4 Nisan 2021

Step Sister Clare Ch. 02


This story is based on true events with some details changed for common sense reasons.

This story follows on from part one. Clare and I had a special relationship which we kept very quiet from our family; the intensity of our sex was so high it was dangerous to be around each other for too long.

These events happened some years after story one when Clare worked in a local pub with a girl called Sally. Now over the years we watched many a porn film together and as we fucked and we had spoken about our fantasies and turn on’s. Like many women, Clare had feeling towards another particular woman and enjoyed the thought of making out with her, however she was not forward enough do anything about it and seemed to be happy in her fantasies.

The girl in question was Sally, now Sally was a little girl with shoulder length black hair, about 5 foot tall and quite petite, her tits were no bigger than average but she enjoyed making the most of them and what she had got she wasn’t shy about flashing to tease the local punters. Sally’s parents owned the pub but she would often be seen on both sides of the bar, over a matter of six months or so we became quite good friends and if I was to say I didn’t want to fuck her I’d be lying. Clare and Sally worked different nights except for Saturdays and on some occasions I would pick Clare up after her shift and enjoy a drink with Tony and Jean (Sally’s parents) and the other bar staff, sometimes this could go on for a few hours which suited me because Clare would have a few drinks and get quite randy for when I took her back to her flat for some more dirty sex.

On the night in question I remember I called in for last orders and for some reason Sally was all over me, she was a little tipsy and flirtatious and wanted me to spend the night with her as Tony and Jean had left her on her own for the weekend, she told me she felt nervous being on her own and after Tim (the head barman) had left there was just Me, Clare and Sally alone. Clare was not aware of my offer from Sally and had earlier told me of how randy she was feeling and that she had something special for me. I made my excuses to Sally and explained that I was staying at Clare’s that night so had to take her home at some point,

“Why don’t we stay for a drink once you’ve locked up, we’ll stay for a while and then I’ll take Clare home” I said.

Clare seemed up for it and Sally offered to buy a Chinese for us all,we collected some bottles from behind the bar, shut the pub and went upstairs to the lounge. Once upstairs we opened two bottles of wine and sat around on two large sofa’s, Sally put her shoe’s on and told us she wouldn’t be long and dashed out for the food

“She wants you to fuck her you know” Clare said “She was asking about you earlier and I told her that I knew you were a randy sod and that I had no problems with it.”

She didn’t however tell Sally that we were actually fucking each other but I didn’t seriously think it was too difficult to guess.

I asked about my surprise as I gave Clare a long passionate kiss and she just smiled, rubbed my crotch and told me I would have to wait, my dick stirred and my mind began to race, to be honest I was thinking long and hard about fucking Clare and then coming back round to see Sally after; but then I thought that maybe Clare and I could sleep over and I could do them both separately. Before I could decide what to do Sally returned with the food and we were soon tucking in. The wine was certainly flowing and as usual with me the topic turned to sex, I was saying how unfair it was that women can make themselves up and could flash their tits and legs to men and get us all excited but us poor men can’t exactly walk round with our dick hanging out and a hairy face covered in make up. Sally was beginning to show signs of her alcohol consumption and as usual used the conversation as an excuse to flash her tits at me, Both Clare and I were slouched over one sofa and sally sat cross legged on the other, she was sitting forwards giving both of us the lovely view of her cleavage and her t-shirt was lowly cut so a fair portion of her tanned breast’s were also on show, she was saying that she wished she had bigger tits like Clare’s and that if she could she would have breast implants. Well I took this as an open opportunity to get her to show herself off and told her that I thought her tits were just perfect, I couldn’t fault them from where I was looking and made no hiding of the fact that I was admiring them, Clare suddenly joined in the conversation and agreed that Sally had lovely tits and that her own were too big.

“Listen you two, all this talk of tits is not doing me any good you know, I told you earlier that it’s not fair to go round turning us guys on and flashing you tits at me, I might just have to go and relief myself soon!”

As I spoke I readjusted my crotch and didn’t hide the fact that I was getting quite a hard on. Both girls looked at me as though I was about to undress and Sally said

“Oh, I thought you were going to give us a flash”

I laughed and said something about I would have to if this carries on much longer.

