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sister, brother, Summer Lover


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sister, brother, Summer Loversister, brother, Summer Lover by SizeXIntroduction: It is fair to say that in many ways Gary and Jan weresister, brother, Summer Lover——————-Prologue – RISE——————-If you had asked him how it had started, he wouldn’t have been able totell you.That was partly because Gary didn’t understand exactly what hadhappened… but mostly because he was distracted, gazing down at hissister’s moist red lips sliding up and down his teenage prick.The feeling was like nothing he’d ever experienced before, and withhis every sense focussed on his penis, time almost seemed to telescopefor the 16 year old as his sister gave him a head job he wouldremember until his dying day.”Oh, Christ, Jan , that feels so … arrrgh, yes … that is justunbelievable.”The 14 year old, who’s budding breasts sported hard, crinkled nipplesas she listened to her brother’s moans, looked up at her older siblingfrom below her flowing red hair, and popped the prick from her mouth.Jan smiled as she continued to slide her hand up and down the shaft,and gave a little giggle as she said “Well, I’m glad you are enjoyingit .. I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right!”Gary already knew, instinctively, what every man knows… that there’sno such thing as a bad blow-job.But what he couldn’t know, because he’d been a virgin until that day,was that he was at the first performance of a natural virtuoso – agirl who’s oral skills were already the equal of many a courtesan,even though this, too, was her first sexual experience.So he didn’t know just how lucky he was… but he knew enough to tellhis sister that she was, indeed, “doing it right.””I don’t think I can explain how good it feels when you do that,” Garysaid. “Just let me say that it is unnnnghg, oh god…”The rest of his words were cut off in a sigh of ecstasy, as his sisterresumed her sucking on his thin seven-inch manhood.Within moments, his breath became ragged, and Jan, noticing theincreased bucking of his hips and the raised volume of his moans,quickened the pace of her ministrations, bobbing her head up and downon his root faster and faster.All too soon, Gary’s moans reached a new crescendo, and Jan noted whatfelt like a small series of convulsions rippling along the undersideof his prick.While she’d never done this before, she knew instinctively that shehad two choices: to swallow, or to spit… and she also knew,instinctively, what her 16 year old brother would want.There wasn’t a lot of semen this time (it was, after all, the fifthtime Gary had cum in as many hours) but Jan made sure that every dropwas savoured, as she licked his dick clean and then reached up to giveher newfound lover a hug.A contented smile crossed both sets of lips, as the brother and sistersnuggled up, and reflected on an extraordinary day just passing.——————————–Chapter One – ONE PERFECT DAY——————————–It is fair to say that in many ways Gary and Jan were thequintessential Aussie k**s.Born just 18 months apart, they were the eldest two of four c***dren,growing up in a typical Aussie family, in a beachside town north ofSydney.Their Mum and Dad, like almost all the parents in the region, bothworked… their dad at a nearby steelworks, and their mum as afreelance book-keeper for a number of small businesses in the town.All the Anderson k**s did OK at school, they had the usual complementof friends, and they shared the almost universal Australian love ofthe beach.Perhaps the only unusual factor in their lives was the closeness thatthe k**s felt for each other .. and particularly the closeness betweenGary and Jan.While most of their friends seemed to merely tolerate their siblings,Gary and Jan genuinely liked each others’ company .. and often seemedlike great friends, rather than brother-and-sister.Perhaps it was that closeness. Perhaps it was their shared love of thebeach, and of sunbathing. Perhaps it was that each had, unbeknownst toeach other, discovered the joys of porn via the internet. Perhaps itwas the phase of the moon? Who knows?But whatever the cause, some spark was struck that hot January day, aspark that ignited a lust that neither of them knew they had.It had begun like any other summer’s day. The k**s had been onholidays since the week before Christmas, and weren’t due back atschool until the last week of January .. still a fortnight away.The summer had been typical: long, hot, languid days with clean clearazure skies and just enough breeze blowing in from the ocean to makethis temperate climate the best of all possible worlds.The Anderson k**s, like most Australian youngsters, had spend themajority of the summer within coo-ee of the water – either the beachor the local public swimming pool was where you would find them mostdays.But today would see a change in that pattern.Sandra, at 12, was the third of the Anderson c***dren, and was due tostart High School when the term resumed in two weeks. That mean a newschool uniform, new books, a new bag .. and THAT meant a trip tonearby Newcastle.Along with the daughter, Mrs Anderson decided to take Billy, theyoungest of her brood, on the shopping expedition, as the 10-year-oldwas growing out of all his clothes so fast, they too would needreplacing before school resumed.For Gary and Jan this was a bonus .. it meant they needn’t be tieddown looking after their p*****n k** brother and could spend the daylounging about in the sun without interruption.”So .. you going down the beach today?” Jan asked her brother as theyfinished their breakfast cereal.”Well, I thought I might go over to Banana Bay instead,” Gary replied,referring to a small beach in a national park just south of the town.”Wanna ride over there with me?””Why not,” Jan responded. “I’m getting bored with the same old peopledown at the surf club. Hey .. we could make lunch, and take it, andspend the whole day there if you like!””Kewl,” Gary exclaimed. “I’ll go get the bikes ready, while you makeus some sandwiches, eh?”Half an hour later, and the two were laying down their bicycles,having ridden along the bush track leading to the secluded beach thatgot its nickname from the copse of fruit trees growing just back fromthe small stretch of sand.”Jeeze, Louise, what did you put in that backpack?” Gary asked, as heslung the bag containing their lunch on the sand. “It feels like itweighs a tonne!””Oh, just a few sandwiches, some fruit .. oh, I know what was so heavy.. I put in a couple of two-litre bottles of water in case we getthirsty” Jan replied.”Thirsty?” Gary snorted good-naturedly. “I’m sweating like a pigalready after that ride, and carrying that backpack. I’m gonna stripoff my shirt”.With that, he tore away his T-shirt, showing a deeply tanned torsothat reflected a c***dhood spent in the sun.”Not fair,” Jan laughed. “You guys can just rip your top off anywhere.Us girls have gotta keep some parts of us covered up no matter how hotand sweaty we get.””Oh, I dunno,” Jim replied half-jokingly. “There’s only the two of ushere .. and I’m not gonna complain if you want to get comfortable.”Jan looked quizzically at her brother for a moment, seeming to weighsomething up in her mind. Then she smiled, as she came to a decision.”OK then, smartypants … want to go skinny dipping?” she challenged.Gary looked at his sister, gauging whether she was joking or serious.He saw a half-smile play across her lips and thought she was in jest,so said “OK .. I’m game.”But the 16 year old had misread his sibling’s expression… somethinghe realised as his sister first lifted off her t-shirt… and thenreached behind and undid the straps on her bikini top.Within moments, and before his startled eyes, Gary was treated to thevision of a small, succulent, near-perfect pair of globes on hissister’s chest, as the budding breasts, with their tan-lines cuttingdiagonally just above the small brown nipples, were exposed to a man’sview for the first time.”Oh My,” he breathed, as he drank in the sight.But before he could comment any further, Gary watched in amazement ashis sister reached down and slid both her shorts, and her bikinibottom, to the sand, to