29 Haziran 2020

Teaching the Taboo


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Teaching the TabooThis is a story of how I introduced my cousin to sex.Before I begin, I would like to warn the readers that this involves a really young girl so if you’re not into that then you might as well hit ctrl + w.A few months after moving to my city, my aunt died. Three of her k**s already have a family of their own and the other three didn’t know where to go. Two who were 21 and 20 decided to work for my grandfather’s restaurant. My mother took in their youngest sister and we became her legal guardians.I was finishing my thesis for my bachelor’s degree when she started 8th grade.The first few months I didn’t really notice her, she was quite, she kept to herself, and stayed in her room.One night I was watching a DVD, it was one of those teen movies that showed a lot of sex and foul language and very little content; something I don’t normally in the living room but my mother wasn’t home and my cousin was, as always, in her room.Right at the part where the main characters were flirting with each other she came to the living room and just sat right next to me on the couch. Of course it didn’t take long for a clumsy sex scene to happen.I looked at her, mortified, afraid how’d she react. But her question stunned me. “Does this really happen in college?”“Of course not, this is just too exaggerated. I mean you will go to parties, get drunk, maybe smoke a joint or two but nothing like that.” I told her.“So have you done it?” She asked me.“What? Party until I pass out? Yes, only once though and that was when I was still in high school, I crashed a college party and ended up naked under someone’s bed.”She didn’t laugh, she was surprised I was capable of doing something like that.We didn’t talk much for the rest of the movie, we didn’t even get to finish it because my mom got back home.It was 9:00 PM when I decided to jerk off but I wanted to pee first before getting a hard on. While I was peeing in the shared bathroom upstairs, I saw my cousin’s panties lying on the back of the toilet. I held it up and realized it was the pair she wore today; so I took it with me in my room and instead of watching porn, I went to the page on reddit where you can listen to girls moaning while they play with their pussies.I know it was so wrong but after finding the perfect audio file I kaçak bahis lied back and started sniffing her panties. She had a sweet yet pungent smell. I kept imagining her stroking my cock, sucking on the tip, and begging to be taught by an older man.I came right before the audio file ended. I lied there for a while, my cousin’s panties in my hand and my sheets sprayed with cum.I woke up just in time to see my cousin leave my room and close the door. I realized how disgusted she must be to see her older cousin’s exposed cock and her panties in my hand. I tried to make myself as presentable as possible before heading to her room to make sure she won’t tell anyone what she saw.She lets me in after a knock on her door; she probably expected me to come as soon as possible.“Here.” I handed her panties over to her. There was a silence in the room after that.“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to look at your…” I guess she wasn’t mature enough to realize I was the one who was wrong but I used that to my advantage.“It’s alright just make sure to let me know first if you’re planning to look at it again.” I told her in a way that made me sound like I just caught a k** doing something she’s not supposed to.“What were you doing with my panties?” She asked in the most innocent manner. Her countryside naivety is still intact despite being here for a few months already, this might be because she’s always hiding in her room. I looked at her small undeveloped body, her tits barely budding, her dark brown skin and her silky black hair matched well.I wanted to lie and tell her that I found them and was just holding on to them for her. But I decided to gamble and say “I was smelling it while masturbating.”“Master? What?” It wasn’t surprising she hasn’t heard of that word yet; she had that curious look in her eyes.“You don’t know that yet?” She shook her head no. “Well, do you want to know what it is?”“Of course!” She was excited, and so was I.“But this is stuff only mature people do so you have to promise that you’ll keep this a secret between us.” She agreed and the devil inside me smiled. I had a shirt on and pajama bottoms with boxers under it; she had a buttoned pajama top and boy shorts on. I could tell she still had her bra on, and probably a fresh pair of panties. “Well, to start bets10 güvenilir mi take your shorts off for me.”