5 Nisan 2021

Spying on Mom Ch. 02


All characters in this work of fiction are over 18.


“My nipples, John – you could start rubbing them again.” These were the first words that Kelli was able to utter as her head began to clear from the fog of her mind blowing orgasm.

“Just be a little more gentle now. Right – nice and gentle – mmm.” Then, recalling her climax, “That was so AMAZING!” Finally, as other senses and faculties started to register, “My god, you’re still hard!” With that she began, once more, slowly rocking her hips.

“How could I not be,” John whispered, although, in truth, even he was surprised. John’s still muddled brain responded reflexively to the word “nipple,” and he restarted his massage of those ever so stiff nubbins despite the fact that he could not have told you the time of day, the day of the week, or even in what city he lived.

Two minutes prior, despite all odds, neither John nor Kelli had lost their balance while simultaneously writhing through the most sensual, erotic, and explosive orgasms that either had ever experienced. Kelli, despite her extensive practice at maintaining perfect silence during her private, in-class, nipple orgasms, had not been able to hold back from emitting a long, low guttural moan. John, for his part, simply had held his breath until the urge to breathe became too great. He was still planting ever more of his seed in his sister even at that point.

All he knew was that he was DEFINITELY no longer a virgin, that he had just poured buckets of hot cum deep, deep inside his super-hot sister’s sopping pussy, that he was still holding her sensuous, firm, D cup tits, that they were both naked, and that he had just watched his Mom, Marie, experience her own intense nipple orgasm by spying on her through her bedroom window. In fact, through it all (and even now), his eyes were focused firmly on Marie’s throbbing nipples as they rocked back and forth on the tips of her upturned boobs as Marie’s continued to pant, face up, on her bed. The way her turgid nipples both lined up in profile was a sight contributing to his rigidity – he loved that view!

Marie’s intense nipple orgasm had been brought on by nipple play (lots of nipple play), the erotic display of her underboob in the mirror, including portions of her areolas, in the mirco-bikini, and the final tweak that her nipples had experienced when they popped free from the bikini top. That, along with the growing and exciting resolve to wear such a scanty bikini in front of her own son. Add to that the fact that her nipples, previously perched just over the edge of her half cup bra, had kept her sexually charged at work, and that final nipple pop pushed her over the edge – WAY over the edge!

For her part, Marie was also fighting through the fog of her own orgasm. As she did so, her hands rose to the exposed undersides of her breasts, which she gently caressed before her fingers drifted north to find her nipples, which she very gently pulled and twisted as she relived the intensity of her explosion.

Then, reality crept back in. “The kids – they’re waiting for me at the pool!” she whispered. “I’m surprised they haven’t come to check on me.” But first, she realized, she’d need to clean up down below in the bathroom. She rose on unsteady legs, nipples still exposed under the tiny bikini top, and headed out of her bedroom door.

“Um … Sis, I think we’d better find a way to clean up, don’t you?” Nevertheless, he kept slowly pumping his dick into her and playing with her nipples.

“Don’t panic – she doesn’t have on the bikini bottom yet. Probably cleaning herself up. But you’re right. Give one more big thrust and let’s get to the pool. Oh, that feels good!”

“You want to just jump in the pool? But what about all of our – uh – fluids?”

“That’s what we’ve got chlorine for, silly. Oops – she’s coming back in for her bottom piece. Stay low, grab your suit and hurry!”

John took one more glance through his Mom’s window. Amazing! Her nipples were still stiff and still poking out from under the bikini patches. But then he turned to follow Kelli’s trim ass down the path, marveling at how her swaying boobs bobbed out left and right as she crouched out into the open.

Still naked, they walked into the pool and dunked down to shoulder depth while wiping away the residue of their encounter. “Jeez, John, how much spunk did you plant inside me? I don’t think it’s ever going to stop oozing out. Here – help me with my top.”

John, who had swished his slowly shrinking dick around in the water and had pulled up his trunks, fumbled with the straps, standing behind Kelli. “This is another silly question, Sis, but … this is our little secret, right?”

“Hey – incest may be legal here, so long as we don’t marry, but remember, Mom’s a lawyer AND my mother. No telling what she might do to you.” With that, John’s dick shriveled to the size of a gherkin just as he finished the last tie.