stand there, arms on her just-spreading hips,her fingers pointing to the soft downy hair covering her mound.It was as if she were saying to her brother “well, what do you think?”What he thought was that he had never seen anyone as downright sexy asthe vision that was suddenly before him.The sheer grace and symmetry of the young teenager was startling.Her hair was burnished red, and surrounded her face like a teakphoto-frame before falling, gently, to her shoulders.Her neat brown eyes had flecks of green in them, as she challenged herbrother with a look, and her slightly upturned nose and high smoothcheeks were dusted with a light coating of freckles, like cinnamonsprinkled on apple.Her breasts were small, but pert, with a chocolate brown aureolecovering a full quarter of their ripening globes, and they held apromise to any c***d – or man – that would later suckle from theirsucculence.Gary’s eyes were drawn down, across her lithe and tanned stomach tothe reddy-brown patch of fur that both covered her womanhood, andannounced it to the world.All this crossed Gary’s mind in an instant or two, and he was stillgathering his thoughts when Jan raised an eyebrow and said “Well?” Areyou going to join me?”With that, she turned and sauntered toward the water, the rise andfall of her firm young buttocks outlined by their white tan-freestatus.Gary knew he had no choice, and that a deal was a deal. So he, too,slid his shorts and swimming trunks to the ground, before joggingtoward the water.As he passed his sister, he reached out and gave her a resounding slapon the tush… a move that prompted Jan to first shriek, and then takeoff after Gary as they both splashed into the water’s edge.———————————-Chapter Two – I TOUCH MYSELF———————————-“Soon you die!” Jan laughed, as she ran after her brother, his redhandprint slowly deepening on her perfect white buttock.”Hah!” Gary responded. “You and who’s army?”He dived for the cool, clear water as soon as it reached halfway uphis legs… because he knew he had to get his groin in cold water, andsoon.The sight of his 14 year old sister, naked and unprotected in front ofhim, had caused a sudden rush of blood to his genitals .. and he knewthere was no way he could stop the raging hard-on that had sprung,unbidden, to attention.She was, he acknowledged to himself, absolutely stunning .. but shewas also his sister, his conscience brayed, and he wasn’t supposed tothink of her in a sexual sense.But while he told himself that, his surging hormones were sayingsomething else entirely, and his prick was continuing to extend to itsfull seven inches.Jan watched as her brother splashed into the water just in front ofher. She saw his firm, ripe buns tighten as he prepared to enter thesea, and between his legs she caught a tantalising glimpse of hisballs, moments before the scrotal sack withdrew toward his belly,shocked into submission by the coolness of the water.The sudden halt in his forward momentum caused her to stumble over hisfeet and she, too splashed into the water .. falling into, and onto,her brother as she did so.Gary instinctively put a hand up to steady her .. a move that didn’tdo much to stop his erection, because his open palm brushed firmlyagainst Jan’s left breast, as she fell.He quickly withdrew his hand, but Jan didn’t seem to mind the touch ..she was too busy laughing, and slapping at his bare shoulder inrevenge at the smack on her derriere he’d delivered moments before.The two tousled and tangled for a few more moments, before bothdissolving into fits of giggles and breaking apart slightly in thegently surging waters of the sandy cove.Jan stretched out on her front in the shallow water .. her feet andknees touching the sand, her upper body raised slightly as she heldher head aloft, in a lazy sort of push-up.Her brother was also lying face down in the water, but he had morethan comfort on his mind.Gary was still beset by a hard-on that wouldn’t quit, and didn’t wantto embarrass either of them by having it show.Jan looked over at her brother and giggled, saying “Your bum looks sofunny – all pasty white against your tan! Still, I suppose mine does,too!””No,” Gary replied without thinking. “On you, the tan-line just makesyou even more beautiful.”As he realised he was almost making a pass at his younger sister, Garybegan to blush – as did Jan, who found the compliment both excitingand nerve-wracking”Well, thank you kind sir,” she said with mock servility. “A womandoes like to look her best at all times.”With that, the young teenager again burst into a fit of giggles, andturning onto her side began to languorously swim away like an eel,letting her buoyancy and the soft surge of the small surf do the work.Gary watched the nubile 14 year old swish away for a few more moments,then decided this would be a good opportunity to get away from hissister for a while, and do something about the potential embarrassmentengorged between his legs.He stood quickly and moved toward the shore before his sister couldsee his boner, soon breaking free of the water and heading behind thetrees that gave Banana Bay it’s name.He glanced out into the cove, to make sure Jan was still in the water,and then leaned back against the trunk of the tree, making himselfcomfortable.Gary closed his eyes and took his prick in his right hand, wrappinghis top two fingers and the thumb around the base, while his lower twofingers gently caressed his testes.It was a grip that was almost hard-wired into his brain, he used it sooften – because, like all 16 year olds, Gary wanked regularly .. andsome days almost constantly.His prick was pretty typical for a lad his age .. seven inches longfrom the base of his belly to the tip of his exposed glans, and hardas a rock, if a little skinny.Not as white as the rest of his untanned groin, it was tinged slightlypink as it jutted out and up from the thatch of hair surrounding it.The underside was corrugated, its stretched smooth skin interrupted byveins, and capillaries, and running all the way along, a channel tocarry the young man’s semen.The head was exposed – he’d been circumcised as a baby – and had apurple hew to it, especially at times like this when the whole thingbecame aroused, and engorged.Gary began slowly, gently but firmly tugging on the skin of his prickuntil it rose half-way up the head, like a collar worn up to fight offa cold wind.Then he reversed direction, pulling down on the outside of his cockuntil the skin became stretched from the ‘helmet’ to the base, forcingthe muscle to bend slightly to the left like the bananas in the treeto his back.The teenager repeated the movement a half-a-dozen times, each timetugging a little more vigorously, and then let his hand slip from thebase, to cup his balls gently and roll them between his fingers.Then he moved his hand away slightly, until the palm was just gentlytouching the hair on his ball-sack, and the warmth from his hand wasreplaced with the coolness of the air.He waved his hand around, savouring the feather-light touch that feltlike a gentle breeze swaying the sensitive hairs on his balls .. asensation that was akin to massage by remote control.After 30 seconds or so, Gary once again grabbed the shaft of hismanhood, and started to pump it more vigorously this time, leaningback against the tree and rhythmically tightening and loosening themuscles of his legs.His eyes remained shut, and he began to moan lightly, when somethingabout the nature of the light beyond his closed eyelids changed.The 16 year old’s eyes snapped open .. to reveal his sister, stillnaked and wet from her swim, standing quietly a few feet away andwatching intently.He quickly let go of his turgid todger, and pulled his knees to hisstomach, in order to cover up his offending member.”Oh god, I’m sorry,” he began, but Jan intervened, waving her handstoward the ground in the sort of gesture one uses on a frightenedhorse.”No, I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. It’s just ..I’ve never seen anyone do that in real life and I wanted to watch.””I’ve seen men masturbating in pornos,” Jan continued, “and there’s abloke with a webcam who I met on IRC last month who’s done it for me acouple of times, but it looked much .. sexier for adana escort bayan real.”Her brother looked a little more relieved, and some of the bright redcolouring that had rushed to his face began to ease .. but he stillwasn’t comfortable with his sister knowing he’d been masturbating.She seemed to understand his continued reluctance, and tried toassuage it by telling him she knew about his solitary habits.”Hey, don’t forget .. I help mum with the washing,” she said, “and wesometimes laugh at how you can sleep on sheets that are so crusty!”Jan gave a little giggle at that last, and sat on the sand, her legsbeneath her.She would have looked every inch the demure young woman .. except thatshe wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, and her budding naked youngbreasts and the thatch of pubic hair below her lap rather preventedthat image from taking hold.”But what got you so randy?” she asked. “One minute you were with mein the water, and then you are hiding away up here.””Well,” Gary murmured, “It’s hard to explain.”He stopped, and his sister cocked a quizzical eye at him.Not wanting to offend her by saying she was the cause, Gary tried totemporise.”Well, when a guy sees a naked woman, he sort of gets turned on,” the16 year started. “And well, you know, I sort of .. oh don’t hate me,but you looked sexy and it just sort of happened… Listen .. do youwanna go now?””Go?” said Jan. “Why would I want to go? It’s only about 10 o’clock!And why would I hate you?””Well, because I sort of got turned on by you. I thought you mighthave thought I’m some sort of pervert,” Gary responded.His sister smiled, then looked serious for a moment.”Gary,” she said, “If I turn you on, then I am really really glad.That means that you think I look OK .. and that makes me feel sort of.. hummy.””Hummy?” he asked.”Well, I don’t know if I can think of a better word,” the 14 year oldsaid. “I just feel like my whole body wants to .. hum!””Now,” she continued. “Where were we? Oh yes .. you were playing withyourself, and I was watching. Don’t stop on my account .. I’d reallyreally like to see this!””You’re sure?” her brother said. “You’d really like to see?””Oh, yes,” Jan said. “I’ve been wanting to see it for a long time.””Well,” Gary said, “in that case it would be rude of me to disappointyou.”The tall tanned 16 year old stretched out once again, dropping hisknees from his belly where he’d been hiding his prick for the last fewminutes.His erection had rapidly subsided when he was first startled by hissister, but her continued presence sitting just feet away stark nakedand her obvious desire to watch him get his rocks off had made him goquite hard again.As Gary began to stroke his member once again, Jan leaned forward,rising slightly on her haunches before settling this time on herknees, her cute ripening breasts jutting forward and her nutmeg-brownnipples visibly hardening as she watched.This time, instead of closing his eyes as he jerked, Gary watched hissister – his gaze travelling from her succulent thighs and the secretplace at their top to Jan’s young-teen tits which now pointed towardhim invitingly.His gaze travelled upwards to her pretty young face, and their eyeslocked for a moment – a spark seeming to jump between them.Then, as Gary’s orgasm began to build, his sister’s eyes travelleddown toward his throbbing penis, and she seemed mesmerised as shewatched her brother’s right fist pumping faster and faster, his legsstraightening and loosening in a cycle of sheer pleasure.The hand that was bringing him such pleasure continued to rub harderand harder, delicious friction calling the semen from his balls, whichhad already tightened and tensed, ready to release their cargo ofblessed relief.Jan, who’s only experience of male masturbation had been through thesterile medium of a computer screen, was fascinated, as she watchedher older sibling’s prick which seemed to swell even more before hereyes.Then, with a primeval grunt, Gary jammed his hand down hard on thebase of his boner, as it began to erupt with its sticky white fluid.It sprayed all over his belly, and up his chest, and a globule evenwhirled past his face, slamming into the trunk of the banana tree herested against.Jan leaned forward in wonder, and reached out to touch a droplet ofsemen from Gary’s chest, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger, asif to check its quality and consistency.Then the 14 year old sat back down, this time cross-legged, breathingalmost as heavily as her brother.But rather than returning to normal, Gary’s breath became even moreragged, as he saw his sister’s snatch exposed to his view for thefirst time.”So, how was it?” he panted. “Was it good to watch?” His gaze keptreturning to the precious pussy laid open and inviting just feet away.”Oh, yes!” Jan purred. “It was wonderful.” She noticed where herbrother’s attention was being directed, and laid a hand across hercrotch – but somehow, instead of covering it up, she seemed able toonly hide half her womanhood .. the other remaining exposed to hisadmiring glance.”In fact,” the 14 year old continued, “it made me feel quite randy -but lets wait until after we have a bite before I deal with that.”She smiled a smile that seemed somehow full of innocence, and abandon,and promise all at once – and rose to make her way to the bikes, andthe backpack, where their refreshments lay waiting.——————————Chapter 3 – THE WILD ONE——————————Gary wondered exactly what his sister meant, as he watched her sashaytoward the food, her pretty little behind dusted with golden sand fromthe beach.If he wasn’t mistaken, it meant that he may be getting to see a showthat many men would pay a fortune for.He slowly, shakily rose to his feet, his legs still tense from theorgasm that had rocketed through him a few moments before.But he was young, and he was virile, and the energy soon returned ..as did the hunger.As Gary followed his sister toward the bicycles he saw her bend over,her lightly frosted quim exposed.There wasn’t a great deal of hair covering her snatch, but what wasthere was reddish-brown, much like the colour of the bricks thatdominated Australian suburbia.Wispy tufts of the downy fur peeked out from between her legs. Theyaccentuated, rather than hid, her sweet and virginal cunt lips.Although Gary couldn’t see it, those lips were glistening as hisf******n year old sister’s vagina continued to secrete the deliciousmusky lubricant that only an aroused woman can create.After a few moments, Jan straightened up and turned to face herbrother.She handed him a piece of cake and a tumbler full off chilled springwater.The 14 year old girl then bent down to retrieve her own morning tea,which included some water and a crisp red apple.The pair then made their way back to the shade of the banana trees,finding a seat in the warm golden sands overlooking the crystal clearwater.Jan once again sat cross-legged before her 16 year old sibling, oncemore exposing her juicy young clam to the admiring gaze of her elderbrother.She took a sip of water, moistened her lips, and then while staringinto her brother’s eyes, bit slowly but deliberately into the apple,conjuring in his mind the image of paradise, of Eve, of original sin.Gary felt his turgid member begin to swell once again, aroused by hissister’s startling beauty, and by her seemingly innocent flirtation.But if his suspicions were correct, there was nothing very innocentabout them.Jan, for the past, was enjoying the newfound sensation of power. Wellnot exactly power, she thought to herself, but more an ability tocontrol, to arouse, to lead.She had yet to learn of the truism which generations of women couldhave told her .. that a man has enough blood to engage his brain orhis penis, but not both at the same time.But she was learning! Oh yes, she was learning.The pair of siblings made small talk while they ate, discussing theirmutual friends, the movies to screen that Friday night at the weeklycinema, and even teen TV soaps like “Home and Away” which Garyabhorred, but Jan adored.As the sun began to shift in the sky, the trees they shaded beneathbecame more exposed to the burning rays.Their conversations spent for the moment, Jan jumped to her feet.”Well, I’m going back in the water,” she