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THE BOYS NEXT DOORAll the neighbors complained when the three young men moved in theapartment across the hall from mine. The cry went up that the newcomers would play loud music and keep everyone in the buildingawake with their comings and goings. Everyone complained but me. Iknew three good looking hunks when I saw them, and these guys werebeautifully built. I studied them carefully as they carried infurniture, boxes of belongs, and stacks of books and records. Theyhad stripped down to their shorts, and I longed to lap up the sweatthat ran down their well developed chests and bulging arms. I couldnot believe my good luck. I would get to see these guys coming andgoing every day!I decided to offer them some help with the moving. No one hasfriends on moving day, and I wanted them to know that I was theirfriend. Each one smiled warmly in appreciation, and soon I too hadtaken off my shirt and was sweating in the heat. The three wereyounger than I by about five years. They were in their third yearin a near by community college. It took me no time to learn theirnames and what they were studying. Frank was an engineer studentfrom a small town in the rural part of the state. Rob was abusiness major from a small city about a hundred miles away. Jeffwas an English major from a large city in the middle of the state.Of the three, Jeff really caught my eye. His build told he hadbeen on the wrestling team in high school. And although he worebig glasses, when he took them off and looked straight into myeyes, I almost dropped the box I was carrying. He was the sexiestlooking of the three, but none of them would I have kicked out ofbed.As soon as all their things were in the apartment, we sat down totake a break. Frank complained that they had not thought to buybeer. Hardly had he spoken than I was getting a six pack from myapartment. The three smiled warmly as I handed them the beer, andI felt Frank’s smile was on the knowing side. Had he alreadyfigured me out? Did he so soon know that I was dying to get intotheir pants?We drank deeply of our beer, and when Frank began speaking, I feltsure he had my number. “Where are the girls around here? We threefellows are going to need some action. We can’t study all thetime,” he said looking at me.My heart skipped a beat. His message was clear enough. Thanks forthe help moving us in, but no thanks to anything sexual. We arereal men, and we want our pussy.”I’m afraid I can’t help you in that area,” I said and pausedbefore adding, “In love and war, it’s every man for himself.””Well, where do you get yours?” Frank asked with almost a snarl. “I’ll gladly lend you a hand with moving or a beer to drink,” Isaid with a laugh, “but don’t ask me to tell you my sex secrets.””Why not?” asked Frank in a most unfriendly tone. “What kind ofsecrets do you have?””Lay off, Frank,” said Jeff pleasantly but firmly. Frank took another swallow of beer, and I felt very uncomfortableand wanted to retreat. I started to stand. Rob said I should notleave. I said I had to go, but before I could move Jeff stood andput his hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me back to the box Iwas sitting on. “You haven’t told us the things we really need toknow about,” Jeff said with his penetrating smile. “Like the bestgrocery stores, the laundry-mats etc.”As I started filling them in on the neighborhood, the tensioncaused by Frank began to ease, and soon we were telling jokes andopening more beers.When I finally left, they all shook my hand and thanked me for thehelp and the beer. I thought for sure Jeff’s handshake wasstronger than the others, but I was afraid to look straight intohis eyes. When I tried to release his hand, I realized that he washolding on to me and forcing me to look him in the face. I almostmelted when I did. This twenty-one year old, blond hair, blue eyedyouth had a powerful stare that moved right to your insides. Allmy muscles went weak, and it’s a wonder I did not fall down rightin their messy living room.”You didn’t tell us what kind of work you do,” said Jeff. “I’m an English lit teacher at in the local high school,” I saidweakly.”English is my Major. If I need any help, are you available fortutoring?””Sure,” I answered thinking this guy was too sharp to need helpfrom anyone.”You’d better find out what he charges,” said Frank darkly. I said there would be no charge for friends. As I was closing thedoor, I saw Frank rubbing his crotch with a sneer. When I got inmy apartment, I decided to lay low for a while. They might have mynumber, but I didn’t have to confirm their suspicions with overtacts of friendliness. Christ! What kind of world is it where youare afraid to be kind to your neighbors?Several days later, Rob knocked on my door one afternoon at fourthirty. He had a cup in his hand and wanted to borrow some flour.He readily took a cup of coffee when I offered it, and I soonlearned about the three’s living arrangement. They took turnsdoing the household chores. One would cook for several days, onewould clean up the house, and one would do nothing. This was Robturn to cook. As we sat around talking, he kept glancing at myapartment and complimenting me on how it looked. Finally, Irealized he was hinting to see it all. I invited him to see theother rooms. Like his, my apartment had a master bedroom, asmaller bedroom, and a bath and a half. I wondered what theirsleeping arrangement was, but I was afraid to asked.When Rob saw my king-size bed, he gave away their sleepingsituation. “That’s what we need,” he said. He went on to say theyhad a double bed in one room and a single bed in the other. Aswith the house chores, they took turns sleeping in the room withsingle bed which meant two of them were always sleeping together.Rob said that he hated it when it was his turn to sleep with Frank.I timidly asked why, and he told me that Frank was a rough sleeperand that sometimes he -Rob- would wake up and find Frank on top ofhim. “I sure would hate to be a women in bed with that big…,”Rob paused and I could tell he was looking for another word toreplace the one he started to use, “..bastard.”As we looked through the rest of my apartment, I began to get thefeeling that Rob had come to spy me out. When he saw my VHS, hewanted to know if I had any dirty movies. I told him I usuallyrented them. He kept pressing to find if I had any films at all.Finally, I told him I had only one that someone had given me. Hewanted to see it. I told him there was not time, and he said justlet him see the cover. By now I was developing a strong attractionto this young man and would do about anything he requested. Iopened a drawer and pulled out the video tape. On the cover weretwo men and one woman with little to cover their nudity.”Damn! I bet this is a hot one,” Rob said instinctively touchinghis crotch.I told him we could look at it one night, and as I spoke I wasstealing glances at a large bulge in Rob’s