7 Nisan 2021

Taming My Twin Stepdaughters Ch. 03


The next morning I woke up alone: as usual, Mary had gotten up before me and was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Also as usual, when I opened my bedroom door I found Jenna waiting for me, dressed in a tiny yellow see-through nightie.

She reached up and put her arms around my neck. “Good morning, Daddy,” she said as she kissed me good morning. “Mom’s busy in the kitchen talking to Evie about what happened last night. She won’t see anything. Why don’t you carry me to the shower?”

Without waiting for my agreement, she pulled herself up into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. In response, I unthinkingly put my hands under her ass to help support her. Her big boobs pressed against my chest. Her ass rested against my hardening cock.

“Aaahhh!” she sighed, wiggling her ass against my hard on. “This is how I like my mornings!”

I had a blissed-out smile on my face as I walked down the hall carrying my horny baby with her ass in my hands.

I paused when we got to the bathroom door. Standing so close to the door to the kitchen, I was able to overhear Mary’s conversation with Evie.

“. . . so what happened last night was really wrong, Evie,” she was saying.

“Mommy, I . . .”

“. . . I’m not blaming you for it,” Mary went on, “but the fact that you found that stuff on the internet is no excuse. You can’t just believe everything you find there.”

“You can’t?” said Evie in a voice that sounded totally innocent. “But website clearly said my chakras wouldn’t properly align until I re-enacted what had been done to me. So I thought that having Daddy . . .”

“I know, I know. These internet things can fool you. Why, I myself was certain that Barack Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya – until President Trump told everyone that it wasn’t true!”

“Jesus!” Jenna whispered as she reached down and began positioning my cock under her slit. “My Mom is as dumb as a box of rocks! Why don’t you fuck me, Daddy, while she explains to Evie how stupid she is?”

I leaned forward and pushed Jenna’s back against the wall. My cock began to slide upward into her welcoming pussy. From that vantage point so close to the wall, I could see into part of the kitchen, allowing me a view of my wife’s back as she spoke to Evie. Evie, facing toward me, caught my eye as I began fucking her twin sister.

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t put Daddy’s Thingie inside my Lady Parts?” Evie asked.

“No, Dearie,” Mary said. “Absolutely not!”

Jenna began nibbling at my neck. She turned her head and looked at her sister and mother a few feet away, and when their eyes met I saw Jenna stick her tongue out at her sister. “C’mon Daddy!” she whispered urgently. “Fuck me right in front of them. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!”

I started slamming Jenna as hard as I could while at the same time keeping the noise to a minimum. Mary, preoccupied with warning her daughter about the dangers of the internet, didn’t seem to notice the increase in sound. Evie, facing us, was riveted on the sight of her sister gaining pleasure while she was stuck with the task of providing a distraction.

“But the internet website said cuddling with Daddy would help me deal with my trauma,” Evie said with a pout, fiddling with one of her long blonde braids as she watched me pound her sister’s body against the wall.

“Well, it seems like you went a bit beyond cuddling last night,” Mary said.

“I did? Gosh, Mommy, I didn’t mean to upset anyone!”

“Fuckity fuck fuck! Fuckity fuckity fucking fuck fuck!” Jenna whispered in my ear. All the while, I kneaded Jenna’s amazing ass while I held her up and slammed her.

“Cuddling is one thing. But last night you . . . you had intercourse with your Daddy!”

“And that’s bad?”


“Oh yeah, Daddy,” Jenna whispered. “It’s REAL bad! It’s so fucking bad!”

I was in such escort bostancı horny ecstasy that part of me wanted to carry Jenna the extra few feet into the kitchen and continue fucking her right in front of her mother and sister while standing up and impaling her in my arms. But instead I continued to lift Jenna up and down on my cock a few feet away in the hallway.

“But I can still cuddle with Daddy, can’t I, Mommy?” Evie asked.

“Of course you can, Dear.”

“I can lie in his arms while we watch TV?”

“Uh huh.”

Jenna began biting my neck frantically.

“And I can play on his lap?”

“I suppose so.”

“And bounce on him?”

“I . . . I guess.”

The fact that in her naivete my wife had just given her daughter permission to bounce on my lap sent me into overdrive. I started jackhammering faster and faster. Jenna’s thighs began quivering uncontrollably, and I could felt the muscles in her legs tighten around me.

“And he can tuck me in every night – just him and me for a half hour or more? You wouldn’t interfere with our special Daddy Daughter Time?”

“Well – I – No, I guess – of course not.”

