27 Nisan 2021

The Cabin Ch. 04


Chapter Four

That afternoon, while the girls make us some lunch, I decide it might be a good idea to get a fire going. Why I thought this, I have no idea. I especially question myself when I find that Dad only took down a couple trees and cut them up but didn’t split them into burnable logs. Luckily it was all covered up so the wood is dry enough to burn, but I need to split some of the logs to be able to fit them into the wood-burning stove in the living room.

I find a freshly sharpened axe in the garage and, using a wheelbarrow, I bring a few large pieces to a two-foot-high stump to begin splitting them. The ground is slippery, but I manage to find my footing enough to split the logs. It’s been years since I’ve done this, but Dad always insisted I do this when I was a teenager so I can learn a life skill. Of course, we have electricity and an electric heater in the living room as well, but something crawled inside my head making me want to get that stove going. Maybe it’s nostalgia or maybe it’s just being up in the mountains that makes me want to do something manly or maybe I’m trying to show off for my sister and cousin.

About halfway through the large pieces I’d loaded up, though, something goes terribly wrong. I set up a piece to split down the middle like I’ve been doing for the past half an hour with no problem. But then my foot suddenly slips in the snow as I go to swing the axe. I fall face-first into the stump, knocking myself out cold. The next thing I know, I’m waking up, lying on the floor of the living room covered up in a blanket, and very much aware that I’m naked. Only, I’m not the only one under the blanket; I’m sandwiched between both Angel and Chelsea and they’re huddling tightly against my body, saying comforting things but I can hear the fear in their voices.

“What’s going on?” I ask groggily, my head in splitting pain. “Oh fuck, my head hurts,” I complain.

“He’s awake! Dave, you’re awake!” Angel cries and begins to kiss my face.

“What happened?” I ask.

“You were out there a long time and we got worried,” Chelsea says. “So, we went to check on you and found you completely knocked out and lying in the snow,” she says.

“And then we dragged you in here, and I got a fire going while Chelsea got a blanket and stripped your clothes off, then she stripped naked also and got under the blanket with you to warm you up,” Angel continues.

I look at my cousin, my eyebrows knitted together inquisitively.

“Body heat,” she says. “And then Angel did the same. We’ve been lying here like this for about a half an hour,” she says fearfully. “We were scared you weren’t going to wake up!”

As I feel more and more strength returning to my limbs, I realize I must not have been out there long enough for hyperthermia, but maybe my body temperature was dropping and they kept me from getting to that point. Either way, I don’t feel as week as I probably should, judging from their story. Something else seems to be coming to life as I become more and more aware of their completely naked bodies pressed up against me. Each of them has their legs wrapped around one of mine, their thighs gently squeezing my stiffening cock between them.

My heart pounds nervously as neither reacts right away. And my erection continues to grow as Angel slowly rubs her smooth leg against mine and then looks up at me with her devilish grin and lets out a small groan in the back of her throat. I look back at her fearfully with wide eyes and then she looks past me at Chelsea and winks. Turning my head to my cousin I see her sweet smile, though she looks nervous as well.

“What’s…” I trail off as Angel touches my cheek and pulls my face back towards hers.

“Relax, big bro,” she whispers. “This is something we all want,” she says and then kisses me deeply.

When she releases my lips again, I’m aware of Chelsea dragging her nails over my chest. I return my attention to her and her sparkling, amber eyes lock onto my brown orbs. I see the love she has for me; the same love that’s always been there, but there’s something else there that I think I’ve always ignored: attraction and desire. Has she always seen me this way? I can’t deny that I’ve thought about what it would be like if she weren’t my cousin from time to time, but there was always that reminder of our family relation to keep me grounded and from acting out on those thoughts. But, after everything Angel and I have done, it’s safe to say that those facts are no longer a hindrance.

“Chels?” I say quietly.

“Shh,” she replies softly, caressing my cheek with the back of her hand before lightly gripping the back of my head as she lowers her face to mine. “It’s okay,” she says, her hot breath hitting my face spreads comfort throughout my entire body and I melt into her.

“That’s it, brother,” Angel says, planting random little kisses on my arm, neck and chest; anywhere she can reach from her position spooning into my side. “Kiss her like you’ve always canlı bahis wanted to,” she says between kisses.