pants. Just then asharp knock at the door broke our individual thoughts. As I turnedto the door, I realized that Rob had left it ajar when he came in.Now standing in the door way was Frank with his usual snarl.”What you got there, roommate?” he asked pointing to the video inRob’s hand. “You’re not planning to look at fuck films when you’resupposed to be cooking my dinner are you?”Without a word I handed Rob the cup of sugar he had come after, andhe handed me the tape. As they were leaving, I marvelled atFrank’s ability to inflict guilt into any situation. I had aSunday School teacher like that once. But apparently guilt giverscome in all shapes and forms.A few days later I was surprised to find Frank standing at my doorwith an empty cup in his hand.”Sugar?” I asked as coolly as I could. “No,” he said very friendly, “I’m making brownies and it calls fortwo eggs. We don’t have any.”When I asked why the cup, he hesitated and finally admitted that hehated to break eggs and asked if I would do it for him. As I wascracking the eggs, Frank groaned. I asked why he did not likeeggs, and he told me with a shudder that he didn’t like anythingslimy. I asked about raw oysters, and he said they made him puke.With a bit of malice, I reminded him that oysters would put lead inhis pecker. He said he didn’t need help in that department. Thenwith a hand to his crotch and in hoarse whisper said, “Like I toldyou that first day, I’m still looking for some action.”For a split second I wanted to put my hand on that bulging crotch,but sanity took over, and I brushed the opportunity aside. Surelythis was his way of putting me on trial. Had I fallen for hisploy, he would have called me a faggot and run to tell hisroommates that he had been right all along. Fuck him, I thought asI handed him two eggs broken in his cup.Instead of leaving, he asked to look at the video tape that I hadshown Rob. I got it for him, and he looked at it intently andshamelessly gave me a profile of his erected dick. He was reallyhung, but I refused to give in. It was a trap. I took the tapefrom him and promised that maybe he and his roommates could allcome over and look at it sometime. I counted on the safety innumbers. But Frank actually looked hurt as he left my apartment.Or was it a look of confusion? He had been so cock sure (I lovethat expression) that I was after his dick. Maybe my sending himpacking was a disappointment or a blow to his ego. Funny, I wouldhave given anything to have blown that big dick of his, and all Iblew was his ego.The next night at ten o’clock, I opened my door to find Jeff. “What? No cup?” I asked. “I want to borrow something larger than a cup,” he said with asmile. “I need a place to sleep tonight.”Quickly and, I hope, calmly, I threw open the door. Jeff explainedthat it was his week to share the bed with Frank and that Frank’sgirl friend from back home was there for the night.”Rather than sleeping on the floor, I thought I’d take a chance onyour letting me sleep with you,” he said with that smile andpenetrating look that forbad anyone to say no. Certainly, Ididn’t.I told him to give me a hand making up the guest bed, but when wewent into my room to get the sheets, he saw my king size bed, andasked why bother with the other bed. Mine was bigger than he wasused to unless I minded sleeping with him. When I told him Ididn’t mind at all, I must have given away the whole truth about mydesire for him. He went to the far side of the bed and took offhis glasses and nailed me with one of his bedroom looks. Next heslipped out of his tee shirt and waited for me to take off myshirt. I did so. Next he took off his shoes and sox. I followedhis lead undressing piece by piece, but I could not take my eyesoff his beautiful face and captivating eyes. Soon we were down toour underpants. He slipped his off with ease, and I almoststumbled taking mine off, for the first glance at his huge softdick swinging below a bush of blond pubic hair was nearly more thanI could take.”Get in bed,” he ordered softly, and I willingly obeyed. In the few seconds it took me to get in bed, his dick had risenconsiderably. When he climbed in bed, he kept climbing until hewas sitting astride my chest, and I was eye balling one of the mostdelicious looking dicks I had ever seen.”Go for it,” he said in a tone that was at once both sweet anddemanding. I did not have to be told twice. I slurped that lovelydick right down as far as I could take it. Instantly, it was rockhard, and I began maneuvering for a better sucking position. Itook his dick out and replaced it with his huge, warm balls. Hesighed deeply as I sloshed his balls one at a time in my mouth.When I came up for air, I reached for the drawer in my bedsidetable.”What you getting?” he asked. “A condom,” I said. “No need,” he informed me. “I’m practically a virgin. I only hadone girl in high school, and we always used a rubber.””No guys?” I asked. “You’re my first. Let’s make it good, okay?” he said softly, andwith these word he lifted my head and inserted his dick into mywilling mouth. And as I sucked on that wonderful dick, I knew fora certainty that he was telling me the truth about his virginity.In no time he was pumping his dick as far down my throat as I couldtake it. Soon he warned me that he was about to cum, and I suckedharder to encourage him. What a wonderful load it was. Hot,sweet, and plentiful. I took it all, and when he was finished, henestled up in my arms and went to sleep. I could not even think ofsleep. I lay there with that beautiful, manly youth -a fuckingwrestler- in my arms wondering what I could possibly have done toplease the gods for such a reward.During the night I awoke to feel a warm mouth on my cock. When Iturned on the light, he looked up and smiled and went back tosucking on me. I knew by the way he sucked that he was indeed avirgin. I had to make several requests that he watch his teeth.After a while I stopped telling him. It was a sheer pleasure to bebitten by one so beautiful.”Hey,” he said taking my dick from his mouth, “I can’t believethis. I am about cum without even touching my dick.”I told him it happened that way with guys. Quickly I got our dickstogether, and he beat us off using his two hands around our dicks.When our cums had stopped shooting and was still flowing over ourdicks and balls, he said he had never realized that sex could be sogood with another human being. I promised him that he had onlyjust begun and that I could show him a lot more. He smiled andsaid he was willing. With that he curled up in my arms a secondtime, and with our wet dicks touching, we went back to sleep.In the morning I heard him slip out of bed and head for thebathroom. I went to the kitchen and fixed coffee and wondered whatkind of “morning after” thoughts Jeff was having. When I heard theshower running, I got a towel and went into the bathroom. “Here’sa towel,” I yelled over the noise of the shower. “Thanks,” hesaid. I wanted him to say