31 Mayıs 2021

The Invisible Woman Ch. 02


Max awoke to the sound of her alarm at 7 am. She started to open her eyes but had to squint them against the morning sun coming through the window. Her hand went up habitually to caress her husbands chest. Geoff was warm, and the feel of his chest hair tickled her fingers as she gently stroked his chest. As her eyes adjusted to the morning light, she looked down to see Geoff’s morning erection pressed hard against the cotton sheets.

She hesitated a moment as last night’s dream played through her memory. She could still feel the warm moisture between her legs and looking at Geoff’s cock was making her even wetter. She needed to touch it. To feel its soft skin in her hands. Making up her mind, she slowly moved her hand downwards in soft teasing strokes until her fingers rested on the band of his boxer briefs.

She moved over the soft beechwood fabric and pressed her palm against his shaft, then moved further down to cup his tight balls. His breath caught, and she knew he was waking up. To avoid rejection, she quickly moved her body over his and kissed his chest. His eyes remained closed but his breath was no longer the even breath of sleep. Max kissed and licked her way down to his underwear, her hand still massaging his cock through the silky material. She could feel his body responding.

She hooked her hands into the waistband of his boxers and brought them down to his knees. She looked up to see if he was watching her but his eyes stayed shut and his hands to his sides. In her desperation, Max didn’t even care. She needed him.

Positioning one hand on either side of his hips, she hiked up her lace nighty and straddled his knees. Lightly, but insistently, she kissed his hips, her mouth moving from one side to the other, her long dark hair tickling his shaft and testicles as she worked. Gradually she increased the intensity, nibbling and then biting his hips, moving closer and closer to his now throbbing erection each time she passed. Finally, she laid her hot, wet tongue flat on his balls, and firmly pressed up the underside of his glorious, hard penis. At the top she rolled her tongue around the glans, cleaning up the pre-cum that had trickled out.

Suctioning her lips she sucked hard, allowing just the tip to pop into her mouth, where she pulsed with a gentle sucking action. When she released the tip she sucked down the underside of the shaft, making her way to his soft smooth balls. She licked them thoroughly, gently sucking each one into her mouth. As she moved back up his shaft, she moved her hands to support the base of his rock hard erection, and in one shot, took every inch of him into her mouth, enveloping him completely. Sealing her lips, she created a suction and started to move her head up and down the length of him. Geoff’s silence finally broke as he groaned and started bucking his hips.

By this point Max was so turned on she was dripping down her inner thighs. She couldn’t wait any longer, the throbbing ache between her legs demanded release. She allowed his cock to fall from her mouth as she climbed astride his hips.

She groaned instantly as she positioned her sopping wet pussy over him, gliding along the length of him, saturating him in her juices and allowing the tip of his cock the rub against her clit. She started grinding harder, her smooth lips encasing him and making his cock glisten.

She couldn’t handle the intensity of her desire. She looked down at Geoff’s closed eyes and knew he was in his own fantasy, but she no longer cared. The only thing that mattered in this moment güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was her orgasm.

Hoisting her hips she positioned him at her opening and she sank down, impaling herself on his cock. It felt so good she completely lost control, rocking violently against him. Up and down, and side to side. Moving in little circles. Her ass was slapping against his thighs, filling the room with a rhythmic clapping sound. The feeling of his silky smooth dick sliding inside her so easily, hitting her G-spot while her clit rubbed against the base of his shaft. The entire bed was moving with her intense frenzied motions and she could feel herself approaching an enormous soul shaking orgasm. She pressed her hips down as far as she could go and swiveled her hips in small tight circles. She exploded, releasing a small tidal wave as she squirted all over Geoff’s dick.

“I’m cumming!” Geoff groaned as he came hard, clenching Max’s twitching hips.

Max collapsed panting on top of him, unable to move, her legs still twitching. Geoff put his arms around her as his cock started to go limp inside her still spasming pussy.

“What has gotten into you this morning?” he asked, clearly perplexed.

