17 Eylül 2021



sis-by-lawMy wife, Kathy, and her sister, Linda was not very close, so I was surprised when I one day came home from work and found Linda sitting at our dining table with a bunch of suitcases next to her.Kathy told me that Linda would be staying with us for a bit, since she had left her husband. I was surprised to hear this. I thought that Linda was in a strong solid marriage, but it turned out that he had been cheating on her. Linda did not know who the other woman was, but she knew enough to leave him. So Linda was going to take our spare bedroom until she could figure out what to do next. I always thought it was funny to see Kathy and Linda together. They looked so much the same, it was hard for people to tell them apart. I noticed that Linda had bigger boobs than my wife, but that was pretty much the only physical difference. I had always been attracted to Linda.Kathy was on hell of a horny woman. We fucked at least once a day, often once in the morning and then in the evening again. Lately thou, she had not been as horny as usual. I had not questioned it, figured it was just how life is at times. But it left me feeling horny more often than not.Next morning when I got into the kitchen, Linda was standing in the kitchen cleaning up some dishes in the sink. I looked at her from behind and thought that her big wide ass was just as sexy as my wife’s big wide ass. I was wondering how her husband could be so stupid to fuck someone else. Unless Linda was not very sexual. I had no clue about how she was sexually, we had never talked about these things.I greeted Linda and she turned around. She came up to me and gave me a big hug. She said she was so grateful that Kathy and I took her in and gave her a place to stay until she could figure out what was next.I felt her big breast in my chest when she hugged me, she held on to me for a long time and hugged me tight. I felt bad for wondering how good it would feel to suck on this big babies….I told Linda that of course she was welcome in our house and that she could stay for as long as she wanted.My wife walked in shortly after we stopped hugging.We ate breakfast and talked about what we should do during this fine Saturday. Kathy and I had no plans. Kathy suggested that I took Linda out shopping for things she might need, while she ran some errands.Linda was fine with that, so we took off and went around town to pick up a bunch of stuff.Kathy said she would be home early afternoon, so we had no rush around town.Our errands did not take very long, so we went back home again. Linda put away her stuff and then came out of her room announcing that she was going over to her place to pick up some paperwork she needed. I watched some college football and asked if she would be ok. She said that she thought her cheating hubby was playing golf this morning so she could easily get in and out of the house without seeing him.I watched a game for awhile. Being alone in the house, I felt the need to masturbate, so I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it.Suddenly, I heard the front door open and Linda came in. I quickly put my cock in my pants and kept watching the game.Linda came in with tears in her eyes and looked very upset. I asked what was wrong and Linda bursa escort told me that she had shown up at the house. She had walked in via the side garage door and when she entered the house, she heard voices. She sneaked in and saw her hubby fucking a woman on the living room couch. She quickly and without a sound left the house and drove back here.I asked if she saw the woman and who she was, but she only said she did not know who it was.Linda went into her room and closed the door.She stayed in the room until my wife came home. We started to cook dinner and Linda came out and sat down in the kitchen. Linda looked sad and we talked about little things. Linda asked Kathy how her afternoon had been. Kathy said she had been busy.Kathy is a nurse and said that she had got a call to see if she could cover a shift this evening. So she had agreed. I was bummed, I thought I was getting some sex this evening and now with Kathy working I knew that was out.Linda asked why Kathy had to work and Kathy said it was someone who was sick so they needed her to come in. This happened once in awhile, actually thinking about it, it had happened more often lately.Linda pressed on with a bunch of questions, but Kathy was vague in her answers….After dinner Kathy dressed up in her nurse outfit and left. That left Linda and I alone in the house.We decided to watch a movie on Netflix and sat on the couch together. I asked how she was doing and she said she was OK.It was a nice relaxing evening and we went to bed pretty early. Linda hugged me good night and went to her room.I went in my room and fell asleep pretty quickly. I woke up when the door opened and Kathy climbed into the bed. I was surprised that she went straight for my cock under the cover and started to suck on my cock that quickly got fully erected. It felt so good to finally get some sex. I started to get close and told her I wanted to come inside of her. She sat up, straddled my legs with her face away from me. It was very dark, so I could barely see her back and butt. It felt great when she guided my cock to her wet pussy and sat down over my cock. I slide right in and grabbed her hips. She started to ride my cock in a slow pace, but quickly started to pick up the pace. I felt her hand rubbed her pussy. I was surprised, Kathy never rubs her pussy. She always want me to touch her. But I was not complaining. She was riding me so good and I was deep in her pussy. I felt her getting closer and told her I was going to cum if she did not slow down. I felt her hand rub her pussy harder and how she started to cum. Since she was cuming I wanted to join her and let go. My cock erupted deep in her and it felt so fucking good. I moaned and grunted when she really worked her pussy on my cock. I called out – Kathy, this is fucking awesome!It lasted longer than normal and Kathy was wild. Then she relaxed and laid down with her face by my feet. I still had my cock in her and caressed her ass. I told her it felt better than it had in a long time.After a couple of minutes letting us catch our breaths, she got up so she could turn around. My cock got pushed out and I felt a huge load of cum coming out of her and landing on my cock. It was so dark that I could not really bursa escort bayan see her as she turned to face me. I felt her lean down to my face. Before