30 Haziran 2020

The Hard Sell Salesman.


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The Hard Sell Salesman.Well I was looking through some of the fantastic pic’s on this site when I came across a cople of pictures that reminded me of some ladies I knew several years ago! They where all mature married women.This is how I got to fuck one of them one day and I must explain that I was working for a wholesale food companyas the Warehouse manager when the Sales man quit his job and left the company with out anyone to sell the products,so the boss asked me if I could do the sales work for a couple of weeks or two while they tryed to get some one new.I was thrown in at the deep end and then I remembered that john the old salesman had arranged to hold a selling drivewith some of the owners of guest houses and small hotels around where I lived and that they would be expecting me to still run this. The venue was to be one of our existing customers Hotels and so there I was like a fish out of water trying to organise this with only a few days notice. I had all the products and there price range, but had never been in this situation before, I was going to have to bluff my way through it.I was even more shocked on the day when every one had arrived as there was no men there only women, all of the ladies where milling around when I started to ask them to take there seats and began the worst hour of my life as I tryed to sell the products that we stocked, this was harder than you could imagin, but I had them where I wanted them as I had held back the refreshments untill after I had given my spill. I had them wanting there coffee and free food samples and managed to get some garanteed maraş escort orders from new customers. It was then as I chatted to several of the Ladies and drank my own coffee that I noticed that they where all Mature and quite good looking for there age! Each one asked to make a private appointment with me and as I noted down each Ladies Business details and entered the time and day that they wanted me to go around to see them, by the time the lastone had left I had a full diary and more orders than I thought I would have.The first couple of appointments where just straight boring sales meetings, but the 5 appointment was with this one lady that I just could not forget, she was dressed up very business like in a suit and blouse, when I got to her Small hotel I didn’t think i would have much luck with getting an order from her, but I was in for a big surprise. She welcomed me in showing me to her private office and then dissapeared for a couple of minuets leaving me to get out my order forms and product lists. It was only when she came back into the room with a tray of coffee and locked the door behind her that It felt strange, not like the other cliants I had met. She sat in a chair along side of me and we chatted a bit of small talk as she crossed and uncrossed her long shapely legs, her skirt had riden up as she sat down and I could clearly see her Stocking tops and suspenders, she was flirting with me and then she was straight to the point as she said, “So how about I give you an order and you give me your young hard cock for an hour?” She was in her late 50’s and I was escort maraş only in my 30’s as she stood up and dropped her skirt to the floor, quickly followed with her jacket and blouse as she stood the in just her white Lacy underware. I just could not take my eyes off her shapely mature body as she sat back on her desk and pulled her lacy gusset away to reveal her wet and willing pussy lips. They glistened with her juices as she pushed her own finger into her, I could not stand it any longer and as I lowered myself down I pushed my own finger inside her and started to piston it in and out of her as her thick juices coated my middle finger then I pushed my index finger and then my ring finger into her as she squirted her juices all over the desk, I just burried my face down into her pussy and started to lick, suck and chew on her lips as she cum on my tounge. I continued this for several minuets and then she pushed me away and as I fell back on the floor she unzipped me and pulled out my allready erect cock and she started to swollow the whole lenght down her throat, she sucked the whole of my cock as her tounge traced around my helmet one minuet then Around my balls as she sucked each one in turn. Then with out a word she moved up and over my body as she mounted me and I felt my shaft sinking deep into her wet and hungery pussy as it squelched and slurped as my knob filled her streching her inner wallsas her juices coated my shaft, lubricating my cock and making it slip even deeper inside her. Then she came to a sudden stop as my cock hit the inner most wall of her cunt and maraş escort bayan then she whimpered as she flooded me like she had done on her desk.Suddenly she gave out a squeel as my knob slotted into her with a clicking feeling that hit me so hard it felt like my cock had snapped in half, I was so deep inside her she could not speak as the pain had taken her breath away then she was raising her pussy off me as my shaft started to reappear, only half way then she felt my cock twitch as she forced her pussy down onto me as my whole shaft was swelling up inside her the pain was turning to pleasure and with one quick movement I rolled her over onto her back and started to fuck her as she raised her legs and locked them behind my back as my hard cock was pistoning in and out of her.The pleasure was so intence that I could not stop my cum rising and with out any warning I was pumping her deep and full of my thick baby batter. I shot my load for what felt like ages, jetting my jizz so deep into her as I thrust into her my cock stayed as hard as steel, she was shaking and shudderingwith her own pleasure. I raised up on my toes and high on my arms as I pounded her, but my cock would only withdraw about half way before the pain made me thrust back inside her. After over an hour of fucking her my knobslipped free and my shaft came nearly all the way out just before I plunged back into her as I started to give her a long hard fucking.She was so pleased with the fuck I gave her she gave me a huge order and promised me a regular order for a regular fuck. So how couldI turn this lady down, the hour appointment took two hours and was well worth it. As I left she said she would put in a good word for the service recived with a couple of her friends and how I would enjoy her friend across the road, But that’s another story.

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