Sensing John’s canlı bahis deflation, Kelli swung around, gave him a wink, and flashed him a dazzling smile. “I’m kidding, John! I’ll only tell on you if we DON’T do this again. And again. And again! Come on, race you to the end of the pool!”

Poor John was left with an image of Kelli’s buoyant boobs, hard nipples clear as day under the transparent bikini, and a head still spinning at Kelli’s topsy turvy banter. But in a few quick free style stokes he had caught up with his breasts stroking sister.

Marie, meanwhile, had pulled up the thong bottom of her suit, then glanced in the mirror. “Oh, my, those are stiff nipples,” she murmured, “but it’s time to put you away, at least for now.” Reluctantly, she adjusted the triangles of cloth to cover her nips and yes, even her areolas. But the strength of her orgasm had left her more, not less, determined to see whether she could wrest John’s attention from his sexy sister. She wasn’t sure where things were going, but she knew that she’d denied herself for far too long.

In fact, as she walked through the house, boobs wobbling softly, the powerful nipple orgasm took her back 24 years to her old lover Rod. She had soon learned he was a jerk, but he certainly did know how to work both her boobs AND her pussy. The more that memory played out, the more Marie realized that playing with her nipples was not enough – she needed a man to fill her up the way her fingers never could.

When Marie opened the patio door, her two children, now both breasts stroking at the near end of the pool, came to an immediate stop. Of course, they would need to at least feign surprise at her skimpy suit (which, in theory, they had never seen being worn before), but when Marie sauntered into the sunlight, they truly were awestruck.

Marie’s nipples had never really gone down, and now, seeing that both children were checking her out, they turned to little pebbles. Well, medium sized pebbles, nubbins that the thin cloth could not hide, opaque though it was. Plus, although her areolas had been covered when she last checked the mirror, her wobbling bosoms had caused the suit to slip JUST enough for their darker colored skin to slip down into the daylight.

“Wow, Mom – you look awesome!” Kelli exclaimed as Marie daintily sat down at the edge of the pool, dangling her legs in the warm water. “That suit does more for you than I’d imagined!”

John, whose cock was definitely stirring back to life, felt an elbow to the ribs. “Yeah – I mean, yes, Mom, you look … uh … fantastic.”

Despite herself, Marie felt her cheeks flush as she replied, “Well, thank you, children, it’s been a long time since anyone has told me that. At least anyone who means anything to me,” she amended, remembering some leering jerks at work.

She could feel John’s eyes wandering all over her nearly naked body, but most of his attention was clearly on her breasts. A sly smile crept onto her face, and she clenched her thighs together as a warmth washed through her. She made no attempt to cover the obvious protrusions that her nipples made in her suit, only wishing, instead, that she could free them and twist them while watching John’s expression. Her eyes glazed over at the images and sensations playing out in her mind.

“We’ve been doing laps for quite a while now,” Kelli improvised, “did you get another phone call or something?”

In her sexual reverie, her long absence had slipped Marie’s mind, so she was thankful for Kelli’s prompt. “Um .. yes,” she stammered, “but I was able to walk the staff through the forms over the phone, so I didn’t have to go in again.”

John, who had not stopped taking in his mother’s underboob, stiff nipples, and partially exposed areolas, felt another jab to his ribs.

“Oh … Glad to hear that, Mom. Want to join us?”

“Well … maybe a lap or two would feel good.”

Five minutes later, Marie confessed, “Wow, am I out of shape! I think those are the first laps I’ve swum all summer.” With that, she pulled herself up onto the edge of the pool, unaware that the exercise had increased the amount of areola that she was now showing. Once again, only the stitching of the cups and the semi aroused state of her nipples was keeping her nips from sliding out from below the edge of the suit.

“Guess I’ve had enough, too,” Kelli declared as she started to climb out. Then, thinking quickly, she looked down to “discover” how transparent her wet bikini was. Not only that, the flow of water over her tits had succeeded in pulling her cups down until not only the tops of her areolas were exposed through the upper mesh section, but both nipples were as well. “Oops – guess I should have checked before,” she said, quickly covering her nips and sliding back into the pool. “Could you get me a towel, Mom?”