The girls seemed to take in on themselves to cause me more discomfort and their main objective now seemed to get me to get my dick out, Clare moved over to sit next to Sally and I was now looking at two very illegal bahis attractive women, both on their way to being drunk and if things work well for me, both on their way to getting fucked tonight. Tony had supplied the bar staff with matching t-shirts and so they both had the same white v-neck tops on, Clare’s was tucked tightly into a pair of denim jeans and Sally was wearing a pair of black leather ones. Clare’s tits were obviously bigger than Sally’s when they sat next to each other but Clare’s bra hid her big nipples quite well, Sally however had a “push up” bra on which was quarter cupped and made from thin sheer material, with her t-shirt being tight I could not only see quite a lot of her cleavage and flesh but I could now see her nipples beginning to poke through: I said something about her being in a similar state to me and joked that I didn’t realise I had that sort of effect on her.

Sally turned to Clare and said “does he have the same effect on you?”

To which she laughed and said something like “I don’t know about you but the sooner her gets his kit off the better!”

I smiled at Clare who had a dirty mischievous look on her face and her own nipples were now making clear protrusions from her t-shirt. I called them something like a pair of randy tarts and rubbed my crotch again, this time it was getting uncomfortable and the sooner something happened the better.

I stood up from the sofa to take my plate away and couldn’t do anything about the bulge in the front of my jeans; both girls noticed it and seemed pleased that they had achieved giving me such a stiffy. I was standing right in front of Clare and looking down at her tits I could now see the signs of her nipples hardening,

As she looked up I said “it looks to me like somebody else needs of a little relief.”

I could tell from her grin that she was up for some sexy fun and so I reached out and ran my hand from her shoulder into the front of her t-shirt, I instantly found a hard nipple and in the time it took me to slip my hand from the outside to the inside her bra Clare had both hands on my belt and was undoing my own jeans, Sally looked on from Clare’s right hand side and just sat there watching as she released my dick from my jeans. The look on her face was entertaining as I think she honestly had no idea that we were fucking each other.

In no time at all Clare had a firm grip on my tool and after licking the pre cum from my knob she took me deep into her mouth. Sally looked on in half shock, half excitement and instantly moved close in to get her own feel of my hard dick, after a few minutes of a very slow loving blowjob Clare pulled away and instantly Sally was sucking like a hungry bitch on my dick. I could just about reach down and slide my hand inside Sally shirt and I found two hard erect nipples as she moaned in time with my touch.

I removed my shirt and Clare proceeded to push my jeans to the floor and off, I was now completely naked in front of the girls with a boner from “Rocksville” I suddenly felt very naked and very exposed, my hard-on was still being carefully loved by Sally who didn’t suck as well as Clare.

I said something about this being a little one sided in Clare instantly sat right back on the sofa, lifted her bum up and removed her jeans, all the time she was doing this we never lost eye contact and the smile on her face was dirty enough to give any hot blooded male a hard on. I instantly knew what my surprise was as Clare had G-string see through pants on which hid nothing and I could see that she had completely shaven her pussy. The crotch of her knickers was already soaked in pussy juice and her long pussy lips were parted by the thin material, Clare ran her hand over the front of her thin knickers and with two fingers spread her wet pussy lips for my enjoyment.

Sally continued to suck me off but turned to watch as Clare now began to lift her t-shirt over her large breasts, her eyes were fixed on Clare tits and when she finally removed her bra Sally’s eyes looked like a child’s on Christmas morning, she removed my dick from her mouth and said something like

“Jesus fucking Christ Clare, your nipples are massive!”

Clare just smiled as she pushed her breasts together and ran both sets of fingertips over each hard teat, again she was watching me all the while and knew just how much I enjoy watching any woman play with herself and perform for me.

What happen next took me a little by surprise, I was just about to say something to Sally about still being dressed but Clare beat me to it and as she said it she jumped up and knelt behind her, she was instantly tugging at her t-shirt and Sally looked a little bemused, Clare said something about it was time she showed us her lovely tits and let us see for ourselves what she was talking about. Sally was still playing and sucking my dick but looked a little shocked that it was Clare who was undressing her and not me, saying that; I think she; like most girls had thought about girl on girl sex but had never had the opportunity… until now! And she could always say have said no! (We did later find out that this was her first experience with more than one partner and her first “taste” of lesbian sex)

Imagine how horny I was feeling, I had wanted to fuck both of them and here I was getting a blowjob from the sexy little Sally and Clare had illegal bahis siteleri now enough drink to get over her initial fears of seducing another women, knowing Clare like I do I knew that she wouldn’t hold back once she started and that this was going to be one hell of a night. Sally was not the sort of girl who was shy and seemed happy to continue sucking me whilst Clare began to lift her top over her head and reveal her bra and tits, I think she thought that maybe Clare was only going to take her top off but when she move right up behind her, squashing her big breasts into her back and reach round to place her hands over Sally’s tits I think it surprised her. I think them she realised that this was going to be a three way thing and she seemed to relax a little and just go with the flow.

