27 Nisan 2021

The Burning for My Son-in-Law Ch. 03


** Author’s Note: I hope you have fun reading this third chapter! All participants are over 18. This story is based upon a real life series of events provided to me by the mother in the story. Some things have been changed to include more details and to enhance storytelling. Special thanks to “D” who provided me with thoughts and ideas about this. – Jack


Chapter 3 – No longer virgins

I smiled at my daughter on the deck and she smiled back at me. Her husband and the object of my fantasies and desire was in the hot tub with my twin daughters. I know that at least one of them had had her hand wrapped around his big dick while my daughter was driving me insane in my bedroom. Calm now or as as calm as I could be, I felt ready to announce my pregnancy. It was not my husband’s baby but he didn’t know, He also didn’t know that none of the girls were his from a biological sense. I didn’t feel bad about it. He wanted children as bad as I did but he just didn’t have the sperm count. Regardless, he was a good man and a good role model for the girls. What kind of slut was I that I would have 2 pregnancies and 3 children from a man other than my husband? I wouldn’t have called myself a slut before I met my son-in-law Mike and his cock. The girls were conceived on purpose with a man I knew well.

No sooner had I gotten people’s attention when my husband, Jim announced that the steaks were done. I chuckled to myself as I rushed into the kitchen to get all the fixin’s for dinner. They were already done! I was in shock. Jim walked in and patted my ass.

“All done, sweetie! I took care of everything! It’s out on the deck table.”

I walked out in shock. Normally, I barely got Jim to help at anything and he … set the table, put out condiments, the asparagus was grilled and on the table, the steaks were on the table, the beer was in a cooler, the potatoes were cooked perfectly and there was corn on the cob! Where had that come from?

Jim smiled. “Jen said she’d keep you busy for a while so that we could get all this done. Surprised?”

“Yes,” I said absentmindedly. I looked at my oldest daughter Jen and she winked at me and I fondly remembered her fingering my pussy and feeding me her big tits.

Mike got his big frame out of the hot tub and gallantly helped the twins out with one on each arm. I chuckled as their big titties burst from their bikini tops, just like their mom’s. They jiggled as they hopped down the steps. 19 years old and still virgins. How do I know? Because they promised me and those two always keep their promises. They turned 19 only a few weeks earlier and it was time I let them go on their journey. A journey that both Jen and I had already gone on. They knew it was coming and were looking forward to it. Though they knew it was coming, they had no idea how it would feel. Jen had told them “Wait for 19 and Pa will take good care of you!” Pa was their grandfather, my father and their biological father.

We laughed our way through the picnic until I tapped my beer glass and got everyone’s attention. I looked around at my husband Jim, my father Pa, my daughter Jen and her husband Mike and of course … the twins.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have an announcement to make.” I started. Everyone sat silent for a moment. “I wish you to know that my virile husband has once again, found a way to give us another child!!”

Everyone cheered and Jim grinned broadly. We ate the steaks and the corn on the cob. The kids were good enough to clean up the dishes. Pa and I found ourselves in my bedroom again after dinner.

“The kids are cleaning up, sweetie,” he commented, “You’ve raised them well.”

He sported a hard on that stretchd down the length of the leg of his bathing suit. “Let’s go to the tub and enjoy the spa. Can you do that in your condition?”

I nodded and followed him out. I watched my father’s ass as he walked. He was not yet 70 and he still had a good and muscular ass as he walked. The hot tub was secluded from the grill and the kitchen. He let me get in first. I knew what turned him on and I moved slowly so he got a good look at my ass. I knew what made him tick. I knew what made him cum and cum hard. I knew because he was the father of Jen and he was also the father of my twin girls and we had fucked often through the years since he introduced me to sex when I turned the age of 19.

“What’s the idea of getting pregnant from someone else?” he chided as we climbed into the warm, bubbly water of the hot tub.

“I found another cock like yours, dad” I responded.

“Must be Mike” he guessed and then chuckled. “I saw the twins enjoying his attentions earlier. Do they know about us?”

“They know that you taught me about pleasing a man but no, they don’t know that you are their biological father,” I responded. “No one knows about that but Jen.”

“Yes, she was special. but not as special as you.”

