10 Nisan 2021

The Meteor Flu


Disclaimer: All sexual activity is between adults.

Author’s note: Okay, here’s a crazy little idea that popped into my head, and just had to get written. It could fall totally flat, but I wanted to see what people think of it. I suppose I could put this in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category, but I think it belongs better in Incest/Taboo, because the concept was to produce an incest-friendly world.


They called it the ‘Meteor Flu’, back before I was born. Ten large meteoroids crashed into Earth in the space of 24 hours on March 19th, 1992. Most impacted as meteorites in the oceans, but three crashed to land, one near Beijing, one near Berlin, the other near Toledo, Ohio, each causing minor property damage, but nothing catastrophic, at least at first.

Reports of a flu-like illness spread out from those impact points, and within a month, nearly every human on the planet had contracted the disease, and then apparently recovered from it, with no ill effects. In fact, some elderly patients who would normally be expected to die from a flu virus, actually showed signs of increased vitality, and the death rate that year actually dipped as a result.

Despite the distinction between meteors, which burn up in the atmosphere, and meteorites which survive to crash, the media went with ‘Meteor Flu’.

The infectious agent was never isolated. No treatment was found.

A team of geneticists then made a discovery, by comparing DNA samples from before and after on the same patients, that the disease, if it could still be called one, had altered the chromosomes of everyone infected, in hundreds of areas of what was typically called “junk DNA”, parts of the molecules with no known function. They also had no idea what effect the alterations might have.

Nobody seemed to be harmed by any of this, and when the first generation of babies started being born who were conceived post-flu, they checked out fine, so people stopped being in a panic, and medical research on the flu faded away as the funding evaporated. Who needed to research something that didn’t seem to have harmed anyone?

My sister Amber and I were among those babies. According to our parents, we were likely conceived just two days after the meteor struck outside Toledo, our parents recalling that they had already been feeling the effects of the flu, while they were trying to conceive us, as it spread out from the impact zone. We were born Christmas Day, 1992.

Amber and I had a pretty typical American middle class childhood, nothing out of the ordinary. Our relationship was, I suppose, normal for boy/girl twins, not too many fights, but not too close, either. We decided to go to separate colleges, I was at Boston University, while she was at Ohio State.

It was four weeks after our 21st birthday when the true impact of the flu started being known to us. We were back at our schools following holiday break, and I was laying in my bed on Wednesday night, ready to go to sleep.

When, suddenly, I felt like someone was licking my left nipple. Except it felt nothing like I’d ever experienced when my girlfriends had licked mine before. My dick began to stiffen as the sensation continued, then I realized I was feeling a sensation of being grasped, in a way that made no sense for a man’s chest, that could only make sense for a woman’s breast. ‘What the fuck?’ I thought. ‘How am I feeling this, why?’

The licking sensation then shifted to the right breast, as both were now being grasped and squeezed.

And suddenly, I was feeling a new sensation between my legs, not from my penis, but of what I assumed was a vagina. It felt wet, and twitchy, and I felt a slim finger slide across it, and when I knew that finger had stroked across the clitoris, my cock was as hard as I’ve ever known it.

Somehow, I was channeling a woman who was being made love to, feeling what she was feeling, as my own body was reacting to those sensations. And it was totally turning me on.

The experience expanded into an awareness of her lips being kissed fiercely, as a new hand began exploring her labia and clit, the hand of her lover, I assumed.

I finally gave in, pulled my sleeping shorts down my hips and started stroking my cock, and in that moment, felt her body jerk, and her pussy shuddered. Was it possible? Was she feeling what I was doing, too?

And then I felt it. Her lover’s cock pressing against her pussy, rubbing against her clit a few times, before pushing its way inside, stroking through her folds into her, seemingly into me. But at the same time, it also felt like it was my cock, sliding into her as well, on top of feeling my hand stroking my length, faster and faster. In and out of her, in and out, not in control of their pace, but feeling it all, from both sides, while I jerked off, feeling her reacting to me, too.

And then I felt her orgasm start, and my own started, from the unbelievable combination of sensations.

And at the very moment of my ejaculation, kartal escort bayan and her peak, I became aware of who the woman was.

