17 Kasım 2021

The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 3

Adriana Chechik

The Blue Girdle Fantasy – 3This is the third chapter in our story that involves the discovery of cross dressing and the joys of masturbation. If you have no interest in this fetish you will want to move to another story. I would appreciate your comments.Char knew that she had aroused me by showing me her pretty black satin bra and her black Days of the Week panties but I knew that hanging out in my half naked aunts room would be a problem and one thing Char had talked to me about was an appropriate time and place for pleasure. I opened her door to leave and as I did I turned back and watched her slide a beautiful black slip over the top of her bra and panties.“You like this too?” she said, “Maybe later we can talk about it, now scoot.” She said in a playful way. I went to the bathroom, my hard little cock pointing the way and barely got the door shut before my hand was a blur on my cock. I was so hard and within what seemed like seconds I felt that cramp that I now knew had nothing to do with the need to pee.I aimed my cock at the open toilet and watched as jets of thick white semen shot out into the clear water below. It floated around on the surface in strings of pearly white and my cock tip was red and swollen. I had cum without a catalog and without Aunt Char helping me. I knew this was an important moment as I tried to pee and nothing would happen.Of course being inexperienced I didn’t know that we have some sort of a valve that stops the two from happening at the same time. I turned and sat down on the seat aiming my still erect cock into the toilet. The cold porcelain felt almost pleasurable on my hot cock but I immediately felt it start to soften. After a moment I tried again and was successful. “I won’t need to ask Char about his,” I thought.My day passed slowly with desires that went unfulfilled. I wanted the catalog again but it wasn’t where it was usually kept in the living room. And the house was a flurry of activity. Today was the day Dad’s classmate was visiting. My mother was particularly on edge and I tried to stay out of her way.She put me to work dusting the lawn chairs off again to make sure there wasn’t a speck of dust to be found, “I don’t want our guest to think we are low class people,” she said as she inspected my work. Mom bent over to look at a spot on the chair that was a chip in the paint. As she did her dress gapped open and I could see both of her tits hanging in her bra. They seemed like Jello, sort of fluid. As she rubbed on the speck she saw them move and if hadn’t been for her bra they would have swayed side to side.This was an important lesson for me, I had never thought about a woman’s tits being so soft. I thought of that mannequin I had seen at the store when all of this started, the tits on it were hard and stuck out straight. I had no way to fully picture a naked woman but I suddenly got the notion that women wore a bra to hold their tits up. I thought of the catalog descriptions, lifts, separates, holds, it all made perfect sense now. Just like a girdle molds and slims a bra holds these wonderful looking soft globes in a particular shape. And now I thought of that pointy cup bra Char wore this morning. If I hadn’t been hard from looking at my Mom’s tits I would certainly have been hard thinking of Char in that bra.“Larry,” Mom said in an exasperated tone, “are you listening to me or not?” I looked at her face, her blue eyes reminded me of that bra and girdle and I knew today was the day she would be wearing it.“Sorry Mom,” I said and hung my head. I didn’t hang it out of shame, it gave me another look down her dress and I loved the shape of her tits hanging into that bra that looked so soft.“I don’t think this spot will come off,” she said rubbing extra hard on it and wobbling her tits back and forth and as she did so I saw something brown on one of them. I nearly popped my eyes out, “that must be her nipple,” I thought, “but it was bigger than mine, lots bigger.”“I think these look okay now,” Mom said and turned to set in the chair she was fussing with. I looked down and could see her boobs now contained in the bra and wondered how wonderful it would be to see them naked. There shape changes so much depending on how she positions her body. “Set with me a minute,” Mom said and patted the chair next to her.I slid into the steel chair and looked down, Mom’s skirt had ridden up to mid thigh and I had never noticed just how nice her legs looked. When I saw her in the girdle very little of her legs showed. Now she was right beside me and I could see the milky white skin of her thighs and wanted to see more. I had seen Char’s all the way to her panties, I doubted I would ever see Mom that way.“I know you have been changing in the last few months, you know growing up a bit and your body is changing.” She said in a way that seemed she was searching for her words carefully.