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The Mayors Wife Wants a Taste Too


The Mayors Wife Wants a Taste TooPam and Ethan’s sexploits continue… Part 14… The Mayors Wife!Ethan pulled his socks up and slipped his feet into his shoes. He stopped to rub his cock in his pants. The fresh memory of what he had just done with Mrs. Turner still had him turned on. What and incredible woman she was. She had worn him out. He had to rest after they finished to recover. He was, however, growing stiff again as he reflected back on the sight of her terrific body writhing and thrashing uncontrollably beneath him. The idea that Casey was going to grow up with the same lustful drive turned him on even more.The bedroom door opened. He looked up, expecting to see Mrs. Turner returning. He was ready if it was her and she wanted to do it again. Instead, it was Colleen. She looked at Ethan, then her eyes glanced around the room. He remarked to himself how striking this woman was. Her light blouse and skirt only hinted and secret charms hidden beneath.“It’s not as bad as I thought,” she said, noticing that the bed was not so neatly made as she had left it, but was nowhere near the disaster she had expected to find.Ethan looked around. “I straightened it up a bit,” he said and resumed tying his shoes. Colleen shut the door.“You’re developing quite a reputation in this city, young man,” she said, leaning back against the door.“How so?” Ethan said.“In the first place, you’re the best hockey player from this part of the state in twenty years, or so my husband constantly tells me. And now I learn you have a certain way with women.”Ethan shrugged his shoulders as if dismissing the claim. “I’m afraid I don’t have a way with women.”Colleen smiled. She moved forward like a lawyer addressing a courtroom. “I think you do. Let me prove it. As I understand it, you’ve dated many more than your share of women, and not all of them from this city.”“Have I done something wrong?”“On the contrary. I’m trying to determine what it is you’re doing right.”Ethan leaned back on the bed. His erection was swelling the front of his pants but he was not ashamed to let her see. “How do you know all this stuff about me?”“I have my connections. Remember, I’m the Mayor’s wife, and he is very fond of this city’s hockey star, proud of you as if you were his own son. But I’m sure you are aware of that.”“I am,” Ethan nodded.“He even admires you for being such a ladies man, as if that is the proof of your virility as a great hockey player. But now I think I know how you do it.”“Do what?”She put her hands on her hips and looked sexier than ever. “Don’t try to deny anything. Now, personally, I couldn’t care about your achievements as a hockey player. Shelly has told me something interesting about you and I think it explains without a doubt your proficiency as a lover. Now I’d like you to show it to me, and don’t try to hide it from me anymore.”Ethan gave in, grinning. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening, even though he probably should after everything that had happened in the past few days. He stood up to unbuckle his pants. Colleen watched him with unconcealed interest. Ethan let his pants fall to the floor once more. Colleen’s eyes grew wide, then a smile crossed her lips.“My husband is a big man in more ways than just politics,” she said as she moved toward him. “I can only venture to guess what he would think of his favorite high school hockey star if he had to measure himself up to you.” She put her left hand on his shoulder and reached down for his cock with her right.“I would never want to hurt the man’s feelings,” Ethan said. He began to unbutton her blouse. At the same time he kicked his shoes off and managed to remove his socks with his toes.“Don’t you think his feelings would be hurt by what you’re doing right now?”“I’m sure they would if you made it a point to let him know what you were doing today while he was working so hard to maintain the city.” He pushed her blouse open and deftly unclasped her bra.“You can rest assured that I will do no such thing,” she said, as Ethan bent forward to lick her nipples. She was stroking his member vigorously. “It would ruin my husband’s career if anyone else found out what his wife had been up to.”Ethan stopped and looked into her eyes. “I’m a lover and a hockey player, Mrs. Murphy. I’m not vindictive toward other men. I have learned through my acquaintances with women to have respect for people.”Colleen paused to listen to him then continued stroking his cock more firmly. “I can appreciate that Ethan,” she said, smiling seductively. “And you can call me Colleen.”Ethan smiled back to her. It occurred to him then that he did not know Mrs. Turner’s name. After being so intimate with her that day he felt it was important to know her first name.“I’ll remember that Colleen,” he said and went down to his knees in front of her. She watched him go down, wondering what he was up to. He put his hands on the outsides of her stocking calves and slid his hands over the sheer fabric up under the hem of her skirt. Colleen sucked in her breath. “Your beauty is beyond words,” Ethan said. “Your body would make a young girl envious.” His hands moved around to the insides of her thighs, right at the tops of her stockings.Colleen snickered. “You have the tongue of a devil,” she said. “And the penis of a bull. How can I be sure Theresa didn’t conjure you up using a pentagram on the floor?”Theresa? Ethan thought, then he realized she was referring to Mrs. Turner. istanbul escort He laughed. “I hardly consider myself a b**st from another dimension,” he said. “But if you wish to think of me as a demon who’s been brought to this world to ravish you and Theresa until you scream for mercy, you may.” He pressed his fingers tenderly into the warm patch of fabric over her pussy.