>>Amber?<< I thought. >>David? Ohmygod David, I’m hearing you! How?<< And just as the orgasms wound down, her voice in my head went away, but not the sensations. I could still feel her boyfriend, Jeremy she’d said his name was, thrusting into and out of her, still felt like it was my own dick doing it, her/my pussy receiving it, and I was still hard and unable to stop stroking myself. We again came together, even harder than the first, and as I felt her mind link to me again, I sent, >>I don’t know!<<. But all I got back was >>Oh fuck fuck fuck David fuck<<. And she was gone again. Yet, despite cumming twice in mere minutes, I was still hard, still stroking myself, and beginning to feel a little pain, but the sensation of my fucking her via sensing her boyfriend Jeremy was ramping up, all pleasure. And when he came, so did Amber and I both, this unbelievable feedback loop of his pleasure plus her pleasure plus mine causing me to seriously black out. It was my cell phone that woke me. I was bathed in sweat, and had such a huge amount of my cum coating me from shoulders down to my nuts that I couldn’t believe it. I grabbed my phone and answered it. “Hello?” “David? I hope I didn’t wake you.”, Amber said. “Well sorta,” I admitted. “I just had the weirdest sensory experience, and actually blacked out from it. Did… did the same thing happen to you?” Amber chuckled. “If you mean did we just experience each other’s sex acts and orgasms over hundred’s of miles, then, yeah.” She seemed very calm. “You sound like you’re not surprised,” I said. “Why is that?” “Because I had almost the same experience last night, except I was experiencing Dad and Mom having sex!” “Oh, fuck! What was that like?” I asked. “Totally freaked me out, at first,” she said, giggling a little. “I was studying in the library, when I felt my lips being kissed, and it progressed from there, while I’m totally flooding my panties and trying not to moan. Had to go to the bathroom and stroke myself, I was so turned on. I was feeling both of them, David! The first orgasm I shared with Mom revealed to me who I was feeling, but I couldn’t talk to them during it, it all felt one way. Then Dad coming felt amazing. Then when it happened with you again tonight, I could feel you reacting to what was happening to me, and then I could hear you while I came. So intense! Then you were completely gone – that must have been when you said you blacked out. If so, you were out 10 minutes before I called you. I had to send Jeremy home, first. He didn’t experience any of the extra sensations.” “You may not want to hear this, Amber, but I experienced some of what Jeremy experienced tonight, too – my dick felt like I was fucking you, while I also felt your side, too. You felt so good! But I was getting the most intense sensations from your orgasms. I never imagined that’s what you feel when you cum.” “I know, some of Jeremy’s sensation looped back to me through you. And I didn’t know that’s how male orgasm felt, either. Understand, I don’t usually cum from intercourse alone. I’ve gotta be really turned on. It was feeling the sensations from all three of us, that made me cum so many times and so hard. Even Jeremy commented on it, before he left.” “Why do you think this is happening?” “I don’t know, but I really think we should talk to a doctor about it. I’ve already got an appointment with Dr. McGee tomorrow, that I made after my experience with Mom & Dad. I couldn’t just call them, if they didn’t experience what I did.” I said, “I’ll talk to one of the doctors at the clinic here. Call me 8 o’clock tomorrow night so we can compare notes?” That night, I dreamed of making love to Amber. Not of experiencing what Jeremy did again, but of fucking her myself. I remembered the whole dream in the morning, a rarity for me. The next day, the clinic doctor told me that there were reports coming in from all over the world, of this happening to young adults my age, who were either empathically experiencing one or both of their parents having sex, or twins experiencing each other as well. All were conceived after the Flu, and had reached the age of 21. It hadn’t broken in the media yet, but it was likely to soon. There was already a rash of suicides, in more restrictive societies, among those who couldn’t reconcile this experience with their repressive morality – they saw the hand of the devil, not the hand of the Meteor Flu. In particular, young men from paternalistic societies who’d just experienced their mother’s sexuality at the hands of their fathers were particularly shaken. I couldn’t understand rejecting the ecstasy I’d felt. I was ready to ask Amber to masturbate with me during our call that night, to see if we felt it again. I never got the chance. escort maltepe We’d no sooner connected on the phone, when we were both overcome, by the sensation of Dad going down on Mom. Feeling his tongue through mine, and first Mom’s pussy and then Amber’s as she got turned on, overwhelmed me for a moment, and I grunted.