As Max returned to reality, she suddenly felt exposed. She pushed herself up to look at his face. His cheeks were flushed, and he wore a look that was somewhere between relaxed and confused. Max could feel the blood rush to her cheeks as she answered.

“I don’t know. I guess my nighttime fantasies are making me a little excited.”

Beginning to feel insecure under his scrutiny, Max started to slide her legs off of him. His hands snapped up, grabbing her hips and effectively trapping her with his now limp cock still inside her. She was startled, but before she could say anything he quickly blurted out.

“Tell me about it,” he said, as he looked into her eyes. “Your dream fantasy, I mean. I want to hear it.”

Max gaped at him, stunned. Tell him about her fantasy sex life? Was he serious? After years of disinterest and neglect in the bedroom, here he was, his face earnest and his eyes lit with genuine interest.

“You’re serious?” Was all she could say.

“Extremely. You haven’t cum like that in years, and I want to know how to make it happen again,” he replied, giving her a wolfish grin.

Max stared at her husband in disbelief. She hadn’t seen this side of him in years. She smiled and sighed.

“Ok. I’ll tell you about it,” she said, settling onto his hips. She could feel the results of their combined orgasms squish between them.

She told him every single detail. As she talked, she could feel him getting hard again inside her. At some point during her narrative, he had reached up and freed her milky white breasts from their purple, lacy prison. He cupped them gently and played with her rosy nipples while he listened. When she finished, his dick was once again pulsing inside her and he sat up and wrapped his arms around her. He looked into her eyes and she noticed a glimmer of regret or shame right before he kissed her. Soft and sweet, he kissed her as though she was his treasure. He looked into her eyes as she kissed him back. It was like he was seeing her for the first time in years. His tongue proded her lips open and explored the inside of her mouth, gentle but persistent. He released her tongue and sucked her lower lip before seducing her with kisses all down her neck.

Max swooned. Geoff hadn’t kissed her like that in years, it was as though it was their first time güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri together again. Geoff tugged down the straps of the nighty and kissed her shoulders and decolletage, his cock still snug inside her. He moved his hands to her face and held her there.

Looking at her, he said, “I am going to fuck you the way I should have been fucking you for years.”

Geoff kissed her mouth and expertly rolled forward so she was comfortable beneath him. His erection was so hard she felt like she was stretched around it. The sensation of him filling her up so completely was making her ache with want. He groaned as she tighten around him and offered five hard, deep thrusts, filling her to the hilt at the top of each one. Then he pulled out.

She began to protest, but he looked at her, a mixture of regret and excitement painted on his face and said,

“I’m not going to fuck you for the quick orgasm, Maxine. We’ve done enough of that. I’m going to undress you as I should have every time, and I’m going to explore every part of you. I’m going enjoy every inch of your flesh. Are you comfortable with that? “

Max nodded softly and managed to squeak out a small, “Yes, please.”

Geoff smiled that boyish smile of his and quickly sat her up, pulling the nighty off over her head. Tossing it aside, he let the backs of his fingers tickle down her back and all the way to her hips where he grabbed her and laid her back down. Her skin lit up as her nerve endings fired, sending chills through her entire body. He gently kissed her lips and looked her in the eyes, as though asking for her consent one more time. Max nodded and he pushed away from her leaving her bare and exposed, raw with anticipation. Kicking off his boxer briefs, Geoff appraised her from head to toe. He took hold of one pedicured, foot and kissed it warmly, sending jolts straight to her clit.

“I knew you’d been going to the gym a lot,” he said, kissing his way up her calf, “but I’m sorry I didn’t notice how fucking sexy you were looking. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve always been a beautiful woman, but look at these legs.”

His hands moved up her thigh, followed by his tongue. He made his way all the way to the apex before he smoothly moved to her other leg repeating his detailed homage on the other side. He stopped again right at the top of her inner thigh, and she let out a scream of frustration.

“I’ll be right back,” he mumbled, as he walked out of the room.