she got close, I felt her tits touch my chest. Her boobs felt bigger than I remembered.She got closer to my face and told me that my cock felt so big. Something was off! Kathy would never say anything about my cock, never in all the years we had been together she never said anything dirty or about my penis. She started to kiss me, it was a passionate kiss that tasted good. My wife sometime does not taste so good when we kiss. She rubbed her chest into me and I felt my cock swell again. Then I realized that she was crying. I asked what was wrong. She answered that she was sorry. I was confused, why was she sorry? Then I realized that it was Linda laying on top of me. I reached over the turned on the light. Linda was red eyed and smiling at the same time. My cock was hard again, I was surprised by my body’s reaction, but I sure was hard.Linda told me that she was sorry for seducing me. I was not too happy about fucking my sister by law when I thought it was my wife. I was happy at the same time since I had cum so strong. It was a turn on to have her laying naked on me, with my cum still dripping out of her.Linda continued say that when she was back at her house yesterday, she got to see how the woman who her hubby was sleeping with was. She said it was her sister and she could not tell me when she got home. She had been laying in her bed, not being able to sleep. So she got up and wanted to come in and tell me. When she got in, she saw my naked body in the bed when the light from the door opened. In a split decision she decided she wanted to feel my cock and went down on me. From there she wanted to feel my big cock in her pussy. She said her hubby had a much smaller cock and she wanted to feel this big fucking cock in her. So she straddled me. She thought that I knew it was her, until I had cum in her and called out her sister’s name.My cock was so fucking hard, even if I was mad at my wife for cheating on me. So I felt that I had the right to fuck her sister. Linda started to rub her clit on the shaft of my cock. She moaned and questioned her sister how she could fuck any other cock than this, especially her hubby’s small penis. I was so hard that it did not take much for Linda to move up high on my cock so it had the freedom to raise and find her pussy. When she moved back down, my cock entered her. She gasped for air when I thrust deep into her by lifting my hips to go deep. She kissed me and told me to fuck her good. I started to fondle her breasts and brought one of them to my mouth. Her nipple was huge and hard. I sucked like I never had a nipple in my mouth before and felt my cock grow harder. Linda moaned and grabbed the back of my head, she pulled my head into her breast and moaned. We fucked for a long while and then I told Linda that I was cuming. She told me to cum and cum good. She did not cum this time, but I erupted in her. She had her knees on each side of my hips and relaxed on top of me again. We cuddled for awhile and then she told me it was time for for her to return to her bed. She thanked me and said she was sorry escort bursa that both her husband and her sister was cheaters. Then she caught herself and said that we were cheaters too, but that was because they had cheated.I was tired after fucking Linda a couple of times and quickly fell asleep without contemplating my marriage and my future. When I woke up in the morning, Kathy was sleeping next to me. I lay there thinking about what would happen today when I confronted her about what she had done.I left her sleeping and went to the kitchen for some morning coffee. I sat at the table reading news on my laptop when Linda came walking in. She had a robe on and looked very nice. I smiled at her and wished her a good morning. She smiled back and asked how I was holding up this morning. I told her I was fine and I was more than fine with what happened the night before. Linda walked up to me and kissed me. Then she grabbed some coffee and sat down next to me. She sat next to me on the bench I was sitting on. At first she just drank her coffee and we had some small talk. Then I felt her hand on my cock and she started to rub it while I got harder. Soon I had a full blown erection!I heard Kathy coming down the hallway. Linda heard her too and let go of my cock. She sat with both her arms on the table when Kathy walked into the kitchen.Kathy said good morning and then grabbed some coffee. I asked how work had been last night? She said she had been busy and it lasted longer than she had expected. Kathy looked tired and worn. I looked at Linda and nobbed. Linda then told Kathy that she had gone over to her house yesterday and found her hubby fuck his mistress on the couch. Kathy looked stunned and asked Linda if she had seen who it was. Linda did not answer for a long while. Kitchen was quiet, a dead silence fell over the house. Then Linda looked at her sister and said, -Yes, I saw you laying with your legs spread open with my husband fucking you! Kathy turned pale and did not say a word. I told her that I knew too!Then I was surprised to feel Linda’s hand on my cock again. Linda asked what made her fuck her hubby. Kathy still did not say a word.Linda waited and then responded by saying that she could have that small little penis, she would use a much bigger cock to satisfy herself with in the future. Then she turned around and put my cock in her mouth.Kathy was shocked to see my big hard cock in Linda’s mouth. She started to get angry, but I tried to tell her without moaning that she could pack her fucking bags and go to her lover!Kathy started to cry and sat down on a chair. It made Linda work on me harder, then she stopped, stood up and straddled my hips and sat down on my cock. I went deep in her as she moaned loudly. She kissed me and told me that my cock really filled her up. She started to ride me while Kathy sat behind her crying. I felt so excited about fucking this hot woman with my cheating wife watching us. I reached down and started to play with her clit. She moaned and held me tight. It did not take long for her to reach climax. I decided to not hold back and started to cum in her.Kathy noticed that we were cuming. She looked terrified and called out to Linda. She said, you don’t have protection, you will get pregnant! Linda moaned that she hoped to already be pregnant from all the fucking last night!I did not know that we fucked unprotected. It made me wild with desire and I started to cum even harder!

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