8 Temmuz 2021

The Camp Part 1

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The Camp Part 1I’ve been helping the past couple years at a summer camp as a counselor. Each camp lasts about four weeks and usually they have different themes, one being for young adults, another for special needs, etc. Since my husband is gone a lot wit business, it gives me something to keep myself out of trouble, at least usually it does.Well, last year towards the end of summer, the camp was for those with psychological issues, wasn’t really sure was that involved at first, but I volunteered for it anyhow. Being a nurse, I didn’t feel like it was something I couldn’t handle. Anyways, by mid-day on Saturday, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and was thinking maybe I’d made a mistake.Turns out, the majority of the campers were going to be a mixture of juvenile delinquents, those just breaking d**g addiction, and others that had behavioral issues heading down a path to jail. A few of the campers had struggled with other issues like being accepted, making friends, or were suffering some type of psychological trauma. From what I could tell, this was going to be a rough next four weeks.By the end of the day, all the campers had been separated, guys on one side of the camp, girls on the other. There had been three fights that had to be broken up, two with the guys, and a couple girls that were fighting over a bunk. Luckily, I wasn’t anywhere near them when they happened and didn’t have to break them up.That first night, the counselors took turns keeping an eye on the bunk rooms through out the night, just in case someone decided to cause trouble or try and run away. My turn came about two am and groggily I through on my robe and sat by the fire out in front of the guy’s bunks. Jared whispered that everything had been quiet as he head to his bunk and that if he needed me to come get him. I told him goodnight and laid back in the chair wrapping up in the blanket he had left.About an hour later, I was trying not to doze off when I heard one of the guys up and moving. The fire had died down quite a bit and I saw him leave the bunk room heading for the bathrooms across the way. With the fire so low, I knew he hadn’t seen me sitting there.Once he rounded the corner, I got up slowing, adjusted the robe around me and headed quietly that way. I tiptoed in the quiet and saw that he had indeed went into the first stall on the end. There were about ten lined up against the larger shower building and each opened to a private toilet to use. They were all wooden and well-worn in.Knowing where he was, I almost just went back to the fire, but my curiosity had gotten the best of me. I knew that particular stall had a knot in the wood that had rotted out. Several times, I had used that one just hoping someone would peek in on me, but it’d never happened. I slowly moved up to the opening making sure no one was around to see me. A dim light was coming out of the hole from the bulb that hung from the top on the inside. I peek inside to see exactly what I was hoping. It was one of he older boys. He was leaned back against canlı bahis the tank of the toliet, and he was stroking his cock.My body tingled when I seen it. It wasn’t a giant, but it was so hard and erect. He stroked it slowly, his spit running out of his fingers. My face was just about a foot from it as he stroked it, gently moaning so he wasn’t heard. I moved my hand between my legs and felt how wet I was. My robe fell open and I felt the cold air against my bare breasts as I rubbed my clit. It was so hard too.I was only there a few minutes when I saw his cock erupt with a creamy load, once, twice, three times before in oozed down his shaft. My pussy quivered and I bit my lip to quiet my orgasm. It washed over me, the pleasure like a wave. I almost caught myself on the wood of the building but didn’t, knowing he’d hear it.I backed away in the shadows covering myself up as he left and headed back to his bunk room. I could feel wet running down my legs and I just smiled to myself. That was amazing!A few days passed without incident. We started to get to know the new campers more and more. Most of them didn’t seem as bad as they had the first day. Just getting away from their lives for a little while was probably doing them a lot of good. But one of the boys was still giving everyone a lot of trouble, stealing things, lying, sleeping in, and not participating in anyway. He’d even threatened one of the female counselors. I decided to try and get to know him.His name was Jacob, about six foot tall, dark-hair, thin build. My first opinion was that he was built like a high school basketball player. He was sitting by himself on the dock at the lake watching the girls that were paddling a couple canoes.“Hey,” I said when he turned, hearing my footsteps on the decking. “Mind if I join you?”He sighed, “ Yah, I do actually.”“Well, I am anyways,” I replied sitting down next to him, my feet dangling above the water.“Why even ask then?” he sneered.“To be polite, that’s how people talk to each other.”He just shook his head. “Whatever. I don’t need one of you fuckheads trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Just let me be.”“Oh I don’t need to do that. I already got that figured out,” I snapped back catching his attention. “You’re a little prick that just likes to piss people off and get into trouble for fun. I get it.”He kinda looked at me in shock and then grinned. “You’re definitely not like the other assholes here, are you?”“Hell no. I like to do things my way when I can,” I replied. “But sometimes even I got to follow the rules.”“Nah, not me. Always my way or fuck ’em all,” he grinned. “Nice tits btw.”I knew he was just trying to push me, but I was ready for it. Actually, I had worn the low cut shirt just so he’d get a good look. The blue jean skirt with the slit up to my thigh was another thing I was hoping he’d notice.“Oh you like boobs, do you?” I asked him.“Fuck ya, who doesn’t like a set of big tits,” he replied.I smiled at him and softly said, “You wanna see them?”He nodded, “I’d take a peek. Let’s see them.”