4 Haziran 2021

The Lustful Teleport


The luxury of teleportation, or the breaking down of molecules and moving an object or person through time and space, was as simple as a press of a button in the year 2199. With it though, came many laws and constraints, and through the implementation of the newest and most secure military grade technology, all hand-held teleportation devices, or HTD’s, were modified and fortified to prevent an individual from teleporting into someone’s home or business who had not been previously authorized to do so, regulated by accurate time constraints and entry and exit points for any given location.

One exemption to these restrictive protocols were the sanctioned uses by law enforcement for the purpose of a criminal investigation, criminal pursuit, or other connections to police procedures. Law enforcement were allowed to teleport anywhere, at any time, without limitations, but each time an HTD was activated, a unique teleport signature was cataloged, monitored, and stored over multiple secure servers, each protected by the United States Military and other world powers, concealed in various undisclosed locations around the planet. Each fortified teleport database compiled genuine human fingerprint authorizations, detailing a person’s identity, location, times and places they were accepted or not accepted for teleportation. It was an ever-evolving system of security and tracking that utilized advanced artificial intelligence and precise global positioning.

Tia was a contracted government employee, hired by the city’s police department, and was instrumental in assisting the department with the cataloging of entry points and time constraints within the boundaries of the city, not as an officer, but as a legal expert whose job was to maintain the teleportation database security, tracking potential violations of unauthorized teleports, and dispatching officers to investigate the possibility of a crime. At the age of 38, she was a beautiful black caramel-skin woman with long wavy black hair, high cheek-bones, sparkling chocolate eyes, weighing 115-pounds, with a petite 5’5″ alluring toned frame, a gorgeously stunning smile, a flawless firm and luscious heart-shaped ass, and a pair of stunningly perky breasts that were more than any man could handle at a spectacular 34 DD.

Her and her husband, Kamron, had been married for almost 10 years, and within that time, had explored a variety of different and sometimes bizarre sexual pleasures. Bondage, fucking machines, sex toys, and even a strap-on to pound Kamron in the ass were only a few of the many things they had sampled. But there was one specific fantasy they were both willing and eager to try, but just hadn’t had the opportunity, or the courage, to do so. A fantasy that would push the boundaries of any adult coupling and have the potential to produce one of the most erotic encounters a relationship could form. The fantasy of a threesome.

They often dreamt what it would be like to have someone become a part of their sexual exploration, and toward the beginning of their three-way considerations, agreed that their first-time welcomed guest should be a man. Someone to help relieve Tia’s nervousness about sexually caressing a woman’s body, alleviate the fears of witnessing her husband sliding his dick into another woman’s pussy, and remove the pressures of performing oral on a random female; an act she wouldn’t mind being fulfilled on herself, but certain she couldn’t return the favor, as the thought of tasting another woman’s wetness wasn’t appealing. So, exploring their fantasy with a man was the best option to achieve the greatest form of sexual pleasure, emotional comforts, and romantic closeness.

Kamron was a very different kind of husband. A trusting, confident, and sexually adventurous gentleman, who had stated on numerous occasions, how comfortable he would be witnessing his wife being pleasured and satisfied by another man, convinced they would eventually find the right someone to satisfy both their sexual curiosities concerning a third. He often expressed how mesmerizing it would be to watch this mystery man bury his cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy, listening to the moans of passion escape her lips while this man brought her to climax again and again. He even expressed an abnormal desire to “walk-in” on them fucking, watching for only a moment before wanting to join, but “catching” them engulfed in the throes of passion was a key turn-on, thrilled by the idea of admiring their eroticism at its purist, too absorbed in each other to realize he was there.

Kamron was a very attractive man. He had a stocky muscular build with wide shoulders and a firm pleasing ass. A devilishly handsome white guy with a dimpled smile that would light up any room. A 41 years old, 5’8″, Systems Analyst, weighing 165 pounds, with intense sky-blue eyes, short blonde hair, and a beard that was low, well-trimmed, and cleanly edged. His dick was very pleasing as well; a girthy cock that measured just at 6 inches in length, leaning slightly to his left. It was a perfect fit for canlı bahis her petite frame, always hitting the right spots to make her cum quickly and repeatedly.

