29 Haziran 2020

The Craigslist Freak


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The Craigslist FreakThis story happened about a 3 months before my last story, its the summer of 2010, Im miserable, lonesome, and feeling down about just about everything. That means its time to hunt some strange on craigslist. An add appears in women for men, its title reads something like “seeking man who likes anal play.” I like anal play, though I had never done it with anyone else, so why not give her a shot? I send her a message with a pic of me using some of my toys, I fully expect her to: 1. be ugly, 2. be a man, 3. never respond to me, or 4. be a real live woman. Well she was #4, and she was a 40 year old cougar with an amazing body (pics are in my profile under old craigslist hookup). After driving out to meet her we kicked back, had a few beers and exchanged some small talk. Then she made her move, she scooted up next to me and slid her hand between my legs saying “I want this.” She opened my button down shirt, licking the center of my chest, working her way down, unfastening my pants, unzipping me, then she slipped my cock into her mouth. She sucked me until I was hard then leaned back looked up at me while stroking my cock and canlı kaçak iddaa said “Nice.” She stripped, laid back on the couch and presented herself to me saying “I want you to eat out, make me cum!” So I fell to my knees, sucked her clit into my mouth, began flicking it with my tongue as I worked her in and out of my mouth. She moaned like a filthy whore, bucking into my face covering my chin with her wetness. I slipped a finger into her and immediately she said “More!” so I slipped another finger, then another, soon I was using all four of my fingers in her cunt, she was growling with pleasure, scratching my shoulders and neck as I brought her to orgasm. When she finally came, she told me to bend over.As I bent over I thought “This is it, the first time someone does something to my ass!” She takes my butt plug, lubes it up, and works it into me ever so slowly. “That feel good baby?” she asks, I moan out “Oh god yes!” She’s working it in and out of me, stretching my hole, then she pulls out the plug and starts working me with her fingers. She fits 4 in with ease, she says “Ive never fisted a guy before, I might be able to internet casino get all of my hand in!” She keeps stretching my wider and wider, working her hand back in forth, until finally she slips her whole hand in. “Holy shit!” she says, “Thats fucking cool!” My eyes are rolling back in my head, Ive never been this stretched and full at the same time, Im leaking cum and I dont care, this is amazing! She grabs her cell phone and takes a picture of her hand in me, I hand her mine so that she can do the same but she tosses it aside. Now she grabs my massive black dildo, “I want you to use this on me like you want me to use it on you.” She spreads herself open and I slide the huge cock into her waiting hole. I start working her harder and faster “Yeah, is that how you want me to fuck you!?” I keep fucking her, she screams out in ecstasy as she cums on the huge rubber dick. I pull out the toy and start fingering her again, all four fingers, I begin working my thumb into her. “It wont fit!” she cries as I continue working my hand into her, “Oh my god, its so much!” she exclaims as I near the largest part of my hand. Then my hand slips canlı poker oyna fully into her up to my wrist, she cums instantly and growls with furious pleasure. I clench my fist inside her, start pumping my hand back in forth in small strokes, clenching and unclenching my fingers, I can feel her pussy gripping my hand as she cums once more.She says “My turn, youre going to get it.” She spins me around, bends me over, and slams the dildo into my ass. She rams me hard, fast, and deep making me cum, then she keeps going until I get hard again. Once Im hard again she slips my cock inside her and starts grinding me while railing my ass with her dildo. I cum almost instantly, the pleasure is mind blowing, she pulls out the dildo and leans back smiling “I want you to fuck my hole and fill me with your load” she says, gazing into my eyes while stroking my cock. She leans back, and I slide into her with ease, then she clamps down on my cock, tightening her cunt to the point where I can barely get inside her. I ram her clench pussy as hard and as fast as I can, the sound of her groaning under me, her nails digging into my back, her heels spurring me to fuck her harder and harder. I shudder and grunt, cumming what little I have left deep inside her, she grabs the back of my head and shoves her tongue into my mouth, kissing me wildly. “We should do this again sometime.” And we did, 2 more times…

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