9 Temmuz 2021

Sissy erotica 3


Sissy erotica 3Chapter 3: Becoming a girlHeather and I woke up early on Saturday morning because we we’re so excited for that evening. It had been a week so Heather handed me the key for my chastity. We both unlocked our cages and set free our sissy clitties. I was shocked by how small my penis looked and it made me feel very girly. We decided to take a bath and prepare for our daddies, so we headed to the bathroom. We spent about an hour thoroughly shaving our entire bodies, making sure our clitties and pussies were extra smooth and clean. I felt confused without my cage on so i decided to lock it back up and so did Heather. We went to my room and lay out all of our sissy toys and clothes. She had brought some new things this time and we we’re really excited. We decided to dress as matching cute little sissy slut bunnies. We both wore little ugg boots with cotton balls, purple stockings with pink frillys on the top just below our pussies, pink and white frilly blouses, a white frilly skirt sort of like a ballerinas, pink high top heels, white thongs and of course our cages and plugs. We also did full make up and our nails. I did my blonde hair into pigtails and Heather tied her black wig also into pigtails. We looked hot! Dan and Gary had asked us to come over around 5pm so we had some time to kill before leaving. We turned on the sissy trainer and soon we were in a total state of slut hypnosis. After packing a little pink backpack full of our toys we prepared to leave. Heather had convinced me that we should walk over to their house in public so off we went. This was my first time out in the open dressed like this and i was loving it. I honestly think people thought i was a girl. They probably thought i was some kind of high class hooker because i looked like a pornstar out of an anal lesbian scene. We held hands and skipped down the road to our daddies house. They lived at the end of a deadend road on the edge of a residential area of town and their driveway was long so their house could not been seen from the road. I was glad to have Heather with me otherwise i would have felt intimidated. We walked down the driveway and came to a nice house with total privacy from the neighbors. I tingled inside with anticipation and Heather rang the doorbell. We heard them coming and i could feel my pussy bursa escort throb. They had both came to the door to greet us and they looked very pleased with how we were dressed. I couldn’t help myself and i jumped into Gary’s arms exclaiming “Daddy!” I can’t describe the feeling of submission and security that i felt as he held me tight. I could see Heather giving Dan a kiss before he put his arm around the small of my back and they led us inside. Their house was nice and they took us to there living room which was open concept to the kitchen. We talked and teased for a while before Gary offered us a drink and we walked over to the island bar. We all did a couple of shots and then things started to heat up. Dan put his arm around both Heather I ushering us towards a set of stairs as gary obviously checked out our asses while he tailed behind. We walked down the stairs into there man cave and it had 2 large couches and a king sized guest bed along with a computer hooked up to a TV. Our daddies lay down on either side of the bed and we cuddled up onto their chests as Gary turned on the TV. He put on a porno compilation of sissies having anal sex. With the boose and the porno my sissy switch had been turned on. I was laying on Gary and i stared to feel movement in his jeans so i started to rub his bulge. He laughed and said ” That’s it Alyssa, play with that daddy dick” i gave him a slutty doe eyed submissive look. I reached for the button on his jeans and slowly unzipped, my heart pounding and my clitty tight in it’s cage. I smelt a musky real man smell as i pulled down his briefs and his thick daddy dick popped out and bobbed up and down a few times in the air. I was so turned on. I licked from his huge ballsack up his shaft and over the sensitive spot on his dickhead and he let out a low moan. I glanced over and could see heather already had dans dick deep in her mouth and she looked so sexy. I took a breath then took Gary’s cock as deep in my throat as i could. He tasted amazing and i worshipped his cock with my mouth before switching to dans cock. His was longer and i couldnt take the whole thing in my mouth but i could tell he was enjoying it anyways. Suddenly they were flipping us onto our stomachs and man handling us. Dans big manly hands felt soooo good exploring my soft spots. He thoroughly bursa escort bayan fondled my legs and back before lifting up my frilly skirt and