30 Haziran 2020

“The Last Week of the Summer Holidays.”


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“The Last Week of the Summer Holidays.”The Last Week of the Summer Holidays.John Kavanagh.opus_pistorum@yahoo.comWhile being home from school for the long summer vacation had been very pleasant, sexually for the most part it had been difficult living where we were in a rural part of southern Ireland and though I had made the best of it my carnal appetites awoken on hitting puberty last term at school along with all the opportunities offered by that situation had caused me to develop a great appetite for sex – sex of pretty much any kind!It was with some anticipation that I set out on my journey back to school and a visit to Jerry, my friend from school for the final week of the summer vacation, a regular arrangement and one which since the onset of our sexual explorations last term I knew would be a source of some mutual sexual relief. I was met at the station by Jerry’s mother in their battered Land Rover and I was struck by how attractive she was, something that on previous visits I had barely been aware of: she was Jerry’s mum and a nice mum too but as we bounced and rattled our way to their farm I saw a different side to her and kept sneaking glances at her full breasts as they struggled to keep within the confines of her bra and light summer cotton shirt. She was quite pretty too now that I looked at her with newly opened eyes, her blonde hair pulled back into a knot and her pleasant profile concentrating on the narrow roads.As we crunched into the yard of their farm Jerry and his little sister Jenny emerged from the back porch he waving she smiling shyly. She was always a little shy with me and not having any sisters of my own presumed that was just how little sisters were. I did however notice for the first time how closely Jenny resembled her mother: a miniature version of the woman that I had been admiring on our way back from the station; right down to the similar jeans, and blonde hair pulled back from her face. At ten she obviously lacked some of the other characteristics of her Mum but I looked at her also in a new light. Jerry however was his usual cheery self and after dumping my bags in my usual room and changing into shorts we were off exploring as usual. Once clear of the house however our conversation turned to the inevitable topic of sex and I shared my frustrations of the summer and some of my solutions: my learning how to suck my own cock – he inevitably demanding a demonstration, so checking that there was no-one around I slipped off my shorts and T-shirt and propped myself up against a convenient tree raising my legs and back vertically until my whole body rested on my shoulders – slowly I allowed my legs to fall bending my back, well-practiced in this required flexibility to bring my erect cock conveniently in line with my mouth, upon which I commenced to suck myself. “Hey that’s amazing – I must try it sometime” whooped Jerry busily rubbing his own hard cock. I uncoiled and faced him my own saliva glistening penis sticking out and we exchanged lustful grins that led inevitably to a mutual suck/wank session. While we were sucking each other I noticed that the few pubic hairs that my friend had back in June were now absent giving him a fresh smooth look that was quite appealing.“Wow Jerry, I needed that” I gasped after recovering from a pleasant orgasm.It was only then and after swearing him to secrecy, did I share my other holiday secret; that of my desperate recourse of letting my pet dog fuck me and answering his open-eyed questions as to how it had felt and all the details.“Right I’ve got a secret to share and there must be no telling anyone but anyone about this – O.K”?It was so unlike Jerry to make such a big thing about anything, he usually being so laid back that I was intrigued but waited patiently as he paused, holding his breath, seemingly still unsure whether to let me in on his secret but eventually he let out a great rush of air and gasped out: “It’s me and Jenny”.I must have looked puzzled because he went on more easily now that the decision had been taken canlı bahis to share his news: “We have been doing it, having sex I mean all through the holidays”.“What? With Jenny?” I asked stupidly “but she’s only ten isn’t she?”“Almost ten” he corrected “but yes but she loves it and can take my cock easily” and we both glanced down at Jerry’s cock which had by now swollen again to a full erection and I shuddered in a sudden spasm of sexual awe as I imagined his not inconsiderable prick pushing up into the small body of his sister.“You mean right in her?”Jerry laughed, “Yes of course right in her, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it”? He paused for a few seconds watching my face with amusement, more relaxed now that he had shared the secret and went on: “Do you want to see – she has asked if you want to join us, she says that she has always fancied you and anyway wants to see what a different willie, as she calls it, is like”.So I found myself heading back to the house with a combined sense of excitement and nervousness, having often wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman, or at least a girl and here, if Jerry was correct it was about to happen. As we walked Jerry confided that over the last few days he and Jenny had been talking about my joining them and he had confided in her that we had already had some fun together at