25 Kasım 2021

Straight Bride by Fiancé’s Lesbian Sister


Straight Bride by Fiancé’s Lesbian Sister”Will you be my Maid of Honor?” Jennifer asked Lara. Lara was Jennifer’s fiancé Mark’s, very affectionate sister.”Really?” she asked, clearly surprised by the question.”Yes, you’ve become like a sister to me and I think it would make Mark happy too,” Jennifer explained. She had asked Mark what he thought of her asking Lara instead of her best friend Kendra, who Mark didn’t like much. She stressed that Kendra would still be a bridesmaid, but since she lived three hours away, having someone local to help her with all the preparations made more sense. Plus, Lara was a complete sweetheart, while Kendra… well, let’s just call her an acquired taste.Lara nodded, giddy with excitement; Jennifer appeared to be making a long-term fantasy of hers come true, “Of course Jennifer, I’d love to.”Lara moved in for a hug, feeling Jennifer’s huge tits squish against her body.Jennifer said, “That’s awesome.”Meanwhile, Lara was already thinking of ways to seduce her brother’s beautiful, big titted fiancée. She knew it was bad family politics, but she had lusted after the gorgeous Jennifer ever since the moment he’d introduced them over a year ago.Lara was a strict lesbian, and Jennifer knew this, and it was no secret that Lara was a dominant one who enjoyed seducing straight women… so this offer seemed too good to be true.”Can you go dress shopping with me next week?” Jennifer asked, her other two best friends living in other cities.”Just tell me when and where,” Lara said, before adding, “I want to win Maid of Honour of the Year.””Is there such a thing?” The somewhat naïve Jennifer asked. Although gorgeous with blonde hair, blue eyes, huge tits, long legs and a southern accent that melted men’s trousers right off their legs, she was a sweetheart who didn’t see herself the way others saw her. She was a social worker that focused on keeping k**s in school and supporting their families.Lara shrugged, “If there isn’t one, there will be once I’m done.””I love your enthusiasm,” Jennifer laughed. She had been worried Lara was going to say no. She didn’t have a lot of friends here in Boston, having moved here from rural Louisiana to be with Mark.”Oh, I’m an eager beaver then?” Lara joked with a less than subtle hint, one she knew the sweet Jennifer wouldn’t catch onto.”I can’t wait to go dress shopping,” Jennifer said.”Please tell me I have some say in the bridesmaids’ dresses,” Lara said.”Of course,” Jennifer nodded. “You can get something that looks hot, just not as hot as me.””I could never be as hot as you,” Lara flirted.”Oh, you’re so silly,” Jennifer brushed off the compliment, oblivious to her true beauty.Two weeks later they were at a bridal shop trying on wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Lara’s pussy tingled the moment she first saw Jennifer in just her bra, panties and pantyhose. Fuck, were those tits made to suck, the bra barely able to hold them in.Lara made sure to gently touch Jennifer on her back and arms while also slyly blowing hot breath on her neck. She was determined to seduce the bride-to-be. Lara had also dressed for the occasion, planning also to be in her bra and thong to showcase her tight, gymnast body, as well as a garter belt and stockings as they really showcased her legs.Lara complimented the first dress. “This one is cute.””I don’t want just cute,” Jennifer said. “I want cute and sexy.””Well, that can be achieved with what you wear underneath the dress,” Lara pointed out.”That goes without saying,” Jennifer agreed, although in truth she hadn’t put any thought into her undergarments.”Try on the second dress and I’ll try on the gold one,” Lara said.”You’ll look amazing in gold,” Jennifer said.”It should bring out my red hair,” Lara agreed, tossing her hair in the air.”And your green eyes,” Jennifer said, always drawn in by Lara’s eyes. She wasn’t a lesbian, but if she was it would be the eyes that drew her in like a moth to a flame.”Happy you notice,” Lara playfully responded, as she pulled down her skirt.Jennifer smiled, “Do you always wear a garter-belt and stockings?””Every time I try on maid-of-honour dresses,” Lara said, which was true. One for one. “Plus, I like to dress sexy