10 Temmuz 2021

The naughty confessions


The naughty confessionsIt starts at Church, my naughty confession I am Britney, I am 18 years old in my final year of high school. I have to a confession that I have to do before i enter College soon. I went to a church that one of my friends suggested that will help out my stress. I met this priest named Father Dickens. He has the last name of the man who made that Christmas story book.(Confessionall)Britney: Bless me Father for I have sinnedFather Dickens: Tell me my c***dBritney: It starts how I was feeling stress about my SATs. I was studying everyday. 4pm-1am. I am a hard working student who is a athlete, honor student, and scholar.Father Dickens: So you have been stressing about a lot of things in schoolBritney: Yes, but I have been sexually stressed Father Dickens: I seeBritney: Yes, Its been a while. I have you know Father that I am a sexually deviant. Father Dickens: How my c***d?Britney: I love being dominated. I love the feeling of it. being controlled like i am a slave. Lemme tell you the time of how I let two guys have their way with me.(Flashback)At a school locker roomGuy 1: Turn around and lemme see that big white assBritney: YesBritney turns around and takes off her blue pantiesGuy 2: Awww yeah lemme feel that shitGuy 2 groping, rubbing and slapping that big fat assGuy 1: Oh yeah Are you sure about thisBritney: Please whip out your black dicksGuy 1: OH FUCK YEAHGUY 1 AND 2 takes out their beefy big black cocks. its big and veiny.Britney: Oh my god, its so hugeGuy 1: Spit on it bitchGuy 2: and suck on itBritney spits on their cocks and lick her lips. She sucks and slobbers on their cocks as if their popsicles. She deep throats their dicks one after another. She even sucks their balls like a vacuum. She licks the tips in a certain way, She licks the tip with her tongue going round and round.Guy 1: Oh God you are a proGuy 2: Oh yeah just like that. Deeper come on. Hold up now get up and bend over.Britney gets up and bend over for themGuy 1: Hold up bro lemme finger that pussy firstBritney voice to priest:their hands were going in my pussy. His two fingers was twirling inside of me. going deep and deeper. Rubbing my insides. Then he rubbed my clit slowly then he started speeding up. I seen them jerking their big black cock as they were getting ready to penetrate my sweet wet pussy. I keep on thinking please put it in me. I want your beef sticks inside of me already. Guy 1: Lemme get first broGuy 2: Ight then I got the mouth.Britney voice to priest: He stuck his big dick inside my wet pussy. My legs were shaking from the ecstasy of it. I loved it. Then his friend stuff his cock inside my mouth. He was fucking my pussy hard with his dick by stroking it fast inside of me. He was so good at it. He grabbed my hips and wanted to penetrate my deepest parts.Guy 1: OH canlı bahis YEAH YOU LIKE THAT RIGHT. YOU LIKE HAVING THIS BLACK DICK INSIDE YOUR WHITE PUSSY.guy 2: Damn, I cant get enough of this mouth bro. She keeps slobbering and deepthroating it. I can fucking feel her throat. Britney voice to priest: In my head, I said Yeah fuck me you black monsters. Give me your cocks. Im gonna enjoy swallowing your cum in my mouth. I LOVE IT. I love the feeling of being choked by his friend dick. It was exciting. His friend was blowing my back out with his dick also. my white ass was being turn red. He was pounding me so hard. I was so wet off it. He also spanked me and I was like HARDER YES HIT MY WHITE ASS AS IF YOU HATE ME. I LOVE IT.Guy 1: Hey get on top of me. We finna be in your ass now. Britney voice to priest: I got on top of him and moved my hips on his dick. Guy 2: Now lets see how that ass feels.Britney voice to priest: He plunged his cock inside my ass. I never yelled moan loud in my entire life. They had to put my sock in my mouth from yelling out loud. I loved the feeling of being dominated like that. He was in my asshole so deep that he was tearing me apart. I said Yes its inside me so deep. Give it to me you motherfucker. They was tag teaming me on my ass and pussy. it felt so good like before. I love the feeling of it. their dicks was tearing me apart. It didn’t even hurt to me. It felt so great. Guy 1: Okay bitch here it comes. Imma let it out inside of youGuy 2: Imma let it out in your mouth.GUY 1 AND 2: im gonna cumBritney voice to priest: This guy let it loose inside of my pussy. I felt it inside of me. It was a whole lot as I get up. It was dripping on my pussy lips as I got off. Then his friend made me sucked his dick and tap his dick on my tongue.Guy 2: Now open your mouth bitchBritney voice to priest: I opened my mouth and he cummed on my tongue. It was dripping on the side of the mouth and I swallowed it. It felt so good. BACK TO CHURCHFather dickens: Please tell me. what did you mean it felt so good before. Britney: I’ll tell you that right now. It starts with my stepbrother and stepfatherFLASHBACK 2( Britney house)It started off when my stepbrother wanted to feel like on how to be a cop.STEPBROTHER:Hey sis can you do me a favor.Britney: Im busySTEPBROTHER: Pleaseeee its only for a moment.Britney: Ahh fuck you annoying. fineBritney voice to priest: He brought me to his room and told me to try out these handcuffs. its for class.Stepbrother: Are they tight. Britney: Yeah its real tightStepbrother: Are you sure.Britney: YES now where is the keyStepbrother: Good now bend overBritney: UMMM whatStepbrother grabs her and bends her over. lift up her skirtStepbrother: Ohh I see that you was wearing the naughty pink thong you had.Britney: What the hell are you doing bahis siteleri Randy(I given him a name)Randy sniffs and lick the thong that she on.Britney voice to