“Huh? Why?” She looked like she was blushing.“Well, I need to prepare myself to masturbate, for that to happen I need to make myself hard again, but I can’t just do it by myself, I need to see something I like.”She seemed to understand most of what I said; she nodded. At first she told me she was embarrassed to show me her panties, but I reminded her that she’s already seen what I’ve got; what was wrong with me seeing hers?She seemed to find logic within that reason and dropped her shorts, revealing a white cotton underwear with green hems and cartoon cats printed on it. “Lovely, now how about you take your top off too?” This time there weren’t a lot of argument, she unbuttoned her top, each undoing of the button was like a tease to me. It excited me more as I looked at her with exposed bra and an open top. “Wait, take your bra off first before you take your top off.”“Why?” She must have thought it was an unusual request.“Just trust me.” I said and she did. It was an erotic wet dream for me to see my little cousin like that. “Now give me your panties.” She took them off and handed them to me. I let her look at me as I gave a quick smell.“That’s dirty.” She laughed.“It smells amazing. “I told her. She couldn’t keep eye contact after those words. I held her panties in my mouth as I took my bottoms off, my erection was bulging through my boxers. I slid off my boxers and walked closer to her with an erection hard as a rock.I sat on her bed, my bare ass feeling her soft sheets. “Now, keep your top wide open, oh and stand closer so I can see you.” I took a good look at her, putting her panties down, I held on to my cock. “Now this is how guys masturbate.” I started to stroke my cock slowly. She watched me intently. “Come here, I want to suck on your tits.”“Is that part of what you’re doing?” She asked, reluctantly coming closer to me.“Of course.” I said, I tried to keep my cool but I was way too excited. I started to suck and pull on her nipples. She had to cups yet but it was fun to suck on either way. I reached for her vagina; this made her back away.“What are you doing?” She was surprised.“Don’t worry, I’m just trying to make you feel mobilbahis good too; it’s like the girl version of masturbating.” I told her, pulling her back to me. I kissed her navel as I rubbed her pussy. “Now, you try to stroke my cock.” I told her as I placed my other hand on her ass. She sat next to me, giving my cock a really firm grip. “Too tight! Just hold it like you’re holding on a banana.” She adjusted her grip and started to stroke my cock. I ran my hands all over her legs, teasing her nipples, and rubbed her tiny little pussy.When I tried to use my finger to penetrate her, she tried to stop me but I made her to get my finger inside her pussy. She fell on her back as I fingered her. Hiding her face from me. She began to squeeze my finger and not after a short while she squired all over my hand. I went between her legs and started to clean her pussy with my tongue. Letting my tongue enter her as much as possible. Her hands started to pull on to my hair though she kept pushing my face closer. I ate her pussy until she came again, letting me taste a fresh batch of her juices.After giving her a quick rest, I sat on her bed, my back on her head board. “Come her and suck on my cock.”“How?” I she asked.I took her finger and started to suck on it. Teaching her how to do it properly. Letting her see how to use her tongue. When I was done she nodded with determination and started to suck my cock. She was overly eager to please that she sucked my cock so hard, it was almost too erotic for me to handle. She tried to run her tongue along the tip of my cock like I thought her. I then held on to her head and fucked her mouth. Faster and faster my hip moved and an explosion of cum shot straight into her throat. This made her gag and coughed out the cum on to her sheets.I was still hard though. So I made her lie on her back, I started to rub my cock along her pussy. She moaned as I tried to push it into her, then she panicked as I broke her hymen. She tried to stop me but she was too weak to push me away. After getting my cock into her, I pushed as deep as she can handle. This made her pass out for a bit.I started to move, fucking my u*********s cousin’s cunt. Though passed out she still gave sweet tiny moans as I molded her pussy to the shape of my cock. I rubbed her ruined pussy as I kept fucking her. I blew my load outside her, spraying my cum all over her.I wiped her clean with tissues after that. The next morning, she had a lot of questions for me; but let’s leave that for another time.Tell me if you want to know though.

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