underneath my outfits and I prefer stockings or thigh highs over restrictive pantyhose.” She then paused and added, one more not so subtle innuendo, “I mean you never know when you may end up without clothes on.””You’re such a brat,” Jennifer said shaking her head, thinking she should try wearing stockings one day too. “Can you unzip me?””I’ve been waiting for you to say that for a long time,” Lara joked… or at least she made it sound like a joke.”You never stop,” Jennifer said, shaking her head, although truth be told, she rather liked the attention she received from Lara.I’m such a bad girl,” Lara joked, as she unzipped Jennifer’s dress.”So bad,” Jennifer agreed, as she slipped the dress off.Lara removed her blouse and grabbed the gold dress… one of three she had chosen to try on.Once Jennifer had the next dress on Lara asked, “How the hell do you keep your body that perfect?”Jennifer shrugged, not being one to actually work out, “This is just how I’ve always looked.””I hate you right now, and so does every other woman in the world,” Lara teased. Lara had a good ass too, but smaller tits and istanbul escort shorter legs… she had to work her ass off to keep the body she had.”You’re beautiful, Lara,” Jennifer said, always loving her sister-in-law-to-be’s exuberant, outgoing personality and confidence, something she didn’t have.”Want to marry me instead?” Lara quipped, making sure to linger longer than necessary, allowing her hot breath to warm up Jennifer’s neck, as she moved behind to zip up dress number two.Jennifer laughed, playing along, getting a chill down her spine when she felt Lara’s hot breath on her neck, “If I weren’t engaged to your brother and if I were a lesbian, I would definitely marry you.””Always the bridesmaid, never the woman munching on your pussy,” Lara joked, tracing her hand down Jennifer’s arm before she turned around to let Jennifer zip her up.Jennifer choked at the statement as she zipped Lara up but countered, “You’re actually the maid of honour.””So do I get the honour?” Lara asked, turning around, licking her lips and gazing below Jennifer’s waist with a wicked smile.”You’re so bad,” Jennifer repeated, shaking her head at her flirtatious sister-in-law-to-be.”You don’t even know the half of it, not even a third,” Lara countered, the idea of seducing her brother’s bride-to-be growing increasingly appealing and, she thought, possible. She was definitely laying the groundwork for such a possibility.Jennifer looked at the redheaded beauty and thought to herself, Shit, she really is a temptress.”That dress is even better,” Lara approved, thinking of crawling underneath the white dress for a snack.”It is,” Jennifer agreed, pushing the brief lesbian thought out of her head and back to the task at hand… a wedding dress.”How do I look?” Lara asked. “Good enough to eat?””You really are so bad,” Jennifer said, shaking her head.”I’ll take that as a yes,” Lara said.”Don’t put words in my mouth,” Jennifer responded.”I rather put something else in your mouth,” Lara teased bluntly.Jennifer shook her head. “You never stop.””I always get what I want,” Lara continued on, truly getting what she wanted more often than not.”It’s tempting,” Jennifer said, even as she felt a little tingle in her pussy. “But I’m straight.””Everyone can take a turn,” Lara shrugged.”I’m marrying your brother,” Jennifer reminded the temptress.”Don’t remind me,” Lara sighed dramatically, as she unzipped Jennifer’s dress.”Well if I ever decide to switch sides you’ll be the first to know,” Jennifer said.”Promise?” Lara asked.”Promise,” Jennifer agreed.Lara figured she had planted enough seeds for a lesbian garden, and thus spent the next hour no longer making any sexual innuendos. Instead, she played nice, straight, maid-of-honour, going to stage two of her psychological attack: to quit flirting completely.Jennifer noticed that the rest of the time trying on dresses Lara didn’t make any dirty comments. At first she was relieved, but as the hour went by and she tried on three more dresses, Lara trying two others, she began to miss the flirtation. Had Lara finally accepted she was straight? Part of her was thankful if that was the case, yet another part of her was disappointed… she enjoyed the attention and playful banter. It