3 Haziran 2021

The Lobby Bar


Tomorrow, you think to yourself, you can say the wine allowed you to be so bold. But in this moment, you know that isn’t necessarily the case. You simply know what you want. And here, at the hotel’s lobby bar, you are eager to claim it.

Side by side, our stools face one another. Seated close together, our legs are already intertwined. I brush your hair to the side, lightly kissing your cheek. I whisper in your ear all I want to do with you. I softly kiss your lips, your cheek, the line of your neck.

You let a heel fall to the floor, and your foot slides up my calf. Your touch excites me. A smile comes to my face with this subtle preview of the contact to come. In return, you feel my leg slide against the inside of your legs. Your body doesn’t resist. Adjusting in your seat, you discretely spread your thighs an inch, maybe two, wider. My hand falls to your stocking clad knee. My touch a bit tentative at first. But your soft purring emboldens me, and I continue to caress your sexy attire.

Are people watching us? Probably. Are we concerned? Just a bit. But as my hand strokes your body, you remain lost in how this fantasy is coming to life. Your hand reaches out to touch my arm, your fingers running along my skin. Goosebumps form. My hand meanwhile continues its exploration, reaching your stocking top and touching your bare skin. Leaning in, your cheek on mine, kissing my ear, you whisper, “you are making me so wet already.” As my hand runs across your warm flesh, your passion building, you attempt to return to reality, to some semblance of decorum: “Ohhh. Oh. We need to stop, babe. We need to…” Stop? My hand declines. canlı bahis And you don’t repeat your half-hearted request, instead giving in to the growing lust of the moment. As you again kiss my ear, my hand traces the outline of your panties. A breathless gasp escapes your lips. “Mmmm…” you softly hum. My fingers touch your body, running along the contours of your wetness. Pulling your head back, you kiss my lips, whispering, “I want you. I want you now.”

We stroll to the elevator bay, my hand resting on your back, touching your hips, feeling your behind. As we wait, I stand behind you, kissing the top of your head. My hands trace your body. My touch runs over the wispy material of your dress, wrapping around your waist, pulling your body tight against me. You lean back, delighted to feel the contours of my cock within my pants. Eyes closed, you slowly sway your body, side to side, against me. The cheeks of your ass rubbing against my erection, causing me to hold your body even tighter. You feel my length against your backside. Licking your lips, you imagine all you are going to do to it: the kissing, the sucking, the intense passion to come.

Only the ding of the elevator pulls us apart. But as the doors close, we are quick to embrace. First floor: Your mouth on mine. Hungrily, our tongues dance together in a deep, wet kiss. Sixth floor: Our hands frantically roam over each other, as if this moment might end too soon. My hands reach behind you, cupping your ass. Your dress hiked up, my fingers feel warm against your flesh. Eleventh floor: Your kisses now on my neck, your tongue causing my knees to feel weak. Your fingers grasp bahis siteleri at my prominent bulge, making me moan with yet further desire. Seventeenth floor: We sheepishly stand apart, flustered, as a bellhop enters. Hair mussed up. Faces flushed. Dress falling not quite right. Holding hands, we smile, somewhat embarrassed by – yet not regretting in the least – the scene we have created. Twenty-second floor: At last, we briskly walk to our waiting room.

Once inside, we do what comes so naturally. Passionately kissing, you place your hands around my neck. My hands around your waist. Holding one another tight. Our desire – already high – continues its ascent. Our hands anxiously reacquaint themselves with the feel of one another’s body. Clothes are strewn about the room’s entry. You step out of your dress, revealing your curves in black bra and panties. You seductively remove my jacket. My tie. My shirt. Taking your time, kissing my lips, my neck. My pants, at last, join your clothes on the floor.

Slowly, I spin you around. You feel my breath on your neck, as my kisses follow your ear lobe, your neck, the back of your neck. Your body hums. You feel my hands on your breasts, touching you through your silky bra. Your nipples pronounced, so sensitive to my touch. My mouth kisses its way down your body, causing your back to slightly arch. You feel my tongue, tracing down the curve of your spine. I kiss your lower back, your hips, your ass. Your hands are flat against the wall, holding yourself up, as your body melts against my touch. You stare at the wall, your eyes glossy, focused on nothing. Your senses in tune only with my attention bahis şirketleri to your body. My hands leave your breasts behind, moving down along your stomach, your waist, touching your legs.

Kneeling, I slowly pull your panties down, your wetness, your lust, apparent. As you step out of them, you push your backside out, eager for what is to come. Holding your hips, I pull your body still closer to me, anxious to touch you, smell you, tasting your womanhood. My tongue reaches out, capturing your pleasure. At the moment of contact, a jolt of pleasure flows through your body. You can feel your own excitement trickle down your thighs. My kisses give loving attention to your desire, to that place you so needed to have kissed. Your moans fill the room, as I lick and nibble upon your trembling body. Desire building, your body pushes back, your body nearly resting on my mouth. I firmly grasp onto you, holding you close, not letting go.

As bliss approaches, your cries of passion become even louder. The feeling in your body is growing, growing to nearly uncontrollable excitement. Your legs quiver as your orgasm approaches. My mouth continues its tender care. Finally, at last, your body tenses up, your legs go taut, your head thrown back, as wave after wave of pleasure runs over you. You are lost in the moment, unable to think of anything except your nearly overwhelming physical joy. Minutes pass, and you struggle to catch your breath, and regain some semblance of composure. Collapsing to the floor, you throw your arms around me, in part to hold me tight, in part to hold yourself up. In between kisses, you murmur your appreciation, breathlessly whispering promises of the pleasure still to come. Looking across our room, to the still unused bed, your body shudders with excitement at your lustful thoughts of all that is still in store for this night…

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