3 Nisan 2021

Sister Surprises

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It can be surprising when you encounter the unexpected, not only in yourself, but in others you thought you knew, only to find there is so much more hidden within them that you knew so little about.

The summer week-end I will never forget is the one my sister and I spent together at our secluded cottage in the Canadian Shield,not far north of the American border.

My sister Carie and I both loved the outdoors, and we had a passion for canoeing on the smooth, still lakes where we vacationed each summer,as well as for hiking and camping beyond the region of our cottage.

My father was an Fundamentalist Minister, so our parents were conservative by nature, and had always been strict with us by modern standards.

The topic of sex,was never openly discussed in our family beyond the technical discussions of how babies were made as taught in in biology classes at school and university.

It was always implied that my sister and I were expected to live “clean moral lives.”

Exactly what that meant,was unclear to both of us, but what was certain was that my sister and I were much more inexperienced in sexual matters than most of our peers at eighteen and ninteen years of age.

When mom and dad had to go back to work, my sister and I asked them to allow us to stay out at the cottage an extra week so that we could swim and hike as we pleased beforing returning to our summer jobs in the city.

We were old enough,by then, and I had my own vehicle for the two of us to return home in.

At ninteen, I was only a year and ten months older than my sister, and I had already started attending university.

I had already made up my mind that this would be my last summer under my parent’s roof.

I knew by then that I could not meet their high moral standards, and I longed to be free and off on my own where I could follow my own lights, and acknowledge the reality of my sexual desires.

I loved my family,but especially my sister Carie, who had always seemed a kinderd spirit to me, as we grew up and matured together.

I wanted my last summer with them to be a memorable one, even though I knew that when I moved out, they would never deny me the joy of spending time at our summer get away whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Unfortunately, the day after our parents left us alone out there,the skies clouded over and the rain began to pour down relentlessly, putting all our plans on hold, and making it very dreary and boring to be trapped inside.

We might have still have gone swimming in the lake even when it was raining, except for the fact that there was a lot of lightening as well.

Carie and I lazed about the cottage throughout the day reading, and just hoping that the rain would stop, but such was not the case.

Carrie, was really good about it though.

She made a nice supper of smokey hot dogs and boiled corn on the cob, and we sat down to a good hearty meal together.

After our supper, boredom set in again and we started looking for things to do.

We snuck into dad’s liquor cabinet and found a nice large bottle of Kaluha which we eagerly placed on the table and began mixing with coffee over a game of cards.

After an hour or so of small talk and drinking Kaluha, when we were running out of things to say, Carrie suddenly came out with something that caught me completly off guard.

“I know a secret of yours Clay.”

She said.

“A secret?”


Carrie squirmed a little uncomfortably in her chair. It seemed she was debating whether or not to say what was on her mind.

“I know about those dirty magazine you keep hidden under the mattress of your bed.”

She said finally.

“I found them by accident this morning when I was collecting our bed sheets for the laundry.”

I was embarassed by what she had just revealed.

I was certain that I had them hidden well enough that no one would find them.

It had taken some planning to sneak them into the cottage in the first place. At home in the privacy of my bedroom,I loved to slowly look through them, masturbating leisurely to the pictures,while fantasizing all my dirtiest thoughts and desires.

I knew if my parents ever found them they would be extreemly upset. Even so, I had never contemplated the possibility that my sister Carrie might be the one to stumble across them.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?”

I asked.

“I really wish you wouldn’t Carrie. I don’t know what they’d think of me if they found out about them.

Did you look inside them?”

“No-” Carrie replied.

“I was afraid of being caught so I just looked at the covers of them for a moment or two.”


“It made me feel kinda’ funny.” She said.

I’ve never seen anything quite like them before. Those magazines aren’t exactly like Playboy or anything else I’ve seen on store shelves.

They were like… well…about peeking up girl’s skirts and things like that.

Where do you find that sort of stuff?”

“There’s a place downtown I go to where nobody knows me. I replied.

Carrie czech streets porno sat in silence a moment considering.

“Well, why do you buy them?”

She asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I get horny just by looking at women, and the things they wear.” I said.

I paused a moment wanting to explain it to her but unsure that I could. It would be hard to make Carrie understand when I didn’t even fully underdstand it myself.

“Listen Carrie-I’ve got a confession to make.

I hope you’ll try to understand what I’m trying to explain to you about myself.”

“Go ahead.” Carrie said.

“Well…it’s just that.” I paused searching for the words.

“I know those magazines look pretty kinky and all, but I just can’t help it Carrie. I know how mom and dad have always preached a good healthy attitude toward sex but that just doesn’t work for me.”

I searched to find the words I was looking for.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason sex has to be sort of ‘dirty’ to get my motor running.”

“Like peeping up under a girl’s mini skirt and stuff like that you mean?” Carrie teased.

Her response was strangely exciting me.

“Yes…that’s exactly what I mean.

If it isn’t naughty or kinky, or taboo in some way, I really don’t get excited by it.”

Carrie took another sip of her Kaluha, considering…

“I think I know what you mean.”

She said.

“Those magazines looked really dirty, but you know what? I was kinda’ getting turned on by wondering what was inside them too.”

This confession from her took me by surprise.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“If you can tell me the truth about yourself, then I think I should do the same for you.”

She replied.

She looked at me directly.

“I’m really curious about them Clay.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all day long.-Those magazines I mean.”

She shifted a little uncomfortably in her chair and I knew she was struggling to say more.

“Would it be asking too much for you to let me

see inside of them with you?” She asked at last.

“Mom and dad aren’t here with us, so what’s to stop us?”

Her request was arrousing me.

This seemed very naughty indeed.

It was also taboo to think about sex with your own sister.

Carrie sat patiently awaiting my answer.

I wanted very badly to do it with her, but I had always been taught that such things just weren’t right.

“If the pictures offend me too much, I’ll tell you, and I just won’t look at them anymore.”

Carrie said, doing her best to talk me into it.

I finally agreed and I went into my bedroom and selected one of my favorite magazines.

I valued it because of it’s tease factor.

I usually paged through this magazine first to get me very arroused before moving on to those that showed explicit female nudity.

The first third of the magazine I brought out for her had a lot of pictures of women in it dressed in miniskirts, and there were a lot of naughty pictures that showed you up under their skirts where you could see their little silk panties.

The second half of the magazine featured pictures of women in all sorts of lingerie.

Women posed in brassiers and panties, along with garter belts with elastic straps that stretched across their thighs, holding up their nylon stockings.

In most of these pictures the women looked experienced and confident and ready to take control.

It was as if they were about to instruct a young man like myself,in how to serve and pleasure their selfish desires.

The final section of the magazine featured pictures of women in transparent baby-doll nighties.

These women looked very innocent and even childlike, although they said they were all of legal age.

It was the complete opposite of the mature women in corsets from the previous section.

These girls all looked very innocent, almost as if they had just been startled by someone while they sat admiring their naked young bodies in their vanity mirrors, clad in their see through negligees.

I would always imagine that the intruder was me when I looked at these pictures. My fantasy was that I was about to ravage some sweet, horny young thing, with her first sexual experience.

I was already excited as I entered the living room with the magazines to show them to Carrie.

She had moved from the table to the couch.

The rain was still pounding down as I sat beside her with my heart beating faster.

To my surprise Carrie snuggled right up against me, eager to start looking at the pictures.

Carrie was barefoot and wearing a short sleeveless yellow summer dress, that showed off her lovely tan and the lithe curves of her beautiful body.

I began as I usually did when I was alone with myself, by opening the first pages that featured the girls in mini skirts.

The pictures started out fairly tame, but as I continued to turn the pages the upskirt pictures began to appear.

The first picture of this sort showed a girl in a very czech taxi porno short blue dress with white knee-high stockings.

She was wearing shiny black patent leather shoes and she had one leg up on the step of an old apartment fire escape, attempting to buckle up one of her shoes which had apparently become lose.

This position left it possible to see up under her dress to her almost transparent panties.

