2 Haziran 2021

The Phone Call


We have been home all day because you have been waiting on an important call from work. I have tried to get you to play around but you keep pushing me away. You say you don’t want to start something and be interrupted by a phone call. The house has been cleaned twice and I have worked in the yard all day.

Dinner has been cooked and we sit down and eat and still you have not gotten your call. You even take the phone with you to the bathroom to take a bath incase they call. Finally we go to bed and as we lie there you turn to me and we kiss passionately.

You softly slide your hand down my stomach and gently rub over my erection. Wrapping your hand around it you slowly stroke my erection. Softly I kiss down to your neck and I kiss it up and down gently. Slowly I kiss down to your breasts and as I am kissing your nipples the phone rings.

You push me away and answer the phone call from work that you have been waiting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for. As you talk on the phone I try to play around with you. Pushing my head under your arm I kiss your nipples and you push me away again. I slide my hand between your legs and gently rub your clit only to be pushed away again. You want to tell me to stop but you can’t let the person on the phone know that we are doing anything.

Sliding under the covers I kiss your legs as I push them apart. As I get between them I softly kiss your pussy and you try to push my head away. I refuse to move and keep kissing and sliding my tongue up and down it. You throw the covers back and I can read your lips as you say for me to stop. You have to cover the phone to keep them from hearing you moan. I can’t help but laugh as you lean your head back and shake it to tell me no. You are trembling and trying to get off of the phone as I wrap güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my lips around your clit and suck it gently. Finally you hang up the phone and you grab my head holding it against your pussy. You start to shake and your orgasm rolls through your body.

As your orgasm subsides you tell me how mean I was to do that to you. Lying beside you we kiss passionately as you push me onto my back. Moving down my body you take my erection in your hand and softly kiss it. You wrap your lips around my erection and gently suck it as you slide your mouth up and down. My excitement is building and I am losing control. Stopping you I pull you up and kiss you tenderly.

You get on top of me and place my erection at your opening. Sliding down onto it the warmth of your pussy feels wonderful. You rock back and forth as you lean down and we kiss passionately. Rocking your hips you grind your clit güvenilir bahis şirketleri against me. Our excitement is building higher and I push up against you. You stop moving your hips and sit up looking down at me. I spank you on your ass trying to get you to move but you just sit there. You start to laugh and slowly you move your hips again. Again you lean down and we kiss passionately as you move your hips faster. As you rock back and forth I start pushing up against you again. Our excitement is building again and you stop and sit up and laugh. Again I spank you and tell you to move your hips. You ask what my problem is that it is ok for me to tease you but you can’t tease me as you laugh. You begin to rock your hips again and lean down as we kiss passionately. Your moaning in unison with me as our passion is going out of control. You rub yourself against me harder and faster and I am almost afraid to push up against you. I can’t hold back as we both begin to tremble and I push up for you to rub harder against me. We erupt in a beautiful orgasm together shaking all over. You collapse on top of me and we kiss tenderly as we hold each other tightly. You slide down beside me and place your head on my chest as we slowly drift off to sleep.

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