The thought of my wife encouraging me to bounce my stepdaughters up and down on my crotch right in front of her, then take them to bed every night – it was finally too much. With Jenna pinned against the wall, I began pumping baby juice into her unprotected pussy. “Fuck yeah!” I grunted through gritted teeth.

In the next room, Evie smiled as she faced Mary and watched me cum in her sister. “I love cuddling with my Daddy,” she told her mother.

After that, the shower that morning was an anti-climax. Jenna and I caressed each other under the cascade of hot water, but after having cum so hard, it was impossible for me to get hard enough to fuck my stepdaughter any more. After a few minutes of sensually sudsing each other up, we rinsed ourselves and toweled each other dry. As she knelt in front of me with the towel in her hand, Jenna kissed my lower torso all over, paying especial attention to my cock, the source of her pleasure. “It’s so good, Daddy, so good! Even when you’re soft, you’re bigger than most men!”

When we came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, Evie and Mary were still talking about the internet and its pitfalls. Naturally, it being Mary, any long discussion on her part ended up gravitating to one of two topics: Star Trek, or . . .

“. . . so some websites actually claim that Oswald fired more than three shots,” Mary was explaining, “but that’s just another example of how people get things wrong on the internet. Clearly, there was another shooter positioned at the Grassy Knoll, and Kennedy was killed in the crossfire!”

“Gosh, Mom, you really know everything!”

“And that’s not all,” Mary continued. “Sandy Hook was a false flag . . .”

Evie turned away from her mother when she saw me enter the kitchen and sit at the breakfast table.

“Daddy, I want to apologize for last night,” she began. As she spoke, Evie’s two hands pulled nervously at her two long blonde braids.

Once she was facing away from her mother, though, she looked me in the eye and she made an “O” with her mouth, all the while continuing to tug on her braids. She seemed to be pantomiming the act of using her braids as handlebars to guide her own head in giving a blowjob. Then she smiled at me, and I watched as fingers of one hand twirled the ends of one of her braids, which hung down as far as her nipples, barely covered by the gauzy fabric of her nightgown. The visual effect was almost the same as if her fingers were twirling around one of her areolas. Then, still facing toward me and with her back to her mother, she began cupping both her breasts and bouncing them for my benefit. Yet, totally at odds with her actions, she said, “Mom told me that I took ümraniye escort things too far last night when I was trying to deal with my trauma.”

As she spoke, Evie walked toward me. When she got to where I was sitting, she straddled the chair and sat on my lap facing me. She intertwined the fingers of her two hands around the back of my neck. Still wearing her flimsy nightie, she practically thrust her oversized tits in my face. “Can you forgive me, Daddy?” she asked.

I looked over at Mary, standing by the kitchen counter. She smiled at me benignly.

I turned back toward Evie. “Of course I forgive you, Sweetie,” I said. “I guess you just went a little too far last night.”

“Oh, thank you, Daddy!” said Evie. She began bouncing up and down on my lap, her nearly bare tits jiggling wildly in front of me.

I reflexively put my arms around her and pulled her body toward me. Evie ground and undulated her hips on my crotch while her mother watched us.

I turned my face toward my wife. I was so horny and happy I was barely able to even focus my eyes. My face was plastered with a stupid grin.

Mary seemed to have a conflicted expression on her face. She still believed that her daughters were innocent angels, and she had apparently managed to convince herself that last night’s debauchery was some sort of misunderstanding on Evie’s part. Now, though, despite having talked the matter through with Evie, she was faced with the sight of Evie eagerly humping up and down on my crotch. Mary’s facial expression showed the battle between Evie’s innocent sounding words contrasted with the sexual display of her giving me a lap dance at the breakfast table, with her huge, nearly bare tits bouncing right in front of my face.

Several conflicting expressions seemed to flash across Mary’s face, one after another, all in the space of what could not have been more than a second or two. Expressions of incredulity, of suspicion, of surprise, and most of all of confusion. Finally, it seemed, Mary’s resolute albeit often naive and uninformed optimism seemed to win out. There was even a hint of determination in her facial expression, as if she were resolving not to give in to suspicion. Her normal innocent sunniness came to the fore and her facial expression reverted to that of her habitual optimism. Mary blinked rapidly and her head shivered ever so slightly, as if she were wiping away the silly suspicions from her mind.

Mary’s clueless faith in her daughters had triumphed over the evidence of her own eyes.

“Isn’t she wonderful?” Mary asked, an element of hopefulness in her voice.

“She’s fantastic!” I said, gripping Evie’s curvy body against me and smiling at my wife as my blonde stepdaughter thrust her big tits into my cheek. Evie’s nipple was right next to my mouth. I had to resist the urge to turn my head the half inch or so that it would take to suck on my stepdaughter’s tit through the sheer fabric.

