3 Nisan 2021

Sisterly Exploration Ch. 03

Cum Covered

She sighs quietly as the hot water runs down her body. She extends her fingers and lets the water drip off her nails onto her feet. She begins rubbing the water into her skin, washing the surface dirt off. She starts with her arms before moving to her neck and shoulders.

After soaking her hair, she lets the water wash over her face. The hot water trickles down her thighs, causing her to shudder a bit. She washes the night’s sweat off her legs before moving her hands up to her thick bush. She leans her head from under the shower head and lets the water soak her midsection.

A small amount of dry semen quickly melts away as the water washes down over her lips. She uses her left hand to wash out any remaining globs of semen that her pussy didn’t absorb the night before. A few drops of goo wash into the drain as she continues giving herself a deep clean.

As she continues checking for any remaining goo, she rethinks the creampie option. Every time her brother’s cum coats the inside of her cervix, she feels like she’s being engulfed by fluffy white, vibrating clouds of hot cum. But every morning, she has to spend extra time in the shower cleaning out the aftermath. This dilemma crosses her mind every day, and every day she decides her brother’s cum is just too deliciously gooey.

With the last drops of cum flowing down the drain, she squirts some of his body soap into the palms of her hands. She lathers the soap into her skin, using her fingertips to really clean any hard to wash areas. She likes lathering the soap into her skin; it reminds her of every time Aruri blows a one man bukkake.

While letting the water wash the soap off, she finds some dry spots of cum in her hair. The steamy shower has melted the semen back into its original, slimy state. She quickly washes it out before washing off the rest of the soap.

She cuts the water off and opens the shower door to reach for a towel. She can see her brother still lying in bed with the covers barely covering his naked body. She remembers another of his fantasies and decides to get one in before the day starts. She lightly pats the water off her body and out of her hair. She tightly wraps the towel around herself and tosses her hair until it’s sexy, messy.

She walks over to the bed just as he rolls onto his side. He takes a deep breath and pushes the covers off his feet more. She crawls onto his side and rolls him onto his back. She brushes her wet hair out of his face while sliding the covers down off his hips.

His massive member appears to be wide awake, but she knows her brother’s dick well enough to know it’s a lot bigger when awake. She starts playing with his tip with her fingertips until his dick throbs at her. Once his member is paying attention, she slides her hand up and down the shaft. She places her left hand on his thigh for balance as she lowers her mouth onto his length.

Her hot mouth slides up and down his shaft with her hand until his dick is slick and shiny. His head rolls around, and he moans and groans in his sleep. He slowly wakes up to the sight of her head bobbing up and down on his shaft. He places his hand on the back of her head, and she looks up at him. She sucks hard all the way up until she’s sucking his tip like a straw.

She pulls her lips off of him before licking the slime around on her lips.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“This is one of your favorite dreams isn’t it?”

“My dream is to have a roommate’s wife doing this.”

She licks up his shaft while pumping him for precum.

“Ah come on, I would think, having your sister doing this has got to be hotter.”

Once his precum starts flowing, she continues her oral stimulation. He starts to reply, but she’s a professional at pleasing his dick just the way he likes. His hips involuntarily jolt every now and then, and his eyes roll into the back of his head. He grips the sheets and holds on for dear life as she takes him to the throat.

She has no trouble gargling his dick in her throat for over a minute before needing to breathe. As she lifts her head, she shows off all the shiny strings of saliva and precum that collected during her deep throating. She strokes and licks the strands into his shaft while smiling and moaning up at him.

He reaches down and pulls her up to him by her neck. He massages her throat with both hands while kissing and licking her tongue. She positions herself on top of his lap while moaning in his mouth from the kissing and massaging. He moves his hips around and positions his dick between her wet lips.

She sighs as he kisses his way down to her neck while sliding his hands down to her waist. He lifts her up a bit so that his pulsating head can move against her twitching opening. They both moan and sigh as she slides down onto his member. Her tight walls stretch in every direction as his girth works its way into her depths.

She runs her hands through his hair and kisses him harder. He massages her waist and pulls her against him as he begins grinding his hips into hers. They struggle to continue kissing as they grind harder into hardcore porno one another. She wraps one arm around his neck and places her other hand on his abs. He moves one hand to her lower back and uses his other to pull her knee up.