something else, but I didn’t canlı bahis siteleri know what.As I was going out the bathroom door, he yelled, “Hey, Mike, do youhave that dried cum all over you dick and balls?” When I told him Idid, he asked me to join him in the shower and we could washingeach other off. Jesus, did I get in that shower in a hurry!Drying off in my bedroom he told me he thought something wasprobably wrong with him. I thought, Oh no. Here comes the guiltshit. I told him nothing was wrong with him, and he asked, “Ifnothing is wrong with me, why is my dick hard all the time?” I toldhim it was made that way for people like me who like to take thelead out of other guy’s peckers. He laughed and taking his hugemeat in both hands asked, “You want to take some out of me rightnow?”Within the minute I had him propped up on pillars in my bed, and Iwas between his legs sucking everything in sight. In no time heshot a copious load of cum down my throat. After I had swallowedit all, I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and I almostcried when he said gently, “Thanks.” We looked at each other for aminute without saying a word while his dick grew soft and fell onmy face.He broke the silence by asking, “What else you got to teach me?” Iasked if he was really ready, and when he said yes, I lifted hislegs and licked the underside of his balls getting very close tohis clean ass hole. He lifted his legs higher and offered meanything I wanted. At that point, I felt we both knew what wewanted, but I stopped licking him long enough to roll him over onhis stomach. Then I began licking first one check of his ass andthen another. Each time I switched to the other cheek, my tonguecame closer to the center and that dark hole that awaited myattention. When I was within an inch of his hole, Jeff beganmoaning and moving his whole body on the bed. Finally, he reachedaround with his hands and pulled wide opened his ass checksrevealing to me a hairless hole that was already opening itself andinviting my tongue to invade it. I paused just long enough toinflict Jeff with the anxiety of anticipation. Then I plunged mytongue deep into his ass. As I did, he rose up off the bed andforced his ass into my face.Next he got on his hands and knees and pushed his ass into my faceand moved up and down. I felt as if my mouth was on a buckinghorse, but I was determined not to lose him, and he sure seemeddetermined to stick with me. After about three minutes of thewildest face fucking I had ever had, he turned and put his armsaround me and flipped me over in the bed. For a moment I thoughthe had gone wild, but then I realized I had just been thrown to themat by a wrestler. Before I could get up, he climbed up on my faceand pushed his ass right down on my mouth and began rubbing it andyelling for me to stick my tongue in deeper. I had so much of hissweet ass in my mouth that I could hardly breath.After a few minutes of that he quickly got off me and said, “Comeon. You know what we have to do next. Let’s do it.”I knew exactly what was next. I told him to lie on his back. Ashe got ready, I reached for a lubricant, but he shook his head.”No grease,” he said, “just you and me.””Okay, Jeff, no lubricant,” I said, “but you might as well learnfrom the beginning to do it right, and doing it right means using acondom.” As I pulled the rubber over my enlarged dick, I addedtruthfully, “I have been with other guys.”He nodding his head understandingly, and I lifted his legs and gavehim once last tonguing before putting my hard dick into his virginass. I was easy. After all, I have a big dick, and it was hisfirst time. However, he took it like a sport, and soon I wasthrowing him all I had and he was asking for more. What a sight Ihad. His beautiful face looking up at me with lust, his muscularbody soaking up my hard dick. I leaned over and suck on his tits,and he almost cried with joy. “I am going to cum,” he whispered.I told him that I was too, and just as we both reached our climax,our mouths came together in a deep and longing kiss.When I pulled out of him, he pulled me up on his chest, and I couldfeel his warm cum sticking us together. “Guess what,” he said.”Next time you get the bottom.” I told him it suited the shit rightout of me, and I asked if Frank’s girl friend would be spendinganother night. He said she was and he sure hoped he could findsomeone to take him in again. No problem, I said.********************** If I fuck a thousand guys, I’ll never forget Jeff’s look when Ipulled out of him. His virgin ass had enjoyed the hell out of thefucking I had given him, and it hadn’t taken him long to get usedto my big cock and the pleasures of taking it up the ass. Butwhen I pulled out, he learned another new thing about fucking:when it’s over, there’s an empty place in your ass and in yourspirit. I am not sure I can describe this, but when two guys arereally enjoying fucking each other, regardless of who’s top andwho’s bottom, there is a union of both body and spirit. And whenthe dick and ass separate, there is a moment of emptiness. That’swhy when I pull out, I always do some hugging and kissing. Thatsort of keeps the spirit of the act alive. People who just fuckto get their rocks off might not understand what I’m saying, butlet me tell you, Jeff was not the kind of guy you just wanted tofuck and forget.”Next time, you get the bottom,” he said again cutting to my heartwith both his words and his beautiful blue eyes. I could tell bythe way he said it that he had enjoyed my fucking him, and hewanted to show that he could give the same pleasure to me.Naturally, I felt in love with him on the spot. Here was a guy whowanted to fuck me, not just for his own pleasure, but to give mepleasure, too. That’s what fucking is all about.Jeff spent the rest of the day with his roommates and Frank’s girlfriend. In the afternoon they invited me over for drinks. I had ahard time being so near Jeff, and tried not to look at him, but hewas the same easy going, self assured athlete. He asked me aboutmy work, background, and schooling just as if we have not spent theprevious night fucking our eyeballs out. Once when no one waslooking, he winked wickedly. Frank was unusually kind. He madenone of his usual petty remarks. His girl was the typical,uninteresting yuppie. I could not help but wonder as we sat withour drinks talking quite properly if she had gagged on that bigdick of his. I suspected that she had not even taken it in themouth. In fact, she looked so straight, I was surprised she evenslept with him. Maybe she just gave him a hand job. I was so busyhoping that Frank had had a miserable sexual experience, that Ialmost missed a question he directed at me.”I hope you didn’t mind having Jeff stay with you last night. Hebehaved, didn’t he?” asked Frank with faked innocence.”I did not mind, and I can’t tell you if he behaved.” I said.”Whatever he did, he did in the other bedroom.””Oh? I thought maybe you two would sleep in that big bed of