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SteeleMandy Deakin enjoyed life. Her job was good, pay was great, and everything seemed to be going along swimmingly.Pretty, blonde, with a bubbly and attractive personality, not to mention a great set of breasts, it was hard to see from her friends perspectives why she couldn’t seem to settle with a partner.Ben Steele ran Steele Logistics single-handedly. A renowned shipping and haulage contractor, he’d massively turned around the fortunes of a aged and declining family business.He was widely respected in his industry as being fiery and tough to please. But his employees were treated fairly and paid handsomely, for the price of loyal dedication and personal responsibility. From the toilet cleaners, to the drivers and stevedores, to the senior management team, everybody took pride in their opportunity to work for Steele Logistics, none more so than the Personal Assistant to Ben Steele, Mandy Deakin.Steele Logistics HQ was a new building, built on the same site as the original Victorian offering, It was an all polished steel and concrete affair, but with lots of original features still included.Three floors of the modest sized building housed the management, planning and development departments. On the roof, accessed through a glazed walkway held a large ante room with a semi secluded alcove for the PA.Through a heavy Teak door, sat a modest office, Where the brilliant mind of Ben Steele planned his next development.He sat the glass desk and sipped at a Brazilian coffee when his intercom buzzed discreetly’Mr Steele, The SMT are gathered in the boardroom’Steele pressed the button on the microphone, ‘Thank-you Mandy’Steele waited til his cup was empty, then got up, and walked quietly to the door. He gazed over his personal assistant, smiling to himself as she squirmed slightly.She jumped as he spoke to her’Can you get some coffee sent to the boardroom Mandy?’Steele smiled inwardly as Mandy gently bit her lip as she answered’Of course Mr Steele, I’ll get it sent down’Two hours later, Steele walked back along the glazed walkway, pausing to admire a RSKR container ship being steadily unloaded in the distance, A veritable swarm of cranes and stackers moved containers from the ship to either a waiting Skeleton truck, or into the holding yard.Mandy stood as he walked into the anteroom, and motioned to a figure in the corner’Mr Steele, A Mr Cartwright here, has a urgent need to speak with you’Steele nodded, ignoring the older man’I need to speak with you first’ he instructed Mandy.Mandy smiled an apologetic smile to Mr Cartwright, and followed Steele into his office.Mr Cartwright watched as the young PA’s firm buttocks sway seductively as she walked.Steele was sat in his executive chair, waiting for Mandy.’Time for your change isn’t it?’ he asked, knowing the answer.Mandy nodded ‘That is correct Mr Steele’Mandy moved closer to the desk, hitched her pin striped skirt over her hips and bent over the desk. Nestled between her buttocks was a black latex square.Steele took one hand and slid his fingers around to grasp the square, and pulled gently. Mandy’s pale flesh turned whiter as the skin around her sphincter was stretched, before her sphincter began to expand to allow the plug that filled her bowel to escape.She made only a slight gasp as the large plug plopped from her ass.’Let me see it’ Steele askedMandy reached behind herself and pulled her buttocks apart. Revealing her innermost recesses to her employer through her stretched and gaping sphincter.Steele smiled at the sight. If only the management knew, if only old Cartwright knew.He reached into the bottom drawer of his desk, and picked out a similar looking butt plug that Mandy had been wearing, only slightly larger.He thought about adding a little lube to ease proceedings, but one glance at Mandy’s gaping and distended butt, leaking its clear viscous goo, and he decided not to. Holding the plug by its base, he held the rounded point end at her opening, then twirled the latex around, picking up the clear goo. Then with care, he pressed the plug against her, allowing her sphincter to open of its own accord and stretch around the thick latex.Steele was astute enough to know that even though Mandy got off on being trained by him, and was naturally submissive, it wouldn’t do to force her, or cause undue pain. He had a lot at risk by doing such activities, and it paid to keep Mandy happy, if only for the sake of her being damn good at her job, and Steele would never admit this, but damn near irreplaceable.Mandy only groaned very softly as the largest plug pushed inside her, she enjoyed the stretch, and appreciated Steele not ramming the plug up inside her, although she’d do her best not to complain if he did feel like ramming it inside her.When the plug tapered inwards, and her sphincter closed around the narrow neck of the plug, Mandy stood gingerly, and smoothed down her skirt.They shared a knowing smile, before Mandy gingerly walked out.’Mr Steele will see you now’ Mandy announced with a bright smile.Mr Cartwright looked up ‘About bloody time too’Cartwright watched the PA walk back to her desk and sit down carefully. He noticed the tender way she sat down. He was too long in the tooth to not be a shrewd judge of character, yet his mind was elsewhere.Cartwright and Steele were old adversaries. Cartwright owned and operated a small scrap merchants on the dock-side. Steele Logistics owned the entire dock, apart from this small yard.It was no secret, even in the istanbul escort national media that Steele wanted that land, it was the last piece in the jigsaw of the massive expansion plan that had been created a decade ago.Once they had ownership of the scrap yard, the plan was to raze the entire place, demolish the wharf, almost double the docking area, create a new dockside, with deeper water to accommodate the latest super container carriers.’Sit down Carl, can I get you a drink?’ Steele opened courteously’No thanks”So, this urgent need?’ Steele answeredCartwright stopped and looked at his clasped handsAfter about two minutes he looked up.’I know we have never seen eye to eye Steele, it’s never been personal, but the yard is all I’ve ever had. Its well documented in the papers, that I’ve not exactly spoilt for ready cash. But the truth is….’He paused again’Nobody knows this… But I have a daughter, out in Oz never got to know her, but always sent my portion of her upkeep. Turns out she hung with a bad crowd and got into debt, she overdosed on heroin.She was a good girl, is a good girl, been clean for 6 months now, got a decent sort of chap, and they are getting married soon. I’ve done what I can, I’ve paid for the debt, and now I just want the chance to make amends with her before its too late.’Cartwright looked up, his hard eyes damp at the corners.Despite his fierce reputation, Ben Steele was compassionate at heart, and he softened’Why before its too late Carl?”I’m dying Steele. Cancer. Less than 3 months”Oh no, that’s terrible, I’m sorry to hear that”That’s the way it is laddie, nothing to be done, so I’ve accepted it. Now. The yard, hardly makes any money any more, not since that Chester’s place opened. I cant take it with me, so I’m here to strike a deal’Steele paused, although it was a momentous occasion, he felt bad for his long time foe.’Ok, well, we can’t sort it out here and now, as much as we both would like to, so we shall have to reconvene with our legal teams and sort out a deal as soon as possible’Cartwright was silent, and looking at his hands again, but looked up after a few minutes.A single tear ran from his left eye.He stood and offered a handSteele stood and firmly grasped his hand’Your a good man Steele’ Cartwright gasped, wiping the tear away with a rough calloused hand ‘A pity we couldn’t have started something good together, but thats business”True’ Steele replied, reaching to pat his elder on the back ‘don’t worry, I’ll work something out, with no underhand games, this is more than business, this is family’Mandy looked up to see Cartwright walk through the door, his large withered hands rubbing at his eyes.The buzzer on her desk lit up, and she let herself into the office’Is everything OK Mr Steele?’ She asked concernedly, seeing her employer looking pale, yet flushed.’I could use a whisky”Certainly Mr Steele’Mandy moved to a Victorian liquor cabinet, throwback to Steele’s Victorian ancestors, and selected a bottle of Makers Mark 46. Slipped a hefty slug into a tumbler, and handed to her employer.Steele took a hit of the whisky, savouring the dark caramel flavour.He looked up at Mandy, who stood watching him concernedly.’I’m going out for a while’ Steele announced, getting up suddenly, and pacing to the door before Mandy could ask why.Mandy let him go, and took the opportunity to clear his desk of coffee cups and remnants of the whisky.Then she cancelled a meeting for after lunch with planners, that could wait for another day.She phoned the chauffeur to see where Steele was.The chauffeur hadn’t seen Steele all day.She sat at her desk and sorted few more things, wondering what Cartwright had done to make Steele so unnerved.She tried his work and personal phones, both switched off.Thinking, she came with 3 places he could be.Mandy took an executive decision to take an early lunch, and go to find Steele. but first she switched her phone to voicemail, and her computer to ‘Out of office’Because of her going out in public, she took the opportunity to pull on a pair of knickers, just as insurance.She sighed as she got into her white Audi, the large anal invader causing a small cramp of her bowel.Each time her left foot depressed the clutch, her weight would shift causing the plug to move inside her.An hour of driving around later, and she was still wondering where Steele could be.A flash of inspiration came to her, and she span the wheel in a tight u-turn and headed back towards the docks.Just as she approached the docks road, a small road split off to the left.A the top of the hill, was a small church with an immaculate small grave yard surrounding it.Mandy parked the car, and wandered through the headstones.At the outermost line of headstones, sat a drunk Steele.Mandy carefully knelt next to him, putting an arm around his shoulder’Are you ok Ben?’ she asked quietlySteele said nothing for a while, before swallowing hard’We got it’ he said quietlyMandy stroked his back gently, persuading him to go on’The Cartwright yard, he’s negotiating a deal”Wow, that’s brilliant news’ Mandy smiled ‘So why are you here?”My family is everything to me, and I have nothing left’He pointed to a headstoneOlivia Jane Steele1995-2004Taken early, eternally resting in peace’My daughter’ Steele said softly ‘Drink driver, never even saw her’He swallowed hard’Nina couldn’t take it, and left to go back to New Jersey”Cartwright is dying, avcılar escort he has a daughter who was in rehab in Australia, she’s clean and getting married. Carl has bankrupted himself paying off her debts and