announced, and headed downthe beach.Gary could only watch in admiration as his nubile younger sisterjogged toward the point where sand met sea.The lithe grace with which she moved, the newly created curves thatshowed her promise as woman, the startling contrasts between burnishedtan and alabaster skin, all stirred in him a rising tide of sensation.It was more than lust yet less than love, at least in the romanticsense.Whatever it was, he knew he had to follow her .. so follow her he did,kicking and splashing the bracing water as he entered the cove onceagain.This time the brother and sister went deeper, swimming out until thewater was chest high.Jan may not have known the effect that seeing the bobbing breastsfloating just below the surface would have on her already arousedbrother, but one glance below the crystal clear water would have toldher all she needed to know.They splashed, and swam, and cavorted in the water, but Gary madedoubly sure he stayed well clear of the girl, in case he brushedagainst her with his raging hard-on.Sure, she’d watched him shoot his jism all over his torso, and evenexamined the semen he’d shot – but she carefully avoided touching hisdick, Gary thought to himself, and he was not going to embarrass herby having it touched accidentally.Australians truly love the beach. More than seventy percent of thepopulation live within an hour’s drive of the sea, and most of therest aspire to a seaside lifestyle.But it’s not just the water they love .. it’s the golden sands thatfringe the sea, the delicious combination of baking sun and coolingbreeze that makes sunbathing a hedonistic pleasure.Gary and Jan were no different – this love of sun, surf and sand washard-wired into their genes, it seemed – so it wasn’t long before theyemerged once again and headed for their beach-towels, which theyplaced a few inches apart in semi-shade.Both lay down, allowing the sun to dry the droplets of water thatstill clung to their healthy nude young bodies. But while Australianslove the sun, they also have suffered from one of the highest rates ofskin-cancer in the world.It was that which led to the Slip-Slop-Slap campaign .. the world’sfirst nationwide anti skin cancer campaign.And like all good Aussie k**s, Gary and Jan took the campaignseriously. Well, sort of. Today they had no intentions of Slipping ona t-shirt, or Slapping on a hat .. but Slopping on sunscreen? Thatthey would do.Gary, who was lying on his belly, took the SPF-30 that Jan offered tohim, squeezing some into his hand and then smearing it across hisbuttocks, which had not been exposed to the sun since he was a younglad.He handed the bottle back to his sister, and watched as she liberallyslopped the creme onto her pert young boobs, the budding young globesquivering invitingly as she massaged the sun-block into them.Then she, too, lay on her stomach. But unlike her brother, the 14 yearold did not attempt to spread the liquid on her own cute little bum.Instead, she passed the bottle back to her sibling.”Would you mind?” Jan asked. “I always seem to miss bits when I try toput sunscreen on myself.”Gary’s prick must have wondered what was going on. It had spent almosthalf the day at attention, and now it was being called back on paradeonce more, as the 16 year old’s hormones began stirring once again.He quickly scooted over behind Jan, trying not to let the erectionshow. Even though the girl had watched him masturbate, he didn’t wanther to think him some sort of sleazy pervert, getting turned on by thesight of his pubescent k** sister.But if simply seeing his sister’s naked beauty had been a turn-on,then the task he faced was mind-blowing.She lay on her front, her legs slightly apart, to allow him to kneelbetween them.Gary gazed with wonder at her near-perfect arse .. and at the stunningpussy that lay exposed directly beneath it.If his cock had been hard before, it was now like a ramrod as hecouldn’t help but stare at the vertical slit that lay before him.”It would be so easy,” Gary thought, but then “stop it you perv -she’s your sister!”He shook his head to clear it, and then poured some sun-block into hispalm, leaning forward to wipe it onto her tight, firm, white fleshybum-cheeks.”Mmmm,” moaned Jan as Gary worked the creme into her buttocks. “Thatfeels good. Pour some more on, will you?”Gary flipped open the bottle and pointed the squeeze-hole at her rightcheek, applying gentle pressure to the plastic container.But the sun-block had been out of the backpack now for quite sometime, and the normally viscous creme had become quite runny in theheat.Instead of a small blob landing on her butt-cheek, a thin stream ofliquid spurted down Jan’s arse-crack, and Gary instinctively moved towipe up the spillage with his hand.The net result was that his hand plunged between his sister’s legs,pressing firmly along her perineum, his fingers rubbing against theopen gash of her vagina, and pushing back the hood above her clitoris.Jan clamped her thighs and tightened her butt-cheeks just as Garyrealised what he had done, and as he tried to extricate his hand, heunwittingly repeated the whole process in reverse.He fell back onto the end of her beach-towel, and began to apologiseprofusely – but Jan didn’t hear him. She was too busy giggling at thecomedy of errors.The 14 year old rolled over and sat up, her whole body shaking withmirth.The laughter proved infectious, soon passing over the ether to herbrother, who started to snort, then chortle, and eventually to laughuproariously.It then passed back to the young woman, and soon the pair was rollingabout, tears of laughter streaming from their eyes as they releasedall the tension that had been building since their morning snack.”Oh, god,” Jan gasped as her laughter finally subsided. “I thought youwere gonna have apoplexy! You should have seen the look on your face!””Well, Hey!” Gary responded, “I thought I was never gonna get my handback!”They both laughed once more, and then Jan noticed that some of thesunscreen remained on the very top of her thigh, and into the valleyof her vagina.She opened her legs slightly and reached down between them, wipingwith an upward motion so that her fingers travelled up her thigh, andthen between her pussy-lips, before her middle finger deliberatelywiped across her clitoris.Gary couldn’t help but notice that the little pink bud seemed almostto swell .. especially when his sister again rubbed the pad of herfinger across the little man in a canoe.”Cool!” he said. “Does it swell up like a dick when you play with it?””I dunno,” Jan replied. “I’ve never thought about it.””But I tell you what,” she said with a smile, “Why don’t you watch andtell me?”With that, the nubile young virgin stretched her left arm slightlybehind her, and leaned back, while her right hand moved toward hermouth.She moistened her middle finger with saliva from her tongue, andreached down to begin rubbing on her clit with a light circularmotion.Jan continued to rub the head of her clit for 30 seconds or so, thenmoved her hand slightly lower, to spread open her labia and ease thefirst part of her finger into her vagina.She then pulled her hand back up, to pull open her inner lips, andpull back the hood which had begun to cover her clitoris, somethingmother nature had designed to protect the sensitive glans from directcontact.But in the last year or so since she began her self-exploration, Janhad discovered that she was one of the minority of women who didn’tneed that protection, because her clitoris thrived on directmanipulation.Gary watched in fascination as his sibling flicked, and rubbed, andgently squeezed the head of her sex-organ, and noted that her pussylips had started to glisten with secretions from Jan’s honey-pot.He’d seen chicks playing with themselves in mpeg files he’d downloadedoff the ‘net, but this was the first time he’d seen a real, live womanpleasuring herself – and it was quite an education.He couldn’t help himself, as he sat just inches from his sister’s feetgetting more and more aroused, so the 16 year old soon found himselfstroking his own sex-organ, masturbating in front of adana escort her for thesecond time that day.A low moan escaped from Jan’s lips as