yours,”said Frank with a more of his faked innocence.Before I could answer, Frank’s girl spoke up, “Don’t be silly,honey, guys don’t sleep together in the same bed.”Apparently, Miss Proper did not know the the sleeping arrangementof the three. Hadn’t she noticed that there were only two beds, adouble and a single? I decided it was my turn to get in a littlemalice. “Some guys do,” I said taking another drink.This caused a conversational pause that couldn’t be gapped. I mademy excuses and went home. Jeff saw me to the door and asked in avoice that all could hear if I was sure I didn’t mind him sleepingin my spare bedroom again. I also speaking for the benefit of theothers said it was no problem and that all three of them werewelcome to use the room whenever there was a need. Then to add tothe innocence of our relationship, I gave Jeff a spare key in casehe came in after I had retired. I thought it was a nice touchsince nothing would put me to sleep until I slept in his arms.I was lying in bed grading English themes when I heard him unlockthe door and come in. My heart skipped a beat. I was speechless.He came in the bedroom and said nothing. I wondered if he washaving second thoughts about sex with me. Neither of us spoke. Wejust looked at each other. Finally, he reached over and pulled thesheet off my naked body. Still no words were spoken. Slowly anddeliberately he began to undress. First, he pulled off his teeshirt revealing that muscular, wrestler’s chest. He sat down on achair to take off his shoes and sox. Then he stood to unfasten hisjeans. He tried to let them fall to his ankles, but because of anenormous erection, he had to pushed them past his crotch. Then hejust stood there with his pants around his ankles and his dickpointing straight at me. I knew what he wanted. It was my turn toget fucked, but I really wondered if I could take that huge pieceof meat. I had never had one that b ig. But when I looked in hiseyes, my fears and anxieties melted. Jeff could do wonders withhis eyes. One soulful look from those blue eyes, and my assholerelaxed and began to itch for him to fuck me.He came to the edge of the bed. Still neither of us had spoken. Irose up on my elbow and took the head of his dick into my mouth andtongued it good. He moaned softly, and while I was still suckinghis cock, he leaned over and opened the bedside table. I couldhear him taking out the lubricant and a package of condoms. Isucked him harder and thought thank god he is going to use alubricant. The night before he had insisted I fuck him with justmy spit, but then I had eating his ass to the point it was readyfor anything.I sucked deeper when I felt Jeff’s hand on my ass. He pulled openthe cheeks, and I felt a well lubricated finger slip into my ass.I moaned in pleasure, and I knew that I wanted his dick in me morethan anything else.Suddenly, a thought struck me, and I jumped up and crawled to theother side of the bed and turned to face him. On my hands andknees I said in a firm voice, “You want my ass, don’t you? Well,Mr. High School Wrestler, I’m not giving it to you.” A look ofconfusion crossed Jeff’s face. “If you want it, you’re going tohave to take it,” I said.Now Jeff smiled broadly, and said, “That ass belongs to me.” I toldhim to come get it, and in a flash he was on me. I had neverwrestled before, but I was learning fast. I put up a struggle, butmy efforts were nothing for Jeff. In no time he had me on my backwith my shoulders penned to the bed for the count of three. Nexthe flipped over on my stomach and pulled my right arm up behind myback and sat on my butt. He pushed on my arm until I felt the painand then asked, “Whose asshole is this?” Quickly, I told him itwas his. He released my arm and stretched out on my back with hismouth to my ear and his hard dick up against my ass. He whispered,”You want me to fuck you? Tell me!” I begged him to fuck me.”You got to help me do something,” he whispered again. “What?” Witha laugh he said,”Help me with this damn condom.”We sat up and faced each in bed, and he let me roll the condomover his huge dick. God! he looked sexy with that rubber on. Iremembered how I hated it when I first started using condoms, butnow they have become a real turn on. The sight of a rubber on ahard dick causes my ass to juice up and get ready for action.It was not an easy entry, but I was determined not to stop him orslow him down. It was his first piece of male ass, and I wantedit to be good for him. I knew it would be good for me. He wantedme on my stomach which is not my favorite position when beingfucked by a giant cock. When I’m on my back, I can always wiggleaway from the full force of a pounding dick, but when I’m on mystomach, there is nowhere to go. Being a wrestler, Jeff wantedhis man penned beneath him, and pen me to the bed he did.I soon realized I was right about why Jeff wanted me on my back.Fucking did remind him of wresting. I began to wondered if hismind was on wrestling me or fucking me. Well, of course, he wasfucking me. That pole of a dick kept reminding me of that fact.But I also had the feeling he was both wresting and fucking everyguy he had been to the mat with.I asked him who his favorite wrestling buddy was in high school,and he said a guy name Phil. Then he started fucking me harder, andwhile he fucked, he put his arms under mine and his hands behind myneck. I assumed it was some kind of wrestling hold. Then he drovehis dick to the hilt in my ass. In that position, I was helplessto do anything except take every inch of it.I had a feeling I knew what was going through his mind, so I askedhim how he would like to be fucking his buddy Phil right now. Hemoaned and said nothing but by the increase of his pounding dick inmy ass, I knew I had been right. Jeff was in bed with me, but hewas fucking his high school buddy. Yet I didn’t care. After all,I was getting the pleasure of feeling that big dick, not somefriend from the past.By the time he reached his climax, I was about to blow a load too.As soon as he had finished, he withdrew and turned me over andgrabbed my dick and pounded it to until flying shots of my cum hitme on the chin. Then without a word, he leaned over and kissed medeeply on the mouth. I could feel my wet cum joining our touchingchins. Still leaning over me, he put his head next to mine on thepillar and sobbed. I asked him what was wrong, but he continued tosob for about a half minute. Then he raised his head and looked atme with tears in those beautiful eyes.”You were right. I was thinking about Phil,” he said pausing.”All those years we wrestled. I wanted to… I think we bothwanted to. I hope you don’t mind.””Why should I mind?” I asked taking a tear from his eye on myfinger and putting into my mouth.”Because this was my first time, and it should have been with you,not him,” he explained.”It was with both of us, and I’m glad you shared with perabet me yourthoughts,” I said truthfully. For a second I wondered how manytimes I had fucked or gotten fucked with my mind or or the otherguy’s mind on someone else. At least here was someone who washonest about his thoughts, and that made the act even moreintimate.”Let’s get a shower together,” he said getting up. “And next time,I promise that my thoughts will all be on you.”I said it was a deal, and as I got in the shower with him, it cameto me that I had just had the best fuck of my entire life and wasdue for another from this hunky, good looking wrestler.