“Oh shit,” I thought to myself, “here comes the talk that embarrasses me.”“I just want you to know Larry that you can come to me anytime with questions. I would rather you got answers to questions from me rather than friends or strangers that may not get it right. Do you understand,” she asked and put her hand on my knee. Actually it was about mid thigh and I was frightened if she moves it any higher she would discover I had an erection from looking at her tits.Mom scooted her chair around until she was facing me directly. Her skirt was still up around the middle of her thighs and I could clearly see a patch of white that I knew must be her panties. She put a hand on each thigh and said, “Larry look at me please.” I pulled my eyes off her legs and the patch of her panties that showed under her skirt. I knew they were nylon, they shimmered in the sunlight and I knew what they would feel like to touch them and my erection throbbed with the delight of seeing this.I felt her hands on my thighs, higher than before and I held my breath, the last thing I wanted was for her to find out I was hard down there. “Larry do you have any questions?” she asked, “I mean I know you have been having some involuntary erections and do you need me to explain them?” and as she said that I felt her fingers bursa escort reach out and explore my front and felt her press against my hard little cock.I had not taken my eyes off of hers and I saw the change in her expression when she felt my erection. It was like I was red hot, she pulled her fingers away and straightened up. She looked down, as did I and I know she saw the tent I was making in my trousers. “It’s okay Larry, these things happen, we can talk about this another time. I just want you to be on your best behavior this afternoon, Dad’s old classmate will only be here for an hour or so and then everything will go back to normal.”Mom shifted in the chair pulling her dress down a bit and in the process it flipped up enough that I could clearly see a dark shadow in the front of her panties that were very snug fitting on her. One of my friends said that is called “public hair” but another guy said, “You’re so fucking dumb, it is “PUBIC HAIR!” So they were right, the dark shadow was very evident behind the thin silky nylon and I wondered when I would grow hair there.And that was the end of my first talk with my Mom and it did indeed arouse me. I can’t explain why. I loved seeing her tits and a nipple hanging in her bra when I looked down the front of her dress. And I loved seeing her silky panties and the shadow of her pubic hair. But why was I more aroused than when Char had helped me out?Mom went into the house and I finished up the project. As I came in she said, “Larry go get cleaned up and pick out something nice to wear, we only have a couple hours.”I walked into my room and to my utter surprise the catalog was lying on my bed with a small slip of paper sticking out. I closed my door and opened it to the page, it had a picture of two women wearing slips. There was a blue X on the woman’s leg that was wearing a blue slip. I pulled the slip of paper out of the catalog page and it said, “perfect slip for under your new dress.”I put the paper back the way it was and ran my finger down the slick color page. My cock was hard again and my mind was filled with every detail of the last few days and I wondered if I would spend my life with an erection. I wanted to study the catalog but remembered Char’s warning about a proper time and place.I pulled off my shirt and trousers and put on a robe to go wash up. As I passed my Mom’s room I heard voices and peeked in. Mom was wearing her new bra and girdle and this time had nylons on that could be seen through the girdle legs hooked to the garters. I swallowed hard and tried to remember “proper time and place” and I heard Char say, “see the fiberfill bra is perfect for you,” and as she said that Mom unfolded the blue slip from the catalog.I watched as is slipped over her arms and down across her body. It made me think of the curtains at the theater that would go up and down for a movie. Only this was like the end of a movie as the delicate blue nylon slid down her body. Once in place Mom pulled it tight across her butt, “I think it is full enough so it won’t ride up,” she said.I could see the seams of the girdle through the slip and when she moved to look at her reflection in the mirror the sunlight shown through the thin fabric. It was like looking at her legs in that pretty girdle through a blue fog or mist. I could see her entire silhouette in the girdle and again the fit between her legs was what I looked at the closest and I wasn’t sure why. Char looked towards the door and winked at me, at that moment I knew why the door was standing ajar, she’d know that I would want to see.I smiled and turned away. I washed up, ignoring my erection, “proper time and place” played over and over in my head. I wanted to save today’s memories for later when I was alone in the dark. I wanted to replay every detail that I had noticed.Susan, Dad’s classmate arrived right on time and if this hadn’t been a sexually charged day up to this point it sure was the moment I saw her. She pulled into the driveway and stepped out of the car, all shiny and sparkly.Her dress was black with sparkly bits all over it. It was skin tight on her and it had sleeves but nothing above them and was cut so low I thought her tits would fall out if she bent over. She wore shiny black high heels shoes that I thought would break at any moment. Her lips were bright red and her hair was red as well.I heard Mom tell Char, “Who does she think she is, a movie star?”