was harmless, but fun.They left with Lara choosing the first gold dress and Jennifer choosing the fifth dress.That night, Lara called over a booty call for a marathon session while she fantasized the other person being Jennifer; Jennifer meanwhile, got fucked good by her fiancé, but twice it was a naked, lustful Lara who popped into her head, including a vision of her sucking on Jennifer’s clit as she reached orgasm……Two weeks later at the bridal shower Lara brought Jennifer two presents… one for the party… all white lingerie for the wedding, and a second gift to open when they were alone.It was a fun evening with a lot of wine and a lot of presents, including three different sets of lingerie, a bunch of soaps and lastly, two vibrators.Once it was just Lara and Jennifer, Lara handed Jennifer a second gift.”You didn’t have to buy me two presents,” Jennifer said, feeling quite tipsy.Lara shrugged, “I think I did. The first one was a sexy suggestion for under your wedding dress.””It was super sexy,” Jennifer nodded, hoping to try it on once alone.”The stockings are the fanciest you can buy,” Lara added.”Really?””Yes, they are Wolfords,” Lara said.”I’ve never heard of those before,” Jennifer said.”Go try them on,” Lara suggested.”Now?” Jennifer asked.”Sure,” Lara nodded. “I mean you need to make sure the outfit fits.””That makes sense,” Jennifer agreed, tipsy enough to agree with the logic.Lara grabbed Jennifer’s hand and the bag the lingerie was in and took her to her bedroom. “Hey what about the other present?””That is for another day,” Lara waved her hand.”Oh, okay,” Jennifer said.Once in the bedroom, Lara said, “Get out of those clothes.””How long have you wanted to say that?” the tipsy Jennifer flirted.”I’ve already seen you pretty much naked,” Lara pointed out.”But that isn’t the same as completely naked,” Jennifer pointed out, as she pulled her sundress over her head.To Lara’s surprise, Jennifer was in thigh high avcılar escort stockings. “I see you have chosen sexier hosiery.””I had to agree, these are less restrictive,” Jennifer agreed. “Plus, its easer to go pee in them.””It’s easier to do a lot of things in them,” Lara implied playfully.”I bet it is,” Jennifer concurred, as she unclasped her bra to let her lesbian sister-in-law-to-be see her big tits. She had missed the attention she had received non-stop until it had literally just stopped,”Those girls are as impressive as I imagined,” Lara approved, checking out the large, yet perfectly firm, tits.”Do you imagine them often?” Jennifer asked, as she reached for the white nightie.”Wouldn’t you like to know?” Lara flirted back, impressed that her plan to play nonchalant had worked in spades. Jennifer seemed desperate to get the attention, even showing off her tits for her. The fact she was quite tipsy likely helped too.”That’s why I asked,” Jennifer said as her tits disappeared, well kind of, behind a see-through nightie.”I don’t want to turn you into a complete lesbian a week before your wedding,” Lara joked, even though that was exactly what she planned to do… although just to make her bi.Jennifer laughed, as she took off her thigh highs, “Yes, that would really wreck the wedding.””Same sex marriages are legal here,” Lara pointed out.”So you’re my back-up plan,” Jennifer joked, as she took off the second thigh high.”I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered,” Lara said, as she grabbed the Wolford stockings and opened the package… a wicked idea of teasing popping into her head.”Flattered, since I’m straight,” Jennifer pointed out, although she was quite horny at the moment and Mark was away all week at a conference so Lara suddenly looked very appealing. She wasn’t sure she would resist Lara’s advances if they occurred tonight.”So you say,” Lara said, as she pushed Jennifer playfully onto the bed, pulled a chair up next to it and sat down saying, “Lift your leg up.””Is that lesbian code?” Jennifer joked.”No, ‘spread your legs,’ or ‘get between my legs,’ or ‘bend over and take my strappy’ or ‘eat my wet pussy,’ are lesbian codes,” Lara said, as she rolled up the first stocking.The hot dirty talk made Jennifer actually moan slightly, which Lara noticed but didn’t say anything about. Jennifer, trying to hide her arousal, said, “So