discovering my cage and plug. He smiled and said ” oh yeah, it looks like we finally found our girls Gary!” He then pulled off my thong and pulled out my plug allowing my pussy to wink at him a few times before he inserted his huge finger. “Mmm you have a nice tight warm bum Alyssa! Soon daddy will turn it into a real pussy baby” i writhed in pleasure and he spread my pink hole. Then i felt his big daddy tongue dive inside of me and i moaned like a little girlyboy slut. Dan and gary took turns eating out both of our asses before noticing heathers backpack which was on the couch. We pulled out all of our toys and could tell they were impressed. We explained we couldn’t take all of the toys yet but would like to be able to for them. They told us that they have more toys for us but we would have to wait until next time. We giggled and agreed to do WHATEVER they tell us. Gary explained to us that once their penises had entered us that would would be there property and they would have full power over our bodies. We again wiggled our bums in confirmation. I flipped over on my back next to heather and eagerly spread my hole with one hand while holding heathers hand with the other. Gary chose me and he took off all his clothes exposing his big hairy daddy belly and thick uncut cock. I winked my asspussy at him and gave him a cute bunny look. This was it. My pussy at the edge of the bed and my legs up in the air in missionary with gary standing at the edge of the bed i felt him move in. He didnt even ask if he could fuck me bare he just knew by my look that it was okay. I felt his precum covered penis head graze across my pussy. It drove me crazy knowing his man seed was on me and i wiggled closer. Without even using his hands i felt his thick cock start to slide slowly inside of me and it didn’t stop until i felt his balls touch my ass and his gut press up against my clitty. I was finally a girl and I had never felt this good. Heathers hand squeezed tight as her cherry also popped and she became a woman. His penis felt so much better than anything i had felt. It throbbed against my g-spot as he let me adjust to his thick size. “Fuck me daddy!” I exclaimed and escort bursa he did just that. He pounded me so fucking hard i don’t think my pussy ever went back to being as tight. I was in total heaven. I could hear gary starting to make some gruff sexual noises and i urged him to cum. ” cum in your girls pussy daddy. Give me your seed!” His big gut bounced off my limp clitty as i felt something warm pulse against my g-spot in thick waves. We moaned and i squealed like a girl as i was filled with daddies hot man semen. He shuddered in pleasure as he pulled out and gaped my cum filled hole. “Dan look as alyssa’s pussy. She is going to be a good little whore for us!” Dan nodded in agreement but was busy pounding heather balls deep. I lay there in a haze with my butthole still open full of cum, tingling deep inside as i felt my body absorb Garys seed. I had leaked a large wet spot from my clitty but he didnt seem to mind as long as it was from anal. From my hazed state i watched Dan pull out his dick and spread heathers pussy before shooting strand after strand of his cum into her gaping pussy then he pushed his cum deep inside with his mushroom head. They highfived and slapped our bums before leaving the room to wash off. Heather and i lay there looking at each other but we were unable to move. We smiled at each other knowing this was just the beginning as our buttholes bubbled with daddy cum. Eventually they came back into the room and popped our plugs back in telling us to leave there cum inside for at least 2 hours to make sure it fully feminizes us. They were very proud of us and they asked us to coming over again on monday evening. They said when we return we would start a strict feminization process which would include frequent bareback sex, anal stretching and training and more. We had no choice to agree and they both smiled. They kissed us goodnight and sent us on our way. It was dark our on the walk home and it took almost twice as long because our pussies were so sore but we had never felt more complete. Finally i was a dedicated sissy girl for dominant daddy men and i had a cute sissy girlfriend by my side. My adventures as a sissy whore were just starting and i couldn’t wait for my first anal lesson. Iater that night i slid out my plug and was thrilled by how much cum oozed out of my cunt. Garys big daddy balls sure knew how to blow a load. I preceded to rub his cum all over heathers clitty and ass and she did the same to me before we drifted off to sleep anticipating our next meet up with our daddies.

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