“Oh bahis siteleri no, you gotta do something for me first,” I told him knowing I’d peeked his interest.“What’s that?”I leaned over closer to him, my breasts rubbing against his shoulder and whispered: “You behave the rest of the day, participate, and be nice. You do that and I’ll show them to you.”Looking down, I could see his cock getting hard in his shorts. I had him.“I don’t know, probably not even worth it, “ she answered trying to play hardball with me.I got up and started to leave. “Up to you. Your loss if u don’t.” And I left him at the dock.Later that same day, I was heading for the showers. It was the same building that I’d watched Bryan jerk off a few days before. Inside, all of the shower stalls were empty except the last one. I could have taken any of them, but after my little talk with Jacob earlier that day, I was feeling really dirty. I peeked through the boards of the occupied shower and could see it was Katherine showering with her bikini on. She was the shyest girl there, woud hardly even talk to anyone without turning red. I had sat with her at a few meals trying to open her up, and she had a little, Now I had a great idea.“Hey Kat? Is that you in there?” I asked knocking lightly on the wood.“Yes” she replied gingerly.“All the other showers are full, “ I lied. “Can I come in and share yours? I have my swimsuit on.”It was silent for a few seconds. “Okay…”The latch opened and I quickly pulled my shorts and shirt off before she changed her mind. Tossing them on the bench, I grabbed my soap bottles and slipped in. She looked super nervous covering up her bikini top slightly. I knew I’d have to be confident if this was going to work.“Thanks Kat, “ I smiled. “I”m in such a hurry.”“You-you’re welcome,” she replied sheepishly glancing at my breasts barely held in by my top.I moved over under the water with her that was falling from a rain head at the ceiling. My body brushed hers and she tensed up. “It’s okay, Kat. Just us girls here.”She smiled softly, “ I-I’m just shy.”“I know. It’s okay. I used to be shy too, “ I comforted her as I started rubbing soap over my body.“You did?”“Yes. Very.”“You’re not now though,” she said watching me.“Sometimes, but not much anymore,” I smiled at her. “Showering with girls all the time after basketball and volleyball helped a lot.”“It did?”“Yes, very much,” I saw my opening. “Kat? You mind if I take this off? It’s hard to wash good with it on. We’re friends right?”She nodded blushing. “Okay.”I reached around and undid my top. My breasts fell out and I caught her staring. My 38 DD’s were so much bigger than hers. She’d probably never seen breasts that big before. I slipped off my bottoms and could tell she noticed I was shaven clean.I tossed them on the wall and heard her whisper, “Oh wow.”I grinned at her running my hands up my body, “Glad you like.”She blushed hard and turned to look away. “I-Im sorry, didn’t mean to-”I grabbed her shoulders gently and turned her to me. “Kat, It’s okay. It’s really bahis şirketleri okay. You can look all you want. Really. You don’t have to be shy with me.”“Really?” she looked up at me.“Yes, all you want. If you wanted to touch, I’d be okay with that too.”“Oh I dunno. I’ve just never seen a woman naked before. And-and you’re so beautiful,” she said looking me over.I took her hands and pushed him to my breasts. “Here, wash me.”She tried to pull away, tense, but I let her hands loose and could feel them freely running across my curves, brushing my nipples. I wanted her so bad and was trying not to ruin this. “Kat?” I whispered.“Yes?” she replied still touching my breasts.“Do you trust me?”“I think so..”“Take your bathing suit off. I wanna see you,” I whispered in her ear.She hesitated, but without speaking, she began pulling it off. I sighed in delight as her b-cup breasts became bare. She pulled her bottoms off and I could see she was unshaven, yet very little hair showed.“Oh hun. You are so beautiful,” I told her.She looked me in the eyes. “Wash me,” she pleaded.I squirted some soap in my hand, put the bottle down, and touched her body. She groaned as I touched her nipples and ran my hands down her waist. Her body was so smooth and tight. I found her inner thighs and she quivered as I touched her clit with my fingers. Running my fingers between her lips, she grabbed my body to hold on.“Kiss me, “ told her as she looked up. I pressed my lips to hers and gently opened them, my tongue finding hers.Her hands found my pussy and I lifted my leg up on the lower shelf as she gently massaged it.“Are you a virgin?” I asked.“Yes,” she replied, her breathing heavy and labored.“Can I finger you hun?”I didn’t wait. My middle finger pressed against her opening and I gently felt her give as it entered. Her pussy swelled against my finger as I pushed it in and out. Looking down, two drops of blood his the shower floor. She moaned hard, spreading wider and I felt her finger go inside me.“Oh god, oh fuck!” she shouted grabbing me as she climaxed. I felt her body shake against mine, then relax as I slowed my finger and rubbed her softly.“Thank you, oh thank you,” she smiled hugging against me.I held her for a minute under the running water. “Anytime Kat, My pleasure.”“Did you?” she asked innocently.“No, do you want to do down on me?” I asked her rubbing myself.“Oh-okay,” she blushed, “What do I do?”“Get down and lick her.”Kat got on her knees and I spread my legs over her face. Her tongue touched me, awkward at first, then moved up and down as I moaned quietly. I held her head against my pussy.“Faster..Faster…” I instructed, “Put your fingers in there.”I felt her enter me, pleasure washing over my body. I was close…so close.“Oh hun, oh hun,” I moaned, “fuck me… fuck me…”I squirted on her face as I climaxed. She pulled away, but I held her there, humping her head. She tried to get away, realized it was okay and pushed her tongue against me again. Running my pussy up and down here face, I came again, this time pulling away gasping for breath. I looked down at Kat, still on her knees looking up at me.She smiled gingerly. “That was so great!”I smiled back, leaned down, and kissed her cheek. “Better keep this out secret…”She nodded in agreement.

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