28 Temmuz 2021

Successfully squirting like a sissy


Successfully squirting like a sissyAfter getting home from a long day of work i realized i would be alone for a few hours. I haven’t came in a week. An all time record for me! Then i thought about using my toys on my sissy hole. My cock stands up throbbing with agreement. I thought about trying to make my cock squirt just by use of toys sad that i don’t have the real thing.I showered, cleaned out with a douche and stripped naked i sat down in front of my computer my cock rock hard.Looking on xhamster i found a few sissy trainer compilations and bare-backing vids. The thought of a hard thick cock cumming inside me set me into a frenzy. With my inspiration playing i lubed my cock just a bit. This will be the last time i touch my sissy stick. On my back lightly lubing and tickling my sissy hole i moan with each touch. Each touch making my cock throb i finally slide a finger in. Oh god it feels tuzla escort good. In and out very very slowly. Re-lubing each time. Making a slight come here motion with my index finger. Watching my cock move as pre-cum already drips down. I stare at it and so turned on i put my other finger over it. I lick the pre-cum off my finger. mmm god i wish i had a cock right now to suck.I grab my toy, an average 7 inch cock toy. I slowly slide in. Painful for one second, then pure pleasure comes over me. I push it in slowly. When i finally get the toy all the way in my cock is pulsing with every heart beat. I leave it. God want to grab my cock and just jerk the cum out. But no. This sissy will not my touch my useless sissy stick. I moan and squirm. It feels so good.I slowly slide it in and out. Forcing it towards my sissy stick in my hole. In and out angling it to hit my g-spot. My sissy ass grips it each time. tuzla escort bayan I stop pushing it and just let my muscles pull it in and out. My cock straight up dripping pre-cum. After a few minutes of this intense pleasure i wanted more. I lay back more grab the toy and at first slide all the way out, all the way in. Slowly at first, then a steady pace.. Then as hard as i can. My sissy hole gripping the toy making it harder to pull out as i edge closer and closer. Finally i feel the pressure and can’t take it. I feel waves and waves of pleasure and my cock leaks. I don’t feel like i’m cumming totally. Just so much cum pours out of my cock onto my belly, over the sides of it. It’s so much cum. I wish a cock was fucking me instead of my toy. I keep getting close to a full on sissy orgasm. After a while of this i decide to pull out the big boy. It’s a monster cock. 10 inches, nice fat cock. escort tuzla I suck it at first so turned on. Deep throating as far as i could. Turned on but sad its not the real thing. Wet with my spit i lube it up and lay on my back again. I tease the hole. Its so big its hard to hold it. I tease my eager hole. I feel it opening begging for the cock. I slide it in. Slowly but with force. All the way in, all the way. Omg when the balls of the toy are up against my own i moan loudly. I clench up. I pull cock out slowly my muscles grabbing it wanting it to stay. I push back in. Over and over I do this. I hold out maybe 5 minutes before my cock so hard. Straight out just squirts. Waves and waves of pleasure. i feel like i’m cumming for minutes waves of pleasure coming over me even as cum only drips out. My goodness so much cum. I have puddles of it to the left and right of me. I’ve done this many times before but this time i came without touching my useless cock. Now if only i could find the right cock to fuck me! lol :)Anyone else have some sexy stories to share about successful squirting?Thanks for reading!

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