priest: He was sniffing it because of my scent and licking it wet like a dog. He was like a savage b**st. Randy: Oh damn it feels so good. Do you know how long have i waited for this.Britney: Randy please stopRandy: SHUT UPhe spanks her assBritney; That hurts RandyRandy: oh theres gonna be more of that.Britney voice to priest: he tore off my underwear and sniffed it. smirking. he also wet his fingers and fingered my pussy at a fast pace. I was shocked and scared but my body was feeling good like it was the first time that I felt like this.Randy; Do you know that I sneak into your room and masturbate using your underwear. It has a good stench to it. even your dirty laundry.Britney: you fucking creep, whyRandy; I have found you sexy the day I met you.Britney; We cant do this RandyRandy;But I want to so get readyRandy whips out his dickBritney: Wait at least put a condom onRandy; HELL NOBRITNEY: STOPRandy penetrates his Britney pussyBritney: Ahhh shit its hugeRandy; You like it don’t you you slut.Britney: Fuckk pull it out Britney voice to priest:Randy rapidly fucks my pussy. He was fucking it so hard and good that I felt so soaking wet. it was a sensation that I couldn’t describeBritney: DAMN IT FUCK AHHHHUUUUARandy; TAKE IT YOU FUCKING SLUTTY WHORE. you like it don’t you say itBritney: FUCK URandy: NO Thats what im doing to youBritney voice to priest: the sounds of my pussy being pounded was so loud and the way he was moving his hips was so good. He was hitting me in the right spot. I started to enjoy it a little. Then came in my stepdad Stepdad: RANDY WHAT THE FUCKRANDY: DADBritney: OH THANK GOD COME HELP MEStepdad: Randy i told you the plan. You was supposed to go through itBritney voice to priest: I was so shocked that they had it all planned out from the gateStepdad: Look at you Britney. With that slutty schoolgirl outfit. you was teasing us all our life but no moreStepdad rips Britney shirt off and bra off. He lick and sucks her tits so hard then he pinch themBritney voice to priest: I felt excited when he did that to me like i know it was wrong but it felt so right. He was licking them so hard then he started to lick my face like a savage. Stepdad: Oh we gonna have some with you. he whips out his dickStepdad: open your mouth wideBritney voice to priest: i had no choice but to obey. it only felt right. I open my mouth and tap his dick on my tongue. Stepdad: Lick it you damn harlotRandy: Next im gonna do your assBritney voice to priest: i sucked my daddy’s dick and deep throat it. He held my head to do it deeper. balls deepI had my ass fucked by Randy. it was so good that I wanted more.Britney: Oh yeah bahis şirketleri Randy, fuck my asshole. yes right thereRandy: so u finally gave in to your desires. huh you bitchBritney: YES NOW FUCK ME COME ON LET ME HAVE ITStepdad: Don’t talk with your mouth fullBritney voice to priest: he shoved his dick to my throat so hard and slobbered on that big cock.Randy was giving it to me in the ass. I was loving every bit of it. He was spanking me so hard too. and teasing me.Stepdad: Lemme have a taste of that pussy sonRandy: Alright dadBritney voice to priest: They both started to double penetrate me. Randy was still fucking me in the ass. Daddy was fucking my pussy. They both was going at it at the same pace. fucking my insides.i felt their big dicks pounding me like two b**sts in heat.I never felt so dominatedStepdad: Randy lets cum inside this bitchRandy: Yeah lets cum inside her. Give her the juices. here it comesBritney voice to priest: They both came inside of me. I felt their cum splurging inside of me like a geyser. they was so….Back to the churchThe priest bust into Britney confessional with his dick outBritney: Father What are you doing Father Dickens: I cant take it anymore. You need to be punished Britney was grabbed and bent over with a dick inside of herBritney moan loud.Britney: OH GOD FATHER ITS SO BIGFather Dickens: YOU DAMN RIGHT. YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED FOR THESE SINSBRITNEY: OH STOP FATHERFATHER DICKENS: SHUT UP U WHORE. FEEL THIS PENIS. U FEEL SO GOOD AND WET. I KNOW YOU WAS GETTING OFF BY TELLING ME THISBritney: ITS BECAUSE I KNEW YOU WAS IN THERE JERKING YOUR DICK AND I WAS JUST WAITNG FOR YOU TO ATTACK MEFather Dickens: OH YES YOU WANTED THIS DO YOUBritney: YES FATHER I AM A SINNER. A SLUTTY WHORE WHO NEEDS A COCK IN MY ASS ALL DAY. A DICK IN MOUTH WHICH IS READY TO CUM IN. I WANT YOU TO BREAK MY PUSSY. COME ON FUCK IT. LET IT OUTFather Dickens: YOU NEED TO BE SPANKED YOU BITCHBritney: YES SPANK ME FATHER I BEEN A BAD GIRL. SPANK ME WITH THAT DICKFather Dickens pulls out his dick and rubs it on her pussy.Father Dickens: You gonna come back almost everyday for this rightBritney: YesFather Dickens; You gonna obey everything I say rightBritney: YES Father Dickens: Im gonna fuck the shit out of you you bitchBritney; PLEASE PUNISH MEFather Dickens was fucking her in and out. spanking her in the process. Wanted to punish her for telling him these dirty sex stories. its only right to have her get a dick in her mouthFather Dickens: IM Gonna cumBritney looked back and said Cum in my mouth. please cum in my slutty mouth. i want your juice. please give it to me fatherFather Dickens sprayed his cum on her face and she licking every drop. she was getting a mouthful of it.Father Dickens: Come visit any time you want Britney: Yes Father DickensBritney went to church the next day on her break and came with it a vibrator sticked inside of her assBritney: Forgive me father for I have sinnedFather Dickens: What is it my c***dBritney: I have this inside my ass and I want you to punish me for it.

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