3 Kasım 2021



SOLDIER FUCKS (PART 2)From the previous episode Maureen was watching from outside Mike’s office,Mike’s head suddenly snapped backwards in a lustful grimace, his eyes spotting Maureen through the mirror as he slammed his tool as deep as he could into Maria’s ass. A sneer crossed his face as Maria could feel him expanding inside her and used her muscles to try to contain his ejaculation. She was excited that he was Cumming inside her ass, Mike gave Maureen a sly wink and roared as he flooded her draughts ass. The first, scorching hot jet of semen hit Maria like a bolt of lightning and made her gasp out loud. She was unaware that her mother was watching the big soldier fuck his big cock deep inside her, something Maria’s husband had never done. With a final thrust still keeping eye contact with Maureen, he rammed his cock deeper into Maria’s ass, her body was jolted forward and another bolt of pleasure shot through her as a further spurt of jism filled her.Maria screamed as her ass filled with come, her pussy spat out her lady juices all over the mirror, Maria had never squirted come with her husband Gary but here she was squirting come for the big soldier as he filled her ass.With his cock still embedded in Maria’s ass, Mike looked out the window and clicked his fingers, he pointed to his office door making sure Maureen understood he required her. Maureen moved away and made her way to the soldiers office door.Pulling out his 8” fat cock from the married sluts ass Maria fell onto her knees, come leaking from her ass as she stared down she noticed her ringed finger. With a show of impulse she removed her wedding ring. Still kneeling she looked at the god like man who had just fucked the shit out of her.“Please Mike, take this as a show of my dedication to you, from this point on i want to be your woman, wife slut anything but as my man you deserve my ring”. Mike laugh “honey i just took the only ring worth anything”, “but if you are prepared to go the distance i will make you my whore, happy with that?”Maria naked on her knees looked at Mike,” kocaeli escort here take my wedding ring and i am yours” taking the ring Mike slipped it over his dog tags.“go clean up in my shower room and take your time, i have an issue i want to take care off”. Maria stood grabbing her clothes and went to the shower room, Mike pulled up his trousers and went to his office door.“in” was his only command.Maureen walked slowly into the big soldiers office, “so like the show bitch, like seeing your baby being fucked up the ass?”Maureen tried to be dignified, “what you and my daughter get up to is none of my business!”Mike moved to his draw and pulled out a bottle of scotch, “drink?”Maureen nodded; Mike passed her a glass with a very large measure in it.“well, i guess blue” shocked as she took a small sip of drink Mike had started the game from last year very quickly.“no” Maureen whispered“prove it “ Mike retorted.Maureen hooked her hand into her blouse and pulled out her bra strap.“matching?”Maureen let go of the bra strap and pulled up the thin side of her lace black knickers.“happy? You lose this year”Mike crossed the room quickly and snarled into Maureen’s ear.“i haven’t lost fuck all bitch, i asked a question now I’m going to show you who you really are, just a cheap fuck like your daughter”Mikes breath was hot on her neck, his presence was trapping her against the same locker that she had witnessed her daughter getting fucked on.“please Mike you have had your fun with Maria, I’m too old for you, besides i haven’t been near a man since my husband died”Mike laughed “show me”Confused Maureen asked “pardon? Show you what”Again close to her neck Mike snarled and growled, “you know bitch, i want to see you show me the full set”“but, but, i have shown you already” Maureen trembled her answer.“NOW” Mike shouted, this alerted Maria in the shower, still wet and naked she moved to the shower room door and listened.Unaware her mother was only 3 feet the other side of the door. Maureen with trembling hands reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. kocaeli escort bayan With head lowered not to make eye contact with the big soldier, she was very ashamed of the actions she was undertaking. “please, i beg you please” Maureen pleaded“keep going bitch” was the only reply she received.With the blouse undone and her very nice 36e breasts still held firm by the black bra Maureen looked up.“keep going”Maureen removed the blouse and let it fall to the floor“and now the skirt” Mike CommandedMaureen went to raise her skirt but Mike stopped her, “remove it”Maureen’s hands moved to the side of her skirt and unbuttoned the lowered the zip, with a small sway of her hips the long black skirt joined the skirt on the ground. This left Maureen stood in matching Lace Black knickers and bra with hold up stockings showing her as a mature woman.Mike slowly moved his hand over Maureen’s paunch stomach his fingers slipped into the top of her lace knickers, looking her in the eyes Maureen was shocked that here was a man trailing his finger over the top of her pussy that only her husband had previously been.Mike turned Maureen’s head and kissed her neck, this sent a shiver down her spin. “ready? “ Mike asked into her ear, with a dry throat and a slow nod of her head Mike swiftly rammed his fingers down and under Maureen’s knickers in a nano second Mike’s big finger was firmly embedded in Maureen’s very wet cunt.Mike roughly and swiftly brought the old bitch to her first male climax in 5 years. Maureen’s pussy juices flooded just as her daughter had previously, cunt juice leaked all over Mike’s hand, reaching behind, Mike loosened Maureen’s bra. Her big 36e tits came into view. Mike bent down and bit hard on her right tit making Maureen gasp out loud. With the scream and shock gave Maria the excuse to leave the shower, she entered the room as her mother was being finger fucked hard by the man she now belonged to.“what a slut” Maria scorned her mum as Mike continued to finger her. “on your knee slut” Mike demanded.Without a thought watched on by izmit escort Maria, Maureen slipped to her knees, without request unzipped Mike, pulled out his fat hard cock and started to blow the soldier.Maureen had years of pent up frustration within her body now here she was on her knees sucking a cock that ten minutes earlier had been fucking her own daughters ass. Maureen sucked then spat and sucked some move. “face fuck her darling, choke the hag!” was Maria’s demandMike ordered Maureen to put her hands behind her back, this she did. Grabbing a good handful of Maureen’s should length blonde hair, Mike rammed his cock deep into the old widow’s throat. Coughing and choking Maureen kneeled as Mike’s big fat cock ****d her mouth.“hurt her, hurt the fucking old slag” Maria pleaded hoping that Mike would ruin her mother.Deeper and deeper Mike forced his cock into Maureen’s throat, Maria leaned in taking a good grip of the fat cock she pulled it out of her mother’s mouth and proceeded to slap it hard off the cheeks of her mum.Still holding Maureen’s hair Mike lifted Maureen up and spun her over and bent her over his desk, without ceremony Mike rammed his cock straight into the old girls cunt.Years of frustration had the old lady wetter than she had ever been. “fuck me, fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee” Maureen screamed Mike pumped his fat cock deep into the older bitch’s cunt. Fast and faster Mike fucked Maureen, making her scream.“fuck bitch, you are so wet, “ Maureen with her large tits knocking together, bent over Mike’s desk getting the shit fucked out of her looked up to see Maria had moved and was now sat in Mike’s chair. She had a sneer on her face, “breed that slut Mike, breed her good” Mike laughed and slapped Maureen’s ass pulling hard on her hips Mike unloaded another hot bolt of come into the old girl. Twice within an hour Mike had planted his seed in Mother and daughter.Mike stepped back as his come leaked out of the old bitches cunt, pulling up his trousers he pulled out his business card giving it to Maria “go over to my place, the address is on the card, i will be over later tonight, i might bring some one over to join the fun”Maria giggled and whispered into Mike’s ear “if you bring someone can they be black, i would love it if mum gets ruined by a nigger”

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