“Oh Ethan,” she moaned. She put her hands on his shoulders to hold herself up. Ethan quickly whipped his shirt off then pushed her skirt up to her hips and pulled down her panties.“Lift your foot,” he said. She lifted each foot and he removed the narrow straps from around each ankle. He pulled the skirt back down over her legs and removed it completely. She was standing before him like a goddess naked from the waist down, her bra open and her silk blouse hanging off her shoulders. Ethan was bowed naked before her at her ankles as if he was paying homage to the beauty of the goddess he worshipped. If she were ten years younger, he knew he would ask her to marry him.“What are you going to do?” Colleen asked as Ethan gently spread her knees apart. Ethan did not answer. As if in reply he leaned forward and kissed her thighs. “Mmmm,” she purred. Her eyes closed and she spread her thighs a little wider. His sensitive lips touched the insides of her thighs. She began to squirm. She could feel his warm breath on her hot skin. She looked down at him. His head was nearing the dark, wispy hairs that made a V shape where her slender thighs came together. She could see his pink tongue sticking out of his mouth. He licked her pussy and she moaned.Ethan lifted her thigh and slung it over his shoulder. This opened her vagina to make it more accessible to his probing tongue. He licked her lips gently, sliding it back and forth over the soft, wet folds of skin. Colleen used one hand to support herself on his shoulder and put her other hand on his head to tangle her fingers through his long, shaggy locks of hair.Ethan held her luscious thighs while he poked his tongue into her cunt. This did not turn out to be the easiest position to give a woman head. She seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless. He could feel her trying to keep her balance while he licked and he could hear her soft moans when he pushed his tongue into her a certain way. He remembered not to rush when he was doing this. Pam had told him that speed did not matter. Constant, gentle pressure and friction felt much better and was more effective that fast, hard rubbing. The technique seemed to be working on Colleen.“Oh yes … oh yes,” she sighed. She began to orgasm. Her eyes went blank and her knees went weak. She hardly felt herself falling but never felt herself hit the floor. Instead, she opened her eyes and found herself in Ethan’s strong arms. He was carrying her to the bed like she was a bride on her wedding night. She looked into Ethan’s eyes. He smiled at her briefly and set her gently on the bed. He looked so strong and handsome standing over her like that, like a knight who had just rescued her from a dragon. She knew he was about to make love to her with his enormous weapon and she couldn’t wait for it. Her anxiousness made her squirm. He was moving around to the foot of the bed. His cock was hanging between his legs like a huge tree branch. From this perspective it looked even larger. The thought of him putting that thing inside her made her tremble with fear and excitement.Ethan spread her knees. She was laying limp on the bed, her arms at her sides, her mouth open and her eyes staring at his cock. She tore them away from his member and looked into his eyes. He could feel her trembling in his hands and he could feel the goose bumps all over her skin. Her nipples were hard points at the tips of her perfect breasts. He was probably just as excited as she was.He thought about removing her stockings but decided to leave them on, as well as her open blouse and bra. It gave him a sense that she was bound in some small way, especially since her blouse constricted the movement of her arms.He moved onto the end of the bed between her spread legs. He hooked his arms under her knees and pushed them up over his arms, which raised her ass off the mattress as he moved her legs farther back. Her knees were locked into the bend at his elbows and her wet cunt was brought almost straight up to an exposed position.Colleen couldn’t move her arms very much but she was able to reach down between her legs and hold her hand open for his shaft. The long, thick, fleshy object fell into her hands like an offering from her servant. She stroked it like she was milking a cow’s udder. Ethan was in no way like a cow, of course, but more like a champion stud bull with an entire ranch of women waiting for him to service them. She did, however, expect to get milk from him, and a lot of it.It really was longer than any other penis she had ever seen. Through high school and college she had spent a great deal of time in bed with Theresa, her best and closest friend, and a variety of well hung jocks and other studs. They usually enjoyed sampling men at the same time but rarely got the chance after they both married. The last time they had been together in bed with a man had been years ago, just after their daughters had started school together, when she treated their young real estate agent to a special treat avcılar escort for closing on their new house and getting them such a great deal. Of course, they would have taken him to bed whether he had