30 Haziran 2020

Tenant fucked good for not having her rent money.


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Tenant fucked good for not having her rent money.This is a fictional story.Like most college graduates who have college stipulations, mine was awesome,I had received a 10 apartment complex in the hood. Until I stop complaining about it. Some of the women that lived there were pretty had nice bodies and huge tits.So,one day in the summer. This very pretty bbw came up and said, “I’m looking for a apartment for me and my family.” My eyes was glazed for a minute. She had very huge boobs, a big booty, and very light skin due to her being mixed. She told me her name it was Kyla. I told Kyla that I have a very nice apartment for her, but I just have to show it to her. Kyla and I went to the apartment I had. It was one of my expensive ones that I charge for $700 a month. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. Kyla asked me, “How much is it a month?” I told her $550 a month but be very quick. Kyla said,”I casino şirketleri might give you my decision by Friday.”After Kyla left, I ordered my computer guy to put in pinhole cameras in the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and the rest of the apartment. Kyla accepted the apartment on that Friday. Kyla was moving her stuff in and had everything packed. One of the the rooms was turned into a office, one was a guest room.Kyla went to the bathroom to take a shower. I turned to the bathroom camera, and I seen Kyla strip down to her white bra and boyshorts. Her nipples were huge and her ass looked so nice. I clicked to the bathroom camera, she washing down good. After her shower, I seen her go in her room with her boyfriend. He was fucking the shit out of her for awhile. I even saw when he pulled out and nutted on her. I saw Kyla and her man fuck each other every single night for the next 2 weeks. casino firmalari Until one day,Kyla’s boyfriend got arrested and sentenced to 8 years for a probation violation. Kyla was freaking out screaming to her mother that she might be put out on the street. Kyla’s mother was like, “I don’t have any money, and the money will be there in 2 weeks. Sweet you know I live in Hawaii, I don’t live in California no more.” Kyla said to her mother that she’ll see if she can get a 2 week extension.” I said to myself after seeing that, “now is my time.”The next day, Kyla knocked on my office door. I had to hide my computer to prevent her from seeing her apartment being watched. Kyla said to me, “I’m going to be 2 weeks late!!! Please, I’ll do anything to keep my apartment!!!” I said to Kyla, “I’ll see you in a hour with my decision.”I head to Kyla’s apartment, she let me in. I said to her, “You güvenilir casino said you’ll do anything to keep your place.” She said,”Yes.” 2 minutes later, Kyla got up, took off her shirt and her pants. I was like a dog in heat. After seeing Kyla in her bra and panties on camera was nice, but seeing it in person was better. Kyla grabbed my face and shoved her huge mixed rack in my face. Then I let her take off my clothes. I sat down Kyla, pulled off her panties and started eating her out. She was squealing, “Awe shit, Aww shit!!! Right there!!!” Then after I had ate Kyla out, she started sucking my dic good.She had skills out this world. Man, she was good. Then I put on the condom and started fucking her crazy. I was fucking her so deep, she started to put scratches on my back. By each thrust, her pussy was becoming less tighter until it was time for me to nut. I pulled out of Kyla, took off the conon and shot a geyser of cum on her tits and face.After I came, Kyla kept sucking my dick, until she got all my cum out of me.After that Kyla and I got dressed. And Kyla and I would continue our fling each time she was short on her rent or couldn’t pay it.

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