lesbian talk is as blunt as hetero talk.””So it seems,” Lara nodded, as she grabbed Jennifer’s ankle and began to put the stocking on.”I thought lesbians tried taking a girl’s clothes off?””For a straight girl you seem pretty excited,” Lara pointed out, as she looked between Jennifer’s legs and saw a wet spot at her crotch.”Just trying to understand you,” Jennifer defended, as she felt Lara’s soft hands on her ankle and leg.”You’ll never understand me,” Lara said.That’s true, Jennifer thought to herself. After over a year of flirting and trying to convince her to switch to her side, Lara had unexpectedly stopped cold turkey and was not remotely trying to take advantage of the situation offered to her at the moment. Jennifer wasn’t sure she wanted to have a lesbian affair, especially with her fiancé’s sister, yet she wanted to have the option to have it, if that made sense. And she wasn’t sure it did. Yet somehow she had lost control and it had her rattled… and horny. Which was the main thing: logic and speculation aside, the primary focus of her attention right now was that she was horny! Jennifer laughed awkwardly, as the sheer nylons being rolled up her leg accompanied by the sensuous touch of Lara’s hands were stimulating Jennifer in ways they shouldn’t, “Just like your brother.””Oh, I’m nothing like my brother,” Lara disagreed as she finished applying the first stocking, now looking down at the pretty bombshell… knowing that if she wanted to, she could take her here and now, yet she didn’t want to do it when she was drunk. She didn’t want her initial submission to the pleasures of a woman to be something she would regret. Lara added, as she reached for the second stocking, “For one, I can give you multiple orgasms.””Oh Lara, you’re so bad,” Jennifer giggled, thinking that even one orgasm from sex would be amazing.Lara, sensing something asked, “Please tell me my baby brother gets you off.””Of course he does,” Jennifer lied, but not convincingly.”Oh my God, the fucker doesn’t!” Lara gasped, although it didn’t surprise her… men had the same understanding of sexual female anatomy as a rock.”Well, I usually have to finish myself off,” Jennifer admitted.”Fucking idiot,” Lara sighed. “He has the perfect woman and he doesn’t even know how to rev it up.””He can get it revved up, he just can’t find the clutch and get me into fifth gear,” Jennifer clarified.”Men,” Lara said, shaking her head, as she began to put the second stocking on.Jennifer didn’t respond, unsure what else to say. Instead, she enjoyed the lavish treatment of being dressed by someone.Once the second stocking was on, Lara ordered, “Stand up.””What am I, your mannequin?” Jennifer asked, even as she obeyed.”I did have a crush on Kim Cattrall,” Lara said, as she got off the bed.”Who?” Jennifer asked.”The movie Mannequin?””Never saw it.””We are having a movie night,” Lara said. şirinevler escort “First, you never saw Some Kind of Wonderful and now Mannequin. You are not very 80s cultured.””I did love Duran Duran,” she pointed out, as Lara dropped to the floor and began to attach a stocking to the garter clasps.Lara couldn’t resist, Jennifer’s pussy literally a few inches away, “Well, I am hungry like a wolf.””So bad,” Jennifer said, as Lara’s hot breath and hands had her weak at the knees and wet in the crotch.”But I’m not on the prowl,” Lara said, as she moved to another clasp.”You already got your Rio?” Jennifer asked, Lara usually not dating anyone for longer than a month or two.”No, just a bunch of wild girls,” Lara countered, having just had a wild threesome last weekend with two college coeds at Le Chateau Club… a club she would love to take Jennifer to.”Are they girls on film?” Jennifer asked, even though she knew it was a weak response, but was the only other Duran Duran song she could think of other than Union of the Snake, which didn’t make much sense at all.As Lara moved to Jennifer’s ass and put on the third clasp, she asked, “Is there something I should know about your straightness? Do you want to watch some hot lesbian porn? I have some delicious clips on my phone.”Jennifer had watched some lesbian porn of late, including a hot scene where a bride was taken just after her wedding by her ex lesbian lover. She knew it was wrong, but