done anything for them or not, but that was beside the point.Her labia looked like they had parted on their own, as if they knew what was going to force their way past them and had already prepared themselves for the intrusion. Colleen brought the head of his cock down to that wet opening, where she rubbed it over the wet lips to coat it with slick juices before she moved it to her tight opening. She bit her lower lip as she inserted it. Her face was fraught with concern and concentration.Ethan pushed it in gently and Colleen whimpered, so he eased up. She continued to pump the hard shaft in her small hand as she watched it gingerly force its way into her body. Ethan watched her carefully. Her stomach muscles and neck muscles were tight. There was a touch of perspiration on her upper lip. He knew he had to be gentle here or he might cause her some damage. Her lips were spreading to accept him. He knew, however, that it would take some more work before he could enter completely without hurting her.He worked a couple of extra inches into her then worked them back out, leaving just the head inside her. She was watching him intently and panting like she was in labor. Ethan worked those few inches back into her, left them there a moment and withdrew them once more.“Do you want me to stop?” Ethan asked in a soft, even voice.“Not on your life,” Colleen demanded, not looking up from her pussy, where their bodies were joined.Ethan grinned. He was feeling extremely horny. This illicit act with the Mayor’s wife was going to be very good. His performance with Mrs. Turner had taken the edge off his appetite and he could go for a unbearably long time without feeling the need to release his orgasm. He moved himself forward, lowering his weight onto her. His huge pole began to sink into her.“Oh my god,” Colleen moaned. Her eyes were wide as she watched it pushing into her through her fist, but then she could stand it no longer and her head fell back to the pillow with another deep groan. “Oh Ethan … oh Ethan,” she whispered.He could see the arteries in her neck pumping. Her teeth were clenched together. He had managed to ease more than half his club into her fragile body and it was still going. He began to move his cock in and out at a slow pace. Her hand was still wrapped around the shaft. It was moving through her loose grip. She licked her lips.“It is as if I was a monster from another dimension,” Ethan began. She looked up at him. “And I am attacking the beautiful Princess in her own castle.” She laughed. Ethan continued. “The Princess has allowed herself to succumb to the charms of the handsome knight but it was he who turned out to be the demon in disguise.” Colleen laughed again. Her face turned red.“But who will rescue me now?” she said.Ethan tried to think for a moment, then shrugged. “I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe the real knight turned out to be gay.”Colleen laughed even harder. “I don’t think you’re a monster, Ethan,” she said. “You’re very handsome and your cock is beautiful. I don’t think it makes you a freak.”“Neither do I,” he said. They giggled at each other. He leaned forward to kiss her. She tilted her head the opposite way and parted her lips for him. He could see the tip of her tongue between those luscious, puffy red lips. His lips touched hers lightly, tentatively. Her tongue poked a little bit further out of her mouth, searching for his. They touched and she sighed.Ethan ran the tip of his tongue lightly over the delicate surface of her lips. His hips rose and fell with a relaxed, deliberate motion. Her arms were virtually pinned to the bed by her blouse but she was able to reach up and touch his sides with the tips of her fingers. Her legs hung limply in the air high over the bed, held up by his strong arms. The ends of their tongues met in the warm air between their open mouths, where they danced with each other like a moonlight waltz on a warm summer day. Their lips smacked softly.“Deeper, Ethan,” Colleen breathed as his mouth hovered over hers.What? Ethan thought. It took him a second to realize she was referring to his cock. She was apparently anxious for more of it. He lowered his weight and sunk a few more inches into her until she whimpered. She was biting her lip again. Her head turned to the side, leaving the nape of her neck exposed. Ethan attacked her there like a vampire draining her of blood, except that his kiss was far less brutal than a vampire’s bite.He forced her legs to spread wider as he let all of his weight settle on top of her. He could feel his heavy balls pressed against her soft ass cheeks. Her back arched off the bed.“Oh fuck,” she groaned.Ethan moved up to lick her ear and at the same time pulled his cock back and plunged it into her aggressively. She whimpered again. Her ass was squirming under her and that made his cock move side to side in her cunt while he moved it in and out. She turned her head back and kissed him deeply. She was moving her ass as much as she could, which was not as much as she would have liked. She was his prisoner.Ethan’s climax was building. He was pounding faster and harder into her body. The whole bed shook and the noise resounded through the floor. She was şirinevler escort writhing and moaning and trying to keep her lips in contact with his.“Oh yeah,” Ethan grunted. His orgasm peaked and his thick cum burst from the end of his cock, mercilessly washing her insides.