she noticed her brother jerkinghimself off, and she began to rub harder and faster on her clit.Her stomach muscles began to tighten, and almost to undulate, as hersmall brown nipples sprang to attention, the nutmeg-brown areolaepuckering and crinkling as her orgasm approached.Gary, in turn, pumped harder and faster on his prick, thinking howsexy – no, how downright fuckable – his sister looked at that moment.Then Jan’s moans became a throatier, deeper grunting noise, beforerising in both tempo and volume, until they became an almostincoherent chant of “Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes, ohfuck, oh yes, oh fuck, oh yesssss!”At the last, Jan’s knees withdrew of their own accord, pulling backinto her chest as suddenly a stream of slightly yellow liquid squirtedfrom her urethra.As she continued to ejaculate the fluid from her Skene’s glands, Jan’shead thrashed from side to side, overwhelmed by the power of her cum.The sheer wanton sexual frenzy of his sister proved too much for Gary,tipping him over the edge to an explosive orgasm of his own, his cumshooting out from the throbbing head of his prick, and sending stringywhite semen spurting over the young girl’s legs.The teenagers collapsed into a pool of perspiration, both satiated forthe moment by their own hands.”So?” Jan asked, when both had caught their breath. “Did it get biggeras I played with it?””It seemed to maybe double in size,” Gary told her, “Although I mustadmit I wasn’t taking all that much notice in the end.””I noticed,” his sister said with a smile. “You seemed to be enjoyingyourself there!”She wiped the dried jism that had spurted all over her legs, andraised an eyebrow at her brother, who laughed in return.”I don’t think I was the only one,” Gary replied. “I gotta say, thatwas amazing watching you cum. We must do that again sometime!””All in good time, good man,” the 14 year old nymphette replied. “Butright now, I think I need another swim before lunch.”She stretched luxuriously, and then eased herself to a standingposition. But this time, instead of skipping off toward the water onher own, she held out her hand to her brother.As he stood up, Jan slipped her arm around his waist and began walkingwith him to the lapping waves, her naked right breast rubbing againsthis left arm and their sides touch, rubbing, arousing them both.Gary glanced at the sun in the sky, expertly judging that it must beabout 12:30. It was, he thought, shaping up as an interestingafternoon as well.—————————Chapter 4 – DOWN UNDER—————————As they walked down to the beach, Jan continued to snuggle up againstGary much the way a young lass would with a boyfriend, and hereciprocated by placing his arm around her smooth, tanned torso.For Gary the sensation of having his 14-year-old sister brushing hernaked side against his equally nude body was quite a turn-on, he hadto admit.It still worried him that it was his sibling that he had just watchedbring herself off, because the taboo against i****t was so deeplyingrained…but his hormones said something entirely different.Deep in the most primitive part of his cerebellum, in what scientistswere now only half-jokingly referring to as the ‘reptilian brain’,Gary’s species survival instinct had kicked in.While he probably couldn’t have verbalized it, even if he was aware ofit, Gary was seeing his sister as a potential mate…as a way toensure the dominance of his genes.So his primitive, instinctive behaviour was pulling him one way whilehis civilized, learned behaviour was pulling him another.They reached the water and Jan remover her hand from around Gary’swaist, drawing her fingers across the small of his back as she did so.The 16 year old dropped his arm, to take his sister’s hand, andlightly brushed across her tight white buttocks in the process.As his hand lightly cupped her right bum-cheek, she smiled at her bigbrother and then took the hand, lightly squeezing it.The 14-year-old girl then walked, with her brother, into the clearcool water of the bay, and began to head for the deeper stretch wherethe sand beneath their feet fell away.At that point the siblings broke apart, but neither seemed eager toswim too far away, unlike their usual practice.Both knew that since their impulsive decision to skinny-dip a coupleof hours earlier, things had changed between them … but neitherknew, just yet, how much further they wanted that change to go.There was a newfound seriousness between them, which cooled theirusual high spirits…but they were young, and healthy, and muckingabout at the beach, in the water.There was no way they could remain serious for long, and they didn’t.Jan, who despite the sexual awakenings of that day remained a14-year-old girl, couldn’t help herself. She glanced at her16-year-old brother’s po-faced visage and was overwhelmed with thedesire to pull a face at him. So she did.That broke the ice, and Gary’s pensive look was replaced by a morefamiliar grin, as he mocked the young girl in return.Jan splashed at her brother, as the water ebbed and flowed at armpitlevel, and he returned the favour. Then Gary duck-dived below thesurface, briefly flashing his naked white buns at the lass.She saw his shape swimming under the water behind her, and halftwisted to meet the mock threat…but too late.The girl felt her brother’s shoulders as they hit the back of herlegs, and she began to lose balance as Gary grabbed her shins andstarted to stand, the back of his neck sliding up between her thighs.As he continued to jump half out of the water, Jan was flung up, andback, and the naked teenager was sent flailing, her budding breastsbobbing in the sun and her delectable young snatch exposed to the airas her arms and legs went this-way-and-that.She momentarily sank and then breached the surface of the water,laughing with delight.The young teenager then struck out in the direction of her brother,intent on revenge.Gary turned away from Jan, expecting her to splash him, but thegorgeous 14 year old grabbed the back of his head, instead, plunginghis face into the sea.She then jumped on his back and slid forward until her legs wered****d over his shoulders.Gary once again stood up, this time supporting his sister as she sat,nude, on his shoulders. He bobbed up and down in the chest-high waves,and Jan grasped his head against her stomach, her hands claspedtightly cross his forehead.The 16 year old began playfully to twist and turn, like a buckingseahorse. He then started to spin around, a move that had alwaysdischarged his sister from his shoulders, whenever they had playedthis game in the past.But there was something he hadn’t considered…this time his sisterwas not wearing a swimsuit, and so there wasn’t the usual frictioninvolved.Instead, the blossoming young woman simply spun around his neck as ifit was a spindle…to stop with her belly button centimetres from hismouth, and her sparse thatch of pubic hair sprouting like a bizarrebeard from his chin.Gary stopped, as he contemplated what action he should take now, andthen leaned forward, to gently lay his sister on the surface of thewater.Jan laid there, arms outstretched, floating in the salty water, but ifGary expected her to drift away he was mistaken.Instead, she continued to keep her legs wrapped gently around his neckand looked down her wet nude body at her brother.There was an unspoken question in his eyes…and an unspoken answer inhers.Gary placed his hands beneath the small of her back for support, andhe allowed himself to lean slightly forward, until the lips of hismouth were brushing the lips of her twat.An involuntary shudder went through Jan as her brother’s hot breathblew on her genitals, and then another as her brother’s tongue grazedher clitoris.She tightened the grip of her legs around his neck, as pleasurerippled from the centre of her sex to her extremities…and she moanedas her brother began to nuzzle her groin.Gary had never performed oral sex, but he was doing his best, lickinghis sister’s virginal quim with enthusiasm, if not much skill.Almost by accident, he found the little hooded pea that had broughthis 14-year-old sibling to an orgasm half-an-hour before, and hesucked on it, sending his sister into paroxysms.Unfortunately, that