I smiled coyly. He just had a way of making a woman canlı bahis feel good about herself. I put my hands together between my thighs and that pressed my already bursting tits together. It came naturally for me and I watched his eyes widen at the size of them. “I needed you and you weren’t around. Jen kept talking about how big Mike is and how sore she was and I needed some relief and Mike was available.”

With a frown, he acknowledged a feeling of dismay. “I’m sorry sugar. Can I make it up?”

I grinned as I spread my fingers around the swirling bubbles with him. My fingers found his and then my hand floated down to his cock. “Oh Daddy!” I exclaimed as I hugged him. I knew that we only had about 15 minutes until the dishes and the cleanup was done. No one would be looking for us as we settled into the bubbles of the hot tub hidden in the corner of the house.

I pulled back the waistband of his bathing suit and found the thickness that originally made me a fan of long and thick cocks. I kissed his chest without concern of discovery as my hand gripped his familiar thickness and length. I was ok that Mike was bigger and longer but my dad was the first big cock I had ever encountered.

I smiled at him and kissed his neck. Long ago, he had taught me how to kiss his neck, sucking and biting slightly causing a little bruise. I saw him smile as my hand rose and fell on his cock. For an “older” man, his firmness always surprised me. I stroked him and he stroked my hair as our lips met. His hands found my tits and pulled aside my bikini top revealing my swollen tits.

“I’m going to want these when they are producing milk again,” he smiled and stroked me. His hands were gentle but firm.

“Yes, Daddy!” I answered enthusiastically. He had enjoyed that milk for each of the kids.

I thought back to an earlier time. I was an ugly and shy teen. My mother was always out busy with one thing or another. Unfortunately, it was easy to tell that she was no longer interested in Pa or me. It didn’t take long for them to divorce. I went into a mode of hiding in plain sight. I wore my long hair, uncombed and in my face. I wore dark bulky clothes that hid my body. Some boys tried to be friends but I paid them no attention. I had very few girl friends. I always felt different and my very large breasts always seemed to get in the way. Sports also seemed impossible as they bounced much too much whenever I ran. My body was an embarrassment to me. My braces came off my teeth as I turned 18. This was a big event for me but shy as I was, I let no one know.

Pa saw in me what others didn’t. He saw a flower bud needing help to bloom. We were both so lonely. Dinner time was always very quiet and after we cleaned up and I went to my room. Pa saw that I was in need of a transformation. I was in need of a wake up call otherwise, I would end up as the walking dead.

One evening as we ate our usual Mac n’ Cheese and hot dogs, he swore. It was like he didn’t know how to tell me something. He was never an articulate man but I was shocked. “It’s time for something new. Time to get out of this rut we’re in.”

I stared at him. I knew no other way of life.

“Last week, I bought a cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania. It’s in a nice secluded spot on a small lake. It has a dock and a little rowboat.”

“How did you pay for that, Pa?”

“I used my retirement money.”

“Retirement money?”

“Yes, baby, I cashed it in. It’s time we both grew up and moved on. We need to do something different than eat, sleep, and go to work or school.”

The next weekend, we got in his car to go to the cabin. That’s when he explained to me that he and Mom were getting a divorce. She would move out of the house while we were at his log cabin on a lake in western Pennsylvania. The snow drifted down and covered the streets as we drove away. Mom hadn’t said a thing to me, not even good-bye. The cabin seemed small and covered with more than a foot of snow. The car barely plowed through it up the driveway. There was wood piled neatly next to the wood stove and the lake hadn’t yet frozen over. Soon, Pa was stoking both the fire in the cabin as well as the sauna 20 feet from the lake. The whole picturesque environment was secluded and the snow falling absorbed all sounds from the forest around it.

It was just Pa and me. I was enjoying the personal attention he provided.. In this new environment, I suddenly felt impressionable and eager to learn. He taught me to play card games as we sat on the floor. We cooked wonderful meals and shopped together. This was a fantastic winter vacation. I noticed him looking at me with those searching blue eyes. I caught him looking down my shirt on occasion and wasn’t sure if I should be worried or flattered. I chose the latter.

“Honey,” he called out one evening “I’ve got a special treat for you.”

I came down the stairs from the loft where my bedroom was. “What’s up?”

He waved to some boxes beside him. bahis siteleri “Clothes and more clothes.”