“A little over the top,” Charlotte said, “but you look stunning and she is no match for you.”Dad met Susan at the car and shook hands, which seemed strange to me. I never saw a woman shake hands with a man. “Let’s go Larry,” Mom said, “now you remember, be on your best behavior.”I nodded yes and she put her hand on my shoulder. I could smell her perfume and when my hand bumped against her she wasn’t soft anymore. “It must be the girdle,” I thought, being such an expert on such things and grinned at how much I thought I knew. I loved having Mom’s hand on my shoulder as we walked out towards the back door.I hesitated at the door wanting to say what was on my mind but thought it might sound stupid. “What is it Larry,” Mom asked and turned towards me. “I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful,” and I blushed.“Oh that is so sweet,” Mom said and kissed my cheek and then rubbed her thumb across it, “don’t want to leave my lipstick.” She said and smiled as we walked out the door. I looked back and saw Char smiling at me and I felt like a pretty special guy.Dad introduced Mom and me to Susan. Mom offered her hand and Susan touched it like Mom was going to bite her and then she turned back to Dad. “And your charming little son,” she said putting her hand on my Dad’s arm and turned back to me saying, “he is just as handsome as his Dad.”She bent and kissed me on the cheek and my eyes went right down the top of her dress. It seemed like wherever I looked I was reminded of women and especially what they wore under their outer clothes. I could see her black lace bra holding her tits, but no straps. My mind went to the catalog again, “it must be a strapless bra,” I thought as she looked at me, “You look just like your Dad when bursa escort bayan he was your age.” She said.I thought that was a lie, everyone said I looked like my mother more than my dad. She stood and Mom reached over and wiped her lipstick off my cheek. “Woops,” Susan said, “I guess I left my mark on him.”I saw Mom’s expression change and I knew that she was upset. She had this look when things were not what she wanted yet she was able to smile as if nothing was wrong. Char came out of the house, “Larry would you please come and help me?” she asked and I trotted back to the house happy to be away from Susan. I am sure it was my mother’s thoughts that left me not liking her. I had heard the term hussy and didn’t know what exactly it meant, but I knew now what a hussy looked and acted like.Char waited for me at the door and as we went in, “don’t you pay any attention to that woman. Let’s get this tray of glasses outdoors and I will bring the lemonade. Mom, Dad, and Susan were seated in the chairs and I immediately noticed Susan had her legs crossed and I could see the dark tops to her nylons and a shiny metal garter holding them up at the end of a black piece of elastic. I knew immediately that it wasn’t a panty girdle but wondered what it was.As I approached the chairs I heard Mom say, “Well we hadn’t planned on attending the dinner.”“Well you must,” Susan said, “these reunions are so much fun and you two are dressed so nicely that we could go together.” Dad looked at Mom and there was this silent communication they often shared going between them.Finally Mom said, “Well if you want to go dear I am sure we could prevail on Charlotte to stay here with Larry.”There was some conversation after that exchange and then it was time to go. “We can go in my car,” Susan said.“Oh we can drive,” Dad said, “So you don’t need to come back out of your way.”But Susan insisted and I watched as Dad held the door for Mom as she got into the back seat. I had walked out with them and as Mom got in she smiled but it wasn’t the warm smile from earlier in the day. As she swung her legs into the car I caught a glimpse of the panty girdle cuffs she was wearing and was surprised my cock didn’t harden immediately. But then that glimpse was burned in my brain like so many other snapshots of things that aroused me.Char and I picked up the glasses and I put the chairs back in the garage before coming in the house. Char was washing the dishes and I hesitated as I looked at her backside. She was the exact same size and shape as Mom and I wondered if she still had her black Saturday panties on. I knew she was wearing the cone shaped bra because she had that pointy look that made me hard just thinking about it.I pulled out a chair and sat there watching as she worked, “Something on your mind?” Char asked without turning around.