“Are you feeling that, too, David?” Amber asked.

“All… all three of you,” I managed to say. “Intense. And they’re just getting started? Shit. I’m so hard right now.” I unzipped my jeans, pushed them down my legs, and grabbed my dick.

“I can feel you,” Amber said. “And I’m starting to feel Dad’s erection, too. I can almost feel a penis between my legs, and imagine stroking it.”

As she said it, I actually felt it, and knew instantly that I wasn’t feeling Mom’s hands on Dad, since hers were squeezing her tits while Dad licked her. “Amber, what you just imagined, I felt. Do it again, imagine rubbing your thumb across the head of the cock.” I felt her. “Yes, I felt that. Did you feel it back from me?”

“I did, David. This so totally weird.”

I had an idea. “I want to try an experiment. I’m not going to touch myself right now. I want to see if you can actually jerk me off, using just your thoughts and the feedback you get from me. Hurry, before Mom decides to go down on Dad.”

“Really, David? Oh, gawd, I feel like my own hand is there. Let me actually put my hand down there, to help visualize.”

I suddenly felt a grasp, then a stroking motion, hesitant at first, as Amber learned how to produce pressure that really felt good, then she gradually picked up speed, as we both felt Mom start to cum, and Amber came, then I ejaculated, and I heard Amber scream both over the phone and over the mental link that formed while we both came together.

>>Well, that was amazing,<< I sent. >>Oh, gawd,<< she responded. Then we both felt Mom take Dad into her mouth. It felt really strange feeling like I had his penis in my mouth, but at the same time I could feel how turned on both Mom and Amber felt doing it, and also feel how Dad’s dick felt being licked and sucked on. It was an immensely complex set of sensations, all of them pleasurable. In the midst of that, I could also feel the sensation of the two pussies as if they were mine, and decided to imagine thrusting two of my fingers up inside. When I did, I not only heard Amber gasp over the phone, but I could swear I felt Mom’s body react, too. Were these abilities expanding? Was I affecting Mom, instead of sensation passing only one way? I asked Amber, “Did Mom just feel that?” “Yeah, she did. Keep doing it. I’m going to imagine sucking her nipples. Let’s try to get her to orgasm.” It only took us three minutes. And when she came at the same time as Dad, and Amber and I both orgasmed without physically touching ourselves, just from Mom and Dad’s sensations, and the mental stimulation we’d just discovered, a mental link formed between all four of us. >>David, Amber?? What’s happening?<< Mom thought. >>We’ll explain when we’re home Friday night.<< Amber replied. We were both headed home to celebrate Dad's 45th birthday, which fell on MLK Birthday weekend this year. And then the link closed, and the sensations faded, as our parents apparently stopped. “Oh, my gawd, Amber,” I said to the phone. “This gets any more intense, and my brain might melt.” “Well, if you really want to think about intense, think about what might happen if you and I were to fuck for real, what kind of sensations we’d have over this link.” “Really?” I asked. “You want me to…” “Fuck me? Hell, yes. You just mind-fucked me and Mom to an intense orgasm, without you or Dad touching either of us. I want the real thing too, plus to feel what you feel as you do it. I don’t care if it’s incest. We don’t seem able to have sex without each other involved now, so we might as well go all in.” The story, of what the media were now calling ‘The Meteor Mutation” hit CNN in the morning, and was on every channel by the afternoon, except they weren’t saying anything about telepathic links at that point. So when my parents picked me up at the airport and we got to the house, Amber and I didn’t have to explain much, except to talk about what we’d all felt. Our parents seemed to be adjusting well, all things considered. Their kids were some kind of hyper-empathic sex mutants, and they weren’t freaked out. At least until Amber declared her intention to have sex with me, that night, under their roof. “Amber, that’s incest,” Mom pointed out, as if we didn’t already know that. Amber shrugged. “Mom, Dad, in my head, I’ve already had sex with David, we’ve made each other orgasm. So have you and Dad, for that matter. We came together, after all. You both felt us and came sooner and harder because of it. Right now, I can feel that David’s dick is hard, just from talking about this, and if I wanted to, I bet I could pendik escort make him shoot off in his pants, by just imagining that I’m going down on him.”