ever since Lara had stopped paying attention to her, she had begun to seriously fantasize about having a lesbian fling.Lara added, “Because in those, it’s always about,” as she sang the sexy Duran Duran song, “all she wants is.””Wants what?” Jennifer asked, as Lara put on the last clasp.”If you don’t know, I’m not telling you,” Lara said, standing up.”How do I look?””Sexy.””Good enough to eat?” Jennifer asked, just throwing the words out there… offering herself to her sexy friend.Lara, deciding to play more mental mind games, ignored the question and said, “I better get going. I have work in the morning.””Oh, okay,” Jennifer said, mortified by her last words and by the fact she’d been casually rejected. Obviously all of Lara’s flirting had been only playful banter.”Call me tomorrow,” Lara said. “Tell me what you think of the other present.””Oh, sure,” Jennifer said, distracted.”And shoot, we didn’t change your underwear,” Lara said, but added, “and the thong I bought you is more like dental floss.””I hate thongs,” Jennifer admitted, never liking the way it rode up between her ass cheeks.”Well, you can always go commando on your wedding day,” Lara said, as she headed out. At the door she added, “I know I will.”Jennifer was suddenly alone and horny. She waited for the front door to close and she went to the living room to find the other present… she knew that it had to be something sexual.She quickly opened it and gasped.It was a dildo.But unlike a normal dildo it was a good foot long, maybe longer, and had two ends.As Jennifer held it in her hands she couldn’t fathom its purpose.Until the light bulb came on.This could fit inside two pussies at once!Horny as fuck, Jennifer found the new vibe that she was gifted, the one called a rabbit, sat on the couch, tugged her panties to the side, turned the toy on and slid it into her pussy.As she closed her eyes, she fucked herself with the amazingly strong toy, vibrations deep inside her, further vibrations outside of her, as she imagined Lara not leaving, but lingering.Jennifer came in a minute, way quicker than usual, and then passed out on the couch, ashamed that she had literally thrown herself at her fiancé’s sister… and worse yet, had been rejected……Over the next week family arrived and the bachelorette party was so tame that it was totally lame, since it had been organized by her sister, who had to run everything by her mother.Lara whispered to Jennifer that if she was planning it they would spend the evening at Le Chateau Club, which Jennifer knew was a lesbian club.Jennifer said, “Oh my God, thank God you are not planning it.”Lara, back in flirt mode, teased, “Oh, you would be screaming ‘Oh my God.””You’re so bad,” Jennifer giggled, liking that Lara was flirting with her again.Lara added, “And I’d give you a very special gift.””The double-ended dildo?” Jennifer asked.”Yes, but not until I ate that pussy of yours until you begged me to stop,” Lara said, wanting to really get Jennifer revved up but not satisfied… her plan being to seduce her and release all that building frustration on her wedding day. She didn’t know why she had chosen then, other than symbolically it was the ultimate seduction and Jennifer would be completely sober… which she already wasn’t now.Jennifer now flirting back as best she could asked, “What if I didn’t beg you to stop?””Then I’d just snack all day on your boxed lunch,” Lara whispered, as she gave Jennifer’s ass a squeeze just before Jennifer’s mother walked in.”You look flustered, Jenny,” her mother observed.”Oh, just a little tipsy,” Jennifer covered.All night Jennifer tried to get alone with Lara, but it never happened and she regretted losing her last chance to explore her sexuality before she got married,As she lay in bed that night she was torn: both frustrated that she’d never taken the opportunity when it was offered but also thankful she had resisted the temptation. Although Lara confused her, the bottom line was that she was straight and about to be married… she sure didn’t need to complicate things by having a lesbian affair with her fiancé’s sister.Although as she rubbed herself to sleep, it was again Lara’s face that popped into her head… not her fiancé’s.

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