6 Kasım 2021

The game wasn’t on the TV


The game wasn’t on the TVI used to spend a lot of time at a friend’s house, drinking beer, watching football, or whatever the game of the season happened to be. We played softball together as well, and he lived just up the street from me. And his wife is HOT! Anyway, he had a party for a football playoff game and had a few friends over. I had to work that night, so I wasn’t drinking much, but the rest of the guys were more than making up for me. By halftime, the game was pretty much a blowout and it had turned into a drinking binge for the rest of the guys. His wife and one of her girlfriends who was there to keep her company (also hot), were not too impressed with them, and since I was the only sober guy there, they started paying more attention to me, and soon started flirting with me pretty heavily. Before long all of the guys had passed out. That’s when the girls took over.They came over to where I was sitting on the couch and sat down on either side of me. Lori knew halkalı escort I had the hots for her. She started rubbing her hand along my thigh while she pressed her tits against me. Rachel, her friend, put her arms around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me on the neck. My cock responded immediately. Lori took my hand and led me back upstairs and into the bedroom with Rachel following along behind.Lori sat on the edge of the bed and worked my jeans off while Rachel pulled my t-shirt over my head. As soon as my jeans were dropped to the floor, Lori started working on my cock through my underwear while Rachel pressed up against me from behind. I noticed she had already taken her clothes off as her hard nipples pressed against my back. She reached her arms around me and slid her hands down inside my underwear, pulling my hard cock out. Lori immediately took me into her warm, wet mouth. I looked down taksim escort and watched my cock sliding in and out of those lips and damn near lost it right there. Rachel dropped to her knees behind me and I felt her hand cup my balls from behind. After a few minutes of this Lori pulled away from me and pulled her clothes off. I moved over to the bed and dropped down onto it as Rachel pulled my jeans and underwear off then climbed on the bed. Now all three of us were naked on the bed. Rachel pushed me onto my back then went down on me. Lori started licking my shaft while Rachel worked the head and dropped down to my balls once in a while. I thought I was in heaven!The next think I knew, Lori had straddled my face, and I looked up at her perfect pussy. She lowered herself down onto my mouth and I grabbed her ass to pull her even closer as I began to eat her. She was already wet!Suddenly, I felt my cock enveloped in a warm, wet, tight pussy şişli escort as Rachel lowered herself on to me. She rode my cock while Lori rode my face. After a few minutes of this they switched places. We moved into several other positions until finally I was fucking Lori doggy-style while Rachel lay underneath her in a 69 position. I could feel her warm breath on my balls and on my cock every time I slid out of Lori’s pussy, and she would reach up with her tongue and lick my balls or even my shaft. Finally, it was just too much for me and I blasted a huge load of hot cum into Lori’s pussy. As she filled up, some dripped out and Rachel was there to catch it. When I finished cumming, I pulled out and watched as my load seeped out of her pussy with Rachel’s open mouth waiting to catch my cum as it dripped off of Lori’s body. Rachel moved up and sucked the rest of my cum out, then Lori turned around and kissed Rachel full on the mouth as my cum was passed between them. Then, they turned to me and took turns sucking on and licking my softening cock, cleaning the remaining cum and Lori’s pussy juices off. We got dressed and went back downstairs for the end of the football game to find all of the guys still passed out. I never did repeat that threesome, but Lori and I had many good times after that.

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