I moaned, feeling a mentally generated mouth engulf me, then vanish.

Amber pointed at me and said, “See? I did that to him. But I want to know how much more I would feel, how much WE would feel, by doing it to him physically rather than just mentally. I can do it here, or we can do it at a motel, but we ARE doing it. This thing we’ve got, wherever it came from, is already changing our lives. I mean, all four of us are going to have to actually schedule our sex lives, so we don’t initiate this sensory link while one of is is driving, or taking an exam or something.”

Our parents relented, and Amber and I went to her bedroom, and got undressed. As much as I’d sensed her body the last couple of days, our empathy was limited to our senses of touch. We didn’t see what each other saw, so I hadn’t actually seen her naked. She not only was beautiful, tight and well packed, I could feel her reaction to seeing my nakedness, and smiled.

When I walked up to her and cupped her breasts, I felt my own hands on myself. When I leaned down to kiss her nipple, I felt my approach, felt my own lips latch on me. It was like watching myself kiss a mirror, but not. If you haven’t experienced it, I have no words to make you understand. If you have experienced it, I don’t need words.

We mixed physical and mental excitation of each other’s bodies, as foreplay, coaxing several orgasms from Amber mentally, while I stayed just on the edge of cumming, exquisitely close, whispering sweet nothings to each other through the mental link that formed each time she came.

And when I finally thrust my rock-hard dick into her, thrust deep and hard into her about a dozen times and I started cumming, no longer able to hold back, and she started another orgasm from actual stimulation of her clit by my prick combined with feeling my orgasm in her head, the mental link opened once more…

And it never closed. We were able to talk to each other in our thoughts, even after the sex ended.

It took us a little longer to convince our parents to let us make love to them, to see whether the same would happen to them. It worked. When I orgasmed together with mom, and Amber simultaneously came with Dad, the same permanent mental link formed, even allowing Mom and Dad to talk to each other, with or without us involved. The doctors later determined that this process somehow activated new genes that made the telepathy possible with those involved.

I could say I’m glad I didn’t have to have sex with Dad to accomplish a link to him, but since I was fully in Amber’s mind the whole time she made love to him, and feeling what they both felt, I might as well have. I remember him in me, in my sensory image of Amber’s pussy, anyway. And he felt me cum in Mom. It’s so tough to describe.

For every day since, no matter where any of us have been, we have all been able to talk to each other, and with extra focus been able to see and hear what is going on around each other. At first, it was a little painful, always being in each other’s head, but we adapted, learning how to block it when needed, but mainly basking in the love, both sexual love as well as sibling/parental.

At least we never actually had to call each other to get an okay to have sex with someone outside our bond. We just knew whether it was clear or not, and it wouldn’t be unusual for me to be having sex with a girlfriend while Amber was with Jeremy, and it was like I was almost in a foursome with them. Which we even did that in person a few times.

Over the next couple of years, it was determined that establishing the mental link to parents had to follow establishing the mental link between siblings, but the ability wasn’t just limited to twins or even full siblings. Any pair of siblings, so long as both were over 21, could start the process, although a lot of people refused, either because it was incest or homosexuality or both. Advantage to the tolerant. We even heard about a few cases where men who had donated sperm post-flu were getting bombarded by empathic connections from hundreds of biological half-siblings.

Amber married Jeremy, and they quickly became pregnant. Her baby began talking over the mental link eight months into the pregnancy. A few simple words, really, but the telepathy is clearly inherited, linked to both parents. And more significantly, she telepathically bridges my family to Jeremy and his family, his parents and twin sisters who just turned 21. They showed up at Jeremy’s house as soon as their talent sparked, asking for sex with him to join our telepathic group. I kind of wished the empathic link crossed families, too, as they’re both hotties.

Where the Meteor Mutation will lead humanity, I have no idea. Maybe some hive mind, in the long run. There are even some who suggest we’ve become a new species, Homo Meteoralis. But I like the life it’s given me so far. I’m surrounded by love, able to draw on the combined knowledge of my network, and about to get married to Samantha, the oldest of seven kids, who will expand our network even further as they get older, get married and have kids of their own.

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