“Your tits feel great to me” Clare whispered as she pulled Sally in towards her and planting a kiss on her exposed shoulder, she now had both of Sally’s nipples being circled by her probing fingers and I had to move in closer as Clare had pulled her away from me, still wearing her bra and jeans Sally looked so fuckable and she had definitely lost her inhabitations because as she allowed her head to roll back onto Clare’s shoulder and she placed her left hand on Clare’s knee, Clare began to kiss her neck she responded with a little moan of approval and closed her eyes.

I wanted Sally’s leather trousers off and so leaned over her to undo her buttons and she jumped a little as I think it surprised her, she lifted her head and watched as I undid the last of her buttons and she lifted her hips before I reached round and pulled then down over her thighs. Her little knickers can down with them revealing a very neatly trimmed pussy, unlike Clare she was not naturally hairy and had small patch of neatly trimmed black pubic hair, her pussy lips were red and quite swollen from all the excitement and the familiar musky sweet smell of an aroused pussy was very prominent.

We were now all naked except for Sally’s bra which she sat up and undid,

“I can’t believe you two” she laughed “you’re a right pair of horny fuckers aren’t you, I wouldn’t have flirted with you so much if I’d know you were fucking each other!”

We all laughed and I replied

“I bet your glad now that you did though aren’t you?”

Suddenly she turned to Clare and said “and you, you dirty cow, I can’t believe I’m sat here with you playing with my tits!”

Again I was a little surprised by Clare’s reaction, she was obviously very aroused because she just smiled and leant over and kissed Sally softly on her lips, as she did she again caressed Sally’s breasts and the two girls began to kiss more passionately. Clare was kneeling to Sally’s left and I was still standing in front of Sally’s partly open legs, I enjoyed the erotic view of the two of them kissing, and could tell from Clare’s actions just how turned on she was, her left hand was all over her tits, stomach, neck and face, whilst her right hand caressed the back of her neck and head. After a few minutes of playing with my dick and watching every mans fantasy I knelt down and parted Sally knees, she willingly opened them wide and I began to run my fingertips up her inner thigh and followed with my tongue. I now had a perfect view of her pussy and admired how her little pink pussy lips protruded neatly from the mound of her vulva, she had both her hands placed on her lap for most of the time but when Clare moved round to be more in front of her she finally took her first sensual touch of another women’s skin, she lifted her right hand to Clare’s heavy hanging breast and pulled away from their kiss to watch what she was doing, her eyes seemed fixed on Clare’s nipples as she teased them to maximum hardness. Clare gave that little whimper that I was used to hearing and I knew she was getting very hot and horny indeed.

From my position between Sally’s thighs I could reach out and touch Clare’s cunt and wasn’t surprised to find it absolutely dripping with excitement, what with Sally now playing with her nipples and me spreading her wet cunt lips she was soon panting and moaning quite loud and her hands became more active, she was pulling on Sally nipples and finally right in front of my face she slid her hand down over her stomach and sort out Sally’s wet hole, not wanting to take things slowly she parted her lips and began to fuck her with one then two long fingers. In only a matter of minutes the two of them were all over each other, hand roaming everywhere, my hand had been replaced by Sally’s and my poor old man was not getting the attention it craved.

Watching the two girls discovering lesbian sex for the first time was such a thrill, Clare was like a woman possessed and Sally who began a little nervous had now lost all her inhibitions and was feeling her way and exploring Clare’s voluptuous body. With the girls taking up most of the sofa I posed the question of moving to the floor or a bedroom so as I could get more involved, Sally jumped up, took a hold of my dick and we followed her into her room. She had a good sized double bed which was very low to the floor covered in a white cotton duvet, there was a large full length mirrored wardrobe to one side and this only added to the effect as you could see thing from many different angles. Sally jumped on the bed before us and as Clare and I stood canlı bahis siteleri there at the end of her bed looking down over her as she turn onto her back and lifted her knees up and said

“I still cant believe you two dirty bastards, I bet you planned all of this, didn’t you?”

