30 Haziran 2020

Shopping- what a surprise


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Shopping- what a surpriseAs a 28 year old mom I don’t get many surprises. I try to lead a semi-normal life in front of my two k**s. Sex with my husband is not what it used to be, I’m pretty sure he is banging the steady stream of interns he insists he needs for his work.I’m not complaining about our lifestyle, we’re very well off. Jim is an attorney with the highest profile firm in town. we live in a large house in a gated community. I have a staff of three; a housekeeper, Maria, a Nanny, Lisa, and a part time pool boy, Marco.Marco is about 18 or 19 and has a rock hard body.Each day after breakfast and some time with my k**s, I send them off to my nanny and head for the pool. Our house is surrounded by privacy fencing and landscaping so I don’t wear a suit. I don’t care if the staff watches.When I’m done I walk over to the pool house and Marco knows it’s his time to service me. I lay on the bed and watch as he undresses. I paid for him to have his dick area waxed, I wanted to see it all. He knows what I like. I spread my legs and he lifts them over my head. I really like it when he just holds them over my head and gazes at my pussy. Jim wouldn’t even know but I have it waxed too. I’m pretty sure the gals that does it would do it for free. I’m proud of my body. I have long blonde hair, tight lean legs, a flat stomach with a hint of a six pack and athletic tits that don’t sag.Marco knows just how to spread my pussy lips and tease my clitoris with his tongue. We leave edremit escort the door to the pool house open for a little mystique.I usually don’t take very long. I have a tenancy to heave my pussy into his face as I arch my back and shake.After I’m done I wait for his next move.If he gets up, we’re done. If he turns me over onto my stomach it’s more fun. I love having my ass rimmed. Marco is the only guy I’ve been able to get to do it. I’m not sure he wants to but I suck his dick if he does.I move my ass up a bit and let him get his face between my cheeks. Once again, he gazes for awhile before he gets to action. He lick around my anus before he moves his tongue all the way in. I love to feel his tongue thrusting into my ass. I play with my pussy and come again.After I recover, Marco know it his time. He is not a large boy, he’s good looking and has a tight body. I can take his full hardness in my mouth. I like to swirl my tongue around his balls and shaft before I suck him. I look up at his face as I suck for all I have. As he gets close I run my fingers around his anus ans play with his balls. When he comes his hips thrust his full length in my mouth. He comes violently spewing big gobs in my mouth.About once a month I go shopping. I have a wardrobe specifically for this purpose that I keep at the pool house. It consists of short skirts and gauzy, flimsy, blouses. I go without a bra. I like to see the reactions from the young sales people at the mall escort edremit and shops. I love to bend over on the escalator and hear the gasps from the young guys that always follow me. They can see my tight ass. I always wear designer thong panties just to tease them. I also love the looks as the men see my titties bouncing under my blouse.This day I went to my favorite boutique. It always has the latest designer women’s clothes. I can’t afford the real high end stuff. I know most of the sales staff and they always dote on me. The two men sales guys are obviously gay so I don’t worry too much about covering up in the dressing area. Many times I will be standing in the dressing room wearing only my panties as the staff brings me outfits to tryThis day there was a new girl. She looked to be in college. She was a very pretty black girl with her hair in braids. She had long nails and is very sexy. She brought me several outfits but most of them were too expensive for me. As I handed her one outfit to return she started hanging the clothes. I was wearing only panties and she closed the door. I thought she had left but I felt her behind me.”Mrs. Edison, this outfit really brings out the best in you, you look really sexy”I could feel her breath on my neck as she was standing right behind me.She brought her hands up my stomach and they stopped right at my tits. She cupped them in her hands. I was paralyzed.”Your body is so nice, you should show it off to your advantage” edremit escort bayan She began to massage my breasts and I just relaxed. It felt great. This k** really knew what she was doing.She moved around to face me and continued to caress my tits. I looked down and enjoyed her work. Her long finger nails added to the sensation. I have never been with a girl, just the time when Susan from next door played with my tits when we were growing up.”Sit down” she saidI stumbled a bit as I looked for the bench. I didn’t want her to stop rubbing my tits.AS I was sitting, she slid off my panties. My womenhood was exposed.She held my legs apart and gazed at my spread pussy. I was glad I had just been waxed.She moved in and spread my lips. She blew on my lips and rubbed my clitoris.She then move in on my clitoris with her lips.What an awesome feeling; this girl can lick pussy better than anyone I’ve ever been with. I started heaving my hips into her face. She move her long painted nails along the length of my thighs as she suck on my lips and clit.I couldn’t take this; I came in her face. She sucked as I thrust up and down. I almost screamed I was coming so hard. I couldn’t catch my breath right away.I looked up at her as she stood up”I’ll take those last three outfits you brought me”She smiled.She bent over and picked up my panties”I’d like to keep these””Sure thing”I didn’t know girls collected panties but what the heck? I paid for my outfits and left with a smile.I went to the valet parking and waited for my car.I felt so great I did the Britney Spears pussy peak as I got in my car. I’m sure valet had something to talk about. Between Marco and the new salesgirl this ahd been my greatest day ever.

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