she could feel her pussy flex to its immense size. She couldn’t hold herself back, and let out a deep moan. “Ohh yes, oh yes…” Her moan resonated, and was loud enough to wake her neighbours. But she didn’t care. Her mind and her body could only sense her son’s cock as it dug the depths of her vulva.

His cock had already gone deep enough, and was exploring the areas of her cunt she could have never anticipated being explored by her husband, or for that matters, by any other man.

“Ooh God!! Mom, your pussy, it is so nice and tight.” Nikhil groaned, out of lust. He then pulled his cock out, only to shove it back into her, and this time, harder, forcing her to moan out the ‘f’ word.

“Ooh Fuck!! Fuck!!” she moaned. Nikhil looked at her in amaze. He had never heard her use the ‘f’ word before, at least never in front of him. It only frenzied his mind more. Eagerly holding on to her hips, he began to pound her pussy much harder and faster.

It amazed Sheela the way his cock pleasured her. The couch rocked, and creaked, as their bodies moved in rhythm. For next five minutes or so, the only sounds that echoed inside the room were the sounds of their frenzied moans and that of flesh beating against flesh.

After long and pleasurable minutes she could sense Nikhil reaching his climax. She had never imaging this would happen, but now she was worried. She mentally began to count the days from her last period, hoping that she was in her safe period. But her mind was too frenzied to be counting anything. She had to warn him. She was unprotected and a single drop of his potent cum could leave her pregnant. She needed him to know this.

“Nikhil, please don’t cum inside me,” she whispered into his ears as he continued to pound her like machine.

“I know mom,” she heard him say.

The very next second she felt him pull out, and ejaculate his load on her taut belly, only to smear his cum all over her belly with his cock.

Nikhil collapsed on top of her, gasping. His mother could feel his massive erection growing soft on her stomach. He had never felt such complete fulfilment before, not even with his wife.

They laid there for a while. She was laid on the couch and him on the floor beside her couch. She looked down at him, and he was looking up at her. She fondled his hairs lovingly. “I think we went a bit too far.” she spoke in jest.

Nikhil nodded. “Are you feeling sorry about it?” he asked.

His mother gazed down at his face. She knew what she did with her son was wrong but it all happened so quickly. She had never anticipated them going to this extent. And now that they had done it, she felt nothing about it. No guilt or remorse. Especially because her son wasn’t showing any sign of guilt or remorse.

“I don’t know.” she heard herself saying, “I guess we shouldn’t make it a habit.” she added.

Nikhil nodded understandingly. He loved his mother but then he didn’t want to harm either of their marriages. He laid there with her for few minutes, after that he got up and got dressed.

“I better be going.” he said.

“Wont you have dinner with me?” she asked.

“No I better have my dinner alone.” he said, his gaze travelling down her nude body. He leaned down at her to kiss her. He wanted to kiss her lips, but instead he kissed her on her cheek. “Thanks, appreciate it.” She whispered at him.

He took her leave and left from there. He got into his car and drove off. As he drove down the lane he began thinking about what had happened between him and his mother. He knew it was wrong and could never be reversed. And somewhere in his mind he knew it wasn’t going to stop.

The End.

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