“Where’d they come from, Pa?”

“They used to be your mother’s but they don’t fit her anymore. Think that they’ll fit you?”

I laughed and doubted it. I smelled them and they all smelled freshly clean. “Pa, did you clean these?”

“I sure did and you know how much I hate doing laundry!”

I felt warm inside. It was quite a gift for him to go back to the house, gather mom’s old clothes, wash, dry and fold them. Especially for Pa!

They were in remarkably good shape and I grabbed two tops and climbed up to my room returning huffing and puffing as I came back down. “What do you think?” I asked.

He looked at me for a minute enjoying my heaving chest. “They look better on you than they did on your mother,” he sighed.

I grabbed another shirt and headed up the stairs but he stopped me.

“Honey, we’re family. Lighten up and try them on down here so you don’t have to kill yourself going up to the loft.”

I nodded without much thought. I slowly pulled my top off and stood before him in tight jeans and my old white bra. I turned my back to him but after trying on a few sweaters, I stopped being shy.

He handed me a lace black bra. I looked at the size and at 36dd, it seemed a bit small. I turned away from him and took off my old and stretched bra and quickly replaced it with the black one. Turning back, he whistled long and slow. “You are such a beautiful woman,” he exclaimed softly.

I saw the bulge in his pants and got nervous. We shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t see me like this. It just isn’t right. I covered up with my hands as I realized that the bra was mostly see-through! My aureoles and my nipples showed clearly through! Gently, he pulled my hands down.

“Don’t be ashamed. You have a beautiful body and you are a lovely woman.”

“But you are my father … ” my voice drifted off and I looked down. I was confused. I wanted his attention, don’t all daughters want their daddy’s attention? But society told me it was wrong.

I let my hands down and he gave me a silky black dress. There was not much to it.

“Can you wear this for dinner tonight?” he asked softly, his eyes cascading down my voluptuous form.

I nodded and continued to go through the box. He got quite an eyeful as I leaned over the boxes and my tits practically fell out. I found more shirts, skirts and tops and even mom’s favorite black heels and her old teddy’s were stacked at the bottom. I found her bikinis and even some jewelry in a small box at the bottom. I looked up and Pa had left and gone to the bathroom. I went by the door and could hear him. I knew what he was doing. I could hear the rhythm of his hand on his cock and his soft and stifled moans. I had done this to him and it felt exciting. I could feel warmth between my legs as I listened carefully at the door. With a smile, I grabbed the clothes and put them back in the boxes and made the trips to my loft bedroom.

I carefully examined all the clothes. We couldn’t afford much and mom’s old clothes would have to do. Most were barely worn. It seemed like only a few minutes as I examined each article but I could smell the steak cooking downstairs as I came back to the little black dress. Holding it up to myself, the hem would go only a few inches below my crotch! How did mom wear this? It was more like a teddy than a dress you would wear out. Pa called up the stairs for me to hurry up as dinner was ready. Without much more thought, I dressed quickly. As I came down those steep loft stairs, he must have gotten an incredible sight. I didn’t have any black panties so I wore none and held the dress close to my thighs as I shyly stepped down the steps. The 5 inch heels fit perfectly as I carefully made each step count. The black bra remained upstairs on my bed as the straps would have shown around the the thin straps of the dress. Ahh, that dress. Spaghetti straps that led to a low scoop neck showing my full breasts’ cleavage. It was tight across them and lifted me slightly. The material showed every bump on my aureoles. It was tight at my waist and hugged my hips, ass and thighs. That dress made me feel more like a woman, a voluptuous and beautiful woman than any other outfit I ever owned. That night in that dress and the look of desire and hunger on my father’s face made me instantly blossom.

His erection bulged in his baggy pants. Seeing that made me feel sexy and very feminine. The table was set with our best china and candles were burning all over the dining room. He poured me generous glasses of wine and we ate dinner mostly in silence … just enjoying the beauty of each other. He had a nice tie on and a clean shirt. I cleaned the dishes in that little black dress. My hair was up in a bun on top of my head and I could feel his eyes watch my ass as it shook as I scrubbed the pans clean. I giggled slightly as I exaggerated my movements. Turning to bahis şirketleri see him, I’d gotten the dress wet and I could see a small stain on his jeans from precum. My hard nipples pressed through the wet dress and his eyes were glued to them. He licked his lips without thinking.

