5 Kasım 2021

Shobha – My Neighbour Aunty


Shobha – My Neighbour AuntyIn my c***dhood days, I used to stay at a day care in our neighbourhood when my parents used to be at work. It was run by a c***dless lady. Her name was Shobha name changed and I used to call her aunty. I stayed there from early c***dhood till I was 12-13. So I still have good relations with Shobha aunty, and I meet her frequently those were the days during my undergraduate engineering college at that time.Shobha was around 40, but she looked like a 30 year old woman. I started getting sexually attracted to her since my early teenage. She is very fair and good looking. Her skin is as white as milk. She is 5’6″ tall and bit busty, though not too fat. In short she was a BBW. She was very traditional woman, and used to wear saree because of her big belly, her saree used to slip below her navel. So her navel used to become visible her milky white soft belly and a round deep navel used to make me horny.She had big boobs and her deep cleavage used to be visible through her low cut blouse in engineering college we used to have a preparatory leave before exams, and students used to study only during this leave during one of such leaves, once my parents had gone out of town for my cousin’s wedding. I couldn’t go because of my exams. So Shobha offered me to serve food when my parents are away, so that I won’t have to cook myself.Coincidentally, Shobha’s husband was also out of town for some work for few days at that time, Shobha asked me if I can stay at her place overnight since she was alone. I agreed to that very happily in those days I had habit of being awake till late night for studying. I and Shobha had dinner together. She asked me to sleep next to her on the double bed, since they did not have any other sleeping arrangement.I told her that I’m going to study till late. So she said ok you just come and sleep next to me whenever you are done with studies. bursa escort It was month of December, and was very cold there was only one thick blanket and Shobha was using that. So she said if in case you get too much of cold, just come inside my blanket. It is big enough for two people. I said ok, I’ll do that and I was too happy to hear this. It was golden chance to fuck Shobha. She went to bed at 10 pm.I was studying till 1 am and went to bed after that. Shobha was sleeping inside blanket. Since it was too cold, I could not remain without blanket for long time, and soon entered her blanket. Now I was inside blanket with Shobha, very close to her. Still I was feeling cold. She was sleeping on left side of her body, and I was on her right side. So her back was facing me. I moved closer to her, turned on my left side and hugged her from behind.She was in deep sleep, so didn’t realize anything. I got some warmth of her body, so was feeling good. We were in a spoons position. My already erected dick was touching her ass. Suddenly she sensed it, and got up. I got scared for a while. I told her that I’m feeling too cold even inside blanket, so I hugged you to get some warmth. I was trying to control my erection. She said ok that’s fine. I’m also felling good since I’m also getting some warmth.My dick became harder and moved further then she realized my intentions. She said your dick is too big as compared to my husband’s probably she was c***dless because her husband was impotent. I said you are so hot and sexy that it reaches maximum size when I think of you and now you are so close to me. She took her hand behind, and touched my dick. It made me hornier looked like she was also in mood of having sex.She said it’s years since I had sex last time and I’ve never seen so big dick. Now I want it inside me. Shobha turned around and lied on her back. My hand was on her bursa escort bayan bare belly, I was exploring her soft belly, her deep navel. I slowly kissed her neck in response she hugged me and moved her hand in my hair. I moved my right hand on her belly along her waistline. Now we were hugging each other and smooching and kissing each other.I slowly removed her saree from her shoulder, and her blouse was exposed. By this time blanket had gotten removed and we did not feel any cold in each other’s hug. I kissed on her neck, chest, boobs and I rolled my tongue in her deep cleavage. I slowly moved to her belly kissing and licking it. I inserted my tongue in her navel and rolled it inside. She was moaning um. I kissed on her waist slowly I removed her saree completely.Now I moved up to her boobs kissing them from outside blouse, kissing her chest. My hand was still caressing her soft belly, searching for knot of her petticoat. I untied knot of her petticoat, slowly removed it and pulled it down with the help of my toes. I could smell her wet panty. She removed my shorts and t-shirt both of us sat on the bed, and I hugged her from behind kissing on her back and neck. I pressed her boobs and she moaned aaahh. I started unbuttoning her blouse and continued kissing on her neck then I slowly removed her blouse. Now she was only in bra and panty. I was only in underwear. We had already forgotten about the cold since both of our bodies had gotten lot of heat inside. I thought of having some fun in the foreplay. I asked her to close her eyes and lie on bed.So she did and I went to kitchen and searched in the refrigerator for ice-cream. There was no ice cream, but I found a homemade mango jelly inside. I took the box of jelly and a spoon while going back to bedroom. I took some jelly in spoon, and put it inside Shobha’s navel. She moved little bit and moaned as she got tickling escort bursa sensation because of cold jelly in her navel. I also put some jelly inside her cleavage. Then I started licking jelly from her deep navel.Her soft milky white belly was so sexy and smooth that I kept on licking it even after jelly was over. Then I moved to her cleavage and licked jelly from there. She also enjoyed it, she liked the idea of licking jelly like this. Then I hugged her and unhooked her bra while hugging her. It was a surprise to her and she blushed and covered her face by her hands. I removed her hands and smooch her on her face.Then she did not do anything but enjoyed the smooch which lasted for about five minutes. Then again I made her lie on bed and put some jelly on her nipples. I sucked her boobs hard and ate jelly while sucking them after jelly on her boobs got over she inserted her hand inside my underwear and took my dick in her hand. I started moaning aaaahh, and she removed my underwear. I also inserted my hand inside her underwear and started fingering her wet pussy. I quickly removed her panties. We decided to make 69 position and she took some jelly and applied it on the top of my fully erected rock had dick. She started licking it like a lollipop. I also poured remaining jelly in her pussy and started licking it. This continued for 15 minutes till jelly in the box got over. Now both of us were about to cum. I wanted to cum inside Shobha. So we switched to missionary position. I inserted my dick deep inside her pussy and started moving up and down.At the same time I took her boobs in my mouth and sucked them hard. She moaned ummmm. She wrapped her legs and arms around me. I also hugged her tightly after 15 minutes, I released my cum inside her deep pussy. She also had orgasm at the same time. In that position, we pulled the blanket over us and slept in each other’s hugs when I got up in the morning and I found Shobha’s nipple in my mouth. I started sucking it again, and we had one more fucking session after that we used to have sex with each other regularly till I passed out from engineering college.

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