funding her rehab, he needs what little cash he can from fire sale-ing his yard, so he can make it over to see her married before his time is up’Mandy looked at Steele, who looked back at her with moist eyes’I’ve been so obsessed with power and upholding my heritage reputation, that I’ve forgotten the individual. family is more ultimately more important than anything in business, and I’ve got nothing’Two hours later, Mandy was lying on her bed in her modest waterfront flat, Steele was asleep next to her.She’d cried with Steele at the church, then they’d sat in silence as she’d driven.The silence continued, into the bedroom, Mandy held Steele in her arms, softly stroking his hair, while he moved silently inside her.Long after the searing hot pulse in her loins had flared and gently receded, she continued to stroke his hair. Eventually though, she too fell into an emotionally drained sleep.When Mandy awoke, she was alone, she switched her alarm off, and prepared for work like any other day.She was a little hurt at being left, but her logical mind knew it was for the best.She arrived at the Steele HQ like normal, said hello’s to her friends and acquaintances as she made her way to the office.A huge bunch of flowers almost dwarfed the anteroom.Mandy checked the label’Mandy, the closest thing I have, Steele’Mandy knocked on the office door, an uncontrollable smile adorning her face.The office was empty, and she frowned, just until she remembered that it was a Wednesday, and Steele liked to take a random tour around the site with his Health and safety manager, his planning manager and development manager.Her phone cheeped in her bag.’Prepare coffee and morning inspection’ the message read.She moved to her desk and tapped an order to to hospitality for the special coffee to be sent up.She sat to complete some of her more important tasks before Steele arrived back.When he did arrive back, she walked with him into the office.’I’m sorry for yesterday, I went too far and I’m very guilty of taking advantage of you’ Steele Mandy reached out and hugged Steele tightly’It wouldn’t of happened if it didn’t need to happen, it was an emotional response for an emotional day’ Mandy smiled ‘besides, I enjoyed what happened, and it wont change anything between us’A knock at the door parted them, a porter held the pot of coffee, set it on the desk, then left politely.’What would I do without you’ Steele asked rhetorically’Just doing my job sir’ Mandy replied with a smile. Both knowing it stemmed a lot deeper than money.Steele adjusted in his seat to switch on his laptop, when he looked back, Mandy had peeled up her skirt, and lay across the desk, her manicured hands holding her buttocks apart.Steele smiled, ‘Good girl’he reached down, into the drawer and chose a smallish plug, he dipped it in the lube, and then pushed it gently at Mandy’s sphincter, which resisted only slightly, and swallowed the pale fleshy coloured plug.As soon as her sphincter closed around the neck, she stood, and patted down her skirt, looking back at Steele, she loaded a dedicated app on the ipad, and waited for instruction.Steele took a cup of coffee.’Firstly, set up a meeting for this afternoon with the lawyers, then we need a press release to go out tomorrow, and probably a viewing of Cartwrights’ yard’ ‘Okay Mr Steele”Oh, and you can come back in half an hour for a new plug’Mandy nodded and turned to leave for her desk in the anteroom.’Mandy, just one more thing?’Mandy ducked back into the office’Yes Mr Steele?”Am I remembering right that you still wore that plug, when you found me yesterday?”Yes Mr Steele, in fact I wore it most of the day, only when I woke up in the night, did I remove it”Incredible’ was all that Steele mouthedMandy closed the door, and smiled to herself, a glow of self pride flushing her cheeks and a rush of warmth in her loins.Unusually, the latex invader did nothing to concentrate her mind on the work, the first sex in 6 months, and her body was alive with endorphins.Professional she was though, and methodically arranged the workload to be completed, and had already set up a lunch meeting with the lawyers, and a site visit for the next day, by the time it came for her next butt plug stuffing.Mandy was up to the large plug by the time her lunch arrived, Steele had gone to the law briefing, and Mandy was constructing the press release.She stopped while the lunch trolley appeared, and she perused the selection of sandwiches and wraps.She knew what she wanted, as she always did, but took that little bit longer so the custodian of the lunch trolley, a young apprentice by the name of Max could ogle down her top at her cleavage, and gaze longingly at her legs.Neither ever acknowledged that each other knew what went on, but Mandy reasoned it was harmless enough, it even gave her a major buzz, knowing that if she bent over a little too much she either ran the risk of her breasts toppling from the low slung blouse, or her pleated skirt riding up and exposing her pantie-less pussy, and the large buttplug that her bowel housed.She chose like she nearly always chose, Ham salad baguette, strawberry yoghurt and a banana.The rest of the day passed without incident or excitement.Steele came back from şirinevler escort the meeting, pleased, but impatient to get out and go and see the Cartwright Yard.While he was gone, Mandy cracked on with the press release, then even found time to get ahead on her work for the next day.Steele came back just as Mandy was leaving for the day. She