3 Nisan 2021

Sleepover Ch. 01

Big Dicks

Ken’s dream was of being in quicksand, hard to move or breath. His arms and legs were like lead, the feeling of floating and not able to move.

Ken awoke and could not understand what was in his mouth and why he could not talk. He quickly realized that his mouth was filled with some kind of cloth and his eyes were blindfolded. Then he pulled on his arms and they would not move. He was tied to his bed, blindfolded and gagged!

He stopped and listened and tried to figure out what could be happening to him. He had gone to bed about 11pm. Had been a long day and his daughter Kari had wanted a slumber party and figured the girls would be up all night. Kari had invited over three of her eighteen year old girlfriends to spend the night. The three were her closest friends since he and Kari’s mom had divorced. There was Cindi, the blonde one with the well-developed breasts. Diane was the shy one who the other three bossed around like a little sister. The leader of the little group was Maria. She was a headstrong fiery Italian gal who usually got her way.

Then he heard the breathing; there was someone in the room beside just himself. Could it be the girls? Did they do this to him? Here he was tied to the bed with only his flannel pants on and nothing else.

Then he heard a low whisper, to hard to know who said it, as it was just a single word.


The voice sounded like it was from the foot of the bed.

Then a hand came from the left side of the bed and he felt it drag across his chest.

“Now you.”

Then a second hand came from the right, and it found his nipple. He felt a fingernail play with it, felt it stiffen.

“And you little one.”

He knew the one whispering had to be Maria as she often said that to Diane.

That meant the other two had to be Cindi and his daughter Kari.

As the two continued to run their hands across his chest he felt the third hand on his thigh, slowly going up and down it. As Ken started to struggle he felt his cock starting to stiffen. Slowly it got harder and harder till it was poking at the front of his flannels.

He could hear the breathing in the room starting to quicken. What they were doing to him was affecting them as much as it was him. And the türbanlı porno smell! Ken could smell the scent of a woman who was turned on, times four! They were getting as hot as he was hard.

“Open them.”

He felt two hands fumble with the buttons to the front of his flannel pants and then they were open and his hard Daddy cock was where they could all see it! He heard them sigh as they watched it snake out. He was so hard and then felt his balls pulled thru so all of his cock and balls were there to be played with.

“Stroke him.”

Ken could hear Maria whispering orders to the three of them. They were in her control as always.

“You, suck his nipple.”

“You, use both hands on his cock.”

“You, play with his balls.”

The four of them were around the bed, each getting hotter and hotter watching what they were doing to Kari’s dad. They had been planning this for months on what they would do when they had the sleepover at Kari’s house. Now they were actually doing it!

Ken’s cock was so hard as Diane worked her hands on it. A steady stream of pre-cum leaked out and Diane used it to make his cock glisten. Maria went to each of the other girls and whispered to them. They leaned over him and as they sucked on Ken’s arms and chest they made sure to let him feel their nipples and breasts against him.

Kari was soaking wet. Her pussy juice was running down her legs as she teased her father. She could hardly take her eyes of his long hard fuck-stick as little Diane stroked it.

Maria came up beside Ken and whispered in his ear.

“I know you are always watching us. I have seen that cock of yours get hard when we go swimming. Well we wanted to see just how hard it really is, and baby, its perfect! I hope you like the gift of the panties in your mouth. One of the girls got them good and wet for you. So by now you have sucked them clean and she will love to know what you think of the taste of her cum soaked panties. I will let you imagine who it is for a while, maybe it was your own daughter who wanted her Daddy to taste her!”

At the thought of that Ken’s cock got even harder!

“Look at that, his cock has a drops of man fuck juice flowing out! You, suck and chew the head!”

Ken türk porno could feel someone on the edge of the bed and then a mouth and tongue attack his cock. Oh god! One of them was sucking and chewing on it and by the sounds of the other girls, they were busy fingering themselves as they watched one of them sucking him.

“You like his cock? It tastes good? I am sure he loved your panties! Ken knows you were fucking yourself earlier knowing he would be tasting you on them. Oh suck it good, you know you want to. You know its all you talk about doing! Right Kari?”

Kari! His own daughter was the one sucking him and he had been sucking on her panties!! At that Ken started to cum! Kari was so turned on. Her daddy knew she was sucking him and that made him cum! She could not believe how hot his cum was, as stream upon stream shot out. She could feel Cindi’s fingers playing with her clit and she started to cum as Daddy filled her mouth. So much cum!

“Take his gag off girls!”

Ken felt the gag come off and even before he could say anything a wet pussy was on his face covering it.

“Eat it, you have three more after that one to do and we plan to each ride you too!”

Kari kept on sucking her Daddy’s cock and it never even got soft but started to harden more. Diane pulled Kari’s head back and slipped Ken’s cock into her wet pussy.

“Ok Ken, time for you to get some young pussy, so fuck me hard and be sure to eat poor Cindi as she is always using a dildo on herself, thinking of how much she wants a guy to eat her!”

The two of them rode up and down on Ken’s cock and face and before long both ends were covered in girl cum. As each girl would cum, another would take her place until each had cum twice, once on his cock and once on his face.

After about an hour, Ken was exhausted after cumming a third time. He was not sure who got the second load but knew his daughter got the third load deep in her fertile pussy.

They left him tied up, covered in pussy juice, and turned out the light.

Next morning, Diane’s mother Joan stopped over to pick her up. She was almost as shy as Diane. She had known Ken for a long time and had always wanted to go out with him but was just to shy to ask.

Maria türkçe alt yazı porno was up when she showed up at 10am.

“Is Diane up yet Maria?” asked Joan.

“She is getting ready. Ken had wanted to talk to you before you go. Said to come in to his room before you leave.”

Maria walked with Joan to his room and opened the door. As Joan walked in, Maria closed the door and locked it from the outside.

Joan could not believe what she saw! Ken was naked and tied to the bed. The room smelled of pussy juice and cum. His cock was just lying there. He was blindfolded but not gagged.

“Have you come back to fuck me again?” asked Ken not knowing it was Joan.

Joan watched as his cock started to stiffen. She could not believe she was watching it happen. She could feel her panties getting wet and her nipples were already hard.

“Come on, I know you want to ride me again like you did last night! I want each of you on my face again, want to stick my tongue up each of you and taste my Daddy cum in you!” Ken said as his cock bobbed up and down thinking about it.

Joan could not believe what Ken had said! He had fucked all of them but by the looks of it they had used him as a fuck-toy too.

Joan realized that the girls had wanted her to see him like this, to know what they had done. Her hand found her pussy under her skirt and started to play with it. Joan quickly had her skirt down and her thong pulled aside, she was getting hot thinking of her daughter getting fucked. Oh my, he even fucked his own daughter! At that Joan started to wet her panties with cum. They were soaked.

Joan crawled on the bed and placed her wet panty covered pussy next to Ken’s mouth and backed up till she started to feel him eating her. As his mouth devoured her wetness she felt another strong cum and covered his face in more juice.

Then the door opened up!

The four girls walked it.

“Mom what are you doing to him!” said Diane as she came up and slapped her mom’s ass.

Ken then realized that it was Joan who he was eating!

“Go on Joan, get some of my cock in your mouth, you will LOVE the taste, some of its even your daughters!” Ken moaned.

At that Joan buried his cock in her mouth and felt it start to pulse, as a load of cum was shoot straight down her throat!

“Mom, can we have the next sleepover at our house next?” asked Diane with a smile!

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