Marie followed Kelli’s eyes, and found her own widening. “Wow – I mean, sure, Kelli, hold on.” After the semi-transparent bahis siteleri top Kelli had worn in the morning, Marie knew that Kelli was escalating her tease – but that bikini might as well not have been there! All it did was color her boobs a light shade of baby blue. And despite the workout, and the warm air, Kelli’s nipples were, well, just as stiff as Marie’s.

As she walked back to the house, John let out a low whistle as he got a good view of Marie’s basically naked backside. “Whew! I guess there really is something to this genetics thing,” John whispered.

“Dang, I hope I can look that good at 42,” Kellie quietly agreed. Meanwhile, she reached over to take a swipe at John’s trunks, confirming the suspected hardon.

“Quit it, Kelli – I don’t know how I’m going to get out of the pool, and you’re not helping!”

Marie continued to ruminate on Kelli’s suit. She wondered if this ‘I should have checked’ story was a ruse, or, more likely, that Kelli had intended to drive her brother crazy. But to what end? Was she just a PT, or did she “want” him. Either way, if Marie was going to wrest John’s attention away from Kelli, she might need to up her game. Damn, the girl’s boobs were flawless, generous, and so sexy with those basically bare nipples poking through. Perhaps this towel thing could work to her advantage. She picked a large one from the bin and headed back.

As Marie sauntered back, she carefully held the towel to the side so as to show off her toned body and gently swaying boobs (and, though she did not know it, more and more of her areolas). Kelli climbed out of the pool and wrapped the proffered beach towel around her.

John, who was just treading water and gawking, couldn’t keep his eyes off his mother’s boobs. It was hard to believe that a nipple wasn’t going to escape at any moment, and he didn’t want to miss the event. But he surely couldn’t come out of the pool, so he just continued to gawk.

“Whatcha doin’, lov … big brother?” Kelli felt her cheeks redden, realizing she’d almost let “lover boy” slip out. Only Marie’s eyes betrayed that fact that she’d caught what Kelli might have started to say, but Kelli was looking at John and John only had eyes for Marie’s nipples. Too bad about Kelli’s nips being temporarily covered, but he wasn’t complaining.

“Oh, um, I was trying to decide whether to get out or do a few more laps. I guess a little more swimming would be good – I don’t get enough exercise at the club.” Also, he reasoned, maybe he could relax a little if he swam hard. Okay, if he swam “with vigor;” the “hard” was what he hoped would subside.

“Suit yourself,” Marie said, “I think I’m going to make myself a cocktail – I think I’ve earned it after this week. Well, this last six months. Would either of you like a cocktail?” “Cock” she thought to herself, knowing why she had repeated the word “cocktail.” If only I could whip one up, as it were, in the kitchen, just for my own private use.

“Gin and tonic would be great,” the siblings called out in unison.

As Marie walked back to the house, her mind was pulled in several directions. Perhaps foremost were the sensations from her boobs, which were only loosely constrained by the tiny patches of cloth that made up her bikini top. The way they wobbled was hard to ignore, and she found, even though no one could see, that she could not resist adding an extra bounce to her step. Damn it feels good to let my boobs bounce, she thought! In fact, she could not wait to get inside to give her nipples some attention.

Second, she found herself reliving the feeling of knowing that her son seemed to be captivated by the sight of her near naked tits. The way he had starred at her breasts made her pussy tingle, and she knew that the warmth she felt was leading to a flow of juices down below.

But speaking of juices, she felt her competitive juices rising when she thought of how John had been torn between looking at her underboob exposure vs his sister’s basically naked tits! Marie had to admit that her daughter was quite a looker, but that didn’t make her feel any better about her goal of having her own tits be the focus of John’s attention.

Once she was inside, with the bright sunlight giving her protection from any prying eyes outside, she paused to look in the hallway mirror. Dang! Her areolas were both exposed from the underside of her bikini; had her bouncing approach to the house caused them to slip into view, or was that one reason that John seemed intent on staring at her breasts?

Well, no way to tell now. With a quick glance outside to confirm that her children were still at the pool, Marie quickly lifted the two bikini cups the last half inch to expose her very stiff nipples. This time, instead of pulling on her nipples until they slipped from her fingers, she gripped her nips tightly with thumb and index finger, then used her remaining fingers to bobble her ample breast flesh. Ohhhhh, that feels bahis şirketleri SO good, she thought. She loved feeling her boobs wobbling, plus the action really translated into amazing nipple stimulation. Almost immediately, a mini orgasm overtook her, and she fought for balance while maintaining the grip on her nipples.