As his dick pushes against her depths, she arches her back and screams into his mouth. Their kissing intensifies with their moans. His moans turn to grunts, and her moans turn to screams as she quivers on top of him. He bites at her throat as she leans up and gasps for air.

She leans all the way up and sits in his lap as her eyes glaze over. Her shaking hands hover over his chest as she gets lost in wave after wave of orgasmic surges. He continues rocking her into his grinds until she’s grunting and digging her nails into his skin. Her pussy clenches with every deep breath as she starts coming down from her high.

She pushes her hair out of her face while smiling down at him staring up at her. She starts to say something, but he quickly leans up and presses his body against hers.

“Fucking my sister may be slightly better than a roommate’s wife,” he jokes.

“I think it’s a hell of a lot better,” she laughs.

He gets in a more comfortable sitting position while kissing her passionately. Her knees slide forward, causing his member to push a little bit deeper. She wraps her hands around his neck and holds onto him while rocking her body against his. As they start getting back into it, her phone rings.

She stops kissing him and lays him back down so she can reach her phone. He lies back and stares at her pussy tightly wrapped around his shaft while rubbing his hands up and down her thighs.

“Hi, Mom,” she answers after looking at who’s calling. “What? When?” She stops Aruri from rubbing her thighs and gets off of him. “Yeah, why wouldn’t we want you to?” She climbs out of bed and hurries over to the dresser. “Okay. Just let put on some clothes. No, I just got out of the shower. Okay. Bye.”

She hangs up the phone and starts pulling clothes out of the drawers.

“What the hell?” he asks.

“Mom is about to pull up in the driveway.”


“Apparently, she was in the neighborhood.”

She puts on a bra and some panties before looking around for a shirt and some shorts. Aruri finds it funny how panicky she’s getting and tosses her the small booty shorts she was wearing yesterday. She flashes a sarcastic smile at him while putting them on before taking one of his long sleeves shirts.

She puts his shirt on and checks to make sure it goes well past her shorts. He whistles at her just as their mom pulls into the driveway and honks the horn. Michelle runs downstairs and out the front door to greet her mother.

“Mom!” she yells as soon as her mother opens the car door.

She helps her mother out of the car and hugs her as she closes the door and activates the alarm.

“Hey, Chelle, how are you?”

They both kind of look at the wide open front door for a second, waiting for Aruri to walk through it. After they figure he’s staying inside, they look back at each other.

“So just in the neighborhood?” Michelle questions her mother.

“Yeah, I was returning a pair of shoes to Chaussure Mascarade and decided to stop by. How’s living with him?” she nods her head towards the house implying Aruri.

“You have no idea.”

They both laugh and continue joking before going inside. Michelle closes the front door as her mother walks into the living room. Michelle fixes the oversized shirt so that it still covers the shorts as she sits down on the couch next to her mother.

“So, what’ve you been up to lately? Let’s talk girlfriend.”

“Don’t talk like that. I can’t talk to you when you talk like that.”

“Sorry. I’m just curious about what’s going on in your life. How are your friends? How’s work? Where are you, as an individual, at in life? When am I going to get some grandchildren?”

“And there it is,” Michelle sighs.


“The real reason you were just in the neighborhood. Nice one, Mom.”

“I’m just saying; life will be harder if you wait until you’re older.”

Michelle looks at her mother with shock.

“I just turned twenty-one a month ago.”

“I know that. I mean I’ll make your life harder if you wait.”

“Why don’t you harass Aruri about having children?”

Just as Michelle says that Aruri comes downstairs. He heard a little bit of the conversation and decides to give his input from a distance.

“No one can make me have kids, so don’t try,” he yells from the kitchen.

Michelle rolls her eyes as her mother smirks at her. Aruri gets a bottle of water out of the fridge and starts heading back upstairs.

“Boy, come in here and say hello to me.”

He stops and walks back down into the living room. He’s wearing nothing but his tight fitting underwear, so his entire package is in full view. He walks over to his mom and leans down to hug her and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi Mom,”

“Hey boy, are you behaving?”

“Not even a little bit.”

He hd porno stares down at the little cute outfit his mother wearing and gets caught staring.

“What are you looking at?” she asks.

“Didn’t think women your age still wore things like that.”