+ + + + + + Sunday night Frank’s girl friend went, and Jeff had no excuse forspending the night with me. We had a hard time seeing each otheralone, and he finally resorted to calling me on the phone fromschool. He could never seem to get away from his roommates.Wednesday he came over, and while we were discussing whether or notwe could get by with a fast fuck in bed, there was a knock at thedoor. Both his roommates were there. I felt sure they werechecking up on us. Quickly, I told them I was just about to calland invite them over for popcorn. Rob suggested we look at a fuckfilm and my VHS. So I popped the corn, and put on a straight fuckfilm that I usually show to my straight friends or the to guys I’mtrying to seduce.It was a boring party. After a few comments, none of the roommatessaid anything. I noticed that all three had hardons. I alsonoticed that Frank kept cutting his eye both toward me and Jeff. Ifigured he suspected something, but it had to be all guessing onhis part. Jeff and I hardly look at one another throughout thefilm. When it was over, I told them I had papers to grade and thathad studying to do. As they stood to leave, I saw each was stillsporting a hardon. Jeff and Rob tried to cover theirs up, butFrank made his very obvious and then said something that surprisedme.”Hey, that made me real horny. Who do I sleep with tonight? Oh,yeah, Rob. How about giving me a little bit tonight?” he saidslapping Rob on the back.”You just stay on your side of the bed, Frank,” said Rob. “Beside,you had your woman all weekend.””Hell, that’s history. Anyway, she wouldn’t even…” Frank pausedand then obviously changed his words, “she wouldn’t even begin totake care of all I got to give.” So saying, he pushed forward hiscrotch which still showed a fairly good size piece of meat tryingto break lose.”What he means,” said Rob to me,” is that she still won’t give himany head.””Fuck you” said Frank. “Come on! Let go home,” said Jeff. “Mike doesn’t need to hear allthis bullshit. He hears it all day from his students.””Yeah,” said Frank, “but they are little high school pricks. Weare big…””College pricks,” said Jeff, and everyone but Frank laughed. As they left, Frank made a point of being last, and as he waswalking out he cupped his crotch and said to his buddies in a waythat I knew was for my benefit, “Well, I’m still looking forsomeone to swing on this and I don’t care who it is.”I couldn’t deny that I was a lot more attracted to Frank than thefirst time I met him. He had gone from belligerent to caustic toalmost flirting. I guess he just didn’t know how to out and outask someone to suck his dick. Poor Rob, I thought. He has tosleep with Frank tonight.At eleven I was just finishing grading the last paper when I hearda light knock on the door. I knew at once that it was Jeffsneaking away from his roommates. I rushed to the door withoutputting anything on. I pulled it open enough to see out, and therestood Rob. Before I could stop him, he pushed the door open, camein, and closed it behind him. And there we stood, me naked and himfully clothed.I had not turned on the lights, and it took him a few moments tosee that I was naked. My mind was racing for reasons when he said,”I bet you thought I was Jeff.””Let me get my robe,” I said without answering his question. Goingto the bedroom would give me time to collect my thoughts, but hesurprised me by following me and watching me put on my robe.”Jeff taught you that, didn’t he?” he asked. “Taught me what?” I asked with my heart pounding. I was cursingmyself for messing around with someone so near home. How would weever get out of this?”Taught you to run around the apartment nude. He’s always doingthat and telling us that we are candy asses and ashamed of ourdicks and all kind of shit like that.””Well, in my apartment I feel I can do what I want,” I saidsomewhat cooling off.”Yeah, that’s what Jeff says.” “How about you? Do you run around nude in your apartment?” I madeboldly to ask.”Sometimes,” he said slowly, “but only if Frank’s not there.” “Why is that?” I asked feeling better by the minute. “Frank is too grab ass for me.” I couldn’t believe Frank to be the grab ass type, but then my imageof Frank was changing for the better. Rob went on to say that hewas wondering if he might take me up on sleeping in my apartment.He said he just was not up to sleeping with Frank. I told him itwould be fine and that he could help me make the guest bed.”Oh, you don’t have to go to that much trouble,” he said. “Well, you certainly don’t want to sleep on a bed without anysheets on it,” I said paternally.”No, I was thinking I could sleep here in your bed. It’s plentybig for both of us, if you don’t mind,” said Rob without ever oncelooking at my face. I am glad he didn’t, because I was in shock.Was he coming on to me?”Hey, do you mind if we look at that film?” he asked. “Not the oneyou showed tonight. The other one with the two guys and a girl.”I mumbled yes, and then he blew my mind away. He startedundressing. He took everything off, and I saw standing before me abeautiful young man with a runner’s body and a semi hard, long dickswinging between his legs.”You said it was okay to go naked in your apartment, didn’t you,”he asked with c***dlike innocence.”Of course,” I muttered looking at him from head to toe. He stoodjust long enough for me to get a good look and then started for theliving room calling over his shoulder for me to take off my robe.I practically tore it in half getting out of it.I got the film started on the VCR and the popcorn in the Microwave.Rob was sitting on the sofa and I on a lazy boy recliner. Themovie was in the introductory stage which meant all the charactersstill had their clothes on.”Do they both fuck her?” he wanted to know. “Of course.” “I mean at the same time,” he explained. I told him everybody would fuck everybody, and he seemed pleased bythe answer. I went after the popcorn, and when I got back, Robpatted the place by him on the sofa and told me to sit by him so wecould both reach the popcorn. By then the movie was getting to asteamy session, and I could not help but notice that Rob’s dick wasresponding. Sitting beside him made it a awkward to steal glancesat his rise cock. I tried to see it every time I reached forpopcorn, and always caught me looking. When the guys startedmessing with each other in the movie, he really started gettinghot. His dick was not large around, but it was a monster inlength. Just the kind that slips