led the nubile young girl to start thrashing aboutin the water, and Gary was faced with the choice of continuing tosupport her, or continuing his oral attentions.No matter how much he was enjoying the taste of her succulent youngsnatch, the teenager knew this wasn’t going to work, so he pulled hishead back, and raised his sister to a standing position.Jan flowed into his arms, and for the first time kissed her brother asa lover, rather than as a sibling.She and Gary were pressed tightly together, their lips and hipsgrinding into each other.As their tongues began the ancient dance that lovers have shared sincethe kiss was discovered, their groins were performing a similarminuet, Gary’s erect penis nearly boring a hole in Jan’s lowerstomach.They stayed like that for what seemed like hours – but also like meremoments – and then pulled slightly apart, to gaze deeply into eachother’s eyes.Then the 16 year old surprised his younger sister by picking her up inhis arms, and heading for the beach.She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as Gary strodepurposefully toward their towels, before gently placing his preciousparcel down.But as he went to straighten up, Gary found Jan’s arms remainingaround his neck, pulling him down toward her small but ripeningbreasts.He kneeled, then lay beside the pubescent girl, allowing his lips tofall toward her puffy young tits, with their light-chocolate nipplesand aureoles.The teenager opened his mouth slightly and began to suckle, first onone of his sister’s breasts, then the other,Jan began to moan softly as her brother sucked gently on herstill-forming tits…and the moans suddenly became louder as his handslid down across her belly.Gary’s fingers continued their journey across the sparse reddish-brownfur that highlighted her eager cunt, and began to rub the way he’dseen her do a short time earlier.Jan’s hips stomach muscles began to tighten and loosen rhythmically,as her thigh muscles tensed and released.She reached down blindly to find her sibling lover’s hard red cock,and began to gently pump the prick while her brother continued to rubher clit.The 14 year old was, like all first timers, not particularly skilled.She did not yet know how to use the unique combination of friction andfreedom that makes the mark of an outstanding hand-job, but Garyreally didn’t mind.This was the first time anyone else had played with his cock in asexual manner, and it was bliss…particularly when coupled with thechance to kiss and suck on his little sister’s breasts.He continued to nuzzle those beautiful small globes with theirever-hardening nipples, and continued to caress his younger sibling’sclitoris, occasionally dipping his middle finger between the curtainsof her cunt.Jan raised her hips the next time he did that, and he felt his fingerslipping deeper into her tight virginal hole.He wasn’t quite sure what to do next, so began to make a ‘come here’type gesture with his finger inside his sister.Gary couldn’t have known, but he was able to find a spot that many menspend their lives not discovering .. a small, walnut-sized point onthe roof of the girl’s vagina.If she had been enjoying his ministrations before, Jan was launchedinto bliss as Gary began stroking her G-spot…something she wasunaware she even had before that moment.Her hip-rocking and stomach-tensing increased, as did the pitch of hermoans and the tempo of her fisting of Gary’s prick.As Jan once again began to grunt, Gary moved his head from hissiblings tits, to watch her getting more and more aroused.He gazed down at her still-forming breasts, her sparse and stillgrowing pubic hair, and watched as his finger pumped in and out of hertight but juicy slash.Meanwhile, he could also see the look of sheer abandonment on Jan’sface, and was feeling a little of that himself as his sister continuedto squeeze and pump his boner.Suddenly, his sister began her orgasmic chant once again, but thistime there was a new phrase added…”Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck,oh yes, oh fuck, oh Gary, oh yes, oh Gary, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck,oh Garrrrry, oh yesssss!”As she called his name, Jan began cumming once again, writhing andcontorting on the sandy beach-towel, her naked body now glistening inthe sun, her snatch squirting her juice all over Gary’s hand.He in turn was triggered by the sight, and shot his load all over hissister’s tanned tummy, his third orgasm of the day .. and it was stillnot 1:30 yet!———————————–Chapter 5 – BECAUSE I LOVE YOU———————————–Jan looked down at her brother’s jism, which he had just shot all overher tanned torso, and idly smeared it across the region above hersparse thatch of pubic hair.The 14 year old, like her 16 year old sibling, was exhausted aftertheir mutual masturbation session, and she stretched luxuriously,easing the kinks from her legs which had tightened as her orgasmrocked through her.In the meantime, Gary also began flexing muscles…although in hiscase the sinews in question were in his arm and hand, which had almostcramped as he frigged his sister.After a few moment, the pair rolled together, and the teenage boy tookhis sister’s face in his hands.Gary looked, for a long moment, into Jan’s eyes before speaking.”That was absolutely…I don’t know if I have the words!” he said.”I know what you mean,” his sister replied. “I have never feltanything quite that good!”A comfortable silence settled between them, and Jan leaned forward, tokiss her brother gently on the lips before hugging him tight andresting her head on his shoulder for a moment.Gary nuzzled her ear and then her lean, tight, tanned neck, gentlyrunning his lips across her skin until his mouth rested in the hollowbetween her throat and her shoulder.They stayed clasped together for a few seconds longer, before the 16year old pulled back from his sister’s charms.”I don’t know about you,” he said, “but that’s given me a hugeappetite! What’s for lunch?””I did up a couple of vegemite sangas, a ham sandwich and somecheese,” Jan replied, “oh, and a bit of cake…but you ate thatbefore, remember?”Gary smiled, and indicated that he’d have the vegemite, that uniqueblack salty yeast extract that horrifies visitors, but which has beenthe sandwich staple for Aussie youngsters for generations.The teenagers again chatted as they ate their lunch .. stillcompletely nude, as they had been since deciding to swim naked hoursearlier.And even though they’d both cum less than half an hour before, theywere beginning to get randy once more.Gary could not resist the opportunity to eye off his adolescentsister, as she sat, naked, just feet away.He still couldn’t quite believe that he had suckled on those small butperfect breasts, which were firm and ripe, with nutmeg-brown nipplesthat crinkled and rose from the chocolate aureoles that covered almosta third of her globes.Those budding young mounds were stark white, as were the areasnormally hidden by her swimsuit bottoms.This was in marked contrast to the deep brown tan the still-growinggirl sported over most of her body after a summer in the Australiansun.That tan cut a diagonal across Jan’s tits, just missing the nippleregion of her boobs, and made a triangle that pointed down to anotherthree-sided patch of darkness at her groin.The thatch of fur was sparse and still growing because Jan, despiteher sexual awakening today, was still basically in the throes ofpuberty.The pubic hair’s reddish-brown tones framed her tight young pussy toperfection, accentuating rather than hiding her sensitive clitoris anddark pink labia.As Gary’s eyes travelled across his younger sister’s form, anappreciative look appeared on the 16 year old lad’s face.That appreciation didn’t go unnoticed by the pubescent girl…andneither did the rising tumescence in Gary’s groin.Jan watched as he became more aroused, the blood flowing back into hismember, which was a little redder now that it had been when she firstglimpsed it below the surface of the water this morning.As escort adana the penis unfurled to its seven-inch length, it also began tothicken, although it remained comparatively skinny which was notunusual given that the lad was only 16, and still growing.The