“Oh Ethan … oh Ethan,” she was moaning.Ethan pulled his cock out in one quick motion and flopped it down on her flat belly. Colleen lifted her head to see it. It reached all the way up over her belly to her tits and was squirting the last bits of his cum onto them, which was still enough to drench them. He slid his cock back inside her then finally released her legs and laid on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him and stroked his sides. He rolled over and pulled her on top of him. Colleen immediately whisked her blouse and bra off and stretched her arms over her head.“You could make money at this, Ethan,” she said. She ground her hips, pressing herself down on his cock, which wasn’t as hard as before but was still stiff inside her.Ethan reached up and squeezed her tits, smearing the cum that was dripping off them.“Are you saying I have a career as a gigolo?”She smiled at him. “I’ll give you a hundred dollars to make love with me when my husband is gone.”“I don’t do this for money, Colleen. I do it because I like beautiful women.”“Good,” she laughed. “Because I don’t have a hundred dollars to give you.” She began to move herself up and down on him. “How many times did Theresa make you cum today?”“Three,” Ethan said. “Why?”“And one more with me? You’re pretty amazing, Ethan,” she remarked.“Thanks.”“Do you think you can do it one more time?”“We can find out.” He began to move her up and down with his hips. He moved his hands down to her ass and moved her with him. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulled it up and let it fall again strand by strand as she rose and fell over him. Her ass moved in his hands.They found themselves at peace with the rest of the world, moving slowly and deliberately. Ethan loved her body. She had a slim, narrow waist and round, full tits. She moved her body like an exotic dancer entranced by the pounding music to which she dances. Every so often she opened her eyes and looked down at him to give him a flirtatious smile like a dancer who hopes to get a good tip. She moved so well she almost could have been a stripper. She certainly had the body for it.He slid his hands up the sides of her twisting body and put them on her swollen tits. Her long, silky dark hair d****d down over her shoulders all the way down to his hands. Barely audible moans escaped past her lips. Ethan thrust up hard once and her lips pursed and made an “Oooo,” sound. Her eyes were sleepily half closed. The corners of her mouth were curled up in a satisfied smile.Ethan was in heaven. Colleen felt fantastic sliding up and down on his cock. Spending Saturday afternoon with two beautiful women who knew as much about lovemaking as Colleen and Theresa was far better than watching tv as he had planned. He and Pam had no way of being alone together that weekend and he had no date for that night so he had not even expected to have sex. A couple of hours with both women was enough to satisfy him for a whole week.She had begun to orgasm. She was moving faster and faster. Her moans grew louder and louder. Ethan knew he was not going to be able to hold himself back. He only hoped he didn’t fill her up before she finished her orgasm.“Oh … oh … oh,” Colleen cried. She was cumming. Her upper lip quivered. She shook her head wildly, flinging her long hair around like it was in a whirlwind.Ethan released himself to the powerful sensations of her clasping vagina. The pumping on his cock rapidly built his orgasm to a peak. He held her hips and pulled her down tight when he shot the second load of cum into her.“Oh yes,” he groaned. It felt like he was draining every ounce of cum from his balls in long bursts.“It feels so good,” she cried. Her tits bounced. Her head rolled back and she groaned deeply. Finally, she fell forward on top of Ethan, panting and covered with sweat. Ethan’s cock was still throbbing and spilling his seed inside her.Ethan stroked her hair back. “You’re so beautiful,” he said. He was thrusting his pelvis up and pushing his softening prick in and out of her wet hole. Ethan rubbed her back and squeezed her ass. Her tits were pressed into his chest. She was breathing hard and churning her hips to milk the last bit of cum that he had to give. She raised her head and kissed him.She rolled off and laid beside him. His cock slapped against his thigh when it fell out of her cunt.“I haven’t felt this satisfied in a long time,” she said with a huff. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.“Me too,” Ethan replied. “If I had to satisfy two women every day I’d be dead before I turned thirty.”Colleen giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. She rubbed her legs together. “I can feel it coming out,” she said. She sat up and spread her legs. Ethan leaned up on his elbow and looked at her cunt. A stream of thick, white liquid ran from between her tender, pink lips. “Where do you get all of it?”“I mix it up before I go to bed at night,” he said. She giggled again. She put her hand around his cock and fondled it, molding it like a firm piece of clay. It was coated with sticky fluids that smeared on her hand. It was soft, but the more she rubbed the stiffer it grew. Ethan reached over and pinched her nipple.Colleen sighed. “I want to blow you,” she said. She rolled over onto her stomach and immediately began to suck him. He grew harder in her mouth. Ethan gasped when she took a deep breath and began to slide his entire shaft down her throat. He would never be able to think of the Mayor the same way again.

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