all the way down the throat withease. Finally, I mentioned that he really had a big dick. Hestared at mine and said I did too.I was just at the point of reaching for his dick when he asked if Ihad seen that movie where the guy put his dick through the bottomof a popcorn cup so that his girl got a feel of his dick when shewent for popcorn. I had seen the film. He said he always wantedto try that and did I have any large paper cups. As a matter offact, I had some large plastic drink cups that would serve thepurpose. I got one for him, and he pushed the bottom out, stuckhis dick in it and filled it with popcorn.”Do you want someone to reach for the popcorn?” I asked willingly. “No,” he said with a wicked smile, and I was crestfallen until headded, “I want someone to eat the popcorn.”I set a world record getting on my knees in front of him. Istarted eating the popcorn from around his dick, but could notwait. I pulled off the cup sending popcorn flying, and before thelast piece hit the floor, his dick was out of sight down my throatand his whole body was responding in ecstasy. He d****d him legsacross my back and ran both hand through my hair. He whisperedthat it was the first time he had ever had his entire dick insomeone’s mouth. I gave it a few plunges to the hilt and thenstarted licking his balls. I asked if the girls couldn’t take itall. After a pause, he told me he had never gone all the way witha girl and then quickly asked that I not tell his roommates he wasa virgin. Just before going back to his dick, I asked if anyoneelse had ever sucked him. He said only his best buddy in highschool. They used to do it after track practice.I sucked a while longer before asking my next question. Was itmutual with his buddy? He didn’t answer. Instead, he stood up andgently pushed me back on the carpet. He sat beside me and ran hishands over my chest and stomach. Then he took hold of my dick,looked at it for a moment, and leaning over, took it in his mouth.I almost cummed on the spot. He couldn’t take it all. I didn’texpect him to, but he sure sucked dick better than Jeff. I couldtell he had had some experience. After a minute I pushed around sothat I could reach his dick, and we stretched out on the floor andgot into a sixty nine position. In no time he was pumping a hotload of salty cum down my throat. I wondered if it was the cum orthe popcorn that caused the salty taste. Before I could shoot, hepulled away from my dick. I figured I had missed my chance. Buthe told me he didn’t want me to cum yet. He had other plans. Atthat point I was more than willing f or him to take charge, andtake charge he did.”I gotta pissed,” he said heading for the bathroom. “Don’t doanything until I get back.”I lay there with a stiff dick and listened to him pissing. Then Iheard him open my medicine cabinet and wondered what he was up to.Soon I saw him coming down the hall with a tube of lubricant in onehand and a pack of condoms in the other. “What are these for?” heasked with a sheepish grin. When I told him they were play things,he said, “Maybe we ought to play with them.””Whatever you like,” I said wondering if this was a dream. “I like the way you suck,” he said matter of factly, and sat downon my chest and flopped his semi soft long dick in my face. I tookit at once. God, but I love sucking a soft dick after it has shota load. But it was not soft for long. With the encouragement ofmy tongue and lips, it regained its stiffness. When it was fullyhard, he began gently to face-fuck me pushing his long narrow dickall the way down my throat. After a while he pulled it out andlaid it across my nose and between my eyes. I was lick itsunderside as he moved up enough to lower his balls in my mouth.”I love your mouth,” he said in a husky voice of sexual excitement.”What else do you like to suck?”I figured that was an open invitation. I put my hands on his asscheeks and spread them open. When I felt his glory hole, I wassurprised to find it already lubricated.”Want some of that?” he asked still in that husky voice of arousedpassion.Without a word I pushed him off me and turned him over on his back,and reached for a condom. As I was putting it on, he said he wasnot sure he could take it all but that he would try. But I knewthat his ass was mine, all of it. When I was ready to mount him,he turned over on his stomach and pushed his ass up in the air. Itis not my favorite position, but I thought maybe it would be finefor starters. When my dick touched his ass, he stiffened up. Itold him to relax as I pushed first one finger and then anotherinto his tight hole. “Go for it,” he told me. I pressed my dickinto him an inch and then paused. He breathed heavily but saidnothing. I figured he was no virgin to ass fucking.”Did your track buddy get some of this?” I asked pushing my dick inanother inch. He said yes and pushed back on my dick takinganother inch. After that I couldn’t talk for the pure enjoyment ofhis ass. It seemed to grabbed every part of my dick and suck it upinto his beautiful body. On my knees I was soon pounding my meatcompletely into his willing asshole, and he was meeting my everythrust gladly. I had to slow down. I wanted it to last.I pulled out and told him to follow me to the bedroom. As we werewalking down the hall, he said he had never been to bed with a man.He said his buddy and he used to do it after school in the lockerroom, in the car, or wherever they could find a private place. Hegot on the bed and again raised his ass dog fashion. I told him Iwas going to show him a new way and turned him over on his back.He looked puzzled until I raised his legs over my shoulders. Hemade a little gasp as I pressed my hard cock completely up his ass.Before he could say anything, I lowered my mouth on his and kissedhim. He didn’t respond, and knowing the answer, I asked if hisbuddy and he ever kissed. “No,” he said, “but I think I like it.”And with those words, he pressed his mouth against mine. With mydick completely up his ass on one end and my tongue down his throaton the other end, I was in bliss! In no time I was unloading my cumin a fireworks orgasm. As I was shooting my last drops, I grabbedhis dick. He yelled that he was cumming, and just in time Ilowered my mouth onto its head and caught it. I had to know if itwas the popcorn or his cum that was so salty. It was the popcorn.This load of cum was deliciously sweet.We showered together and curled up and slept in each other’s arms.Once during the night I awoke and wondered about his roommates.One of them I had been to bed with. Would each find out about theother? Would that cause a problem? And what about Frank? What wouldwe do about him? As it turned out, they were questions that wouldanswer themselves within the week. In the mean time, perabet giriş I went backto sleep in the arms of a beautiful youth whom I had truly madelove to.