27 Haziran 2021

The Little Cabin + Phone in Water + Hot Sex

Big Dicks

The Little Cabin + Phone in Water + Hot SexNovember 10, 2018Daddy James is my Sugar daddy. He is married and lives in Connecticut.He has been FUCKing my tight pussy for the last two years since he met me on xHamster.Since he travels a lot, he always takes time to CUM FUCK me. On many occasions he has taken me with him and FUCKed me where he was traveling to: Vegas, Miami, Chicago, London, Rome, Hawaii, etc.I am basically his traveling fuck doll. I love it.Daddy told me he wanted to take me away for a couple of days the day after Halloween. I didn’t know where, but I still said yes.It ended up a mountain area somewhere to the east of Seattle. He has a cabin there he said he recently bought, and wanted to try it out by fucking me there. It has a cute little lake. Since it was surrounded by mountains there was no cell signal, and no internet. Just basic electricity stuff. It was very secluded, and canlı bahis a great place for him to fuck me. I moan a lot, and scream very loud when his big cock is deep INside me. He loves it when I scream sooooo loud. He made me scream sooooo much.The first night there, after being fucked all over the cabin, daddy told me to meet him down by the little lake.I walked down to the little lake in my short micro-mini dress, tight highs, 6¨ heels, and no thong, like the sex whore I am. Daddy had given me a Long Island ice tea. So I was a big drunk.Daddy also made me smoke pot, since its legal in Washington. So I was a bit high.As I slowly walked down to daddy, I saw him sitting on the only chair overlooking the lake. There was a small, little fire pit near by. It wasn’t cold that night. Just a bit chilly, but wearing the hooker outfit it felt cooler. Although the ice tea made me feel warm and nice.He bahis siteleri saw me and told me to CUM sit on his lap. He was drinking a beer.As I walked around the chair, I saw his cock was out. I sat on his lap and grabbed his cock and started to jerk him.He pulldown the side of my dress to expose my hard nipple and started to suck on it. I started to moan.Then daddy lifted my drunk, high, whore body and made me sit on his hard cock. He started to FUCK me. FUCK me hard. While I moaned like the dirty, dirty, dirty whore that I am.He pass me a bottle of beer and told me to drink as he penetrated me. I did.Lola: “hmmmmm.. Oh daddy.. dadddyyyyyy.”Daddy: “Fucking whore. Take my cock you dirty bitch. I will get you pregnant you whore!”Lola: “OHHHH DADDDDDDDYYYYYYY!”Daddy came. He came hard.I got up, and his semen flowed down my legs. It felt so hot.I started to walk around the edge the little bahis şirketleri deck and out of force of habit, I took out my little phone from my little wrist purse, where I keep all the CUMdom packs.Walking with 6¨ heels, while a bit drunk and high, on a wooden deck overlooking the water was not a good idea. I dropped my little phone. My little phone sank.My daddy tried to find it with a little fish scooper net thing, but no luck. He promised to buy me a new one when we got back to Seattle.For the next ten days daddy fucked me day and night. Many times while very drunk and very high. He said he liked fucking me high.I would wake up with his cock and CUM inside me.I would fall as sleep with his cock and CUM inside me.It was soooo hot.We are now back in Seattle, at a really nice hoe-tel.Daddy ordered my new phone, so when I get back home to NY it should be there. Yay!.I wonder how many voice mails, and KiK message must be waiting for me? Hundreds? Yes, definitely hundreds.Daddy said he is taking me to an “underground” glory hole tonight.He said he wants to share my tight, whore pussy and cock whore mouth.I can’t wait.

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