purple head of the prick was soon again pointing skywards, as Garyviewed with lust his sister’s naked frame, and remembered theactivities of the past few hours.Jan, too, was reflecting on the day’s surprising twists and turns.She thought back to when she first got a good look at her brother’sraging hard-on, and to the surprise of seeing his fist wrapped aroundit, pumping the prick with his eyes closed, when she came toinvestigate why he had hidden behind the banana trees at the beach.The 14 year old reflected on the guilty turn-on she felt whilefingering her clit in front of her brother, and watching him pleasurehimself in return.Jan also remembered, with a warm and fuzzy feeling, her brother’smanual manipulation of her clitoris and vagina, and the silky-smoothfeel of his boner in her hand as she reciprocated.The 14 year old’s recollections, like those of her brother, had aphysical corollary…her small but developing nipples began to hardeneven more, and those vertical flesh curtains that surrounded her tightand still-virginal cunt began to deepen in colour.Her other lips also began to redden, without the need of artificiallipstick…mother nature once again showing her wisdom in telegraphingarousal on a ready female’s face for potential mates to see at aglance.She smiled a secret half smile as the memories washed across her, andthen shook her head to clear the reveries and began picking up thescraps from their lunch.They were in a national park, and the lessons about ‘leave nothingbehind except your footprints’ had obviously taken root, as the youngteenager gathered their rubbish and placed it in a bag and then intotheir backpack.The nubile young girl then returned to her beach towel, walking behindher brother and squeezing his shoulder as she did so.In return, he reached out and stroked the back of her leg as shewalked by, and smiled at her as she lay down just inches away fromhim.Gary, taking his cue from his sister, also lay down, facing the ripeyoung woman. As he raised his head on one elbow, he reached out hisother arm, to hold her hand.Jan also reached out, taking her sibling’s palm in hers. She squeezedthe hand that had so recently been between her legs, and drew it toher lips, to gently kiss it.She then took her brother’s hand and placed it on her waist…a movethat had the effect of pulling his bare chest toward herg****fruit-sized breasts and his face toward hers.Gary’s grip around his sister’s nude waist tightened, and his handslid down toward her buttocks, as his lips and hers came together.Jan returned the hug, as her hot breath mingled with her brothers, andher tongue began to twirl and intertwine with his.She pulled him close, her nipples pushing into his nearly hairlesschest, her groin and his grinding away in unison.Their kiss increased in passion and intensity, while their handscontinued to explore each other’s backs.Jan’s eventually travelled up her brother’s spine, to end behind hishead…while Gary’s massaged her bum before settling on her thigh,which he pulled toward him.She soon lay with her snatch exposed, one leg hooked over his, whilehis cock continued to dry-hump her pubic bone and his balls brushedagainst her labia.Using a strength that neither of them knew she had, Jan dragged herbrother over on top of her developing body, her legs spread wide oneither side of his thighs.Gary broke their kiss, and looked down at their groins…then back athis sister’s face. He knew what he wanted to do…but he was stillbeing assailed by doubts, because of his upbringing.”Perhaps we shouldn’t be doing this,” he said. “You are my sister..””Yes,” Jan replied, “And you are my brother. We’ve always been toldthat brothers and sisters shouldn’t do this, but mum and dad alwaystold us that sex should be between two people who love each other. AndI have always loved you.””But I’m your brother,” Gary repeated. “I’m supposed to protect youfrom people like me!””Perhaps,” the young woman told him, “but in this case I DON’T WANT TOBE PROTECTED!”As she said the last, she bucked her hips, pushing her brother’srock-hard cock down each time until it ended with its head at theentrance to her pussy.Gary looked down once more, and then raised his eyes to his sister.There was a moment of hesitation in her eyes, as she considered theramifications, and then she nodded to her brother, gently biting herlower lip in a gesture of nervousness.They both glanced downwards once more, knowing that this moment couldnever come again , and then the 16 year old began to push, as hisprick entered his younger sister’s snatch.As the Anderson c***dren lost their virginity to each other, Garybreathed an awestruck “Oh, My!”He’d long imagined what it would feel like to sink his surging cockinto a warm wet tight twat…but he was discovering something thatonly experience can teach – that there is no sensation quite like it.The sheer pleasure, combined with the stunning sight of his i****tuousprick entering his stunningly sexy sister, was nearly overwhelming.For her part, Jan could not have analysed all the sensations she wasfeeling.There was pleasure, of course, but there was also a little pain as herbrother’s erection entered her.While his manhood wasn’t particularly thick, she had until now neverhad anything larger than a finger or a tampon in her tight virginalhole.She also felt a mixture of emotions. When she had told Gary that sheloved him, she was not speaking just as a sister.While his feelings were more than lust but less than romantic love,hers were simpler. If Jan could have married Gary, she would have doneso without hesitation.But while she loved him, Jan also knew that what they were doing wasagainst all the rules of their upbringing…so her joy at sharing herbody with the boy she loved was tinged with guilt.But then she looked at the sheer delight on Gary’s face, and began torelax, because something that brought such joy could not be bad, couldit?Of course, there was also the possibility of pregnancy, but she’d dealwith that shortly, she thought to herself.In the meantime, she felt a slight tearing as her hymen was tornasunder…and despite what she’d heard from school friends, the painwas slight, and only momentary.Her brother was continuing to pump his prick in and out of her pussy,a look of lust, pleasure, relief and wonder all mingled on his teenagefeatures.Jan began to reciprocate, raising her hips to meet his thrusting, andthen pulling away before starting the cycle again.”Oh, Gary,” she murmured, “I love you. This feels soooooo good!””Oh, Yessss,” he responded. “I cannot believe how good it is.”With that, the 16 year old looked down to see his prick pistoning inand out of his sister’s cunt.Her sparse reddish-brown pubic hair melded into his darker fur andthen he watched as the length of his flesh sword withdrew from withinher.He noticed that his cock glistened with her juices…but then sawspots of blood on his member.”Oh, my God,” he said, withdrawing his dick, which began to shrink.”I’ve hurt you! I am so sorry!””Shhh-shhh!” Jan replied, placing a finger against his lips. “It wasjust my maidenhead .. and it didn’t hurt. There’s always a littleblood when a girl loses her virginity, you know that.””Now,” she continued, “Get back in there and fuck me!”With that she giggled, for the first time in hours, but then sheturned serious again.”Oh, just one thing,” she said. “When I said before I didn’t want tobe protected, that was only partly true. I want to be protected frompregnancy, so you have to promise to pull out before you come, OK?”Her brother agreed, and once more injected his hard-on into the girl’smoist love-tunnel.He again resumed his pumping, moaning with each thrust, and his 14year old sibling joined him, as she gave herself over to pleasure.What Jan couldn’t know was that she was going to get a much longerfirst fuck than many girls, as her brother had already cum three timesin three hours, whereas most virgin boys shot their loads withinminutes through sheer excitement.But she was in for a treat, as Gary’s desensitised prick was set tohold its charge for much longer than that.Jan drew her knees up to her small, perfect tits to allow her elderbrother full easy access to her quivering cunt … She