“Do you think I look exactly like my Dad?” I asked fidgeting with my fingers as I watched her hips sway from side to side as she put dishes in the drainer.Char wiped her hands and pulled out the chair near me and as she sat down she took my hands in hers. “Would it be a good or bad thing if you looked just like your Dad?” she asked.“I don’t know it just seems like everyone says I look like Mom, well except I am a guy and she is a woman.” I said.“And a very pretty woman,” Char added. I think I see both your Mom and Dad in you and that is a good thing. You got a little bit of each of them. Why do you ask?”“Well that Susan person said I looked exactly like Dad did when he was my age, do you think so?” I asked.“No I don’t,” Char said, “and just so you know none of us believe a word she says, not your Mom, Dad, or me.”Char stood up and pulled me to her. I could feel her pointy cone bra poking me and I loved knowing more about it than anyone but she would know. “Have you ever been on a date with a girl,” Char asked.“No,” I stated emphatically because I was sure she would know it.“I knew that,” Char said, “So would you like me to be your first date? We could go get a hamburger and maybe a movie.”“I would like that,” I said.After we ate we went to the theater. “What sort of movie do you like?” Char asked.“Anything,” I said, “maybe pick something you like.” I said trying to be gallant since this was my first date, and thinking we were on a date give me this strange feeling inside. I was old enough and smart enough to know this was exactly like a date, but Char had made it feel like that. She didn’t treat me like a young boy.Had I any clue of the events that would unfold inside the darkened theater and at home later I would not have doubted this would be like a real date. Char chose what she called a “girly movie,” and said it I didn’t like it we could leave. The lights went out and I sat in the dark with Char, inhaling her perfume scent, and feeling her arm against mine on the arm rest.As the movie started she took my hand interlacing our fingers, “it isn’t a real date if we don’t hold hands,” she whispered. It wasn’t exactly my type of movie but I enjoyed setting in the dark with her none the less. Halfway through the movie she pulled my hand into her lap with my knuckles down and I could feel the divide between her legs.In one scene where the hero was kissing and hugging the heroin Char gripped my fingers harder and then relaxed. As the lights from the movie flickered I could see that she had parted her legs and our hands were now more between them than on top of them. It was at this moment that I realized later that I began to masturbate my aunt with the back of my hand.It wasn’t anything I did, rather it was her hand rocking my hand back and forth without moving it away. I felt her softness beneath my knuckles and she pressed my hand hard sometimes and softer other times. I loved feeling her dress slip under my hands and remembered she was wearing a nylon slip that would be slippery.Char looked over at me, I was watching our hands between her legs and my cock was so hard I thought it would burst. I had no idea what was happening but I knew it was pretty special. When I sensed she was looking at me I looked up, “are you okay with this?” she said as she pressed my knuckles hard against her body escort bursa and I felt her push her hips against my hand. “Yes,” I replied in a whisper and then she moved her hand quicker and looked into my eyes. I didn’t look down again; I watched her face change from the calm and collected aunt to a look in her eyes as if she was in some faraway place. She bit her lip, her body stiffened, and she pushed my hand hard against her body that felt hot to the touch didn’t move it away. I felt her body shudder and there was an almost silent moan as she closed her eyes and tilted her head down for a moment. It seemed like she was lost and unaware of anything for the longest time.She slowly opened her eyes and smiled, “thank you,” she whispered and bent her head and kissed my lips. This had never happened before, it didn’t last more than a few seconds, but it was a kiss and I felt her lips part and then she moved away. She cleared her throat and then moved her legs back together and put our arms back on the arm rest. I felt her push my arm against her boob and hold it there. Nothing more was said and we continued watching the movie.On the ride home Char was very quiet and I said nothing. I thought I had done something wrong. When we got home she said I should get ready for bed and she would come check with me in a bit. I was confused and kind of upset. I had a wonderful time in the movie even though what happened was a mystery to me.Once in bed my cock sprang to