17 Haziran 2021

Showing Mum my Den


Showing Mum my Den….. It was hidden in the woods at the back of our house. I told my mum how cool it was and how no one could see or find it. She smiled. “Ya gotta come down and see it mum.” She looked at me with a strange look and smile. She whispered: (“..ok yes, let’s go and see it tonight. I’ll take a tiny light for us. I said: (“…mum, I already have candles down there.”) My motive was to take a girl down there and mess with her, and It was a private place to wank too. She began to hug me real tight and feel my shoulders. I’d never seen her act this way before, but if it got me a hug with her great tits 38C, it was ok with me. That night mum and I went for a walk. I showed her a secret shortcut to the den. Behind our old shed out back I had made some steps down to the wood. We checked all around and went behind the shed. I held her hand and guided her down to the fort. It was dark but I knew where everything was. Mum held my arm as I got a candle. She held me tight as I pulled an old piece of wall to close of the inner entrance from the candle light. I had an old mattress in there and some wood boxes for chairs. Mum kept holding my arm. She looked all around and then blew out the candle. (“Why’d ya do that mum?”) I whispered. She said back: (“…you’ve never danced in the dark, have you.”)I was slow in catching on that she was getting romantic feelings down here. She started dancing with me in the complete darkness. She place my hands on arse cheeks as she held mine. She pushed her large tits into me. She felt pretty damn good. She started breathing heavy in my ear. Oh god…I felt my cock getting stiff over my own mum….but I just…let it happen.She felt it too and pushed her pussy hard into it. My mum was all horny. I had never seen her this way before. She took my hands and moved the all around her and then…right on her tits. I stopped. She said: (“..it ok Mark, we’ll just ’pretend we are boyfriend and girlfriend while we’re down here. No one will know and there’s nothing to see…go ahead and feel me, like a girlfriend…”)I gulped. It was no problem to think of her as a girlfriend. I had only felt up a couple a girls aready, and I was as horny as mum was. I kept saying to my self that nobody could see us and would never know….she was like a girlfriend I was making out with. I started feeling her tits real careful. She stopped and pulled me real tight to her and pushed her pussy in tight against my now hard cock. This was hot and I loved it. Soon she let her hand start feeling around my cock. She started unbuttoning her blouse. Now I could feel her bra and some of her bare tits. She whispered: (“..keep going, ‘Mark your my boyfriend‘.”) She lifted up her bra and let her big 38C tits pop out. My hands were shaking a little as I slowly felt her wonderful tits. If this ever got out that I felt my own mum‘s tits, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I would be branded some kind of weirdo. (“..oh boyfriend that feels so good, don’t you want to kiss them?”) I gulped again. I was about to kiss my mum’s beautiful tits. I had the jitters in my gut. Slowly I started kissing mum’s tits. They were heavenly as I let my tongue circle around her nipples. She was panting for breath and played with my hair. I felt her squeeze my cock firm. I was pumped with horny feelings. I could have kept this up for a long time. Her tits were so soft and warm, and her nipples were standing out against my tongue.I was getting those ‘unthinkable‘ feelings of wanting to have sex with my own mum. I tried to put them out of my mind, but with her squeezing my cock, it was impossible. It was pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing, just feel us. I started pretending she was a girl at school that had big tits. I felt mum start slowly stroking my cock. I was close to cumming, it felt so good. Her hand felt my face and lips. We started kissing with little kisses on our faces. I whispered: Then mum put her tounge in my mouth and we started to tounge kiss, this was so hot kissing my mum like this.(“…we’ll have to leave in a minute ‘boyfriend‘, but I want to kiss something else first.”) she said. She pulled my shorts and pants down and I felt her as she kissed the head of my cock and just held her lips on it. I could’nt help it……I came….. I just cum in my mothers mouth !!!!She slowly stroked my shooting cock but never took her lips off the head. I felt her long beautiful hair as she made me shoot more. My knees began to shake a little. This was my first blow job ever. It was shaking me up with the high feeling. I felt her stand up and hug me. She was shaking too.She said we better get going home now my darling boyfriend “” As we left she said Friday night we can come back here and continue our date. I was a little dizzy from our first ’date’. I said: “You sure are a hot date mum, I mean‘girlfriend‘, see ya Friday night.” She took my hand and rubbed it on her pussy…..She kissed me with her tongue again. We went home as my cock slowly went down.Mum and I went back home and acted like nothing had ever taken place, except….I kept getting a hardon. It was torture waiting for Friday night to get here. I wanked every chance I got. I had to ignore mum to keep from getting a hardon. When I would glance at her, my heart would speed up and the hardon feeling would start. Damn it was hard not go over to her and hug her and feel her, But she had said i was’nt aloud to touch her till Friday date. I was in love with my own mum, and I liked it. At night I relived being in the den with her and us making out. I would get these big stiffy’s that would’nt go away until I wanked off. That part was so great, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri but the waiting was awful. In school I had to be so careful not to