27 Haziran 2021

The Machine Part I


The Machine Part IJust as I thought.  I had walked in on her again.  But that is exactly what she had wanted.  She had become such a sex addict.  She lay there with her dildo laying just in front of her hairy pussy.  Her pussy lips were soaking wet.  Her big puffy mound of hair parted in the middle.  “Hi.””Hi.””What ya doin?””Waiting for you.””Looks delicious.  Can I have a taste.””Please do.”  She moved her dildo out of the way.  I was still fully clothed.  I climbed between her legs and moved in close to her muff.  Her scent was strong.  I stroked her bush with my hand.  She wanted it bad.  I had been away for the weekend and had just then gotten home to find her waiting for me.  My face was close I used my hands to spread her cunt wide open.  I slid a finger inside her.  Then two.  She was still loose.  I eventually worked four fingers into her.  “Have you ever had a hand inside you.””No.”I folded my thumb down and began to push into her.  Slowly it went inside her.  “You have now.  She looked down and saw my entire hand inside her cunt.  She moaned.  “Do you like it?””Yes.”  With my other hand I slid a finger into her sphincter.  I rotated inside her pussy making her shriek.  This gave me an idea.  One that I planned later for her.  I wanted to machine fuck her and I knew she would love it.  I rotated quickly making her scream and squirt.  I pulled out and licked my hand and wiped it all over her tits.  It was dripping wet.  I got up and undressed.  My cock was rock hard.  I got on top of her and slid into her loosened cunt.  We began to fuck.  I lasted a long time.  After a half an hour I filled her pussy up.  “I have an idea.””What?””A fucking machine for you.””A what?””A machine that will fuck you silly.  One that I can control when I hook you up to it.””Sounds perverted and kinky.””Yes.  Yes it does.””Okay.  Indulge me.””I’ll need to buy the right model.””How much?””I think about three hundred or so.  I bet you’ll love it.””Go ahead.  That sounds like fun.”The doorbell rang out.  As I walked to the door I could see the brown truck.  It sped away just as I opened the door.  A big box lay on the porch.  It was here!  The fucking machine was finally here after six weeks of waiting.  I dragged it into the house and immediately opened the package.  No assembly required.  At least not much.  All I had to do was attach the rods and pick a dildo attachment.  I knew it would be perfect on the coffee table in front of the couch.  The bedroom posed a bit of a challenge.  I might have to build a stand for it to put it next to her bed.  I got a tape measure and began planning exactly that.  I was pretty good at wood canlı bahis working so I went to the home center and bought the wood for the project.  In no time I had crafted a stand for it.  I made it sturdy with locking wheels. It could be raised as there were notches to change the height.  I Wheeled it back to her bedroom.  I couldn’t wait to try it on her.  I plugged the machine into the outlet.  I held the controller and turned the knob.  It began to move.  As I turned it up the machine went faster.  I laughed out loud watching the dildo moving way faster than I could.  I got a bed sheet and covered up the contraption after putting into position for her.She came home from work.  “Hi mom.””Hi.”She went through her usual routine of laying her purse on the table and heading for the liquor cabinet.  “Anything new today?”  She was referring to our new machine.”Yep.”She turned to look at me.  I had a big smile on my face.She finished making her drink.  “Where is it?””It’s in you room.”  I followed her back.  She saw the bed sheet covering it.  I pulled off the sheet and she looked it over.  Then I held the control and turned the knob.  As it moved she laughed.  “What are you waiting for?”  She began to undress.  When she pulled off her panties I pulled her to me and slid my hand into her pussy to feel her cunt with my finger.  It was soaking wet.  “Me first or the machine?””Either way you will have me so you decide.””Me first then.  My come will help lubricate the machine for you.”  She laid down and I began licking her.  We fucked for awhile enjoying the friction between us.  After I came she took a drink of her cocktail while I adjusted her machine.  She laid in front of it and it into place.  My come was rolling out of her cunt down her crack.  I scooped up the sticky goo and slathered the dildo with it.  Then I wiped my fingers off in her hairy muff.  “This is going to be different.’  I scooted the dildo up to the threshold of her pussy lips.”Ready?””Yes.  Go slow and don’t hurt me.”I turned the knob.  The dildo entered her slowly.  “Wow!  It really works.””Yes.” I said turning the knob to two.  It went faster.  She moaned.  “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!”  I reached over and rubbed her clit.  She needed a vibrator.  Her dildo vibrated.  So I reached into her drawer full of toys and retrieved it.  I turned it on and put it up to her nub.”I’m gonna cum!”  She began to scream.  I bumped up the knob and she arched her back squirting all over.  Feeling like a devil I bumped it again.  She let out a primal scream begging me to stop.  So I stopped the machine.  Her breasts were heaving and she was out of breath.  “Oh my God!””Are bahis siteleri you okay?””Yes.  That was amazing!  