1 Kasım 2021

Sister Story


Sister StoryThe vision of beauty that is Christina Raymond walked into the sitting room and stood in front of the sideboard to put on her make up in the mirror above. She chatted with her younger brother, Danny, as she fixed her eyes and put on lipstick. Leaning into the mirror caused her ass to protrude and Danny’s cock began to bulge, her heels accentuating her sexy legs and her floaty denim mini rising slightly to give him an even greater glimpse of her tanned thighs. As they chatted she looked at him in the mirror and the shock at the sight of the lump in his jeans made her lose her concentration and stop talking.”Go on… you were telling me where you were going” said Danny, unaware of why she’d suddenly halted mid sentence. “Oh, oh yeah sorry, meeting Chloe and Em in the Ravens, then on to Town. Let me put get my make up done in peace now please”. This gave her the chance to take in the situation. She’d had an incling that the way Danny liked her had got more than in a brother-sister way, she’d checked his phone and found saved pictures off her Facebook on it, even some wearing a bra. She assumed this was to show off to his mates, but now the penny had dropped, he was clearly masturbating to them fantasizing about her. She leant even further into the mirror, causing the hem line of her denim mini to rise further. “I’ll have some fun with this” she thought to herself, and noticed that now he was playing on his phone. The angle he was holding it at told her exactly what he was doing and she played up for the secret filming, stretching, dropping her phone and bending over to pick it up, flashing her panties. She turned round and pushed out her breasts through her blue and yellow, short sleeved fitted blouse. “What ya think Dan, think I’ll pull tonight?” “Oh, you’ll have no problem. You’re looking hot!” “So are you Dan” she replied with a smirk, “you alright?” Danny, wishing he could run outside and cool down (but couldn’t waste this filming opportunity) calmly sat there, sweating. Christina walked over to him and, straddling him, wiped his fevered brow with her make up cloth. “What’s got you so hot under the collar Dan?” she asked, “oh, OH… what is that pushing up at me?” Danny’s rock hard prick was now pushing at her panties as her floaty a-line mini allowed. “Er, er, you’re so fuckin’ gorgeous” he blubbed out. Suddenly she kissed him. She was shocked but, seeing he was so worried to let his feelings out it was the only thing she could do at that moment. After all, it was a huge compliment, if totally wrong, but why reprimand him?His cock stiffened further as he put tuzla escort his hands around her waist and kissed her passionately. She grinded herself into his bulging prick and soon realised how wet this was all making her. She pulled herself back and took in the situation. “How long have you had these feelings for me?” she asked. “Si… since you came into my room naked a while back. I… I’d never really seen your body until then. You’re so fit… and beautiful, i… i just couldn’t stop myself thinking about you”. “Hmmm…” she said, looking into his eyes, “so when Johnny burst in and came over me you weren’t really concerned were you, you were turned on?” “Er, well, er… yeah”. “You’re a little shit!” she exclaimed, grabbing his top with her fist and pulling him in for another kiss. She loved male attention and now she realised that Danny fancied her so much it was becoming a serious turn on.She pulled off his t shirt and knelt in between his legs, caressing down his body. Pulling down his zipper, she felt in and released his throbbing member. “Not a bad size” she said, cheekily looking up at him before plunging her mouth on top of it. Danny couldn’t believe what was happening and picked his phone up taking pics as Christina worked her magic on his cock, licking up and down his shaft, lapping at his Jap in between sucking him like a pro. She was better than he’d imagined. “Fuck, you do this well. You must get plenty of practice”. She looked up and winked, as Danny put his hands into her long dark hair and holding her to face fuck her. After a short while she pulled her head away “you should savour this moment, not rush it” she said, resuming her gentle licking and sucking, now including his balls. Christina was actually surprised that he didn’t blow his load as soon as she started, and kept going for about ten minutes. Sweat was now pouring down Danny’s face as he got ready. He leant forward and ripped her blouse open. Buttons flew across the room with the ferocity of the rip. “Dan!” exclaimed Christina. “Your tits, wank me over your tits”.”This was brand new, you know? You can buy me a new one” she said with a wink, placing her breasts in a white bra by his sack, wanking his head against them. He grabbed his cock and pulled at the centre of her bra, sliding his cock in between her jugs. She pushed her breasts into his prick as he pushed in and out of her ample bosom. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” blurted a breathless Danny. She pulled his cock out from beneath her bra and took his manhood in her hand, jerking down and letting his first shot fire sancaktepe escort out at what looked like a million miles an hour. It hit Chris straight in the face, from her right eye up into her hair. She let out a shocked laugh, as she guided the direction onto her bra, pulling down so that each squirt really fired out. Stream after stream of his, what seemed like never ending, load fired out onto her tits, belly and the top of her skirt. She was a mess! No guy had covered her so copiously. Danny sat back and looked at his art work. Christina was dripping in thick white goo. He grabbed his phone and took pics as he banged his cock against her soaked bra, which made little tapping noises as it hit the soaked material. “Turn it to video!” exclaimed Christina. He did, and she set about cleaning herself up. Scooping his load in her hands, she looked longingly into the camera as she sucked it all off her fingers. Danny was still rock hard. “Let me get this one” he said, scooping his cum out of her eye with his thumb, which she immediately sucked.She stood up and told him to undress. Danny couldn’t believe his ears and quickly whipped his jeans off as she stood there, cum still sliding down the front of her skirt. He had to have a photo of this, her wet bra, the ripped open shirt, the creamed mini. She posed, pulling the sides of her skirt out and curtseying, before dropping her white panties to the floor and then pushing him back onto the couch, straddling him once more. She sat on top of his still rock hard cock and writhed on top of him. He grabbed at her cum soaked bra and ripped it open, freeing her massive breasts. He fondled them as he fucked up into her pussy, wet with anticipation. Her long her sticking to her wet breasts as she rocked her crotch forwards and backwards atop his prick, pushing up at her vigorously.She took her top and bra off and Danny put his arms around her, bringing her close for more kissing as he pounded away. He couldn’t believe what was happening, and neither could Chris, as she soon started shaking. “You, you ok?” asked Danny, scared something was wrong. “Keep, keep up” she replied, as Danny fucked up at her wildly. She let out a loud scream as she came, covering his cock and balls in her warm juices. She collapsed on top of him, “I come really quickly” she whispered into his left ear, “just keep going”.They changed position and now Chris lay on her back, Danny bunching her skirt up at her waist, plunging his cock back into her. Watching how her tits bounced with every thrust was an amazing turn on, and he built up üsküdar escort speed, pounding harder and harder at her moist cunt. She placed her legs up over his shoulders so he could get deeper inside her, his pounding now relentless, as he rammed her as hard as he could. To her own disbelief she came again, he kept going… harder, faster. He knew it was time and pulled out, his cock exploding a second thick load up the whole of her body, thick streams of jizz flew out, splatting down on her tits, belly and skirt. Chris was shocked, no man before had so much cum. She laughed as it just kept coming, streaming across her body until an exhausted Danny wiped the last drops onto her skirt.The pair looked into each other’s eyes. She bit down on her lower lip and said “I want you to fuck me in my ass”. “What??!!!” blurted Danny, unable to believe his luck. “Well” she replied, “this is a once only thing so we might as well do everything, then there’s no wondering what THAT would’ve been like”. Danny smiled and turned her over onto her belly and, throwing her skirt up her back, pushed his still stiff cock at her ass hole. Sinking his length gently inside her anus she took in a deep breath. Once fully inside her he grabbed her hips and fucked her ferociously, it was almost like being allowed to do this turned the situation from something loving to something really dirty. This was the horniest thing he’d imagined, and now he was doing it, fucking his beautiful sister in the ass. He pounded her ass over and over, burying her head into the cushion, muffling the sounds of her moaning with each thrust. “I can’t stop Dan” she gasped, “I’m coming again”. Danny ramped up speed, if that was indeed possible and, balls deep in her ass, she came. He didn’t stop, pummeling her wanton ass hole as fast as he could before releasing inside her, jet washing her bowels with another thick load.He collapsed on top of her, kissing the back of her neck. “Thank you, thank you” he said tenderly, as the pair sat back down on the sofa. “That was fun” she said, “one off fun. I need to shower and get out with the girls”. She checked her phone… 25 missed calls of “where are you?” Dare she tell them? I guess not! “You can clean up the couch before mum comes back” she laughed, taking off her skirt, and running off upstairs. “Get those clothes in the wash too!”Danny sat stunned, running over everything in his mind and stroking his cock. An hour later he was still there as Christina came down in a new outfit, a pink skater style leather skirt and a yellow top with a push up bra. He was still jacking off, letting her denim mini catch his loads. “Fuckin’ hell Dan, you just gonna be doing that all night boy?” she laughed. Danny made no comment but stood up and pushed his erection into her crotch. “No Dan, it was a one off remember”. She kissed him on the cheek and left for the pub.

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