******* After one weekend with Jeff and then several nights with Rob,suddenly I had no one. They were busy with their college work andactivities, and I had my school work: grading high school themes,going to sports events, and trying to act the role of a dedicatedEnglish teacher. After a few days, I was really getting horny. Icaught myself looking at one of the husky school wrestlers andthinking of Jeff.What was going on across the hall? After a few more days, I beganto think something was happening. Maybe Jeff and Rob suspectedeach other of going to bed with me. Maybe in a weak moment theyboth confessed, and then blamed it all on me. I could just hearthem telling one another that I took advantage of them in a momentof passion. Or I got them drunk or something. Hell, the truth ofthe matter is that they both put the make on me. They had figuredme out and came on to me.Friday at lunch I decided I had to make some kind of move. I wouldinvited the three over for drinks or to look at another fuck film.That should do the trick. If they turned me down by making up somelame excuse, then I would know the whole thing was over. I was sonervous that I gave my classes free time for the rest of the day.I kept thinking how terrible it would be having to live across thehall from three people with whom I had an uncomfortablerelationship. Damn it! I should have never gone to bed withsomeone so close at home.By four thirty I already had a couple of drinks and a slight buzzwhen I heard someone enter the apartment across the hall. It wasnow or never. I finished off my drink and went over and knocked onthe door. Frank opened the door and stood behind it until he sawit who it was. Then he threw wide the door letting me see that hewas half dressed. “I was about to get a shower,” he said scratchinghis balls. When I said I would return later, he insisted I come inand have a beer. “I’ve been lifting weights at the gym,” heexplained. “Let me get a quick shower.” He insisted I take my beerto his bedroom and wait for him to finish.In no time he was out of the bathroom with just a towel d****daround his muscular body. He took his time dressing. I think heenjoyed showing off his stuff. And he had the stuff to show off!His dick was long even when soft, and he had larger balls thaneither of his roommates.I tried to make small talk while he took the towel and re-driedhimself. He gave special attention to rubbing his balls and dickthus causing it to rise a little. It was hard to keep my eyes offthat lovely piece of cut meat swinging between his legs. I did notwant him to catch me looking at his long dong, and I could tell hekept trying to see if I was looking. After a while, I thought,What the hell? He knows anyway. Why should I try to hide it? Whenhe finally put on his underpants, he did so right in front of thechair where I was sitting. I was practically eye level and just afew feet from a really great looking cock. Then he said he had puthis underpants on backwards and took them off to give me anotherview. By then we both were into the game. His dick had a semierection, but neither of us verbalized what was going on. He justshowed me his cock, and I looked.During this dressing and exhibition scene, I managed to tell himwhy I was there, namely to invite him and his roommates over for adrink and a movie on the video that evening. When he asked with awink what movie I had to show, I told him innocently that I wasplanning to rent whatever movie they wanted to see. He immediatelysuggested we look at another of my fuck films. I said fine andtold him to tell his roommates and be over around eight. As hewalked me to the door, he put his arms around my shoulder and gaveme some bullshit about being a good neighbor.Back in my apartment, I chided myself for giving in to staring atFrank’s dick. It was true that he had me figured out, but I alsohad him figured out. Frank was a homophobic of the worst kind. Iwas sure that if I ever made a pass at him, he would scream hisinnocence in leading me on and most probably do me v******e. Ifnothing else, he was sure to brag to his roommates that he had toldthem I was a faggot. I was going to have to keep Frank at adistance. So what if he had a weight lifter’s body, a big dick,and lovely balls?At exactly eight o’clock, there was a knock on the door. Beforeopening it, I checked to make sure every thing was in order.Popcorn, beer, film in the video. Everything was in order. Iwalked slowly to the door with happy expectations of an eveningwith three beautiful youths. When I opened the door, Frank stoodthere alone with a sheepish grin on his face. I invited him in andasked if the others were on their way. He ignored my question andmade for he popcorn and beer. I waited for him to settle on thesofa before asking again.He explained that both Jeff and Rob had college activities toattend that night. Then he said rather un-convincingly that he hadforgot they would not be home when he accepted my invitation. “AmI still invited?” he wanted to know. I told him yes, and wonderedhow I was going to play his little game of queer bating allevening.”Let’s look at a fuck film,” he said going to the VHS. “Where doyou keep the good one?”Before I could answer, he opened the cabinet beside the televisionand was looking over my collection of porno films. He pulled oneout and said, “This looks interesting. I’ve never seen one ofthese. Can we look at it?”To my shock I saw he had an all male film. “Anything you want,” Isaid.He slipped it in the VHS and turned on the television. The filmshowed two college football players after practice. They werealone in the locker room horsing around. Next they went to theshower together and played around some more. I had seen it severaltimes and kept worrying about what Frank would say or do when thetwo got down to hard core action. The hell with it, I thought.After all, he was the one who chose it.As the two players were drying off, Frank said, “Hey, that remindsme of getting dressed in front of you this afternoon.””Yeah, but we didn’t do what these two are about to do,” I saidtrying to warn him of the direction the film was going. Frankglanced at me with a grin which I could not interpret.”That one guy has a great…,” Frank paused and then said,”..body.””Not as great as yours,” I said before thinking. “I lift weights,” said Frank. He’s just an actor.” His eyes wereglued the screen when to my surprise, he said, “And look at thatbig dick he’s got.””Not as big as yours,” I said not caring this time. “Oh, mine isn’t so big,” said Frank in a tone that admitted thelie. I didn’t say anything. I had gone as far as I dared. Insilence we watched the actors who continued to towel off as theirdicks grew larger by the second.”Do you really think so?” asked Frank, and then taking his eyesfrom the film and toward me, he added, “That my dick is big?”I assured him it was very big. He smiled and then looked back atthe film for a few minutes. By this time the two athletes haddropped their towels and one had dropped to his knees and wassucking the other’s cock.”God, I