life as all the day’s events rolled through my mind. I tried to blot out the theater with thoughts of Mom touching me, I was sure it was an accident, yet I saw the expression on her face. I thought of her getting dressed and Char setting it up so I could see. My mind filled with the images that meant so much to me, yet the one thought that came back into my mind over and over was the look on Char’s face in the darkened theater. I was sure I saw something and I couldn’t explain it.I heard a light tap on my door and it swung open. My lights were off and I half expected to see the hall light on, but it was off as well. Char was but a shadow moving across the room and as she got in my bed she felt for me, pulled back the blankets, and crawled into bed with me. I could feel her soft bare arms next to mine and my hand immediately detected the feeling of soft silky nylon.I felt her roll towards me and her hand go around me and pulled me facing her. “I need to apologize for tonight,” she said in her normal calm voice, “I went too far with you.”“I don’t understand,” I said in a whisper, “did I do something wrong, did I hurt you.”“No Larry, your brought me great pleasure. Do you remember when we chatted the other night and you asked if women masturbate and have orgasms?” She said.“Yes,” I replied as my hands felt the silky nylon and the warmth of her body.“Well that is what happened, my hand moving yours made me cum. I have not had an orgasm that strong in a long time. Does this make sense?” she asked.“Yes it does,” I said, “I didn’t understand but now I know what I saw in your face. It is what I feel like when I cum.”Char pulled me to her and my arms went around her more out of a reflex than an intentional thing. My hand was on her back and I realized that I didn’t feel anything but her slip under my hands. I dared not move, the knowledge just came to me that she wasn’t wearing a bra and at that moment her breasts were pressed against me.“Are you upset with me Larry,” Char asked.“No Char I am happy I could help you out. I have been so aroused all day and knowing I helped you seems very special.” I said and moved my face close to hers. I wanted to kiss her but felt awkward. But then I got the courage and moved my lips to hers and felt the softness of them against mine. I had never kissed anyone like this but Char immediately taught me how through her returning the kiss.Her lips parted and I felt her tongue touch my lips and I parted mine and felt her tongue inside my mouth. I heard her breath heavily through her nose and her arms pulled me tight against her body. I tried to keep my erection from touching her but she pressed against me until I felt my cock touch her body. I lost any control I may have had as I pressed my cock against her body as our kiss lingered.Char pulled her lips away and then took my arm pulling it away from her back. Then she pressed the palm of my hand against her slip covered breast and I knew what to do without being told. I could feel her hard nipple in the palm of my hand and ran my hand over it. She moaned softly and then her hand was between us. I felt her pull my briefs down and expose my cock. She moved her hand away and pressed against me, my cock sliding along the nylon slip.I kissed her again, it just seemed right. Now it was me breathing raggedly as we kissed and my hand massaging her breast. I had no idea what happens next but I knew at this moment being in bed with her and touching her as I was made me want to never have it end.“Do you know what intercourse is?” Char asked. She didn’t wait for an answer, “It is when the man puts his cock inside the woman’s vagina. Most guys call it a pussy. If you were older that is exactly what would happen but we can’t. But I want to help you cum again if you would allow.”I answered by rubbing my bare cock against her slip and as I did I felt that spot where I knew her pussy was. Unlike the feel of her slip against the rest of her body I could feel coarseness under the slip, it had to be her pubic hair.“Yes,” Char whispered, “that is where my pussy is and I’d love to have you inside of me but I won’t allow it, I hope you understand.”Not another word was spoken as Char rolled me onto my back and pulled my briefs off of me and started rubbing my cock slowly. I was so aroused from all the events of the day that I didn’t last more than a minute and filled her hand full of my cum for the second time. When I was done she cleaned up with a tissue and then rolled back against me. “I don’t think we will meet like this again, I hope when you are older you will remember your Aunt Charlotte with fond memories.”This seemed like she was saying good bye. I then repeated what I said to Mom, “Charlotte you are so beautiful, thank you for helping me out this way.NOTE: I have one more chapter in mind but will not write it or release it until I know how this is accepted. Please remember, this is all made up.

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