“And what age would that be?”

“So how’s Dad,” he quickly changes the subject.

He moves over towards Michelle and sits down behind her, to shield himself from his mother’s wrath. Michelle moves over a little to fit him on the couch as their mother makes herself more comfortable.

“Your father is exactly the same as he always is. So, how’s your life been?”

“I feel like I’m the third wheel here,” he again changes the subject.

“You are,” Michelle tells him. “This is girl talk.”

“Mom’s too old to be called a girl,” he jokes.

“Come here,” their mother orders.

He quickly jumps up and runs upstairs as his mother chases after him. She stops at the living room door as he scampers upstairs and down the hall. Michelle laughs until her mother joins her on the couch again. As she sits down, she notices Michelle looking at her outfit too.

“Now you have a problem with my outfit?”

“No, I think it’s hot.” Michelle leans back and admires what her mother’s wearing. “It would probably look better on me.”

Their mother has every teenage boy’s perfect MILF body. She effortlessly keeps her body tight and toned, which is accented by her evenly tanned skin.

On this particular day, she’s wearing her long curly blonde hair in a pony-tail. Her voluptuous D cups are sitting high and mighty in a spaghetti strap ruffle crop top with gold trim that cuts off just below the waist so that everyone can see the tribal dragon tattoo on the small of her back. Her long legs and thick thighs are being emphasized by the black jeans with gold flake pinstripe designs, which stop just above the black, white, and gold gym shoes she’s wearing.

All in all, Michelle is more than impressed by her mother’s outfit. She’s actually getting kind of horny looking over her mother’s body. She barely notices the accessories her mother’s wearing.

“What about the earrings? I couldn’t find the silver and gold ones, so I just put these on.”

“I really didn’t notice any of your jewelry. I was just staring just to be staring at one point.”

Her mother looks her over suspiciously.

“I think you’ve been around Aruri too much. You need to hang out with some other people more.”

“I don’t know about that. He’s kind of the coolest person I know right now,” Michelle adds sarcastically.

They both laugh the joke off while watching to see if Aruri heard them. Her mother looks and double-checks to see if Aruri’s listening before leaning closer to Michelle.

“Just between you and me,” she whispers. Michelle leans in closer. “That boy has a dick just like his dad’s.”

“Ew! I don’t want to hear about dad’s dick.”

“I’m just saying he clearly takes a lot after his father.”

Michelle shrugs off the comment about her father, forgetting her mother is staring at her and starts thinking about Aruri. Her mother notices her lick her lips and nudges her knee.

“How many times have you seen Aruri naked?”

Michelle tries to hide her arousal by pretending she’s still disgusted.

“I don’t know. I don’t keep count.”

Michelle’s face starts to blush.

“There’s nothing wrong with you seeing your brother naked. You two use to be naked together all the time.”

“Oh my…,” Michelle puts her feet up on the couch while brushing her hair to the side. “This is so wrong in so many ways.”

“I’m wrong. You’re the one fucking your brother.”

Michelle immediately laughs hysterically to try to hide her excitement.

“What are you talking about? We barely even-“

“Chelle, it smells like sex in the house,” she starts to explain.

“He lives here. It always smells like sex in the house.”

“You smell like sex, and he smells like sex. The only two in this house are you two. So you’re either fucking each other or you both just got home after a one-nighter.”

Michelle’s face is completely flushed, and her mother is staring her down for a confession. She crosses her legs and makes herself comfortable for a long wait.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Michelle yells.

“How does he feel?” Her mother leans forward and sits closer to her. “Is it thick and long or just one or the other?”

“This is weird. We shouldn’t be talking about this.”

“Why is this so weird? You’re finally having sex again, and it just so happens to be with a guy who has a dick like his daddy’s.”

“Stop talking about Dad’s dick!”

“Then tell me about Aruri’s dick. I bet it feels too big, too intoxicating, and too much to give up!”

Her mother starts rubbing her neck and arching her back while running her hand up her thigh.


“What? He waves his dick around every time anyone comes over to his house. And why are you yelling at me, you’re fucking him. When was the first time? When was latina fuck tour porno the last time?”

“No,” Michelle responds.

“Tell me,” her mother demands.


“Tell me. Tell me. Tell me, or I’ll ask him and you know he won’t hesitate to tell me.”