say any thing, but mum had worned me NOT TO TELL ANYONE “”. It wasn’t easy but she had warned me that it would get us in trouble. The risk of all of this was exciting but the fear of getting us getting caught, I knew i coud’nt say anything to anyone.Friday night. I went in the house and there was mum with a smile on her face. God she looked so beautiful. She said for us to wait for it to got dark. She told me to go to my bedroom and do my homework. We just stood and stared at each other and smiled. Mum came to my room to get me. She was wearing a jean skirt, a sweat shirt and I could tell she had no bra on as I could see her nipples poking out. She smiled and flashed me the front of her skirt….no panties as I about choked at seeing her hairy bush for the first time like this. I had seen her nude before when we had had a bath and walking around the house nude, but this was not the same””I said: “Girlfriend’, you look beautiful.” She smiled big and said: “I have a hot date tonight with my ’boyfriend’, you won’t tell on me will you?” I said: “Oh no.?”We snuck out the back and behind the shed. I took her hand to help her down the steps. Her hand was trembling, but very warm. We entered the den quietly. Once inside she grabbed me and held me tight to her. She whispered in the complete darkness: (“…oh Marky, I love this place.”) I thought I was ’boyfriend’…oh well, I didn’t care what she called me at this point. We stood as she started slow dancing. Our hands were all over us as we began to kiss like Boyfriend and Girlfriend. My hand went under her sweat shirt to feel those beautiful tits. I had on jogging pants with boxers. Her trembling warm hand went down inside them to feel my butt. She said: (“…boyfriend…will you get on your knees and make me feel good?”) Knees?…oh damn… she wants me to lick her pussy, I bet. I would like nothing better as I got on my knees. She started panting and spread her legs wide apart. She held my head as I lifted her skirt up. I just had to feel her warm legs up and down. She pushed her hairy bush to my lips. I had never eat a girls pussy before. She guided my tongue to right where she wanted it. I licked thru her hairy bush and up her very wet slit. When I got to this little bump, she held my head tight and twitched a little. I guess she liked it when I did that as she moaned. I kept licking all around, and then back to the bump. She moaned every time. She took one of my hands and she put some of my fingers inside her very wet pussy. It was so warm in there and felt exciting to feel it. She had me push my fingers in and out of her pussy. She moaned so sweet and then took my other hand and had me feel the güvenilir bahis şirketleri crack in her arse. She pushed one finger in deeper and deeper to rub her arsehole. She seemed to like that so I kept it up. As I licked her clit she started pushing my finger in tighter in her arsehole. I think she wanted me to put my finger inside it. Ok, what ever you want mum, I thought. She got her araehole all wet with her pussy wetness and took my finger and eased in in. She gasp and worked my finger in deeper inside her arsehole.She rocked her hips on my fingers front and back. She pulled my tongue in firm to her bump at the top of her pussy. We rocked as I worked my fingers in her. She started making straining sounds as we sped up. She started moaning and jerking her hips hard on my tongue. She must have liked it as she moaned and whispered: (“Oh Mark…..yesssssssssss.”) and started moaning like she was having pleasure. She squirmed and jerked for while. I heard her suck big for air…. then I felt her pussy squeeze down on my fingers and she puckered her arsehole on my other finger….I came in my pants. I couldn’t help it. It was the peak of sexual excitement for me. I guess she could feel me jolt as I shot cum over and over. She laid us down on the old mattress. I was exhausted. I heard her mumble ..’Mark my boyfriend your beautiful..’ She started gently pulling me up on top of her. I reached up on the sides of her beautiful tits and pushed them together. I laid my head between them to just enjoy the feeling. Mums thoughts ….I was shook up. I never dreamed that my son could create my highest sexual feeling I ever had, only better. He put his arm around me and pulled me to him. I loved the warm feeling of the best boyfriend in the world holding me.I loved the feeling of my son’s head on my tits. We lay there a while and then I spread my legs and reached down and took his warm cock out of his pants. I felt the slick cum on it. I brought my fingers up and tasted it…wow…it took me right back to when I first tasted cum. I took the head of Mark’s cock and rubbed it on my wet bush. It instantly got to full erection. I decided to go for it and let it slip in my wet pussy. I now wanted to do what boyfriends and girlfriends do”” Mark started fucking me. I was shaking inside with the feelings I got real excited and fuck him back hard and deep….”..oh god Marky, keep doing that.” came out of my mouth.Mark now was all excited and gasping for breath along with me. We began to fuck wildly and moan together as our cum fluid’s were coming together. I found myself fucking Mark my son as fast and hard as I could. He was my new ’Man’ and this was long overdue. My pussy pulsated down on his cock as I began to yell…”OH GOD MARK!…OH YESSS!” It felt like an exploding something went off in my pussy, I climaxed so hard I saw stars. I felt Mark’s cum flow in me and slop out and down my arse crack. We squirmed and squirmed with euphoric joy. We shook for a long time as spasms continued. Finally….finally my son and I had sex together. I was ecstatic with it all and my shaking arms held Mark as tight as I could.I didn’t want this moment to ever end…..

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