Max lay there, her chest heaving for what was probably two minutes, but felt like hours. Geoff returned with a bottle of sweet almond massage oil. He poured a line down her torso and started massaging the oil into her breasts. He kneaded them, brushing over her nipples. His hands moved to massage her abdomen while his tongue swirled and flicked her now fully erect nipples. As his oiled hands came to the cleft of her legs, he started massaging her swollen lips and clit, forcing blood to rush and the familiar throbbing to start again..

Geoff slowly spread her lips and entered his middle and ring finger inside her already drenched pussy, making a come here motion with his fingers. She was floating. The simple motion massaged her Gspot, making her moan. He started to move his fingers more urgently, in and out, pumping towards the upper wall of her vagina. His lips sealed around her nipple and sucked hard. She came. Thrashing onto his hand, covering his forearm with her cum.

He looked thrilled, still gently moving his fingers in that come hither motion, so güvenilir bahis şirketleri subtle she almost thought she was imagining it. As her first climax faded, she realised that his subtle motion was already building another orgasm. She joined his motion rocking her hips in time with his fingers. He slid his head down, wrapping hot lips around her clit and gently pulsing in rhythm with his fingers. The pressure built, and she was flailing, helpless as yet another orgasm overtook her. Squirting again, this time allowing him to taste her, he licked her feverishly and she could feel his eager cock twitching against her leg. By the time he finished cleaning her up, he was practically growling.

Swiftly he flipped her into her stomach and poured the oil liberally all over her backside. Geoff rubbed in the oil, starting at her legs and moving rhythmically and fluidly up to her large firm ass. Every time he got to her cheeks his thumbs would sneak into the crevasse between them. He massaged and caressed her back before returning to her ass. Max could feel him hesitate behind her before lightly spanking her right cheek, sending bolts of electricity straight to her pussy. She rewarded him with a moan. He caressed her backside and then let loose a slightly harder smack. She pushed her ass up in encouragement, and his breathing quickened. He alternated spanking and caressing until her skin was pink, and she was writhing. He slowly entered his fingers into her once more. When her chamber clamped down around them, he realized how close she was. This time he wanted to cum with her.

Geoff lifted her hips shoving a pillow under them and gazed at his wife’s incredible ass, pink from the spanking and glistening from the oil and her own cum.

Yes, he thought. He was going to cum with her this time.

Geoff pushed himself between her legs and positioned his cock into the opening of her pussy. He slammed hard into her, letting out a shout as he nearly came right there, She was so wet and warm, her walls swollen and pulsing from her previous orgasm. He steeled himself and locked into a steady rhythm. Max matched his pace, pushing back into him, whimpering. He was close but he wasn’t done with her yet, his eyes falling to the soft pink star between her cheeks. He spanked her hard just to watch it twitch while he kept his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Geoff reached for the massage oil and squirted a generous amount on Max’s glorious ass. It dripped down to her pussy and made her even wetter. He slowly touched her rosebud with the tip of his finger, massaging it gently. He waited for a sign to stop before gently pressing his finger tip in. She moaned loudly and picked up her pace.

Geoff started fingering her ass at the same pace he was fucking her pussy and he could feel his finger through the thin membrane that separated her holes. He added a second finger and started pumping harder. When she was seconds away from cumming Geoff pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of his cock against her tight sphincter. The tight suction that engulfed him was like heroin and he couldn’t believe how long it had been since he’d explored this part of her body. He shakily started thrusting and felt her fingers enter her pussy. He caught his rhythm again and gave several hard thrusts. When he heard her muffled screams into the pillow and the intense tightening around his cock, he slammed one more time. His balls tightened, and he exploded deep inside her.

Pulling out, he kissed her shoulders gently and laid down beside her. They started giggling.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve missed you, lover,” Max said with a goofy grin on her face.

Geoff smiled and pulled her to him.

“I promise I’m going to do this more often. I’ve missed you too.”

The spent couple drifted off to sleep, sexually satisfied for the first time in years.

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