30 Haziran 2020

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #2


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Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #2Stella is Mistress and Marina her slave in our second day of role play, while I’m her Servant.Stella eagerly grabs her opportunity to rule for the next twenty-four hours for her satisfaction.She starts right after midnight, terribly turned on by how former Mistress Marina ended as slut.She takes the initiative to explore some sexy and foxy fantasies from deep within her dirty mind.Nice naughty night for a sexy start of Stella’s first day of rule as our MistressStella exchanges glances and eye-winks with me while we both ride Marina for her and our pleasure.She nods towards the clock around midnight and shows me a develish grin, which I never saw before.She smartly lets Marina pass out for a while after midnight, as it starts her day of rule over us.She tells me to get ice-cold shots of wodka for us three. And a big wooden spoon from the kitchen.Stella tells me to drink with her on the hot success of her rule. With iced tongues we kiss hotly.She has a tasty idea for her next shot. ‘Pull Marina’s legs up enough for her ass to lift, love’.She opens the butterfly love lips of Marina and pours the drink in there, which wakes up Marina.She coolly informs Marina that she is her slave now, serving her wet snatch as a glass right now.Stella drinks the spiced women’s cocktail from her wet twat, which makes Marina moan ‘Oh my God’.She stops for another smile and eye-wink at me. ‘I didn’t ask your opinion, my slave. Turn over’.She quickly sets up the situation: three pillows under her belly and her wrists tied at her back.She wants me to spoon spank Marina till her bottom is red all over. Marina takes it courageously.Stella caresses Marina’s cheeks in between, for comfort and to ease the pain, checking the heat.She lets her fingers slide down her slit to feel how hot she got from her sexy state of despair.She gives me another kaçak iddaa eye-wink, while she keeps fingering Marina deep inside, thumbing her clit.She wants to prove Marina can come from being spanked and used as a slave, to open her up for us.Stella rules and is right: indeed Marina orgasms obediently, even very hard. Time to cool her off!She asks me for more cold shots and some ice-cubes. ‘It would be cruel to pour hers over her bums.She rather needs some ice to cool off her burning bottom, isn’t it?’ She asks me to do that job.She gets a better idea for the last few cubicles. Insert some inside her hot puss and up her ass.Stella is brilliantly naughty that night, full of foxy fantasies to be finally executed with us.She demands me to alternate between both hot cooled holes of Marina till both ice and Marina melt.She jokes to me ‘shoot your load and let your sperm freeze inside her hot pussy, my sexy Servant’.She is the boss tonight so I leave my seed for an ice-cold swim inside Marina’s tasty tight twat.Stella demands Marina to prove her that she learned some sexy lessons of licking slit yesterday.She sits down on Marina’s face. With the spoon she pats Marina’s meaty love lips to keep her hot.She wants me to poke her holes with my tongue and fingers. By the spoon she dictates the rythm.She explodes several times in a row till she finally collapses on top of Marina. Time for a rest.Dirty day of daring demands by Stella of her Servant and sexy slaveStella takes her time to recover. With only small space between the two of us she wakes up early.She orders us to make her a bed on the terrace and give her soothing massage there and dozes off.She leaves her slave to her Servant to take care of. I grab her hand and take her back to bed.She is mine for the moment. Be my silent slut, slave of the day. We will not want to wake her up.Stella seems bets10 to enjoy dirty dreams as we hear her moan a few times, while Marina sexily serves me.She is eager to blow my big brown banana but not used yet to its size. Slowly she swallows all.She gasps in between my thrusts deep in her throat. She to do as told today as good as she can.She fondles my balls and enters the top of the little inger inside my tight spinxter. I explode.Stella softly snores now. We giggle while we hug. I kiss her. Time take care of you, sexy slave.She smiles in her hot expectation. Bend your legs upwards. Present me your pussy for inspection.She happily opens herself up for me. She folds her large labia apart and pulls her pussy open.She proudly shows how hot and horny she still is. I take the implicit invitation to eat her out.Stella still dreams, as Marina comes hard and juicy in my mouth, while I cover hers by my hand.She turns over. On her belly she opens her legs even wider to suggest me to take her like that.She loves my deep penetration, as I know now, so I pull her hips up to take her in doggy style.She eagerly rubs her thick clit for another orgasm, screaming loud as she gets what she wants.Stella wakes up. She demands good food of us and immediate attention to all her naughty needs.She lets Marina kiss and lick her till I serve her breakfast as she likes, lots of ham and eggs.She lets me caress her belly till she turns over and spreads her legs as a sign for take me now.She orders Marina to rub her in right rythm for a hot hands-free foxy orgasm to start her day.Stella takes Marina inside for a sexy sixtynine siesta. She eagerly rides the face of her slave.She comes soon and orders me over for assistance in the further foxy attack at her sweet sexy sub.She wants me to lick that tasty twat inside her big butterfly love lips, which I open bets10 güvenilir mi up wide.She knows she will explode from Marina’s gasping loud at Stella’s snatch almost smothering her.Stella takes her time being in command in all sorts of sexy situations she can think of for us.She specially likes strap-on scenarios with her on top. Marina has to mount me with her pussy.She takes her spinxter with the anal strap. Marina can not reach her clit. So she fails to come.She gets a better idea for her: Marina should ride my shaft with her butterfly and longing clit.Stella steps into the second set as well, to take control of the double penetration on her own.She is right. Marina embraces me in a tight grip to meet the trusts of Stella deep inside her.She never had a big dick feeling right at her clit like this before. She can fuck for ages now!She can not hold back her orgasm for long. It simply feels too good, a prick in the proper place.Stella still wants to be on top of us. Siesta is over so we move back into the sun at the terrace.She tells me to lay down and Marina to mount me in reverse cowgirl style with her tightest hole.She lets Marina first suck long at her nipples. Finally she bends her slave backwards towards me.She penetrates Marina’s pussy with the largest strap. Rub your clit and come as I order you to!Stella triumphs every way she wants with us. Sun sets. We take a break with bubbles, tasty tapas.She knows already what she wants for her final fuck during her day of rule. Feel as Marina felt.She wants to experience that sexy invention of her this afternoon: ride her clit along my member.She wants her slave to double penetrate her. She wants to be fucked like that till she collapses.Stella falls into Morpheus arms as she planned. Shortly before midnight and the start of my rule.She knows more foxy fun is up, when I grab Marina’s wrist and take her up the stairs to the top.She is in for a treat. I invite her to bend out of the window for a good gaze at the star-lit sky.She spreads her cheeks for me, guessing correctly what I want. What a sexy way to start my day!

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