And then as if under Angel’s spell, Chelsea and I close our eyes and lightly press our lips together in our first kiss. It’s soft and electrifying; I feel at peace and yet I’m energized; I’m filled with love and lust for her: all these things flood through me all at once. Angel releases my right arm so I pull it around and use it to pull Chelsea in closer to me, her full, firm breasts mashing into my chest. Then as we deepen our kiss into a slow, sensual make-out session, I feel Angel’s hand grip my throbbing cock before her lips wrap around its head.

I breathe heavily through my nose in response to Angel beginning to suck me off. I toss the blanket off of us so I can better see what she’s doing. What I see is almost exactly what I dreamed the first time, only we’re not in the backseat of the Suburban with Mom and Dad blissfully ignorant of what’s happening behind them. Her beautiful eyes look up at me as she takes my entire length into her mouth, working her tongue over me as best as she can. Then, Chelsea wins back my attention by pulling my face back to hers to continue making out with me.

“I want to taste you,” I whisper to Chelsea when I break our kiss.

“In due time, dear cousin,” she says sweetly, returning her lips to mine.

Satisfied with her answer, I kiss along her jawline to her neck and she sighs blissfully as if this small sign of affection just brought her ultimate pleasure. Propping myself up on one elbow, I use my free hand to squeeze and massage her bountiful breasts, switching back and forth from one to the other as I make my way down her neck with my lips and tongue. She twists herself just enough to allow me access to her beautiful tits with my mouth, which I begin to suck on and gently bite one nipple while pinching and rolling the other between two fingers. She moans appreciatively as I do this, thrusting her chest into the air as she reclines back on both elbows behind her. I move my face a little further down to her stomach, so she scoots back a little off the blanket beneath us and onto the soft carpet since I’m unable to move due to the amazing blowjob my sister is giving me.

My tongue finds her belly, circling around the indent of her bellybutton before I plunge into it playfully, causing her to gasp, moan and then giggle almost all at once. If not for Angel’s current blowjob, I’d roll over and scoot further down her body so I can taste her damp sex. I do my best to convey this to her by continuing to trail kisses down her alabaster skin and she responds by slowly scooting herself back slowly as I kiss my way down. Finally, I’m presented with a beautifully bald vagina and it dawns on me just how opposite these two girls are aside from build. While Angel has golden blonde hair, Chelsea has dark, almost raven colored hair; Angel’s skin is perfectly tan as if she spent the past five years with me in California, while Chelsea’s is stark white, like she’s never seen the sun a day in her life; Angel has crystal clear blue eyes like sapphires, while Chelsea’s are like glowing amber. And to further describe their contrast, while Angel has a triangular patch of hair directing you to her pussy, Chelsea’s is completely hairless and smooth; I wonder if that was something she took care of in the shower this morning.

“Wow,” I whisper up to her. “It’s beautiful,” I tell her and her cheeks flush as pink as her pussy lips.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me mine was beautiful,” Angel complains, taking her mouth off my cock for a moment.

“You know it is, sis,” I tell her with a wink, and she rolls her eyes at me with a grin and then strokes me a few more times before deciding she wants me inside of her. Chelsea, picking up on this as well, looks at me sadly but then gives me a wink; she’s ready for my tongue as much as my tongue is ready for her.

As she grabs my cock to assist my sister, she straddles my face, offering her pussy to me finally. Maybe we’ll get a chance to do this alone sometime; it’s only fair since I’ve gotten two opportunities alone with Angel.

Just like in my dream, I wrap my arms around her thighs; they’re not as thick and shapely as I dreamed, but Chelsea has trimmed down since the last time I saw her. Not that she was overweight before, but now her legs and beautiful ass show the obvious signs of yoga lessons and countless squats.

As soon as I feel Angel impale herself completely on my rigid cock, Chelsea sits back more, lowering her pussy all the way down to my face and I finally get my chance to taste her. Here’s another contrast to my sister: Angel has a musky, tangy taste to her, but Chelsea is sweet like honey. I can’t get enough of her as I lick up and down her lips and probe into her. I can just barely hear her gasps and moans as I thoroughly eat her cunt out, but her volume drastically changes when I latch onto her little clit. I nibble, flick and suck on it, changing bahis siteleri things each time she seems to settle in with what I’m doing, just to keep her guessing. I must be doing something right because she suddenly begins to grind her pussy into my face, desperate to get off. I’m not one to disappoint a beautiful woman (okay, that’s a stretch of the truth, but I would never deny these two) so I double my efforts on her clit, holding her in place with my strong arms, restricting her movements as I wrap them around her back, squeezing her bubbly butt cheeks.

