30 Haziran 2020

the blackmail begins part 2 the Dom and the slave


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the blackmail begins part 2 the Dom and the slaveAfter returning from the pub, the Dom went straight to hi computer and made several copies of his afternoons recordings. He slipped one copy in to an envelope and left to hand deliver it to his slaves address. Inside the envelope was also a short note, telling her to contact him within the hour. If she failed she would not like the out come. He returned and made a cup of tea and sat waiting patiently for his phone to ring. After a short while the trill of the phone broke the silence, he answered and it was his slave she had watched the dvd and was shocked at what he had done. The Dom demanded silence and told his slave she was to be at his house within fifteen minutes, or a copy of the dvd would appear on a porn web site for the whole world to watch. Within five minutes his door bell rang and it was his slave. He told her to enter and drop to her knees and crawl through to the kitchen .To begin it was fine on the plush carpet but the cold hard flag stones of the kitchen floor were hard and uncomfortable on her knees When she arrived in the kitchen he told her to stop in the middle of te spacious floor and remove her clothing apart from her knickers and bra. This canlı bahis şirketleri she did with out protest and with speed not wanting to anger het master. She felt vulnerable but exited a the same time. She knew he would punish her but did not know when this only made the excitement more. She knew he had lifted something from the table top but did not know what, but suddenly felt it on her bum cheek slowly caressing and rubbing her cheeks. Making her arousal rise. Suddenly without warning it came crashing down hard on her bum not once but eight times, leaving her cheeks red and soar but unmarked .Her master never said a word he just grabbed her by her nipples and lifted, the thrill shot through her body and and arrived at her pussy making it wet. The pain was so arousing. and her master new. He made her stand on the cold floor in her underwear her bum cheeks still hot from there punishment and her nipples still throbbing from there rough handling, but it was nothing to what she had endured before.He left the room and returned with a long length of mountain climbing rope which he threw one end over the fittings which hung from the ceiling to hold his brass pots and pans. H lifted her hands canlı kaçak iddaa above her head and attached her by her wrists to the rope and lifted,so her hands were tight together and stretched above her head ,her feet were still firmly on the cold kitchen floor. Her DOm went back behind her and slipped his arm around her breasts realesing them from there cups,letting them spill out.He the took two lengths of silk ribbon and tied one around the base of each breast.Tieng them tight so her breasts were pushed out and all the blood was trapped. Her breasts felt as though they would explode. her nipples hardened and tightened and she had a strange discomfort that was also arousing,making her even wetter.The Dom pulled the ropes tighter lifting her higher so she was only just on the tips of her toes and her arms were extended to there limit.He then left the room.On his return he placed a copy of the dvd in a player and put it on for her to watch again left her strung up on her own to watch her afternoon performance. She was proud of her debut on screen and found it very erotic watching her self perform on others and being used in degrading manner. When her Dom returned at the end of the dvd he noticed canlı kaçak bahis the pool of fluid on the floor at her feet.He placed his hand between her legs and felt the saturated state of her vagina.He stepped around to the front and flicked each of her nipples reminding her that they were bound and very sensitive. He took the implement he had punished her bum cheeks with from the kitchen table ,and for the first time she could se what it was.It was a pallet knife used for spreading cream and icing on cakes.He took a length of strong wood fro a cupboard wit two half circles cut out in each end and placed it on the floor between her legs and lowered the rope enough so she was again flat footed.The relief was enjoyable, not being quite so uncomfortable,but then she was used to it.The Dom put one foot in each half circle hole, which forced her legs apart and meant she was unable to close them. He then delivede quick smack to her wet swollen pussy and told her she was a dirty bitch getting so excited over watching her self have sex, and aslo she had got excited with out his permission.He then gave her two more smacks with the pallet knife.He told her he would untie her breasts and that if she wanted she could cum ,as this what normally happens,and certainly did. The orgasm was huge and she flooded the floor with even more juices. He promptly untied her and made her get on her knees and clean the mess up.While doing this he put another dvd in the player and showed her

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