Throughout her numerous years employed at the police department, Tia had befriended a coworker by the name of Brett, a Captain in the police force. Her and Brett had always had an unusual relationship compared to others on the team, seeming to trust each other more than they trusted others. When they first met, they immediately became good friends, but as time went on, their behavior began to blossom into a very sexually charged connection. She would often catch him staring at her breasts when he thought she wasn’t looking, and regularly engage her with innocent flirting and softly implied sexual innuendos. She would customarily counter with the same wit, creating a sensual and somewhat perverted bond between them that was not uncommon in the realm of law enforcement. Harmless fun between two very attractive individuals who routinely worked together 40 plus hours a week.

They had operated within the teleportation team for many years, and as their relationship escalated, she began to develop a very serious crush him, even though her feelings and love for her husband had never changed. Maybe it was Brett’s exceptionally appealing looks, or his relentless enticing behavior, or how he treated her like her husband did, with dignity, respect, and admiration, but whatever it was, she could feel the sexual magnetism intensify every time they were together. Even though she had never built up the courage to ask him, she knew he would be perfect for her and Kamron’s threesome exploration.

Brett was tremendously pleasing on the eyes; an older white man in his early 50’s at about 5’10” and 160 pounds. He had striking sea-blue eyes, short blonde hair darkened with a wealth of gray, a sexy and fit runner’s body that was enticingly define, a fantastic gentle and erotic smile, and based on the standard uniform pants he was required to wear, the bulge of an enjoyable sized dick she was often curious about. While Brett understood and obeyed the laws of teleportation, he would frequently toy with remarks about teleporting into her bedroom as she was sleeping to take advantage of her, always specifying “while her husband was away,” hinting to the fact that he was very interested in a sexual relationship, and insinuating his dedication to keeping secrets.

Late one evening, while Brett and Tia were working the night shift alone, Brett once again implied that he was going to show up in her bedroom, but this time he ended his tease with the word “tonight.” It surprised her! He had never specified an actual time before, and his proposition felt more seductive, more lustful, and his flirting more concentrated. Was he serious? As he continued, he suggested that when he teleported into her bedroom tonight, that she be ready to accept what it was he had to “give” her, but taunted that he wasn’t sure if she could handle it. She knew exactly what he wanted to give her, and knew she wouldn’t mind having it!

Peering down at her computer screen as he spoke, she blushed for only a moment before looking up and gazing deep into his beautiful sex-filled eyes and said, “I think you know I could handle anything you wanted to give me, Brett,” hinting she was willing.

“Well, it is possible you could, but I don’t think you believe I’m coming,” and with a stern look on his face, “I’m serious about it being tonight, Tia. Don’t you believe me?” he asked.

“I believe if you really want to find out if I could ‘handle’ whatever it is you want to ‘give’ me, I’ll see you tonight,” the sexual magnetism between them intensifying rapidly, triggering a warm pool of wetness to slowly fill her panties.

“What about your husband?” Brett asked with a slight look of concern, “aren’t you worried he will find out?”

“I have nothing to worry about. He’s not your typical man for one, and it doesn’t really matter, because I’m not totally convinced you’ll show, especially tonight,” a sexy grin creased her lips, winking at him seductively. The vision of his naked body against hers elevating her body temperature, prompting an overwhelming horniness to course through her veins.

“Well, I honestly don’t know what kind of man Kamron is when it comes to things like this, but be prepared… You’re going to be extremely surprised when I do show and you can’t stop screaming my name,” confirming exactly what it is he wanted to give her.

“I guess we will just have to see what happens if you do…,” flirtatiously responding, insinuating her readiness to find out.

Over the next four hours the sexual tension between them continued to increase. While they remained focused on the important work they were performing, they couldn’t help but eye each other with lustful stares and seductive smiles. Once their shift had ended, Tia packed her things and began to walk toward the designated teleportation room to port home. But before she exited the team floor, she turned to Brett and said, “I don’t bahis siteleri know if are serious about what you said earlier… but if you are, make sure that whatever it is you want to ‘give’ me is out and ready to go. I’ll show you what it is I can handle,” giving a soft wink to convey one last hint that she is accepting of his proposal.