She kept her thighs together as she spoke and looked up at us and I turned to Clare to kiss her, I pulled her close to feel her fleshy mounds squash against my chest and she reached down to fondle my raging hard on, again my fingers found their way between her thighs and her pussy was on fire, every touch produced little gasp’s and her hips would jerk back whenever I found her hard swollen clit.

Giving Clare another kiss I told her I wanted to sort her out later but right now we should give Sally a good fucking, Sally questioned what I had whispered but as she spoke we both turned to join her on the bed, still with her knees together I knelt before her and placed both hand on either knee, Clare meantime was again kissing her as she knelt over her from her side allowing Sally to again fondle her hanging tits. Clare’s tits were big at the best of time but when she was on her hands and knees they hung beautifully and looked even larger, Sally like most people were fascinated by Clare’s huge nipples and tried to reach one with her mouth, she couldn’t quite reach so Clare straddled over her so she was on her hands and knees kneeling over her, taking one of her breasts she squeezed it gently and offered it to Sally who obliged by licking and suckling it deep into her mouth. Sally was enjoying sucking Clare’s nipples so much that it appeared to be turning her on as much as it was Clare. My view was now one of Clare’s arse and Sally closed legs and stomach, I eased Sally’s knees apart and once again was looking at a very neat and tidy pussy which looked so inviting I just buried my head straight between her thighs and ran my tongue up from her butt, between her now parted lips and stopped to tease her clitoris, she shivered with pleasure as my tongue hit its mark and I continued to please her like this for quite some time.

I wasn’t too aware of what was going on up top but from the sounds of moaning and groaning I decided they didn’t need and help from me and continued to work on Sally’s pussy, sitting back for a moment I took a good look at the sight before me and I had to admit it was one of extreme sensuality, two different but hot pussies waiting to be satisfied and the musky aroma of a their hot wet cunts added to eroticism of it all, Sally’s smooth soft skin, small lips and neat tidy pubic hair against Clare’s clean shaven but large hanging pussy lips which were completely covered with her own love juice. I reached out pulled on Clare’s wet lips and I was greeted by a moan as I slid two fingers up her cunt. With my other hand I placed my palm over Sally’s neat bush and slid my thumb all the way up as far as it would go, Sally’s pussy was quite tight and she too confirmed her approval by giving out a groan of “oh yes” and as I looked over I could see the girls in the mirror. Sally was holding and passionately sucking on Clare’s nipples as she knelt over her on all fours and hung her tits in Sally’s face, Clare’s eyes were closed and her face told me just how much see was enjoying her first time with another woman as well as me probing her from behind.

I could sense that Sally was getting very aroused and thought it time I fucked her, my dick was aching with passion and throbbing like it was ready to burst, I moved in closer and pushed Sally’s thighs wide apart, so wide she winced with pain but she didn’t seem to mind me holding her there with her crotch fully exposed (there is something really erotic about fully spread legs, open so wide and pushed back so as to expose both holes). Her hand appeared from between Clare’s knees and reached down to her cunt, I guess she knew what was coming because she parted her lips with two finger and after quickly slipping her middle finger in and out of her wet hole a couple of times she held herself open for me to fuck her. I moved into place and ran the wet tip of my knob from her clit down to her waiting hole, she was very wet and ready for me but as I thought her pussy was quite tight and so I had to take it slowly. With such a tight cunt it heightened my pleasure immensely and I knew that if I pumped her hard from the word go I wouldn’t last very long and Sally’s response to me entering her was completely different to how Clare reacts, instead of relaxing and drawing me in deep, Sally gripped hold of the duvet either side of her and every little movement caused her to draw a deep breath and her hips would twitch. I was a little concerned to start with but after I got about half of me inside her she seemed to relax a little and I could gently withdraw and push in a little further. Clare decided to move position and wanted to watch me fuck Sally, she got off the bed and stood beside me, she looked so fucking sexy just standing there, completely naked, her nipples very erect and her long clean pussy lips hanging from between her wet warm thighs, I told her she looked “fucking horny” and that I would make sure she got her share later. She had that devilish look on her face and climbed back onto the bed beside me, she kissed my long and hard and reached down to my dick and cupped my balls in her hand, rolling them in her palm she knew I would like it and that I would come quicker than I wanted to so she moved her hand to Sally’s swollen clitoris, Sally sighed her approval and moaned again as Clare used her other hand to open her pussy lips wider.

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