As much as she wanted to keep playing with her nipples, she forced herself to stagger into the kitchen to make the drinks. But to keep her level of sexual excitement near its peak, she left her nipples exposed; she would cover them before she went back outside, she told herself. She looked down at her very stiff nips every few seconds and rubbed them frequently between the routine motions of mixing the drinks. God, was she hot – and wet.

Kelli, meanwhile, was also feeling the pressure to compete. Sure, with her suit fully wet, her boobs and her stiff nipples were as clear as day, but her Mom’s suit was a challenge to controlling John’s attention. Instinctively she knew that the accidental exposure of Marie’s areolas was more erotic than her own more blatant nakedness.

As John touched the far wall, therefore, Kelli figured it was time to up the ante. With the towel still around her shoulders and her back to the house, Kelli pulled her bikini cups out to the sides, allowing her ample breasts to pop out fully free of the flimsy cloth. Flimsy though it was, however, it DID push in from the sides, giving Kelli a mile of cleavage between her very stiff nipples.

John, meanwhile, was still having a “hard” time. No matter how much energy he put into his swimming, he could not move his mind away from his mother’s erotic display of underboob and his sister’s more deliberately naked tits and stiff nipples. All his mind could see was the exposed breast flesh from both females, his mother’s seemingly inadvertent display of her areolas, and his sister’s very blatant display of her basically naked tits and nipples pointing out hard and proud despite the heat. Not to mention the memory of spewing gallons of his seed inside his sister’s tight pussy not long ago.

As John approached Kelli’s dangling legs, she reached up with both hands to cup her abundant boobs while twisting both of her nipples with her finger tips. As John surfaced and prepared to turn, she caught his eye and intoned, “Hot enough for you, John?”

Poor John, while trying to turn, was struck dumb by his sister’s erotic actions – but yet the urge to breath caught up with him, and he found himself inhaling a mouthful of pool water.

Pausing to cough, he managed, “Jesus … (cough, cough) … Kelli! You’re not making this any easier for me!”

“Very perceptive, lover boy. In fact, from now on, you can count on me being ‘easy’ and me keeping you hard. How’s the swim working for you?” she asked, smiling impudently and continuing to pull and twist her crinkled nipples.

“You know that Mom could be back any second, right? Damn but your hot! I’d better try another lap.”

“Oh, I can cover up in a second,” purred Kelli as she pulled the now nearly (but only nearly) opaque cloth over her nipples. “But how are YOU going to get out of the pool?” she queried, with a lilt in her voice and a wink in her eye.

“Damn, you’re a frigging siren,” John called over his should as he started another lap.

As he pulled away, Kelli uncovered her boobs once more, found her stiff nipples, and began teasing those pulsating nubbins again. She had really been turned on having John just openly stare at her boobs all day, since sidelong glances were all he’d ever allowed himself before. And she just loved the way his eyes caressed the curves of her more than ample boobs and toyed back and forth with her nipples, one nip after the other nip, after the other nip. She’d never thought of exhibitionism, but his attention to her tits was certainly was amping up the sensitivity of her nipples today.

And having learned that he had been watching through her window (and cumming on her window sill!) was another turn on. What kind of shows must she have given him? Surely, he would have seen her at least casually playing with her nipples, since that was an almost constant preoccupation. Well, make that just “constant.” But had he watched her have one of her frequent nipple orgasms? The thought intrigued and excited her.

In any event, he wasn’t watching now, but her nipples were out, they were hard, and Mom was behind her and inside. That’s all the excuse she needed to pick up the action on her nipples. Who knew how long Mom would be inside, and her nipples were begging for some rougher play! And she so loved toying with her nipples. In moments, she closed her eyes and thought back to how much she had enjoyed being filled with John’s huge cock while he played with her nips and they both watched Mom and her own nipple play.

Pinching her nipples with more purpose, she squeezed her thighs together in response to the urgent signals from her clit. She felt a mini-orgasm building rapidly. Playing with her nipples out in the open like this, with real risk of discovery, added two new spices to the eroticism of playing with her nips, and they were hot spices indeed!

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