Tia transported home about 1:30 a.m. to an empty house. Kamron was still working and wasn’t expected home for a couple of hours. On the days she worked late, her routine was to come home, change clothes, and go straight to bed, lying in wait for Kamron to crawl in and cuddle up next to her. She proceeded as usual toward her walk-in closet to undressed from her work attire, but instead of getting dressed in her night clothes, she paused and stood naked in front of her full-length mirror, staring intently at her body as she rubbed her hands up and down her soft smooth skin, grazing her fingers tips along her freshly waxed pelvic area then back up toward her breasts, her nipples flourishing as she imagined her, Brett, and Kamron coupled together in an erotic dance of love, still very horny from her flirtatious evening.

She pondered if she should put on her sleep attire, which typically consisted of a long t-shirt, no bra, and some comfortable panties, or just go to sleep as she was, naked, hopeful of Brett’s arrival. Countless thoughts of uncertainty and sexual curiosity rumbled through her head. She knew that Kamron had said that it was a fantasy of his to walk-in on her fucking another man, but was nervous that he wasn’t serious, or he was but wouldn’t react as he thought he would. Did she go too far tonight with Brett? Would Kamron really be turned-on seeing Brett and her together? What if Brett shows and Kamron doesn’t? Would she be cheating? She was extremely attracted to Brett, and truly wanted to feel his body pressed against hers, but Kamron was her entire life, and she loved him dearly, and didn’t want anything to ruin what they had created.

A few minutes passed and she was still standing naked in front of the mirror, struggling with her thoughts on what she should do; get dressed or sleep naked. She knew she wanted to give her husband the fantasy he desired, along with her fantasy of Brett making sweet love to her, and was also positive Brett would be the perfect fit for their threesome experience. Even though she never spoke about her and Kamron’s mutual fantasy, she was certain once Kamron walked in on them, and things started to unfold, he would understand what it was they were wanting to do, and hopefully be into it.

Exasperated by her overwhelming thoughts, she succumbed to a decision, “Fuck it!” she exclaimed internally, “I’m sleeping in the nude! When Kamron comes home, he will either have his fantasy of ‘catching’ me with another man, or Brett won’t show and he’ll be happy I’m naked and want to fuck me anyway! Either way, someone is going to release this sexual tension!” shutting off the lights as she walked toward the bed to slip her nakedness under the sheets.

It was 3:30 a.m. when Tia awoke from a very satisfying and intense sexual dream. A dream so extreme, she could feel her pussy overwhelmingly moist and her body tingling from the passions her mind created. The room was glowing with the full moons light, bright enough to see even the softest details of objects in the room. She quickly sat up with the feeling of someone watching her, the beds blanket covering her body’s bare lower half with her delightful breasts exposed. She slowly scanned the area, progressing her view from one side of the room to the other, shifting her concentration toward the corner next to her side of the bed.

As her eyes focused, she noticed the silhouette of a man sitting in the chair nestled against the darkness of the wall. Startled, she jumped, her eyes gradually coming into view of who it was, and sitting there in silence, upright in the chair, gazing at her with a sexual lust in his eyes, was Brett! A smile graced her face, fully accepting of his presence and pleased that he actually came, settling her uncertainty on whether tonight would be the night she would finally find out what it felt like to have Brett inside her. Something she had been so turned-on about wanting to experience, but until this moment, wasn’t sure if she was ready.

It was a dimly lit corner, but she could see he was dressed in his button-down uniform top, with one of his hands resting against the arm of the chair, and as her eyes dropped to the floor, she noticed that his pants were pulled down and bunched around his ankles. “He has no pants on,” she thought to herself, quickly shifting her focus on his other hand to witness it tightly gripped around the base of his rock-hard dick sticking straight in the air. It was as if he’d been massaging it slowly while she slept, keeping it “out and ready” as she requested, patiently waiting for her to wake. Instantly turned-on by his presence, she was unable to direct her view from his nice-looking plump cock. Mesmerized by how big and thick bahis şirketleri it was! A beautiful circumcised dick that had to be at least 6 ½ inches in length, a thick girthy shaft with a large mushroom head, and from the glistening shine gleaming from its tip, secreting an abundant amount of precum. A significant sign he was ready for her!