lay with herlegs straight and with his legs on the outside, as his prick rubbedhard against her clit on its way into her snatch … Gary turned herover and hammered his hard-on into her hole doggy-style, while shebent over, face in the sand of the beach .. They lay intertwined, sheon her back and he on his side at ninety degrees, as he ploughed herpussy and she played with his balls.They made love, they fucked, they humped, they thrashed about inpassion, they made the b**st with two backs, they performed horizontalfolk-dances…for nearly twenty minutes they had wild, abandoned sex.Jan came twice during their passion, each time her grunt of excitementfollowed by her chant of “Oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck, oh yes, ohfuck, oh yes, oh fuck, oh yesssss” signalling her pleasure.And finally, she started to cum a third time, this time as she sat onher brothers prick, and bounced up and down, her juices flowing allover his groin, her tears of joy sliding down her cheeks.Gary looked up into her eyes and started to hump harder and harder,before remembering his sister’s words.”You’d better get off,” he told her. “I’m about to shoot any moment”.Jan thought for a second about continuing to ride his pleasure-pole,wondering what it would feel like to have her 16 year old sibling pumphis i****tuous sperm up into her belly.But as his cock began to surge, she thought better of it, and slippedoff his member, which then rubbed up between her butt-cheeks and begandischarging its fourth load for the day.There wasn’t much sperm this time .. but what there was then ran backdown Jan’s crack, to mingle with her juices and his sweat as theirbodies relaxed and she lay on her older sibling.”Whooee!”, Gary said as he eventually broke the silence. “That wasreally something!””You can say that again, brother dearest,” Jan replied. “That waspretty cool indeed.”She rolled off him, but unfortunately rolled straight into the sandrather than onto a towel.The sand merged with the sperm on her lower back, and the vaginalsecretions on her no-longer-virginal twat, and on the sweat she andher i****tuous lover had created.It created brown muddy marks that looked pretty gross, and felt evenworse, so Jan told her brother she was going for a swim.”OK,” he replied, “but I’m just gonna lie here and get my breathback.”Gary lay there and watched as his sister walked to the water, herluscious young buttocks rolling with every step she took.Despite the day they had spent without clothes, her derriere was stillstarkly white, where it was normally concealed by her swimsuit bottom,rather than the dark tan cover of most of her body.He watched with wonder and amazement as the sexy young teenager walkedinto the crystal clear water, astounded that he had just fucked suchan amazing creature.The guilt that he felt at screwing his sister was overwhelmed by thepride he felt at losing his virginity, and at taking hers, and atgiving her pleasure, and at getting such pleasure in return.The adolescent watched as his 14 year old sibling washed herself inthe salty seawater, and decided he could use a wash himself.But rather than go down to the beach, he reached for the water they’dbrought for drinking.Gary stood for a moment, and splashed some of the liquid over hischest, and another splash on his crotch, before taking a mouthful ortwo of the now warm water and slaking his thirst.He decided to straighten up their towels, and move them further intothe shade of the banana trees that gave Banana Bay its name, as thesun was continuing its march across the sky.By the time he’d finished, and sat down to watch his sister again, shewas walking back toward him, her wet skin glistening in the sunlight.The contrast of white boobs and crotch against tanned thighs and torsowas accentuated by the sparkle of the drying water, and by the lightpatch of reddish-brown hair that formed a V pointing to her sex.Jan’s burnished red hair was wet and fell over her shoulder in asingle queue toward her right breast, the ends looking for all theworld like fingers searching for the nutmeg coloured nipple on theg****fruit-sized mound.She reached the spot where her brother, her lover, was seated, andsank to the towel beside him.Despite the fact that she had just shown abandon during sex that mighthave caused a paramour to blush, a shy and demure smile crossed Jan’sface.”Gary, my sweet,” she said, a little-girl asking for favours, “Youwill probably think I’m awful .. but can we do that again?”At that, she reached over and began to stroke his chest, in a lazypattern that somehow managed to both touch and avoid his nipples atthe same time.”I’m not sure if I can,” he replied. “My poor old donger is all tiredout. Give me another half an hour and I may be able to, but at themoment he’s feeling just a little sore.””Oh,” replied the 14 year old, “we can’t have that! Poor littlefeller! Maybe I should kiss him better!”With that, Jan leaned forward and took Gary’s flaccid member in hermouth.Emulating a porno she’d seen on the internet, the pubescent young girlbegan sucking and rubbing her brothers prick, her cheeks sucked in andher tongue swirling around the head.She permitted her teeth to graze lightly across the cock as shesucked, and allowed her small breasts to brush against her brothersleg as she moved her head up and down.Just moments before, Gary had been certain that he would not be ableto raise another erection for quite some time .. but his 16 year oldgonads soon put the lie to that.His dick began to swell once more, and he leaned back to allow hissister her head, to coin a pun.The 14 year old had, like her brother, never done anything like thisbefore today…but she had seen a couple of x-rated videos on the net,and she was a quick study.She’d also spent a large part of the day either examining her olderbrother’s prick, or handling it, of feeling it as it pumped insideher…and she had a pretty good idea what made Gary get off.But most of all, Jan was a natural. Some people are born to play ball.Some are born to play the flute. In Jan’s case, she was exceptional atplaying with balls, and she played the meat flute like a pro.She soon had her brother moaning and jerking, as she slid her hand upand down the shaft, while suckling on the head and placing around halfof his seven inches into her warm, moist mouth.When he tried to explain how good it felt, his words were incoherentwith pleasure, sparking a fit of giggles from the 14 year old, but shesoon returned to the task at hand.Before long she felt her brother’s cock begin to surge, and a seriesof convulsions along the underside signalled that his semen was on itsway.She decided impulsively to taste his load, and to get his i****tuoussperm into her belly by this route, rather than by her snatch.As she swallowed Gary’s cum, his moans of delight told her she’d madethe right choice, and made her brother/lover a happy young 16 yearold.After licking clean his cock, Jan cuddled up to her sibling, and laythere contentedly for a few minutes, as they both considered all thathad happened during the day.By now, however, it was getting to be mid-afternoon, and if they wereto ride home in time for their afternoon chores, the eldest of theAnderson c***dren would have to get a move on.So, after a few more minutes of kissing and holding each other tight,they separated, and began to dress for the first time in nearly sixhours.As they packed up all their gear, and Gary donned the backpack, heturned to his sister with a look of chagrin on his face.”You know what I just realized?” he asked his sister. “We just spenthours here naked, and we had sex, and wanked each other off, and wedid it all out in the open where anyone could have seen us!””Next time we’ll have to be more careful,” he added, before realizinghe’d just made an assumption that may not be true. “There will be anext time, won’t there?””Oh yes,” Jan replied with a glint in her eye, “You’d better believethere’s going to be a next time!”She giggled, and wheeled her bike onto the track that led out of thenational park toward town, toward home, and toward a future that heldmore than just a touch of promise.THE END

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