30 Haziran 2020

The Greatest Neighbor Ever!


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The Greatest Neighbor Ever!It was an early Friday evening and I was incredibly horny, so I decided to call an escort service, which I randomly picked from the Yellow Pages. My only request was for a lady with huge tits! I left my telephone number and within 15 minutes an escort named Susan called me back. She was available to see me in 30 minutes and as it turned out she lived right around the corner.Susan lived in a small home. I parked on the street and walked to the door. Before I rang the bell a woman answered wearing a see through robe and panties. She was around 45 years old with 42DD tits, blonde hair, and a nice round ass! Just what I wanted! She introduced herself and invited me in. She took me by the hand and guided me back to her bedroom. She asked if I wanted a drink. I asked her if she had tequila. She said yes and told me to get undressed. While undressing I noticed lingerie, thigh high boots, stockings, etc lying around her bedroom. When Susan returned I was completely naked and already stroking my cock. osmaniye escort She handed me the tequila and asked why I was so horny. I love to see the shock when I tell a woman the truth. I said I am a cross dresser and got rock hard as soon as I saw her boots and lingerie. She smiled and said she loves cross dressers. She asked me what size shoe I wore. It turned out we were the same size.She then grabbed a black lace body stocking and black patent leather thigh high boots and told me to put them on. I quickly drank my tequila and started to get dressed; the entire time Susan talked dirty to me calling me a cheap slutty whore, a tramp, and that I was now her little she male slave. The more she degraded me the hornier and harder I got. She then made me drink another shot of tequila and sat me down and put on makeup. And not just lipstick! She applied some base makeup, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, rouge, and then finally some cherry red lip gloss. She excused herself returning a few minutes later completely escort osmaniye naked except for a 9 inch strap on dildo. She instantly saw the smile on my face. She told me to get on my knees and suck her cock. I hesitated thinking how awesome this was going to be and then she yelled, “Get the fuck on your knees you fucking cheap cunt and suck my cock!” She was serious and obviously a great dominatrix. I quickly got down in front of her and started to suck her cock! She grabbed my head and forced me to deep throat her. I gagged and chocked as the thick 9 inch dildo went down my throat. She face fucked my for a few minutes the entire time telling me to be a good slut and suck her cock.She then told me to get on the bed on my back. She lubed her dildo and then with my feet on her shoulder eased the head into my ass. I thought to myself, “Good she is going to be gentle.” Before I could finish my thought she rammed her “cock” balls deep into my ass. I screamed! I had no time to recover though as she started osmaniye escort bayan to pound my ass deep, fast, and hard! As she fucked me her huge tits bounced up and down. Every so often she would bend down to give me a deep French kiss – damn did she know what to do!She must have sensed I was getting ready to cum so she pulled her dildo out of my ass and took my cock in her mouth. Damn did she give good head! After a few minutes I came in her mouth, but that was not the end. She got on top of me and I thought she was going to kiss me, instead she told me to open my mouth. She then allowed my cum to drip out of her mouth into my mouth and all over my face. She told me to be a good little slut and slurp up every drop. I obeyed enthusiastically.I asked if I could get cleaned up, and she said no. She gave me a g-string and mini skirt and told me to call her when I got home. Luckily I was able to sneak home without anyone seeing me. As soon as I got home I called her. She laughed at me on the phone. This woman really knew what I wanted! She told me to buy a pair of 6 inch stripper heels and to be at her house the next night at 10 PM and to come dressed in the black lace body stocking, g-string, mini skirt. She also told me to buy a double dong so we could both get fucked…

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