asked if she should stay, but Steele told her to go home and relax.As always, Mandy still wore the plug, and would in fact wear the plug until she got back to her flat and could take it out in peace.She didn’t wear plugs at the flat, and the agreement was with Steele that this was fine.It felt like a long day and the drive back to her flat was tediously slow due to the impending bank holiday. Her bottom ached with the constant stretching, and she could barely wait to get home and get into a nice hot bath.Eventually she swung the Audi into a space, climbed out carefully, and hurried inside as fast her tight skirt and high heels would allow, carrying the big bunch of flowersIn her flat, Mandy set the bathwater running, and then nipped back to her bedroom to undress.She loved wearing heels, but it was a great relief to be out of them at the end of the day. Likewise her tight fitting clothes.Once at home, Mandy liked nothing more than to wear pajamas or just leisurewear.Now nude, Mandy slipped back into the bathroom, and dipped a toe into the water. A little too hot, so she added a bit of cold water, then eased her tired body under water.Mandy sighed with relief, and eased her hold on the plug. Her sphincter pulled, before stretching itself back over the wide plug.The plug left her arse, and jumped from the surface of the water, much like a killer whale, before coming to land in the water with a splash.Mandy groaned, as the warm water filled the void of the plug, she flexed her sphincter a few times, relishing the chance to relax her ass.She swished the water over her bulging breasts, running her hands over the firm flesh, her stiffening nipples poking her palms.Mandy groaned with desire as her fingers closed over her nipples, squeezing, pulling, manipulating the stiff bundles of nerves and flesh.After a few moments, one hand left her nipples, and traveled over her firm stomach, and wasted no time in delving between her legs. First one, then a second finger slipped in alongside, she tilted her thumb to graze her hard nubbin, and gasped sharply in reliefShe just set up a gentle rocking motion with her hand, the two fingers delving gently in her sweet depths and her thumb bearing down on her sensitive clit in little circles, when there was a loud knocking on the flat’s front door.Her need was great, and growing by the second, so she waited to see if the visitor would knock again or go away.After about 30 seconds, the visitor knocked again.Sighing, Mandy lifted herself from the water, quickly rubbed herself dry with a towel, and wrapped herself in a bathrobe.She tugged open the door sharply, just as the man standing there was about to knock again.’Miss Deakin?’ He asked’Yes, it is’ Mandy replied with a noticeable edge to her voice’Michael Grant, from Butterbees Agency, We’ve a flat inspection booked’Mandy’s irritation fell away, replaced with self loathing for forgetting the appointment.’Oh yes, of course, please, come in’Mandy stepped out of the way, welcoming the rental agent in.She mentally praised herself for doing the dishes before work that morning.The flat was small, and the inspection didn’t take long. Mandy was embarrassed however, when the man walked into her bedroom and saw her recently vacated clothes.Mandy suddenly realised that the next room the man would look at, would be the bathroom, complete with full tub and a giant floating butt plug.With a heavy heart thumping in her breast, she managed to get in front of the man, and scoop out the plug and dump it in the washbasket, and fling a towel over.’I’ve seen all I need to see Miss Deakin”Oh good”Everything is in great condition, and I like what you’ve done with the place, so i’m recommending that we change from 6 monthly inspections to 12 monthly instead, if your happy to do so”That’s brilliant yes, thank-you”Goodbye for 12 months Miss Deakin, enjoy your evening”Yes, thank-you, you too’Shutting and locking the door, Mandy sighed to herself ‘Now, where were we?’She slipped off the robe, and got back into the now tepid bath.Letting out some water, and replacing it with hot, she slowly began massaging her skin, gently relaxing until her two fingers were back inside her, her thumb rubbing her clit, and her other hand was idly pinching her right nipple, the more sensitive of the two.A few minutes passed, and Mandy was starting to relax and enjoy the sensations, when the telephone started to shrill.’Am I ever going to be able to orgasm tonight?’ Mandy said to herself exasperated.This time she just toweled off the worst of the water, and then pulled the towel around herself’Hello?”Hiya missy, not interrupting a steamy sex session am I?’Mandy laughed ‘We both know that’s more your forte Lucy”Hmm, probably’ Lucy admitted ‘So whats up?”Just had a flat inspection, and was jumping in the bath when you called’Mandy went on and explained the last few days at work, conveniently leaving out her anal training, and the fact that she slept with her boss.They continued a chat for a further 40 minutes, before promising to meet up over the bank holiday for a drink or two.Mandy finally got some time alone, but her mood had passed, so she emptied the bath and showered clean instead.After making a quick chicken curry, and heating a quick cook packet of rice, and sat down to watch a little TV, it crept up to her usual bed time.She crawled into bed, fully intending to masturbate, but as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out for the night.

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