Michelle pretends to sigh and rolls her eyes in disapproval, but she’s really relieved to finally have someone to talk about her fuckfest with.

“Okay, the first time was three months ago after he gave me a massage.”

“What? He’s given me massages before,” her mother exclaims.

“Yeah, I know, but this was one of his professional massages. We didn’t really know how un-weird it would be until he made me cum for the first time. It happened during the massage, and he told me that’s what happens to all his clients, so-“

“Wait, you hired him or was he practicing or something?” her mother interrupts.

“No, Rachel did. She didn’t know he’s my brother, so none of us thought to ask. Anyway, I let him continue with the massage and the entire time, we start coming to terms with the fact that we’re getting hot for each other. Once he rolled me onto my back and started massaging my front, we were just staring into each other’s eyes and grinding together.

And his strength was so overwhelming; he was squeezing and caressing me in every way imaginable. At first, I thought he was just focused on his client and I was the one getting too involved, but he started responding to my touching and kept massaging and pushing me to cum. I acted like I wanted him to stop before he gave me a third orgasm, but he, fortunately, convinced me otherwise. He finished his massage with his fingers hard against my G-spot and was moving like he was fucking me.

We were both so wound up, there was no way we could’ve stopped. His dick was throbbing so hard, and I just wanted to feel it in my depths. I pulled his dick out of his shorts and it felt just as big and hard and thick as I wanted to. It barely fit in my hands and was filled with so much dick milk.

As soon as I had a grip on it, it just started spewing the thickest ropes of precum. By the time I did make him actually cum, I was coated in layer upon layer of just precum. I am at a loss of words for the amount of actual cum that he shot out. His dick was like a fire hose that only feed my flames of wetness. And that was just the massage.”

Michelle’s mother is leaning back, rubbing on her chest and licking her lips. She’s clearly aroused and wants to hear more, but Aruri comes downstairs before Michelle can continue. They both quiet down and listen for him in the kitchen.

“How many times have you fucked?” her mother whispers.

Her mother continues looking out for Aruri as Michelle comes up with a devious plan. She moves closer to her mother, to continue the discussion quietly.

“At least twice a day, but usually more. We are totally addicted to each other.”

“Your father and I are still like that too. It’s like the men in this family’s dicks are perfectly designed to make a woman cum exactly the way she needs to every time; all the time.”

Michelle leans closer while pretending to look out for Aruri.

“Have you ever had serial multiple orgasms?” she seductively whispers in her mother’s ear.

Her mother leans back a little and notices how Michelle is posed. Instead of answering the question, she leans forward and kisses her daughter. They both moan in each other’s mouths as their kissing gets more passionate. Her mother leans over more and runs her hands up Michelle’s body, under the oversized shirt.

“This tight, young body,” her mother comments while pulling the shirt up and kissing her chest and waist.

Michelle arches in her mother’s arms and softly moans. She runs her hands over her mother’s head and takes her hair out of the ponytail. As her mother’s long, curly blonde hair falls, her mother’s hand find the front of her booty shorts.

“Aruri’s still in the kitchen.”

Her mother looks up at her with a grin.

“Good,” she whispers to Michelle. “Son, come in here for a second,” she yells to Aruri.

She leans off her daughter and sits back up. As Aruri comes in and stands behind the couch, Michelle pulls her shirt back down.

“What’s up?”

“Chelle was just telling me about the massage you gave her.”

Aruri looks over at Michelle shyly smiling away from him.

“Hey, it was the job.”

“And what about fucking twice a day since then?” his mother seductively asks.

He sees his mother staring at his bulge and smiles.

“No, that I do because I want to.”

“Show me,” she requests.

“What?” he and Michelle say at the same time.

Their mother stands up so that Aruri and Michelle can have the entire couch. She sits down in the chair across from the couch, to have a good view.

“You heard what I said. Show me. And don’t worry; your father will never find out about this. This is just between the three of us.”

Michelle is still a little shocked at her mother’s request, but at the same time, her pussy can’t stop quaking. She looks up at Aruri who is clearly un-phased by his mother’s request. She reaches up and grabs the front of his underwear and pulls him closer to the back of the couch. She sits in front of him and leans all the way back until his bulge is on her face.

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