I hear her scream until it’s suddenly muffled and then I can faintly hear the distinct sounds of kissing and I can only imagine that they’re making out with each other as my tongue and cock work together to make them cum. And cum they do simultaneously as Chelsea’s fluids gush over my face and Angel drenches my cock with hers. Their orgasms seem to last hours as they continue to grind into either end of me.

And then as if they agreed on a plan together, they both slide off of my face and cock; Chelsea wipes her juices off my face with the corner of the blanket I’d tossed aside and then they ask me to stand up, so I do and they both get on their knees in front of me and begin taking turns sucking me off. While one takes in my shaft, the other sucks on my balls. I haven’t been in a threesome in years, but that one doesn’t compare to what I’m experiencing now. The two I’d been with back at school (Jennifer the quiet yet wild one, and Lin, the exotic Korean girl) were a lot of fun and seemed to know what they were doing, but not even they took care of my cock like my sister and cousin are doing now. I know I’m not going to last much longer the way they’re going, but I’m not sure I want to finish the way they may be expecting.

When I finally feel my orgasm build in my cock, I warn them and ask where they want me to cum.

“Cum in my face, big brother,” Angel begs but I shake my head at her as she continues to slowly stroke my cock. “Why not?” she asks.

“I don’t like that,” I tell her. “It’s degrading,” I say and Chelsea’s eyes beam at me.

“Cum on our tits,” Chelsea compromises and I grin at her and nod.

“Yeah, cum on our tits, big brother,” Angel begs again, doubling her efforts now that we’ve agreed on a target.

“Cum for us, baby,” Chelsea adds in a sexy, sultry voice I wasn’t expecting; her voice and words alone almost send me over the edge.

“Let me take over,” I say as I feel my end nearing.

I take my cock in my own hand while Angel and Chelsea sit back on their heels, jutting their full, perky tits at me, massaging and squeezing them, pressing them together so there are four perfect tits all lined up for me to drench with my cum. And then it happens, blast after blast of cum lands on their tits, first on Angel’s and then on Chelsea’s. I go back and forth until nothing else comes out and then the girls do something else I don’t expect. They begin to lick each other clean of my spunk, and then furthermore they begin to pass it between their mouths in such a lewd and sexy way, I think my cock springs back to life, wanting in on more of the action.

“Holy shit,” I whisper as I watch them begin to make out, sharing my cum between them until they break their kiss and swallow the combination of my seed and their saliva. “Wow,” I add, ‘that was fucking hot as hell.”

They giggle and then reach their arms out to me. I join them in a three-way kiss, all six of our lips mashed together in a wild but slightly awkward kiss; I enjoy it all the same though, especially when we break off and take turns gently kissing each other.

“I guess that’s one way to bring my body temperature back up,” I joke and they laugh. “Maybe I should risk hypothermia again just to get this kind of attention.”

“That would be really stupid, big bro,” Angel says.

“Yeah,” Chelsea agrees, “while you were out, we decided until your parents get home that this house would be a clothing free zone.”

“Unless the power goes out and we lose heat,” Angel says pragmatically.

“Of course,” I nod in agreement and then wink at her.

“Do you think you can live with that arrangement?” Chelsea asks.

I sigh and look up at the ceiling as if to think about it. “Yeah, I think I can deal with that,” I say and they both smack me on each arm. “Ow!” I complain as if it hurt.

“Hey, if you can’t appreciate our hotness, then, you can wear your clothes and lock yourself in your room; Chels and I will take the couch and live out here, naked, the remainder of the trip,” Angel says.

“Until Mom and Dad return,” I remind her and she rolls her eyes at me.

“Yeah, yeah, you know what I meant,” she says and I grin at her.

“I think I’m going to get cleaned up. As much as I enjoyed you cumming on me, cousin,” she grins at me. “I don’t want to stay sticky.”

“Well, why don’t you girls get cleaned up and I’ll start dinner,” I suggest.

“You don’t bahis şirketleri want to join us?” Angel asks.