school the previous term and that he was sure that I would be up for it. In that he was right! He also mentioned that it was at Jenny’s request that he had removed his own pubic hair as she preferred the smoothness, matching her own lack of hair. At that I confided that at the request of a couple of guys that I had met at the local Gents lav’s in the town near school, I was also smooth so Jenny would I guessed be happy with how I looks too. (They too liked me to be hairless but probably I realised some years later, for different reasons, preferring the pre-adolescent appearance).Jenny, when we found her was just coming back from turning out her pony as the day had passed its peak of heat and as we approached a knowing grin spread across her face initially to be replaced almost immediately by a blush and a lowering of her gaze. Wow, she did look pretty and I felt my heart give a great leap as my eyes took in her slim figure, encased in her tight jodhpurs that showed off her small body admirably, hinting at what was to come.Hurrying up to his sister, Jerry whispered something that prompted a shy nod and she lifted her eyes slightly to catch my gaze and she started to blush most delightfully but walked alongside him as he headed towards me and there was muttered “come on” and I realised that we were going to do it straight away.I tried to appear casual as I pretended to saunter beside my friend and his sister and we headed back to the stables and into the hay store full to the beams with the fresh hay in small bales.“Come on up, this is where we often go and we scrambled up a gap at the end and at the top ducked between the beams to the far end, stumbling in the unaccustomed gloom a contrast to the bright sun out-side. Getting to the gable end Jerry pushed open a small wooden door and the light flooded in and we all paused realising that this was it, all kneeling together on the firm bed of sweet smelling hay.It was Jerry who broke the silence looking quizzically at his sister: “Are you sure that you want to do this?” that evoked an emphatic nodding from her. Jerry and I exchanged glances and Jenny stood as if expecting us to make the next move. My friend and I shuffled forwards on our knees until we were either side of Jenny and I realised just how small she was as in unison we reached out and started to fumble with her shirt pulling it out of her tightly adjusted jodhpurs to reveal her tight belly and neat belly button. As I stroked the soft firm skin of this novel creature Jerry was methodically unbuttoning her checked shirt and she shrugged it off and I could see her neat, small nipples and skinny chest. My hands slid upwards exploring this unaccustomed bahis siteleri territory looking so much like a boy but feeling and smelling subtly different.Jenny wobbled as her brother lifted her right foot and unbuckled her Jodhpur boot, slipping it off and Jenny reached out and balancing herself with her hand on my shoulder lifted her left foot for me to do the same. As I obliged the fact of what we were doing sent shivers of sexual excitement through me. Despite my sexual experience over the last few months I had never undressed anyone before much less had such contact with a girl and this was proving pleasantly different to any previous physical contacts that had been much more hurriedly progressed to mutual nakedness and a fast grasping and sucking of genitals. This was much slower, more tender and a whole new experience.Then it was her jodhpurs and she herself unzipped the side fastener and on either side of her Jerry and I started to pull them down. They were skin tight and as I bent to my task I fancied that I could see the mark of that place of mystery between her legs. Gradually they slid down and Jenny made the move to hold up her panties which as the jodhpurs slid down her skinny thighs we revealed as white with an array of small kittens printed on them. Jenny kicked off the riding trousers and stood before us almost naked.“It’s not fair, your both fully dressed” she pouted, “now it’s your turn” and as we started to shrug off our clothes Jenny again intervened: “No, Jerry you undress John like you did me” and so again I had the unusual experience of being undressed by my friend. However as we neared the point of the lowering of my trousers I remembered that unlike Jenny I was not in the habit of wearing any underwear and as my shorts descended my hard cock sprung into view and Jenny exclaimed in delight.So there we stood, my full body exposed to this small girl and her gazing in fascination and me itching to get her panties off and my friend Jerry watching fascinated it seemed by the dynamic before his gaze.With no further ceremony Jerry divested himself of all his clothes and revealed his own hard cock.It was Jenny’s turn now to be fascinated: “Oooh look, John’s willy is different to yours, he doesn’t have the skin on the end – that’s nice” and she reached out and cradled our two cocks in each hand contemplatively.As we spontaneously reached out to stroke her and I with the hope of getting those knickers off her, she interrupted again: “No not yet, I want to see what you do at school, you know the sucking thing – go on I want to see” Jenny demanded imperiously.“We had better let her see, she can be pretty stubborn” so, for the second time that day I found Jerry’s familiar cock in my mouth while he sucked me but with the interesting variation of doing so under the interested gaze of a small girl; a situation that I found pleasantly stimulating.