The outline of her outer labia was clearly visible through the thin silky material.

“Do you like that picture?”

Carrie asked leaning against me.


I replied quietly, trying not to betray my excitement by the quiver in my voice.

This picture had always arroused me, but with Carrie leaning against me asking her question, it seemed doubly exciting.

“Why?” She asked.

“Tell me.”

I thought for a moment, searching for the words.

“I just get turned on just by seeing what she’s wearing.” I replied.

“- And then, when I get to see her delicate little panties that excites me even more.”

I could feel that my cock had grown stiff as I spoke.

” Her panties are practically transparent.”

I said

“You can see…”

I stumbled on my words, unsure of how to continue.

“Go on.” Carrie urged.

” Say it Clay.”

“I can see the outline of the lips of

her cunt.”

I managed.

“And that really excites you, doesn’t it?”

Carrie said softly.

“Don’t feel ashamed Clay.”

She soothed.

“It’s alright. It’s normal and I understand.

That picture excites me too.”

This totally surprised me.

“Really?” I asked looing directly at her.


I could see that the fingers of one of her hands had strayed down to the material of her light dress where it hung between her slightly parted thighs.

“I just put myself into that girl’s shoes.”

Carrie responded.

“I imagine that ‘I’m’ the girl in the picture and that there’s a man behind me, when I’m bent over like that, buckling up my shoe.

I know he can see right up under my skirt but I pretend ‘not’ ‘to’ ‘know’.

Letting him see up there secretly excites me.”

“Are you serious?” I replied.

“Yea…” She replied, smiling a little.

She peered into my eyes.

“Obviously I would have to ‘like’ the man to do it.

I mean…to let him peek up there.”

I sat in silence trying to make sense of her words while realizing how much Carrie was turning me on.

She peered down at the buldge in my tennis shorts.

“Why don’t we go in to my bedroom and lie on my bed and look at the pictures there.”

She said.

I thought I knew my innocent little sister, but I was beginning to understand just how little I did know about her.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked her, my voice trembling with excitement.

“Yes. Now come on-lets hurry up and get in there.”


When we were on her bed I had second thoughts about all this again.

“Carrie-we’re brother and sister.

People say this isn’t right.”

“Well it’s not as if we’re actually having sex or anything.” She said.

“It’s just something to pass the time on a boring night. Come on-what are you afraid of? You should stop trying to hide that erection of yours too.

It doesn’t bother me. I know these magazines excite you so why wouldn’t you get hard like that.”

We lay on our sides facing one another as I opened the magazine again.

“Show me some other pictures that really turn you on.” Carrie said.

“Show me something different from the last one.”

I turned to the section featuring the young girls who were sitting in front of their vanity mirrors in transparent negligees, playing with themselves.

“Wow.” Carrie said as she studied the photos.

“What do you think about when you look at these pictures?”

“I have a fantasy.” I said.

“Will you tell it to me?”

“I don’t know iof i should. It’s kind of kinky.”

“Come on Clay-I want to hear it. You and I have never held anything back from one another. You should know by now that you can trust me.”

I wanted to tell her but i still thought it over a moment before going for it.

“Well…I imagine that somehow I’ve just come in on the girl by accident when she’s right in the middle of what she’s doing, and when she gets startled at being caught, I grab her before she can get away.”

“Then what happens?”

“I tell her that she’s a dirty little thing for playing with herself like that, and…”

” Tell me.”

“I put the girl over my lap and I pull down her little panties, just to where her smooth, warm

bum cheeks are exposed…

Then I spank her bare bottom as she squirms on my lap.

When I’m finished I carry her over to the bed and then I discover how wet she is down there, and it makes me so horny I fuck her over and over again.”

Carrie rolled onto her back staring up at the ceiling.

“Have you ever really fucked a girl before?”

She digitalplayground porno asked.

“No.” I admitted.

“I just fantasize about it.”

“I got really horny when you just described that fantasy to me you know.”

She laughed a little nervously.

“I,m just wondering why it turned me on so much when you got to the part about pulling down her panties and spanking her.”

“Look maybe we should stop all this right now.”