Oh my God!””I hope you don’t use this without me.  I don’t want to be replaced.””Don’t worry.  You did a great job operating it.  That was perfect.  I’ve never been fucked that hard.  How did you know about this thing?””I watch porn.””Well we can still do our thing without it.  Not sure we will use this thing every time.””That’s okay.  You know mom, I’ve been thinking.””About what?””Your friends.””What?””No way!  Can’t happen.” “But what if you showed them yourself without me?  I would die to watch Suzie Layne fucked like that.””I bet you would.  That little slut.””That little hot slut.  I could hide in the closet and watch.””You’re a pervert.””Learned from you didn’t I.””You know it would be fun for us girls to have fun with it.  I’ve seen her naked pussy.  She really is a hot bitch.  You’d flip over her red bush.””Damn straight I would.””I’ll probably see her tomorrow at the card game.  Maybe I should invite her over.  I’ll think about it.”That weekend the door bell rang.  It was Suzie!  “Hi Jeff.””Mrs. Layne hi.  Come on in.  I’ll get mom.”Just then she came from the kitchen.  The house smelled like pot roast.  It was four in the afternoon.  Mom took her to the kitchen where they made cocktails and sat.  I could hear them whisper and murmur.  Like they always did.  Talking and laughing.  That was my Que.  I disappeared into mom’s room.  I went into her closet and waited.  Soon I heard their voices.  “Here it is.””Holy shit Bettie!  Does it really work?””Oh yea!  Watch.”Mom held the control and turned the knob.  Suzie laughed as the dildo on the end began to move back and forth.    “Well look at that shit!  Wow!  A fucking, fucking machine.  I never knew such a thing existed.””My son…..”  Mom stopped herself.  “He thinks it’s for a massage.  I had to tell him something.  But I can’t use it while he’s home because it makes me scream.””I bet it does.””Want to try it?””Right now?  With you?””We can take turns.”  Mom  giggled.  Then Suzie giggled. “Oh why not?  Let’s have some fun.”I watched as mom made the first move and began undressing.  My eyes were glued to Suzie as she undressed.  Her tits were just as I had imagined.  So big and round.  She always showed off her incredible cleavage.  Her tits were just awesome.  When she rolled down her panties the most beautiful red bush appeared.  She had a killer ass too.  So very beautiful.  I wanted to storm the room and take them both.  But there they were naked.”Bettie have you ever played with a woman?””No . Have you?””I did once in high school.””Really?  bahis şirketleri What did you do?””I licked my girlfriends pussy while she licked mine.  We did a sixty nine.  She made me come and she squirted on me.  Want to try?”My cock was rock hard.  Do it mom!  Lick Suzie’s beautiful cunt!”Maybe some other time.”  Suzie had moved close to mom.  She hand touched mom’s vulva.”You have beautiful pussy Bettie.  Let me lick you.””Oh okay.  I’ll try it.  But its our secret okay.””I won’t tell a soul as long as you don’t tell anyone about this crazy machine fucking.””Deal.”  They laid on the bed and Suzie began kissing my mom.  Her hand slid into the fold of mom’s pussy.  Mom opened her legs and then slid her hand into Suzie’s muff.  Suzie turned around and they began licking each other.  I imagined how Suzie’s sweet cunt would taste and smell.  Suzie made mom squirt.  Mom knew how to make that happen as she was the one who taught me how to lick pussy and suck clit.  Suzie cried out and released on mom’s face.  They then sat up.”Bettie that was incredible.  We could do this more often.””Ready to try the machine?””Yes.  Hook me up.”Suzie laid right in front of the machine.  Her incredible pussy laid wide open.  Mom wrangled the machine into position.  She managed to get the dildo up to Suzie’s cunt and barely between her pussy lips.  Suzie waited nervously as mom grabbed the controller.  “Here we go.”As she turned the knob it moved slowly inside Suzie’s wet cunt.”Wow!”  Bettie turned the knob and the machine kicked up faster.  Suzie clutched the bed sheets as the dildo rammed her cunt.”Oh God Bettie!'”Faster?”Suzie nodded.  Another turn of the knob and Suzie was being fucked harder than ever before.  Mom put the vibrator on Suzie’s clit.  She began to scream.”Faster Bettie!  Fuck me!”  I watched as my cock ached.  Suzie began to shoot a huge squirt of pussy juice all over.  Mom turned the knob down to let her regain her composure.  “Oh God!  Wow!””You okay?””Fuck Bettie that was amazing!  Where the hell did you get this thing?  It’s awesome!  I think I want one for the basement.””You can always use mine.”They switched places and Suzie tormented mom cranking the machine up and down.  After mom’s turn they got dressed and went back to the kitchen.  It dawned on Suzie that I had disappeared.  So I went to my bedroom and played the stereo until Suzie left.  Mom came to see me.”Did you like the show?””Unbelievable!”I was standing there naked with a rock hard cock.  She undressed and rode me to a glorious orgasm.  “She’ll be back tomorrow.  We may have created a situation here.””I want to fuck her so badly.””I know.  Maybe we can find a way for all of us to play.  She seems so easy.””Well she did lesbian things with you.  If that got out she would be very embarrassed.””True.””Let me operate it for the two of you.””Maybe.”        

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