“OK s*s, now it really is your turn, come on” and obligingly Jenny allowed us to slip her knickers down and at last there she was, like us completely naked and she plumped herself back on the straw and splayed her legs to reveal her hairless slit, a neat fold that led from the bottom of her flat belly to the cleft of her buttocks and with a small crest of skin protruding from the fold at the top. There was total silence as she gazed in some triumph at her mesmerised audience and to enhance the effect after propping herself up slipped her two hands to each side of the fold and parted it to reveal the pink inner of two much smaller folds and a pink hole, that hole that Jerry had been fucking and if all went well would soon be receiving my own throbbing penis.“Go on, John, get down there and have a closer look, give her a good licking, especially on her clit”, I looked enquiringly at him as I moved between her firmly muscled but skinny thighs, “That little bump at the top especially, she loves it” and with no more ado I sank my mouth upon her small neat crack and my tongue started to explore the novelty of such a different taste, a delicate bahis şirketleri scent and the sensation of the folds of skin melting as my tongue explored first inside her hole and then to the surprisingly hard nub of her sensitive area as Jerry had suggested. I was also immediately struck by how different her girl’s body smelled compared to a boys or man’s: a more subtle aroma, a mixture of delicate female secretions, a light whiff of urine mingles with sweat and pony – she had after all been out riding previously. Whereas a boys penis was effectively tasteless in one’s mouth this delicate petal shrouded opening was yielding subtle and exciting tastes! Gratifyingly Jenny started to moan and writhe about, raising her pelvis to my efforts and I realised that I was doing it right!This continued for a few minutes and every now and then the moans would intensify and Jenny would press my head into her slit and I guessed that she was cumming: “So girls can cum so often and keep going” I wondered admiringly to myself and not a little enviously!“John, John, John, now do me” the words spilled out in a rasping gasp from deep inside her small body and I knew that the special moment had arrived, so pulling back I crept forward and lined my cock up against her slit and rubbed the end opening the slick outer folds making sure that I could see her small cunt hole, then tentatively pushed forward fascinated by the way my penis slid home easily into her small slender body and continued all the way home to the end so I was fully inserted in her.Here she was prone beneath me, her small face upturned and her mouth open. “Kiss me, kiss me” and as I pressed my lips to hers I felt her small probing tongue entering my mouth and flicking around as she explored inside. I returned the compliment and enjoyed the new sensation of warmth as we were united both in her vagina and in her mouth.“Come on, do me – properly” and I did! I thrust in and out of her feeling a sensation so different from that experienced when fucking Mike, the young Chinese boy at the end of last term. This was just as exciting but very different and I found myself feeling the need to plant my seed in this girls womb, which albeit being undeveloped was still a place of potential fecundity and prompted an urge of what I realised was reproduction. The very thought brought me to the edge and I started to spasm into my orgasm, prompting a further one in Jenny and my semen pulsed in jets as deep inside her immature womb as I could manage.All this while Jerry had been silent as he observed our inexpert union and as I lay sprawled upon his sisters small body I felt a tap on my back and realised that he needed his turn and withdrew still wondering at what had just occurred. Jenny had a distant half smile on her face as Jerry positioned himself between her splayed legs and I noticed that my semen was slightly emerging from between her now reddened cunnie lips. I was struck about how big his body looked compared to her slight frame but there was no mistaking her enthusiasm for what was about to occur! A deft thrust and Jerry was deep in his sister who gave a gasp of pleasure as she received the familiar thrust of her brother’s cock, a gasp that quickly mounted to a squeal as she again orgasmed. Was there no end to this girl’s capacity to orgasm?Jerry seemed to be further excited by his sister’s enjoyment and was soon clenching his buttocks and grunting that he too was about to cum as he gave her a further orgasm and satisfied himself in as deep as I had just managed to penetrate into her body.The silence that followed was total – a sense of awe hanging over us all, from my perspective a special milestone had been passed and I knew that from Jerry and Jenny similarly their sharing of their intimacy was equally significant.Laying there naked and sexually sated in the warm hay, the sun streaming through the open loading hatch I felt in a different world from that of the outside with its routine sounds of chickens, horses whinnying and the occasional buzz of an aircraft overhead and felt both safe and apart from that reality of life.That special moment while never able to be repeated was however shared many times over the following week of my stay and indeed of the stays over the years that followed.

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