I said.

“This is all getting a little carried away.”

“So what happens then? She asked.

“You’ll go to your room and I’ll stay here alone in mine. It’s all so boreing. Aren’t you having fa good time time Clay? I love it when you get me excited this way.”

This was a side of Carrie I’d never seen before.

I found the boldness of her words unexpected and surprising.

“Do you think that you’re the only one who has fantasies?” Carrie asked.

“I have them too you know. Would you like me to tell you the one I have that excites me the most?”

“Sure. Go ahead.I’d love to hear it.”

“You don’t need to Clay. Do you know why?”

I shook my head.

“It’s because we’re living it out right now.”

I sat there in stunned silence processing the meaning behind her words.

“Are you saying that you’ve bee fantasizing about…”

“Come on Clay-” She said cutting me off mid sentence.

“Haven’t you noticed how often I’ve left my bedroom door open a little late at night so that you could peep in there and see me if you had really wanted to. It’s the same for the bathroom door after I’ve had a shower.

The problem with you is that you’re just too damn noble Clay. Something like this could have happened a long time ago if only you’d have just let it.”

She sat up on the bed.

“It’s alright Clay.

Mom and dad don’t know it, but I’m on the pill now so it’s safe for us.

I’ve tried to want other men, but it’s just no use. It’s always you who’s stuck in my mind, and it’s you who I want for my my first encounter. I’ve been dying to tell you this for so long now,but I could never figure out how to do it until tonight.

I don’t want to lay awake in bed tossing and turning, knowing you’re masturbating to those magazines in your own bedroom, when I’m here with you right now, wanting to give you everything, if you’ll only just say yes to it.

Please Clay. I want us to be dirty together.

Stand up in front of me and pull down those tennis shorts.Show me that erection of yours.”

I was on fire now.

I did as Carrie asked.

When I stood before her with it’s purple head pointing up toward the ceiling she shifted closer. Her eyes seemed to devour it.

“Can I please suck it?” She asked.

I nodded a yes, wanting this more than anything I could imagine.

She knelt on the floor peering up to me with those sparkling blue eyes of hers, and her naturally curly, long blonde hair cascading all down he back and over her shoulders. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, but until now, I had never dared to hope for something like this, or allowed my mind to contemplate it.

Taking my stiff member in her hand, she licked up and down the shaft of it lapping at the frenum, just below the crown with her wet warm tongue.

My knees began to tremble.

She took the purple knob and placed it in her mouth rolling it around inside there as a hungry whimpering sound escaped her, while she savored the texture of it.

She moved her head up and down on it slowly, sucking as much of my manhood as possible into her wet mouth, her thick full lips moving up and down on it like soft cushions.

I could not long withstand the intense pleasure she was giving me, and as my legs turned to rubber, I shot my seed into her as she milked me eagerly between her urgent lips with my white cum dribbling down her chin.

I collapsed upon the bed with Carrie snuggling up happily against me, and pulling her tight to my body, I lay with her in my arms, stroking her beautiful long hair as I slowly regained my senses.

It gradually came to me that I was holding this beautiful woman in my arms who had just given me more pleasure than I had ever known, eager and ready to give me almost everything I had ever dreamed of and she was still fully clothed.

My cock began to stiffen with excitement as I began to consider the idea of stripping her naked bit by bit in any way I wanted.

My mouth met hers and our tongues mingled.

My fingers caressed her neck, gradually moving downward to the mounds of her breasts toying with the tips of them where they stood out against the thin material of her yellow cotton dress.

I slowly unfastened the tiny buttons that allowed me to part the material to reveal the silken brassiere against which her pert nipples were pressing.

With my index finger I toyed round and round on her stiff little buds throught the silky brassiere material while kissing all along the length of her neck at the same time.

My fingers moved under the cups of her brassiere, forcing them up and over her warm soft mounds, the better to view for the first time her tight pink nipples that stood out plump and stiff like fresh strawberries awaiting my mouth and tongue.

The taste of her fresh nipples was exquisite as I rolled each one around between my lips savoring the succulence of them.

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