28 Haziran 2021

Stealing Mom’s Skirt


Stealing Mom’s SkirtI listened nervously for sounds from downstairs, although I knew I was alone. Mom was working late. I had hours. I turned the doorknob and shuffled into her room.Her closet door was open, and it looked like a bomb went off inside. For as hard as she was on me to keep my room tidy she didn’t take her own advice. Skirts and pants pooled on the floor. Used panties hung over the side of the hamper. Shoes lay were they landed when she kicked them off after a long day.I saw what I was after. The black A-line skirt, cute with pleats and polka dots, was hanging up, way in the back corner. I’d never seen her wear it. I took it from the hanger and let the soft, flowing fabric sift through my fingers.The hair on the back of my neck stood up and my heart flew canlı bahis into my throat. I had worn pairs of her panties before, but that was about pleasure, about getting off and having something, anything of a woman’s nearby. But I couldn’t wear a skirt. Could I? I wanted to. Why did I want to?My eyes flickered to the corner, where a pile of old clothes had fallen forgotten behind the hanging things. The fuzzy, soft pink sweater was in my hand in a flash and before I knew what I was doing, I was holding it up to my chest and the skirt to my waist and I knew I had to do it. I had to do it all the way.I threw the sweater and skirt out of the closet towards her bed and got on my knees. Her heels were spread all over. But I found the ones I wanted, the black pumps with the bahis siteleri t-strap she wore on dates sometimes. I tried to squeeze it on my foot. It fit, barely, and it pinched my toes, but I didn’t care.I found the other heel and ran out of the closet to her dresser, throwing open the drawers. It was mom underwear, all cotton panties and high-waisted bottoms. The sock drawer had socks in it. Shocker, right? But I knew she had more. She wore stockings on her dates. Where were they?Under the bed.The long, low box slid right out and folded open. And inside was a treasure trove. Panties and thongs and bras and stockings and garters. I picked up a pair of bright red thigh highs and my little cock nearly erupted. But it was the nude stockings with the black seams I needed. bahis şirketleri They were close to the top. I pulled them out. I knew there was a garter belt. I had no idea how it worked, but I knew I needed it. I plunged my hand into the box and…The vibrator.It was huge. Way bigger than me. I gulped when I saw it. I looked at it transfixed. I pulled it out slowly, carefully, like it was radioactive and placed it on the bed. The garter belt was underneath.I don’t know how I got everything on. I don’t remember. From the minute the stockings rolled up my legs, I was gone. I knew this was me, this was who I would be. I lay on her bed, writhing around feeling the bra and sweater rub together, and how the skirt felt against my skin and against my nylons.I rubbed my little cock so hard. My other hand grasped the comforter, pulling it. And I felt something. Plastic. Soft and firm all at once.The vibrator.I gulped as I ran my finger up and down it. I looked at Mom’s alarm clock.I have time…

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