30 Haziran 2020

survey says


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survey saysIt was a quiet evening, the chill of winter and a bit of snow on the ground. Our first meet was at the park, sunny and 70 degrees. Our conversations had been long before we met and longer in person. After the first few meets she signed and filled out the survey. Why sign well mutual protection to not exceed limits and not cause issues. The survey was rather normal, this is a good thing. But I took note of the one thing that she had filled out the contradicted our conversations. I brought it up a few times after the survey and she seemed a very shy on the subject, more of a ‘I want to try, but I’m not doing that’ happy to be out of control, ‘OK, works for me’Today I have another friend coming in from out of town to assist me in today’s activities. It gives her her needs while also fulfilling some of my simpler pleasures in life. I arrive, dinner smells divine and adds to my excitement. I walk thru the door and she greats me with a kiss and a smile. I gently press her away from and order her to strip so that I may enjoy the views thru dinner. She is a bit slow but proceeds.’It is kind of cold in here for this tonight”Should have turned up the heat earlier’She quickly proceeds to the kitchen were the warmth for cooking will keep her from shivering, a quick stop at the thermostat on the way there will surely make her more comfortable (she thinks). Dinner is pleasurable, like a good chophouse the meal goes down well made all the more pleasurable by her bit of unease at being naked. She is a bit self conscious about her looks, she looks great to me, something I will have to work on for the future.After she has the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned up and I have thoroughly taken in her beauty I tell her to lead me to the bed room. I have about 45 minutes to wait for my friend to arrive. I stand behind her, the scarf works well to block her from seeing anything. I guide her to the bed.’your moving rather fast tonight’I don’t answer her and lay her down. I move her hands above her head and use another scarf to fix them together and then center on the pamukkale escort headboard. Her nipples are almost irresistible in there erect state. The bit of chill that remains in the air and the excitement of anticipation I decide is the cause. I brush my forearm lightly over the one closest to me, the hips move, NICE. I pull her ankle close to her thigh and begin to wrap a figure eight around them to hold her open, a bit of a brush on her labia and the small of her back grinds into the bed as her ass leaves the bed bringing her pussy up to get more touch. A smile reaches my face that she cannot see but probably knows is there. I move over to the other side of the bed repeating my activities from the other side. I throw the rope I keep in the night stand under the bed and tie the leg on the left to the leg on the right keeping her wide open without any protection. Her hips grind slowly but dramatically trying without success to scratch the itch that is growing. I turn on her iHome and leave her shutting the door, and then quietly opening it behind me so she couldn’t hear.I can she her frustrations growing as I stand in the arch of the doorway. Her hips moving at first and then the pout that comes over her mouth and a mumble of what the. My phone vibrates and I move to the other end of the house, letting our guest in. Her lips are pleasurable as she begins to remove her clothes without my direction. She stays silent as she move to her knees kissing me down my neck, chest, belly as she makes her way down and takes my cock in her mouth. She has ALWAYS been a good sub, following direction without correction as my little reminder motto goes. She anticipates my directions and that has been a great pleasure. I move over to the couch and enjoy her talents until she swallows me. We settle in for a post smoke and a drink and some very very hush hush conversation. I can hear her getting restless on the bed, we smile to each other as we head in for the days activities. I have used the technique before and gebze escort place a throw blanket to cover parts of her body. The technique allows for contact but limits the sense of who is contacting her. I take my place on the chair in the corner and sit back for the show. She moves her body to the music beginning a lap dance, a nice unexpected addition. As the next song begins she leaves my lap, rotating the blanket when she gets to the edge of the bed to cover her tied legs. She sets in between them and touches softly with her fingers and palms. I love the technique it has worked well for me in the past. I can see the glistening as she glides up and down softly delivering pressure on different spots with alternating intensity. Her first orgasm is not long into the moment. The blanket moves and she moves to the side indulging in her neck, shoulders, breasts and belly. The giggles are cute and attractive and the sight of her lips touching her body is exciting and educational. The touch programmed into my mind for future reference when I meet up with my little helper and thank her. Easiest way to learn what a woman enjoys is watching her unrestricted uncontrolled activity toward another woman. Her breathing is rapid, and her hips grind looking for something to be touching her pussy as she reaches a small but functionally intense orgasm from the breast play and neck and ear kissing. She changes her position again and begins to tease her labia with her mouth, a bit of clit play with a circle of her tongue. She starts to move with rhythm in her hips, pushing down for more pressure and my helper backs off. What felt like an hour to me and it wasn’t happening me, she finally dug in for a deep heavy gift of an orgasm. Circles across her clit, pressure without digging, her fingers working the g-spot, the puddle in the sheets below her glimmering ass cheeks is a beautiful sight. She has been well pleasured and is about to get that little survey interest recognized. She has enjoyed her first lesbian experience without ereğli escort knowing that she has, but she is about to find out. She spreads the blanket out covering everything but her mouth. Legs on either side of her bound arms she crouches down lowering her pussy to the new girls mouth. She flinches hard as understanding goes from her lips to her mind and all the warning lights go off. She starts to say “what” when my helper silences her distress with her pussy. She lifts up and she starts to talk again as she is silenced by the pussy. She shakes her head the best she can but cant go anywhere with my helpers thighs and legs holding her head and her hair trapped under her feet. After a few attempts to get her to calm down she finally accepts her new truth and keeps quiet while doing a bit of kissing. She asks if she can stop. I tell her, from the chair to try it and she how she likes it. She proceeds to get her first full taste of another woman, with moments going by she becomes a bit more relaxed with each. After my helper has been satisfied I thank her for her assistance and show her the bathroom and how the shower works. I return to the bed room and lay my hips between her bound thighs. I bring her knees to her breasts and insert myself slowly enjoying to the calmness it brings to her. I remove the blindfold and rest her ass and back on my knees. I undo the binds that hold her legs one at a time bringing her feet past my head. I stroke softly and slowly bringing her intensity up. I rub her clit with one hand and her nipples simultaneously with the other. As her hips begin to drive back at me and her breathing increases I pick up my speed and depth. She cums stiffening like a board with a bend in it trying to go straight as the intensity picks up but meeting the resistance of my body forcing the head over and over against her g-spot. She flops exhausted as I look into her eyes, my lips meeting hers and my tongue penetrating as my semen baths her womb. I pull her to the side with me pushing her leg down so I’m not laying on it. I continue to look into her eyes as she closes hers and she gives up to exhaustion.As she wakes she runs to the bathroom to relive herself. I bring her a glass of wine and start the shower. She softly whispers thank you as she climbs over the edge of the tub turning to kiss me and then surrenders to the comfort of the hot water adding ‘for everything’.

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