6 Kasım 2021

The Lodger


The LodgerBack when i was 16 my Mother used to take in lodgers that attended the local college. It was a financial help as my Father had died in a road accident 3 years earlier.They were all between 17 and 20 years old and from towns and cities that were too far to commute from so would stay in our spare room monday to friday and go home at the weekend.One of the boys was a 19 year old called Mark, he was nothing special to look at but was keen on keep fit and really looked after himself. He was also one of the most polite and well mannered Students that we ever had stay with us, both myself and my Mother felt very comfortable having him around.Mark had been with us about a month when one evening while my Mother was not home i walked past his room,I knew he was in there as i could faintly hear the tv.Suddenly i felt the urge to see what he was up to.I gently turnt the door handle and pushed the door open about 2 inches. Sure enough the tv was on,only Mark was not watching it. Instead Mark was lying on his bed completely naked, he was holding a magazine with his left hand but with his right was wanking a gorgeous 7 inch cock. Although i was not too experienced fethiye escort I’d had sex aabout half a dozen times at the time but not with a perfect specimen of a cock like that! I instantly felt intense heat between my legs and just had to slide my hand down the leggings i was wearing and into my knickers. I was soaking wet and could not stop myself from rubbing and pinching my clit. Mark was still wanking with just a nice steady rythmic stroke.I’m not sure if i let out a little pleasure moan or Mark just sensed the door being ajar but he suddenly spun around and saw me watching him wank. I dont know which one of us was the more embarrased but Mark was trying to cover his mighty cock the best he could and i was apologising for spying on him. Eventually we both calmed down and i decided to take a gamble and asked Mark if i could watch him cum. He looked a bit shocked but after it sunk in he agreed.I watched from the end of marks bed as he got back to it, this time he was not looking at the porno mag but straight at me.It was so sexy and i could not help myself from mastabating. Mark then asked if i would like to taste his cock, now this was a escort fethiye first for me but i was not going to turn it down.I took him in my hand and was surprised by the girth and it looked even bigger in my much smaller hands. I ducked my head down to his cock and ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I will never forget that first taste of cock, slightly salty, and the undescribable scent of sex that is almost musky. My god i loved it,greedily sucking him into my mouth so i could feel his big purple helmet banging the back of my throat. Mark pulled my head up and told me to get my clothes off because he just had to fuck me. No sooner had i stripped off than he had me knelt on the bed,i felt him behind me but was shocked when it was not his cock nuzzling against my pussy but his tongue. My god it was an amazing feeling and i very nearly had a orgasm there and then,i thought it could not get any better but after 10 minutes of Mark licking and tonguing my young cunt he started the same thing with my asshole.I’d never thought it would feel so fucking good but i had a orgasm as Mark rubbed my clit and put his tongue in my ass!I was in heaven and it felt fethiye escort bayan like every nerve ending was tingling, but i knew i had to have his big thick prick inside me. I begged Mark to fuck me and he did’nt let me down. He knelt behind me and gently rubbed his hot cock up and down my love slit. I was so wet that he slipped into me without effort.I felt so full of cock as Mark pumped away at me without mercy and i came over and over again.Mark grabbed my hair again and yanked my head up hard.He told me i was bad for spying on him and that there was a price to pay.This was not the polite way Mark normally spoke to me,but i liked it. He pulled his dick from my cunt and then spread my ass cheeks and spat on my anus and worked it in with his thumb. I could feel the tip of his helmet at my tight hole, and then there was like a burning intense pressure as he pushed himself in.It only took a few seconds for my ass to accept his cock and then he started to pump me gently. The burning passed and before i knew it i was enjoying my first ass fuck and rubbed my clit to bring on another intense orgasm.Mark pulled out my ass and put his cock in my mouth. I got a taste of my own ass briefly before i felt Marks cock twitch and erupt a thick stream of cum into my mouth and i swallowed it without a second thought.That all happened 6 years ago now and i still get wet just thinking about it.

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