Light snow kept falling outside and the moon rose big and full giving the pond a sweet and innocent look through the light snow. Pa suggested the sauna. I put on my mother’s bikini and it fit on the hips but not in the bust. I was gratified to realize that I had a bigger bust than she did. I wrapped myself in an over sized towel prepared for the cold of outside. Pa had the heat up already and we hustled out and down to the sauna by the pond.

Once inside, he looked at me as I dropped the towel and his cock thickened down his swimsuit and I could feel my nipples harden and poke through the flimsy material of the bikini. We lay on the boards in our swimsuits. He was on the cooler bunk on the lower level and I had taken the higher one. He poured water on the rocks of the wood stove. Steam poured up and invaded my pours. I felt the heat seep into my body slowly but insistently. My breasts, the favorite part of my body were jutting out and would be tantalizing to any male. I was fast becoming proud of them and the glasses of wine consumed earlier were having their effect.

“Honey, isn’t that bathing suit top constricting?” he asked simply enough.

“Yes, Pa, it is but … I don’t know. Should I take it off?” I asked knowing the answer.

He smiled. “Sweetie, the idea is to get hot and then jump into the snow or the lake and then come back. Certainly that bikini top would be in the way. I know that my shorts are in the way.”

With that, he stood and dropped his shorts. I had never seen a man’s equipment before. I was shocked at how thick and long as his cock was. I wondered if it could fit in a woman’s vagina. His size made a difference in my life. As he stood there, it hung down at an angle at about 8 or 9 inches and thick but not yet full. I felt my heart beat faster and my pussy gush a little. As much as my body wanted it, my mind was telling me this was not appropriate.

“Pa, are you sure we should be doing this?”

He nodded. “No harm darlin’, we’re both adults, now. Why the hesitation? Let me say this to you my very pretty daughter. I would never hurt you but if you want, I will teach you the ways of making love that will last a lifetime. If and when you have questions, I will be there for you and teach you all that you need to know. Let’s start with something simple to see if this makes sense for you.”

“What Pa?”

“I see you looking at my cock. Have you seen one before?”

I shook my head.

“Don’t be afraid to look. It’s ok.”

There it was. A thick tube of meat hanging between his legs and the more I looked the more it rose up to greet me. I slowly took off my top. The sauna was hot and I was sweating from every pore of my body. My pussy was gushing. My breasts became free and I rubbed them and stroked them to release them from the irritation of that too tight bikini top. His cock was now fully extended. The veins were gnarled and curled around the length of it. The head was thick and like a plum. Fascinated, I wanted to get closer and touch it. I wondered if that was alright.

My thoughts returned to the present day. I sat next to Pa in the hot tub with my mind remembering that first encounter. My mother had done nothing to prepare me for any man let alone a man the size of Pa. I knew at that moment that I wanted to help my girls out much more than my mom had helped me. As I pulled on his length gripping the skin and pulling it hard, his cock rose up from the water. I worked my father’s cock and up and down in the hot tub and smiled at him and he smiled at me and his eyes returned to the generous breasts of a pregnant woman pushing the limits of her old bikini.

In my mind I remembered the kind and gentle man in the sauna. We were alone and I began to feel a sort of sexual freedom. I wanted him to see what I saw in the mirror every day. My hands released my breasts and they shook lightly while my long nipples extended. He had not expected them to be so large. My aureoles were the size of silver dollars and my nipples jutted out half an inch for him. I don’t know why but I felt a desire to please him. I had hoped that he liked me and yet he reserved judgment, coolly and calmly.

With a smile, he calmly offered his hand to touch them. By that time, I was begging for them to be held and sucked but he didn’t do it right away. He knew what he was doing. Slowly and with patience, his hands hefted their weight and his tongue snaked out and licked my nipples. I felt the warmth and the wetness. Tingles sent shock waves to my pussy which suddenly decided to gush again. He smiled. He knew! Yes, he was that good and kept on going.

“My sweet daughter,” he began, “I only wish to teach you the ways of men and women. The ways that have been taught to me. You see, your grandmother taught me how to please a woman and I only think it right that you learn how to please a man.”

I smiled demurely. “How do I please you Pa?”

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