haven’t had a blow job in a long time,” Frank said withheavy breathing.”Not since your girl was here last week,” I made bold to say. “Shit! She wouldn’t suck dick. She didn’t even want to fuck.” By now Frank was shamelessly rubbing his cock, and I could easilysee it was fully hard beneath his jeans.”I thought sure she would have sucked you,” I pressed. “No, she said it was too big. Hell, I hate to go through lifemissing blow jobs because it’s too big,” he said and withoutlooking at me asked, “Do you think it’s too big to get sucked?””I don’t really know since I haven’t seen it,” I spoke hardly ableto breath.”You mind having a look at it and letting me know what you think?”he asked, unzipping his pants without waiting for me to answer. Itwas so hard, he couldn’t get it out, and I suggested he lower hispants which he quickly did while walking over to stand in front ofmy chair. I almost fainted when I saw the whole thing standinghard and long before my face.”Well, what do you think? Is it too big for someone to suck?” heasked practically pushing it into my face.”Shall I try and see?” I asked. “Go for it,” he said, and without waiting grabbed my head andpushed my mouth onto his throbbing dick.What a dick to have pushed into your mouth! It was far too much todeep throat, but it was sure as hell fun trying a few times. But Iquickly gave up that and went for putting a sucking on that hugecock head. I don’t know when I have had such a prick to suck on,and I really don’t think I’ve ever had anyone who apparentlyenjoyed it more. Frank was all motion. Not only was his cockflying in and out of mouth as fast as I could take it, but he wasflexing his whole body. He would go up on his toes and themtighten his stomach muscles. He would run his hands through myhair and then lean over and rubbed my back, and with all thismotion came a constant chatter of encouragement. “Suck it, buddy,Oh please suck it. I need it. God! That feels good. You’re thebest. Take all of my dick you want. It’s yours, baby.”His words alone about made me cum in my pants. I could feel juicerunning out of my cock. About that time, he made a loud sound, andyelled, “Jesus! I’m cummng. I’m really cumming!”And cum he did. It was like a geyser erupting in my mouth. It hadto be the most cum I had ever had in my mouth -and out of my mouth.There was no way I could take it all, but I manfully tried. Whenhe finished shooting, he did not pull away but left his softeningdick in my mouth. As it grew smaller, I was able to take more ofit until finally I had it completely down my throat. At this pointFrank leaned down and playfully bit my ear and whispered, “Thanks,buddy. That was great.” And with these words, he pull his dickfrom my mouth and throat and went back to the sofa.I was bone hard and hot as hell, but I also knew that this would bea critical time in dealing with Frank. I was wondering what hisnext action would be. I was prepared for a guilt trip or one ofthose “I have never done that before, but those films made me hornyand I couldn’t help my self.”It’s the straight’s ploy of putting the blame on the other person.When he got to the sofa instead of pulling up his pants, he tookthem completely off and asked if the door was locked. I told himthat it was, and he said that he was sorry he came so fast, butthat he could easily go twice if I was interesting. Was Iinterested! He stretched out nude on my sofa and was the prettiestpicture of male, masculine beautiful. “Come here,” he told me. Iwas there in a flash. “Did you get off?” he asked. When I toldhim that I didn’t, he said, “I like it when someone licks on me.Do you mind doing that? I mean, you don’t think that’s weird oranything.”I assured him I didn’t think it was weird, and in no time I waskneeling at the sofa and lapping up on his muscular chest. I wasgoing good on his right nipple when I felt his hand rubbed againstmy dick. “Hey, you got a big one, too,” he said. “Let’s have alook at it.” I pulled out my dick which was as hard as marble, andwhen I went back to sucking on his chest, I felt his big handwrapped around my cock. Next he started jerking it. That did it.I raised up and told him I was cumming, and just before the firstshots fired, I lowered my face into his crotch and rubbed it in hispubic hair and soft dick.When calm and sanity returned to my thinking, I wondered how much amess I had made on the rug and sofa. I looked down, and he read mythoughts.”No, problem,” Frank said. “I caught it all in my hand.” And sure enough, I looked at that beautiful hand of his and foundit full of my milky cum. He raised it and rubbed it on my chest,and then silently lifted it to my mouth and offered me a taste.I’m not one usually interested in tasting my own cum, but Icouldn’t refuse the sweetness of the moment with Frank.As I touched my tongue to his hand, he winked and said, “I hope youlike the taste, because I’ll have another load for you before thenight is over. And he was as good as his word. Next time we didin my bed.Frank was not only good during sex but also afterwards. He was nobang, bang thank you, man fucker. We lay abed and he told me allabout himself. He said he had been mean toward me, because healways considered homosexual people weird. On his high schoolfootball team all the players talked about what sissies the gayswere, but strangely enough, it was while he was on the footballteam that he started jerking off with his buddies. It was an offthe field event. Is always started with individual masturbation,but it usually ended with mutual masturbation. Frank said he hadjerked off and been jerked off by almost everyone on his highschool football team. Frank would never consider sucking a dick,but since he and his football buddies had jerked each other off, henever minded getting me off with his hand. Truth to tell, hedidn’t have to do much. After sucking on him, I was ready to go ina second. It took just a few shakes of that big hand to get me tothe stars.When I asked about why he had decided to change his attitude towardme, he said it was due to the girl who had spent the weekend withhim. He had tried all weekend to get some head from her, but sherefused. He decided then that he was crazy to turned down a steadyblow job so near home. “You are going to be my steady cocksucker,aren’t you?” Frank asked ruffling my hair. I didn’t say a word butslowly slipped between his legs and slipped his dick into my mouthand closed my eyes as I felt his hand slip around my hardeningdick.For next two years, the boys next door kept me in dick, and I keptthem out of cum. The four of us never did it together. In fact, Inever admitted to a one of them that I was sucking the other othertwo. I am sure the three all know what was going on, but theypreferred to play it cool. Oh, by the way, which one turned out tobe my very favorite? Which would you have chosen? I never had tochoose as I had them all three every week.

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