Evie and I were sitting in such a way that Mary saw our bodies in profile. With my wife smiling back at me, I crept the hand that Mary couldn’t see downward and, brushing aside the hem of Evie’s short nightie, I used my fingertips to lightly caress my stepdaughter’s ass while she writhed on my lap. I was so horny that my hand on Evie’s ass was shivering. I had to struggle not to cup one of her big tits right in front of my wife. Evie and I both smiled giddily at her mother.

Evie’s fingers clutched my head and pulled my face into her breast. Mary bit her lower lip, suppressing her worries while she watched her daughter mash her tits into my face. “Oh, Daddy!” Evie cried. “I love cuddling with you!”

Trying to pretend that everything was normal, I turned to Mary and asked, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Br – Breakfast?” Mary stammered. “I guess – uh – what would you like?”

“Would it be too kartal escort bayan much trouble to ask for an omelet?” I asked.

While Mary went to the fridge and started pulling out the ingredients, Evie changed positions. She stood up, then reseated herself on my lap, this time with both her legs on one side so that she could sit on my hard on and face toward her mother. Because Evie was so short, the tips of her toes barely touched the ground when she sat on my lap.

Evie’s new position on my lap meant that one of my hands was now completely hidden from my wife’s view. My other hand, the one within Mary’s view, was wrapped around Evie’s waist.

While Evie began chatting with her mother about the weather and her plans for school, my hidden hand began tickling and caressing Evie’s ass. Within moments I found my stepdaughter’s pussy and started rhythmically thrusting one finger in and out of her twat.

Evie wrapped her arm around my neck and, giggling, pulled my face into the side of one of her boobs. “Mommy!” she called, laughing. “Daddy’s tickling me!”

Going along with her pretense, I used the hand that was within Mary’s view to lightly tickle Evie’s tummy. Meanwhile, my other hand, the one out of sight, continued finger fucking my stepdaughter.

Evie’s ass began undulating on my lap. “Hee hee hee! Daddy! Mommy, make him stop!”

“I’ll never stop,” I said in a faux-menacing growl.

Mary looked up from the cutting board where she was slicing green onions. She smiled at us. “Don’t play too rough with Evie, Danny. She’s just a little girl.”

Evie took the ends of one of her braids and put it in her mouth. She clamped her teeth on the hank of hair to keep herself from crying out. I could feel her ass shivering on my hard on. I thrust my fingers in deeper and faster.

Evie used the arm that was wrapped around my shoulder to hoist herself up and down on my crotch. Her legs kicked gaily in the air as she bounced up and down. Her blonde braids flew wildly in all directions. The fingers of my hand that were within Mary’s view continued to wiggle around Evie’s tummy as I pretended to tickle her.

“Look at me, Mommy!” Evie cried, laughing while I secretly diddled her clit. “Hee hee hee! Look what Daddy’s doing to me!”

Evie’s feet, suspended off the ground and pointing toward her mother, kicked up and down. Her legs quivered in an orgasmic spasm.

“Oh Daddy! Daddy! Keep tickling me!”

“You hear that, Mary?” I said. “She likes it!”

“Oh God, Daddy! Oh God! Oh God!” Evie’s hand draped around my shoulders pulled my face deeper into the side of her boob.

Mary turned toward the stove so that she could put the vegetables into the eggs. For the next half minute she concentrated on the skillet as she folded the mixture into the classic omelet half-moon shape. Evie took advantage of the fact that her mother had turned away from us by briefly pulling my mouth onto her nipple. When I bit into her nipple, Evie gave a strangled cry that was muffled when I quickly raised my hand to cover her mouth.

“Mmph! Mmph! Mmph!” she moaned. Evie’s eyes rolled back in her head. Her body stiffened in my arms, then slumped in relaxation.

My stepdaughter had climaxed in my arms at the breakfast table in front of my wife.

A moment later, Mary turned back toward us and deftly slid the completed omelet straight from the skillet onto my plate.

“Voila!” Mary cried, presenting us with her breakfast creation.

Evie insisted on remaining on my lap throughout breakfast. While I kept my arms wrapped around her waist, she spent the next several minutes personally feeding me. She alternating feeding a forkful of omelet to herself and then bringing another forkful to my mouth. She then lightly dabbed the corners of my mouth with a napkin.

Mary smiled benignly at her daughter’s display of affection.

At the end of the meal, Evie got off my lap, then bent forward and gave me an affectionate kiss on the lips in front of her mother.

“Thanks for a wonderful breakfast, Mommy and Daddy! I’m so glad you forgive me for last night!”

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