10 Ekim 2021

Sissy boy and … a shave


Sissy boy and … a shaveIt’s a Saturday night. I’ve been talking with this guy online for a while now trying to determine if he and I are the right fit…. and also work up the balls to meet up (…so my balls and much more can be worked over). We’d spoken about a whole bunch of things whilst chatting, his fetishes, mine, and what both of us would like to do to the other / have done to us. From this it all seemed pretty enticing so we teed up a night we were both free to dedicate to debauchery. Thankfully for me my instincts were accurate when we meet, the guy hadn’t hyped it up, or just completely lied about what he looked like. There he was mid 40’ies, a little overweight, no tats or piercings, just a normal looking guy you’d walk past in the street without thinking twice about. We met at a pub local to his place had a couple of beers whilst having a polite chat about each other’s day. This discretely however moved to what we’d be doing later on and after four beers each both of our bladder’s had started to tell us to head to the bathroom canlı bahis we left and headed back to his place. On the walk there he (I never actually got his name so lets call him Gary) asked me whether I was wearing my panties, “Of course”. I had on two… just cause I couldn’t decide which ones to wear. I had a little purple g-string with lace bits along the edges and a pair of tight pink and white cotton briefs on over the top, which pressed my hard cock tightly against my body. This (as I soon found out) allowed the pre cum to soak through to the outside leaving a little wet patch. Gary was going commando, he didn’t like underwear on him at all… though loved it on his boys.As soon as we walk into his place Gary directed me to the kitchen. He started making both of us a drink…. Vodka this time. I leant against the cupboard to wait, as soon as I did it let out a little creak “Daddy wants to see his sissy boy. Show me your panties”. I smiled. I think to myself “I was right about this guy…woops daddy”. I slide out of shoes, socks, T-shirt, bahis siteleri and jeans. I’m now naked in Daddy’s kitchen albeit in some sexy… and ever moistening panties. Gary didn’t even turn around. He just finished mixing the drinks up, then told me to take them to the lounge as he walked out and I gather to his bedroom. I made myself comfy on the couch. Placed Daddy’s drink on the coffee table and downed half of mine to give me that little extra head spin. My cock was so hard, I lifted up my panties and found the first layer of panties was soaked with my pre-cum. I rubbed it a little then licked it off my finger before sliding my cock back underneath. Gary yelled out to me “Sissy boy, come here”. I had no idea where it came from but followed my senses and found Gary in the bathroom. He was sitting down on a small chair in front of the toilet with a razor, some shaving cream, and two tubs of water by its side. Again, “come here sissy boy” as I waited at the door. I followed his eyes and sat down on the toilet. Gary briefly played güvenilir bahis with the wet patch on my panties, then took them off freeing my dribbling cock.Gary doesn’t talk, just lathers up my cock with water and shaving cream and begins to take a little bit of pubic hair off with each stroke. He continues, slowly and meticulously shaving off every shred of pubic hair around my cock, then he my balls. He glides his fingers over my now very fresh and soft looking sissy cock before moving his fingers down towards my little hole. Daddy moves away, laying out a towel on the floor before gesturing for me to move. I lay down as he props a towel under my back so my ankles rest beside my head. Daddy starts again. I see him meticulously shave every last hair from my little bum. My cock and bum feel so fresh and silky from the shaving cream, I can’t help but touch myself and the rub the pre-cum over the inside of my thighs. Daddy stands back, grabs his drink “shower now little boy, you’re almost ready”. In front of Daddy I soap up every little inch of my body making sure to be as meticulous as he was. I turn off the shower. “Moisturise, then put your panties back on”. “When you’re ready Daddy will be in the bedroom”.More to cum from the “sissy boy and …” range 🙂

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