I grin at them both but having been unconscious through lunch and it getting as late as it is, we all need to eat something soon.

“I think his stomach is speaking for him,” Chelsea winks at me. “But, if he’s smart, he’ll take out the casserole I was about to put in the oven before he knocked himself out earlier and let it cook in the oven for the next forty-five minutes while he joins us in the shower,” she adds and as if a light clicks on over my head, I nod and wink back at her.

“That’s exactly what I’ll do,” I say. “I’ll join you in a few minutes,” I promise and they head for Mom and Dad’s giant master bathroom that shares a common wall with the kitchen.

While I wait for the oven to warm up, I call to check on how Mom and Dad are doing.

“Hey there sweetheart,” Mom answers. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, why?” I ask.

She laughs. “You’re calling, I was just concerned about you guys. I figured I wouldn’t hear from you with your cousin there and being parent free.”

“Oh, we’re having fun,” I tell her.

“What have you been up to?” she asks and if I’m not mistaken, I hear a hint of suspicion in her voice.

“Just watching movies and cheering Chelsea up as much as we can. He was psycho, mom,” I tell her.

“I know,” she says sadly. “Just be there for her, we’ll be there as soon as we can,” she tells me. “I gotta go,” she says excitedly and then hangs up. I look at my phone in shock for a second; Dad must have a new medication that’s working well.

The oven beeps to announce the preheating is done a few minutes later, so I put the casserole into the oven and then set the timer for forty-five minutes like Chelsea said. That should be plenty of time to take care of my sister and cousin at once again, right?

When I enter Mom and Dad’s dimly lit bathroom, I find both girls in the showering area. I call it a showering area because there’s three walls but no doors for privacy. The walls and floor are tiled, though the floor tiles are a little rougher for better grip. There are three showerheads, which the girls have all three running: two identical heads on opposite walls, aimed at the center drain while a third, rain-style shower head dumps from above. The room is already full of steam from the hot water dumping on them while Chelsea stands behind Angel, lathering soap all over her naked body, spending extra time on her luscious tits. Angel has her head turned back in a lip lock with Chelsea. My cock immediately springs into action, rising at the sight of the two of them making out and their young, tight bodies pressed together.

Without waiting for an invitation, I step into the giant shower stall, closing in on my sister. They sense my presence as soon as the stream of water pouring down the front of Angel is blocked by my torso. Angel grins at me and without so much as looking down she grabs my already stiff cock and begins to slide her soapy hand up and down the shaft. I lean in and press my lips to hers, opening our mouths to welcome our thirsty tongues. Then our kiss is broken when Chelsea reaches around and hooks her finger around my chin, pulling my face away from Angel’s to kiss her, pressing into Angel’s slick body as I do.

Then while Chelsea and I begin to make out, Angel drops to her knees, pulls my cock to the side so I’m forced to turn my body towards her. Chelsea and I look down to see her using the overhead showerhead raining down on us to rinse off my cock of the soap she’d lathered it up with before sliding it into her mouth. Chelsea smiles at me, stepping around to the front of me as well so I don’t have to try and twist around to resume our make out session. Why am I enjoying something so wrong? Or is that why I enjoy it? The question has been going through my mind ever since Angel sucked me off in the shower yesterday, yet I can’t seem to control myself around them. In fact, it’s almost as if I just don’t see that they’re related to me anymore; nor do I care.

With that last thought, I pull Chelsea into me tightly, her perfect breasts mashing into my chest as she falls into me, Angel still on her knees sucking me for all she’s worth. Chelsea breaks our kiss a minute later, breathing deeply with a passion in her eyes I’ve never seen before. She kisses me one more time and then drops down to her knees to take turns with Angel sucking me off; one takes the shaft in her mouth while the other gives attention to my testicles.

Both girls seem to compete over their proficiency at sucking dick and both are winning. I can feel my orgasm already building up, ready to explode any second. I breathe deep, letting my head fall back, and then focus on holding it back but then one of them clamps their mouth down tightly around my shaft, darting her tongue back and forth along the underside rapidly. I look down to see Chelsea’s cheeks sunken in as she desperately sucks the cum from my cock. The sight of it sends me to the point of no return and I blast inside of her mouth without warning. But instead of it surprising her and choking on it, she sucks more and swallows it down with each blast.

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