Brett remained locked in his lustful stare, completely captivated by the gorgeous woman he had come to ravish. An unbelievably sexy goddess who could have any man she wanted, understanding now was his chance to show her a passion she’ll never forget. He opened his mouth to speak, and in a soft and gentle voice, whispered, “Come, sit on my dick…”

As those five little words echoed in her ears, she could feel her pussy instantly ooze a warm sultry nectar, an unusual thickness like she had never felt before, that deep carnal urge for him to fuck her like she desperately wanted, fully understanding that Kamron would be home at any minute. Immediately, she leaped from the bed and stood completely naked in front of him, the moonlight radiating her stunning figure, and the soft curves of her body casting shadows across her silky brown sugar skin.

She slowly leaned toward him, her tits dangling pleasingly in his face, and placed her hands on the arms of the chair, taking her knee and inserting it between his hip and the cushion, pulling herself above his groin, then positioning the other leg the same, straddled across his seated position but remaining hovered over his substantial cum trickling dick. With his hand still tightly gripping his pulsating member, Brett pushed his cock against her swollen snatch, its tip sliding comfortably between the slit of her soaking pussy. She gently lowered herself onto his thick leaky head, her vagina dripping with an urge like no other, allowing the dome of his cock to slide unhindered into her hole as a long whimper of indulgence exhaled from her lips.

Brett loosened the grip on his cock, and with both his hands free, she grabbed them and placed them on her glorious perky breasts, signaling the urge for him to squeeze and caress them as she gracefully sank lower, gliding his dick slowly into her ripe and ready pussy, feeling the thickness of his shaft pressed against her insides, stretching her lips wide and stroking every sexual nerve within her canal until he was almost entirely inside her tense little nook. She paused just before the totality of his manhood consumed her insides, taking a second to feel every inch he had to “give” her before lowering herself fully.

Once she felt his large protruding testicles smashed firmly against her ass, and the crown of his dick nestled rigidly against her G-spot, she instantly exploded into an orgasmic bliss. Her head swiftly snapped back as a gushing river of woman’s milk poured from her vagina; moans of felicity wailed from her lips, plummeting her entireness into a euphoria of ecstasy. She froze, completely unmoved, savoring the tender plunge of his manhood that seemed to sooth her stretched passage, her vaginal muscles pulsating uncontrollably around his deep-seated placement, her nipples sharply erect, and her skin overheating with a satisfied climatic heaven that raced through her body, driving her essence into complete and total darkness with shimmers of light and bursts of colors flashing before her. Her body shook frantically, never had she ever cum instantaneously like this before, only motivating her craving for more!

She began to swing her hips back and forth, rocking her pleading satisfied pussy against his cum-filled stiffness. Brett leaned toward her scorching hot body and started to kiss her inner arm, still fondling her breasts and gently pinching her raised nipples. His kissing progressed, working his pleasant mouth along her chest toward her collarbone and up her neck, sending chills racing down her spine as he pressed his dick hard against the back wall of her vagina. Shudders of passion consumed her mind as sweat poured from her body. He felt so good inside her; every nerve screaming a passionate serenity, bursting with lustful intentions being fulfilled, overwhelmed by the remarkable sensation of his member massaging her vagina flawlessly. He wasn’t too big or too small, a perfect fit, and the thickness of his cock opened her pussy like the Red Sea, giving passage to an astonishing rapture of unknown proportions.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed his head back against the cushion of the chair, leaning inward to kiss him, locking her lips with his. They pressed their tongues together in a dance of sizzling solidarity, the intensity of their kiss driving her to grind harder and faster against his shaft, her hips rocking back and forth like an internal combustion engine running in high gear, the volume of her gagged whimpers of felicity increasing louder as his dick relentlessly prodded her swollen gap over and over again. She could feel another orgasm rapidly approaching, even stronger than the first, but just as she was seconds from freeing her mind-blowing gushing burst of thick warmth, she heard the door to the bedroom slowly creak open, undoubtedly Kamron attempting to enter the room without notice, mystified by the sounds of heated fucking echoing in the background.

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